World Defying Dan God Chapter 4788: Heterogeneous Evil Species



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The scene looked like a blast, but Guo Lingxue was not seriously injured, just a very slight skin trauma. Although the damage was not great, it was extremely insulting!


Especially for a woman like Guo Lingxue, who is usually high-ranking and praised by many people, but now she is slapped severely by an extremely handsome man, which has caused a great insult to her!


The chief captain and Liu Tianyun almost fainted from fright, this is the maidservant who is very favored by Queen Tianyue, to be beaten so violently by Chen Xiang, the consequences can be imagined, Queen Tianyue will definitely be furious!


“My lord, you are so serious. If the old woman asked me to fight, I will let you do this kind of young thing!” Ying Kuang, who was next to him, curled his lips.


Guo Lingxue’s strength is not weak, but she is also very clear about the situation in front of her. She may be able to fight on par with Chen Xiang, but she is not sure of defeating Ying Kuang!


“Give me back the Jingyuan Shendan!”


As soon as Chen Xiang finished speaking, his body turned around suddenly, and he kicked a very violent kick. Guo Lingxue, who was embedded in the big pillar, was kicked out and hit another bead not far away!


As soon as Guo Lingxue bumped into it, Chen Xiang immediately appeared on the pillar, and then punched Guo Lingxue’s nose violently, hitting Guo Lingxue’s head into the pillar!


“I still…” Guo Lingxue shouted.


Chen Xiang kicked her out and landed in front of Ying Kuang!


Where did Guo Lingxue suffer this kind of insult? Although she was full of resentment in her heart, she was helpless, because with her strength, she couldn’t beat Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang at all!


“I will remember you all! If you have the guts, don’t leave Yaotianyue City!” Guo Lingxue took out a box and threw it to Chen Xiang.


“I live on the highest floor of Tianyue Restaurant, just under the Moon Palace, you can come to me anytime!” Chen Xiang opened the box and took a look, it was indeed the two pills he had before.


“Kill me if you have the guts, or you will regret it!” Guo Lingxue lost that charming temperament, and her expression became cold and ferocious, full of hatred.


“Get out!” Chen Xiang said lightly: “You are such a waste, you are not worthy of me killing you!”


If Guo Lingxue is killed, no one will be able to find Queen Tianyue! If she is kept alive, she will invite Queen Tianyue out soon!


Guo Lingxue left, she was also very puzzled about Chen Xiang’s origin, why was he so overbearing? He clearly knew that she was the person next to Queen Tianyue, but he was fearless. It seemed that he was not afraid of Queen Tianyue at all!


After Guo Lingxue left this villa, she immediately sent people to investigate Chen Xiang, and at the same time, she also went to Queen Tianyue.


Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang are still in that hall, because Liu Tianyun and the captain are kneeling in front of them!


“Mr. Shen, after you leave… what should I do? Guo Lingxue will definitely take revenge on me!” Liu Tianyun was very flustered, and begged, “Please, Mr. Shen, take me with you!”


“Take me too… I’m willing to do anything for you!” The chief captain also begged.


“Then you all leave here now, and help me spread the news in the city, saying that people in Yitian are all cannibals…” Chen Xiang looked at Ying Kuang and said, “Ah Ying, you and What are they talking about aliens!”


“Yes!” Ying Kuang immediately went on and on, talking about how the aliens cannibalize people.


Liu Tianyun and the captain were dumbfounded!


They somewhat believed in Ying Kuang, because they could all see that Ying Kuang was targeting Yitian people, and those old women before were killed by Ying Kuang mercilessly!


“In the past few days, you have spread this news specifically to let as many people as possible know what the Yitian people are like! Then you go to investigate and investigate how many people in the city are missing and what they are The person is missing!” Chen Xiang said: “After finishing, come to Tianyue Restaurant to look for me!”


“But… Mr. Shen, is Tianyue Restaurant very dangerous?” Liu Tianyun was very worried, “The Moon Palace is on the top of Tianyue Restaurant, and the queen can find it there anytime!”


“I’m not afraid of the Queen, I wish she would come to me soon!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “You guys go to work!”


After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he took Ying Kuang and left, returning to Tianyue Restaurant.


Liu Tianyun and the captain went to work immediately, and they used their contacts to spread the matter around.


In just a short time, the whole Yaotianyue City began to spread the story of aliens cannibalizing people.


The captain then went to investigate again, and found that many people had indeed disappeared during this period of time… She believed even more in what Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang said!


The Yitian people often eat people. Although there are many people in the city, some people go missing from time to time. Those missing people have relatives and friends. Now that the news has spread, many people have become vigilant!


In just one day, this matter began to ferment, because someone was indeed missing!


There are many missing people, and there are many relatives and friends of this group of missing people. Just like this, it spreads quickly!


The captain used his greatest power to open the enchantment of Yaotianyue City, prohibiting people in the city from going out, and trapped the aliens in the city. They want to find out the aliens one by one!


Liu Tianyun was also promoted by the captain, mainly to lead all the guard patrols in Yaotianyue City to strengthen management.


They are all cautious, worried that the aliens will retaliate against them, and they are also worried that Guo Lingxue will attack them secretly!


Three days have passed since the day Guo Lingxue was beaten, and Chen Xiang is still waiting for Queen Tianyue at Tianyue Restaurant, but there is no news!


“You have to leave… You are not welcome at Tianyue Restaurant…” The shopkeeper knocked on Chen Xiang’s door, and said coldly: “I didn’t expect you to be Miss Guo’s enemies, so get out!” /


“Give us back the Yitian Pill!” Ying Kuang stepped forward, grabbed the shopkeeper by the neck, and said, “We can go, but you want the check-out fee, if you don’t refund it, I will kill you!”


The shopkeeper obediently refunded the room fee, he was also afraid of death!


Chen Xiang brought Ying Kuang to the captain’s villa As soon as he arrived, he sensed a very powerful aura!


“Queen Tianyue is here!” Chen Xiang immediately concluded that Queen Tianyue is here.


He and Ying Kuang immediately disappeared and sneaked in.


There is a small square inside the villa. Liu Tianyun and the captain are kneeling on the ground at this moment, covered in scars!


I saw Guo Lingxue holding a black long whip with barbs. The long whip was covered with flesh and blood. She just used this whip to beat Liu Tianyun and the captain!


And in the small square, there is a chair covered with a snow-white blanket, on which sits a middle-aged woman with gray hair and a bloated body. You can tell from her posture that she is the Queen of Tianyue!


“She is Queen Tianyue?” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “Why do you feel that the aura on her body is not right…”


“She has cultivated the different heaven’s kung fu, which is an evil kung fu!” Ying Kuang transmitted to Chen Xiang with a serious voice, “The main reason for her to practice this kind of evil kung fu is to condense the different heavenly dao species! The evil powers condensed are all alien evil species! I didn’t expect this kind of taboo evil power to spread to this place!”


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