World Defying Dan God Chapter 4778: Chaotic sea of ​​souls



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“Fate training?” Ying Kuang frowned, and said, “Is it possible to cultivate a fate? Could it be that… those two strange things in your body are two fates?”


After Ying Kuang finished speaking, he looked at Chen Xiang with shocked eyes, obviously, he knew what it meant.


“Yes!” Chen Xiang nodded, and then talked about the law of fate cultivation.


Ying Kuang is also listening carefully…


Chen Xiang wasn’t worried about the threat that Ying Kuang would cause after cultivating his destiny, because Ying Kuang was originally against Yitian, but because he cultivated Soul Sea, he was restricted by Yitian!


If Ying Kuang switches to a life-cultivation standard, then he will no longer be an evil **** of different heavens, and he can completely get rid of different heavens!


Although Ying Kuang looks normal now, he himself said that he is very hungry now!


Ying Kuang can only control himself now, it’s hard to say whether he can control himself in the future!


That’s why Chen Xiang helped him change his fate to solve this hidden danger!


It will take some time before going to Yaohun Tianyue, Chen Xiang intends to take advantage of this time to help Ying Kuang change his fate, lest he go crazy after going to Yaohun Tianyue!


After listening to Ying Kuang, he fell into deep thought!


Of course he wants to cultivate his fate, but this means that he has to give up the soul sea he cultivated!


His soul sea has many weights, and it is also very complicated!


“I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to transfer to the cultivation of fate!” Ying Kuang sighed: “The soul sea I cultivate now is too complicated. If I want to transfer to the cultivation of fate, I may have to start all over again!”


“It doesn’t matter if you start all over again, the cultivation of fate is still very fast!” Chen Xiang said: “The most important thing is that you can completely get rid of Yitian, and your limit will not be affected by Yitian!”


“I know…but if you want me to give up the soul sea that I have cultivated for so many years, it is equivalent to letting me give up my own cultivation. I…I will become a weak chicken!”


Ying Kuang can’t accept that his strength has regressed so much. If he only regresses a little, he can still accept it.


“Senior, you may not go backwards a lot!” Chen Xiang said: “The power of your soul sea is essentially the energy from creation, which can be refined and used to condense fate! If you turn If you cultivate your fate, you might be the one with the most fate in the Aoshi Universe!”


Ying Kuang still shook his head. After all, he has lived for such a long time, and he has lived all his life to improve his own strength. Now he is asked to give up this powerful strength, how can he accept it?


“Forget it! If you practice fate, Yitian might send a large number of powerful guys to kill you!” Chen Xiang said: “I, a person with dual fate, have already killed that young Yitian. The evil **** is terrified!”


Chen Xiang didn’t tell Ying Kuang that the law of fate cultivation was created by him, and Ying Kuang didn’t ask too much, he only thought that it was the law of practice conceived by the universe itself.


“It’s true…the cultivation method of fate in this universe will indeed make the Four Great Heavens feel a great threat! They will never let this universe grow smoothly!” Ying Kuang also thought of this level .


“The Dao of Fate has already been established in the Aoshi Universe. As long as there are enough souls who enter this Dao, there will be no force that can shake this Dao!” This kind of strong person should defend, lead, and develop, only in this way can the way of destiny be carried forward!”


“As long as I can make the four different heavens unhappy and make the four different heavens feel threatened, so what if I die? Not to mention that now it’s just making my cultivation backward!” Ying Kuang suddenly understood , “Okay, I’ve done it! Fuck his uncle’s soul sea, I don’t want it anymore! You can throw away the garbage of the other world!”


Chen Xiang revealed a joyful expression, and then began to talk to Ying Kuang about many details of the practice of fate.


Chen Xiang is also very experienced in transforming soul sea into cultivation, because he has helped Grandma Suquan to transform into cultivation before.


After discussing with Chen Xiang, Ying Kuang suddenly had doubts in his heart, looked at Chen Xiang with a strange face, and said, “Boy, you said earlier that the way of fate was just born, but you are proficient in it , The comprehension is so deep… No matter how you look at it, you don’t look like someone who has just entered this way!”


“To be honest, I created the way of fate!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Senior, one of my dual fates is universe fate, and the other fate has just been cultivated not long ago !”


Ying Kuang was startled for a while, and then laughed out loud.


“So that’s how it is… No wonder you rushed to prevent me from entering the world-defying universe at the first time. It turns out that you are here to protect this universe! So, this universe was created by you?”


At this moment, Ying Kuang also suddenly realized that he believed that the reason why Chen Xiang’s strength was weak was because he changed his fate. And Chen Xiang’s ability is very good, no matter how you look at it, he doesn’t look like a weak person!


“Senior, don’t think too much, let’s start now!” Chen Xiang said: “When you get to my friend’s side, you must have almost succeeded in transferring cultivation!”


“Boy, this Xingxie Domain is obviously made by Yitian! I guess, this place may be something that Yitian is experimenting with! We are very likely to meet someone from Yitian here!” Ying Kuang said .


“Don’t worry! They only came to deliver food!” Chen Xiang smiled.


“Let’s start then!” Ying Kuang immediately entered a state of relaxation, allowing Chen Xiang to enter his soul sea.


After Chen Xiang entered Ying Kuang’s soul sea, he realized how complicated this soul sea is!


Ying Kuang has many soul seas, and his soul seas are intricate, like the roots of an old tree!


The shape of the soul sea that Chen Xiang saw was indeed the root of an old tree from a distance. The roots were of different lengths and sizes, and each root was a soul sea!


To Chen Xiang’s amazement, some tree roots have multiple soul seas inside, and there are several layers of roots inside the tree roots!


This is a sea of ​​souls from an alien god, it’s simply terrifying!


The soul sea that Chen Xiang has seen before is all layered, very neat and clear at a glance!


As for Ying Kuang’s soul sea, it’s impossible to see how heavy he is!


No wonder Ying Kuang told Chen Xiang before that he didn’t know how many heavy soul seas there were.


“After you cultivate the soul sea and reach a certain level, don’t you have a higher way of cultivation? Don’t you unify the soul sea?” Chen Xiang was very puzzled by this.


“Yes, but we can’t touch it!” Ying Kuang said: “The four great heavens all have higher-level cultivation rules, but it’s not like here where most creatures can get in touch!”


“Then you will never turn over, your ascending channel has been completely sealed!” Chen Xiang said in surprise.


“That’s true!” Ying Kuang sighed: “So I hope that the practice of fate will allow me to break through that layer of restrictions, and then I will be able to go to another world to find those guys!”


“I need a lot of time to help you dissipate the sea of ​​souls!” Chen Xiang said: “Senior, you also need to cooperate with me!”


“It’s easy to talk, easy to talk!” Ying Kuang said.


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