War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4469: Desperate Tan Xiuteng


Yantian Army, from top to bottom, is notoriously belligerent in Liangu territory.

The current Hu Feiyan is obviously happy to see Liexin!

“The young patriarch of the Tailing Zhong clan?”

Duan Lingtian’s gaze also fell on the white-robed young man at this moment, which made Hu Feiyan happy to see Lie Xin. The strength of the other party must also be close to the invincible high-ranking god.

Otherwise, Hu Feiyan would not be like this.

Of course, the premise is that the other party is the ‘Zhong Yue’ that Hu Feiyan mentioned.

“There are two other people…”

At the same time, Duan Lingtian’s eyes fell on the other two people beside Zhong Yue, the young man in the green robe, and the young woman who looked ordinary but had a very special temperament.

“If this person is really the Zhong Yue whom Deputy Army Master Hu knew, it is likely that he is close to the existence of the invincible upper god… These two people, since they walked with him on an equal footing, nine out of ten The strength is not weaker than him.”

At this moment, Duan Lingtian thought a lot and became vigilant at the same time.

Perhaps, this time, it’s not just Hu Feiyan who wants to make a move, but even him!


At the same time, Duan Lingtian couldn’t help but think of the Tailing Zhong clan behind Zhong Yue, who could cultivate such a monstrous young patriarch, that clan might not be an ordinary clan, right?

Among them, there is a high probability that there will be an Xeon in command!

There is a high probability that it is a powerful force!

“The Tailing Zhong family?!”

When Hu Feiyan finished speaking, Tan Xiuteng, who was standing behind Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan, suddenly changed his face!

“He… is the young patriarch of the Tailing Zhong clan?”

“The bandit leader I killed last time was his younger brother?!”

At this moment, Tan Xiuteng felt his scalp go numb for a while, and his face became extremely ugly, “Damn it, how can I be so unlucky… This time, I have stabbed a hornet’s nest!”

He went to the Pingxiong Realm before, although he was more of a passer-by, but he had also heard about those powerhouse forces in the Pingxiong Realm… especially some of the more powerful powerhouse forces!

The Tailing Zhong Clan, in Pingxiong territory, although not considered the most powerful force, can definitely enter the second echelon.

The most powerful member of the Zhong clan in Tailing is an existence who can be as famous as the dead tree.

Of course, in terms of strength, he may be slightly inferior to Dead Tree, but among the most powerful in the Pingxiong Realm, he is also an absolute strong!

“If I remember correctly… the patriarch of the Zhong Clan of this generation is the direct descendant of the one who is the head of the three most powerful members of the Zhong Clan and who is as famous as Lord Deadwood.”

“That is to say… if this person is the young patriarch of the Zhong clan, he is also a direct descendant of that person!”

“And I…killed his junior brother!”

Thinking of this again, Tan Xiuteng’s heart trembled, and at the same time he hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Duan Lingtian, “Master, if this is really the young patriarch of the Zhong clan, please save my life!”

“After all, the reason why I killed his junior brother was also to clear the way for you and Deputy Commander Hu.”

The current Tan Xiuteng is really scared.

In the land outside the boundary, the strong are not terrible, what is terrible is to offend the strong.

And Duan Lingtian, also at this time, heard Tan Xiuteng’s fear from the heart, and couldn’t help asking curiously: “The Zhong family is very strong?”

When Duan Lingtian and Tan Xiuteng were communicating with each other, the young man in white named ‘Zhong Yue’ looked at Hu Feiyan arrogantly, “Yes, I am the young patriarch of the Zhong clan!”

“How dare you kill my junior brother… Today, the three of you will all die here!”

After Zhong Yue spoke, his tone was extremely indifferent, as if a single word could at most save the life and death of Hu Feiyan, Duan Lingtian and Tan Xiuteng!

“If you want to kill me, you have to see if you, Zhong Yue, have the ability!”

Hu Feiyan stepped out of the air, the laws of space on his body fused with divine power to vibrate, the powerful force caused the surrounding space to vibrate for a while, and then burst open.

In Hu Feiyan’s hands, she also took out her compass-shaped weapon, an extremely powerful artifact, emitting bursts of even more terrifying power, as if it could control the world!

The force of law in the realm of small perfection, and the vision of heaven and earth presented, also began to sweep through the air, shaking in all directions.


As for Zhong Yue, he also saw that Hu Feiyan was not simple at this time, and his face couldn’t help becoming serious.

Seeing the scene in front of him, and thinking of the fighting spirit in the other party’s eyes after knowing his identity, it is not difficult for him to guess that the other party is not afraid of him, and there is a high probability that his strength is not inferior to him!

It’s just that, seeing the laws and artifacts displayed by the other party now, he can’t help but wonder:

In Pingxiong, when did such a mission come out?

In the territory of Pingxiong, he has basically heard of all the existences that are close to the invincible high-ranking gods, even if he doesn’t know them, but there is no one in front of him!

At the same time.

The young man in green robe standing not far from Zhong Yue’s side also showed doubts at first, but as the woman next to him transmitted a sound to his ears, he suddenly realized, and his gaze also changed. Bright!

The next moment, he looked at Zhong Yue and said with a smile: “Zhong Yue, this person’s strength is not weaker than yours… You, maybe you really want to ask us for help today!”

“You know him?”

Zhong Yue was still wondering about the other party’s identity, when he suddenly heard what the person around him said, he couldn’t help frowning for a moment, and asked bluntly.

“If I’m not mistaken…”

The green-robed young man’s eyes fell on Hu Feiyan from afar, “This one should be the righteous daughter of the leader of the Yantian Army in Liangujing, the deputy leader of Hu Feiyan, right?”

Yan Tianjun!

Military girl!

Hu Feiyan, deputy commander!

When the words of the green-robed youth fell into Zhong Yue’s ears, his expression suddenly became ugly.

No wonder he didn’t recognize the other party from the posture in front of his eyes.

It turns out that the other party is not the existence of a near-invincible upper **** in their Hirao territory!

He has a good understanding of the appearance, features, weapons, and the rules of beings who are close to invincible high-ranking gods in Pingxiong… Only some well-known powerhouses outside Pingxiong only know the name of the other party, but they don’t know the other party. The facial features, the weapons they are good at, and the rules they are good at.

He had heard of Hu Feiyan, the militarist of the Yantian Army.

Just because the opponent’s adoptive father, the leader of the Yantian Army, is the leader of the three great ancestors of the Zhong clan whose strength is not weaker than theirs, and the direct ancestor behind him.

Moreover, according to their ancestors, Hu Bugui came from the Three Great Sacred Realms, and was involved with a saint force in the Three Great Saint Realms, and it was rumored that he also came from that Saint Power.

No one dares to underestimate the powerhouse who came out of the power of the saint.

“It turned out to be Deputy Commander Hu.”

Zhong Yue took a deep breath, the chill on his face calmed down, he cupped his hands towards Hu Feiyan, “Deputy Lord Hu, you already know that I come from the Zhong Clan in Tailing, and I am the young patriarch of the Zhong Clan.”

“And the two next to me, the one in green clothes, is named ‘Leng Jing’, from the Leng clan in Bingdi, and is the nephew of the head of the Leng clan.”

“As for the other one, he is the jewel in the palm of the current patriarch of the Tianmen Linghu Family, Linghu…”

Before Zhong Yue finished his introduction, he was interrupted by Hu Feiyan’s startled tone:

“You are the ‘Linghu Yundi’ who claims to be invincible under the strongest in Pingxiong territory?”

At this moment, after hearing Zhong Yue’s introduction to the two people around him, even seeing Zhong Yue’s obviously more polite Tan Xiuteng, he still didn’t feel any joy.

There is only despair on the face.

Bingdi Leng Clan~IndoMTL.com~ That is the most powerful force in Pingxiong, which is as famous as the Taidi Zhong Clan.

As for the Tianmen Linghu clan…

That is one of the strongest powers in the Pingxiong Realm, the strongest contemporary Linghu clan, an existence as famous as the father of Lord Deadwood, ‘Yuanhe’, and a ‘half-step world venerable’!

He was full of despair.

He knew that the change in Zhong Yue’s attitude did not mean that the matter was settled like this.

Even if the other party will not do anything to Hu Feiyan, he will definitely not let him, the person who killed his junior with his own hands…

As for Hu Feiyan, he couldn’t keep him.


At this moment, Tan Xiuteng can only regard his young master as his last straw!



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