War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Chapter 4467: Goal, Wind Sacred Realm!



The most powerful, not to mention in the general realm of the Ten Thousand Realms, even if it is placed outside the realm, or even in all the realms of the Ten Thousand Realms, are also top powerhouses.


Even the most powerful people are divided into three, six, and nine classes…


However, the number of the most powerful people accounts for a very small proportion of the number of lives in the land outside the world and the world, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is rare.


While the strongest is powerful, his vision is not generally high.


Now, a young man who is several thousand years old, makes Han Wang and Dead Wood, who are not considered weak among the strongest, are inexplicably horrified. It can be seen how surprised the other party gave them.


“It seems that you and I have done the right thing about making friends with him.”


Looking at King Han, Dead Tree sighed.


King Han’s eyes flashed when he heard the words, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Now, I’m even more curious… how far he will grow in the future!”


“Also…he, which one will he choose between becoming an invincible high-ranking deity and becoming a powerhouse?”


As soon as King Han said this, Dead Wood was stunned for a moment, and then said with bright eyes: “Speaking of choices… a peerless evildoer like him, do you think he will choose mediocrity to become the strongest?”


“If he becomes the strongest after becoming the invincible high-ranking god… I am afraid that once he breaks through, he will be the top existence in the realm of the world!”


“Of course… the premise is that he comprehends the law of space to the state of Dzogchen before breaking through to become the strongest!”



At this moment, Duan Lingtian didn’t know that after he left, the two strongest men, King Han and Dead Wood, discussed him for a while.


Duan Lingtian is now in Hu Feiyan’s artifact spaceship, heading to the Three Great Sacred Realms together with Hu Feiyan and Tan Xiuteng.


Pingxiong Realm borders on the Three Great Sacred Realms.


To be precise, it borders on the ‘Wind Sacred Realm’ among the three holy realms.


The three holy realms of the Outer Boundary are Wind Saint Realm, Fire Saint Realm and Thunder Saint Realm.


It is said that a long time ago, the names of the three holy lands were not like this. They were called the wind land, the fire land, and the thunder land. .


“You should have heard of a world-venerated powerhouse… But, do you know that the world-honored world is just a description of the realm of the world’s powerhouses, and there is no realm outside the world. said.”


The current Duan Lingtian is chatting with Hu Feiyan, and between Hu Feiyan’s words, he talked about the “powerful person in the realm of respect”.




Duan Lingtian nodded, then raised his eyebrows, “In a place outside the boundary, is there another name for a strong person in the boundary realm?”


He knew very well that Hu Feiyan would not mention this for no reason.




Hu Feiyan nodded, “In the Ten Thousand Realms, the powerful and extremely strong in that realm are called ‘the world-venerated powerhouse’, while in places outside the realm, they are not called the world-honored powerhouse, but ‘the world-honored powerhouse’ Saint’.”




As Hu Feiyan finished speaking, Duan Lingtian took a deep breath. These two words are not something everyone can afford. He believes that not only in his eyes, but also in the eyes of people outside the world. .


And since the people from the outside world recognized the world-venerated powerhouse as a ‘sage’, it seems that the other party could indeed be worthy of this title.


“When a saint is angry, he will destroy the world and destroy the world. It is not empty words… Perhaps, the land outside the realm cannot be returned, but in a realm like the ten thousand realms, if the saint is angry, he can destroy a realm at will.”


Duan Lingtian didn’t doubt Hu Feiyan’s words at all.


Let’s not talk about the world-exalted powerhouses, even the most powerful ones, if no one stops them, they can destroy a realm, but it will take longer than the world-honored powerhouses.


“The saints on the outside world are all in the three holy realms.”


Hu Feiyan continued: “The three holy realms, each of which has more than one saint force… These forces are also the top forces among the three holy realms.”


Speaking of this, Hu Feiyan’s gaze towards Duan Lingtian also became a little deeper.


In his opinion, behind the young man in front of him, there might be a ‘sage’, and the power of a saint, whether it is a family or a sect, is the power of a saint.




That is the existence that even her most admired adoptive father would look up to.


According to what her adoptive father said, if a sage makes a move, her adoptive father will not be able to block even half a move!



Duan Lingtian doesn’t have a deep understanding of the three holy realms.


However, with Hu Feiyan’s introduction now, he has a better understanding of the three holy realms.


“Deputy Lord Hu, haven’t you ever been to the Three Great Sacred Realms? How do you know so much about the Three Great Sacred Realms?”


Duan Lingtian asked in doubt.


When Hu Feiyan heard the words, a soft look flashed in his eyes, “Before I went out this time, my adoptive father sorted out the materials of the three holy realms, stored them in a jade slip, and gave them to me… Now I say All of these are learned from the jade slips given by my adoptive father.”


Hearing Hu Feiyan’s words, Duan Lingtian suddenly realized.


It turned out to be the handwriting of Hu Bugui, the leader of the Yantian Army, so it is normal.




Suddenly, Hu Feiyan’s pupils shrank slightly, and his complexion turned cold.


When Duan Lingtian saw this, he immediately shook his head and said with a faint smile, “Is there someone blocking the way again?”


It was alright when I first entered the Pingxiong Realm. Hu Feiyan’s artifact spaceship still has a certain deterrent power… After all, although the Yantian Army is not a force in the Pingxiong Territory, its location is also bordering the Pingxiong Realm The border area, so many bandits blocking the road along the Pingxiong border area also know that the Yantian Army is not easy to mess with.


However, after leaving the Pingxiong border area, Hu Feiyan’s artifact spaceship lost its deterrent power again.


Since leaving that icy and snowy world, Duan Lingtian and his party have encountered no less than ten roadblocks and robberies along the way.


The weakest bandits who attacked in these dozens of plunders were ordinary high-ranking gods, powerful high-ranking gods, and even close to Tan Xiuteng’s strength.


You must know that although Tan Xiuteng’s strength is not as good as Duan Lingtian and Hu Feiyan’s, he is not weak.


Tan Xiuteng, the leader of the gangsters who blocked the road last time, used dozens of tricks to put him at a disadvantage…


Of course, what Tan Xiuteng faced was not just a gangster leader, but also a group of gangsters brought by the gangster leader. Before he killed the gangster leader, he recovered and killed many gangsters.


Until the leader of the gangster fell, the other gangsters also became meat on Tan Xiuteng’s chopping board, letting him slaughter them.


“Vice Lord, let me go.”


At the same time, Tan Xiuteng, who heard the movement here, also stood up, his eyes full of fighting spirit.


He knows ~IndoMTL.com~ that his chances to perform are numbered.


He can still deal with the bandits in Pingxiong…


Once he enters the three holy realms, some bandit leaders who appear in them are definitely not weaker than him, and there may even be close to invincible high-ranking gods among them!


Of course, the existence of the near-invincible high-ranking gods is also divided into three, six, and nine grades.


The existences that are generally willing to act as thugs are basically at the bottom of the beings that are close to the invincible high-ranking gods, because the powerful beings among them don’t even bother to be thugs.


As for the geniuses among them, they are usually too busy practicing to improve their strength, to become the strongest, or to become an invincible high-ranking god, so they don’t have time to hang around outside.


The thugs wander outside, and they often don’t meet a single prey for ten days and a half months.


Being close to the existence of the invincible high-ranking gods, there is not much to tempt them.




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