War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4468: Zhong Yue



When Tan Xiuteng Yukong left the artifact spaceship, his eyes were full of fighting spirit.


For him, this battle with the bandits is a kind of training for him… He hasn’t felt this kind of passion for a long time!


Although, in the past, he had also been to the Three Great Sacred Realms.


However, it cost a lot of money and took the shelter of a strong man.


Between the three holy realms and the Pingxiong realm, there are artifact spaceships specially protected by the strong, and these spaceships often belong to some powerful casual cultivators or forces, and are protected by the strong.


Of course, the benefits he gives alone, even if he loses his fortune, may not allow a strong man to protect him.


Generally, an artifact spaceship sheltered by a strong man travels between the Heavenly Sand Realm and the Three Great Sacred Realms. There are absolutely no less than thirty people on the artifact spaceship… even, sometimes, there are hundreds of people!


Last time, there were more than forty people seeking asylum in the artifact spaceship he was on.


Sitting on that kind of spaceship, he doesn’t need to do anything at all. All the gangsters who stand in the way will be repelled or even killed by the strong man sitting on the artifact spaceship!


It was the first time for him to take action by himself to deal with the gangsters going back and forth between the three holy realms and the peaceful realm.


“There is no need to worry about the future at all. No matter how strong the bandit is, it will be over… If it is really not the opponent, the young master and Deputy Commander Hu will still be there!”


Because Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan, who are close to invincible high-ranking gods, are behind him, Tan Xiuteng has no worries at all.


“Huh? There are only four people?”


After Tan Xiuteng left the spaceship, he looked at the people blocking the way, but found that there were only four people coming.


Two youths and a young woman walked side by side, and behind them stood a middle-aged man who was obviously a little humble.


The middle-aged man looked a bit sloppy, but the robe on his body made Tan Xiuteng’s pupils shrink slightly.


Just because the robe on the other party’s body is a uniform uniform with the word ‘Yuan’ embroidered on the chest…and he had only seen this type of uniform not long ago.


It was the clothes worn by the dozen gangsters he killed last time.


At that time, the leader of the gangster was also very strong, not weaker than the gangster he met last time, and the other party was desperately shouting a moment before he was killed:


“Kill me, you will regret it!”


At that time, he didn’t take it seriously and killed the opponent directly.


For many years in the Tiansha Realm, he has seen too many people who didn’t want to let people live in peace before they died, and the “threats” those people said before they died were just a joke in the end.


It’s scary.


“This time… is it for real?”


Tan Xiuteng’s pupils shrank slightly, and at the same time, he thought that when he met those gangsters last time and killed them all, he spread out his investigative consciousness, and he indeed sensed the depths of the forest in the distance. There is movement everywhere.


However, the movement was very sharp, and he burrowed into the ground and ran, which made his divine sense pass through.


At that time, he thought it was some great demon who was good at the laws of the earth system, but he was scared away by his divine sense…


But now it seems that he should be the one who survived the bandit organization.


Maybe it’s the sloppy middle-aged man in front of him!


“My lord, it was he who killed the leader!”


While Tan Xiuteng was distracted, the slightly sloppy middle-aged man stared at him with hatred in his eyes, “His strength is stronger than the leader… although he is not too strong… There are many, but with his speed faster than the leader, our meta organization was still defeated by him one by one, and the leader was also killed by him!”


Meta organization.


Tan Xiuteng suddenly realized that the group of gangsters he killed last time were members of this Yuan organization.


However, after that battle, it was obvious that the Yuan organization was almost wiped out.


Now, listening to what the sloppy middle-aged man said, the so-called “our meta-organization”, it is not difficult to hear that the helper the other party recruited is foreign aid and does not belong to that meta-organization.


As the sloppy middle-aged voice fell, among the three, the young man in the white robe trimmed with gold took another step forward, staring at Tan Tan as if condescendingly. Hugh Teng.


Then, with a cold tone, he said, “It was you who killed my junior brother, Zhang Yuan?”


Zhang Yuan.


Tan Xiuteng does not know him.


However, based on what the sloppy middle-aged man said just now, it is not difficult for him to guess that the “Zhang Yuan” mentioned by the young man in front of him should be the leader of the Yuan organization. Killed youth.


“It seems…something is not good.”


“That time, I did my best to kill them… The person in front of me dared to come under such circumstances, which shows that he has nothing to fear!”


“In addition…he said that he is that Zhang Yuan’s senior brother, and it is obvious from his posture that he wants to stand out for the other party!”


“His strength, nine out of ten, is not inferior to mine, even stronger!”


Thinking of this, Tan Xiuteng already knew it, and at the same time he sighed helplessly. He thought it was another group of thugs who were training with him, but he didn’t expect that there was a problem that he couldn’t solve.


Without any hesitation, Tan Xiuteng directly summoned his young master, Duan Lingtian.


At the same time.


Duan Lingtian, who was still chatting with Hu Feiyan in the artifact spaceship and not paying attention to the situation outside, frowned slightly, then smiled and said to Hu Feiyan: “Tan Xiuteng said that he can’t deal with the people blocking the way this time.”


“Isn’t there a fight yet? I feel like I can’t handle it yet?”


He didn’t pay attention to Hu Feiyan outside before, but when he heard Duan Lingtian’s words, he couldn’t help frowning slightly for a while.


“Go out and have a look.”


Duan Lingtian stood up after speaking, “Perhaps, it’s just a good time to move around…”


And Hu Feiyan also stood up, and then left the artifact spaceship suspended in mid-air with Duan Lingtian, and even put away the artifact spaceship directly after leaving the artifact spaceship.


After Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan came out one after another, they also came out from the air, and arrived at Tan Xiuteng’s side, looking at the person in front of them calmly.




At the same time, the opposite of Duan Lingtian and the three, the green-robed youth beside the white-robed youth, saw Duan Lingtian and the two who had just appeared, and couldn’t help laughing, “Zhong Yue, it seems that the other party has helpers… …If you can’t handle it, just open your mouth, since Miss Linghu and I are here with you, we won’t let you suffer.”


Miss Linghu mentioned by the young man in green robe is obviously the young woman beside him.


Although the young woman’s appearance is ordinary, her temperament is a little cold. Standing there, she looks very close, but it gives people a sense of distance as if she is thousands of miles away.


“Zhong Yue?!”


Before the white-robed young man opened his mouth~IndoMTL.com~ Hu Feiyan beside Duan Lingtian suddenly lit up his eyes, then stared at the white-robed young man in front of him, and asked in a slightly eager tone:


“You, Zhong Yue, the young patriarch of the Tailing Zhong Clan in Pingxiong Realm?”


At the same time as the voice fell, Hu Feiyan’s eyes were filled with fierce fighting spirit!




As for Duan Lingtian at the side, he couldn’t help being startled when he heard Hu Feiyan’s words and saw Hu Feiyan’s current posture.


The next moment, Fangcai came back to his senses, and thought to himself: “It seems that Hu Feiyan has heard of the other party… Now, the premise is that the other party is the person she said!”


“Hu Feiyan… This is obviously a joy to see Lie Xin, and I can’t wait to fight with the other party immediately!”


“As expected, he is the deputy commander of Yantian Army.”


(End of this chapter)




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