Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5115: Information leaked



Chapter 5115 news leaked


When Cheng Yang saw Ao Long coming, he immediately pretended to talk.


“What? Su Leng dares to break into Purgatory Mountain privately?”


“Does that mean he’s gone?”


“How could this be? He is such a gifted disciple in our Sect Slaying Sect. I even made an appointment with him for a formal competition in the sect competition after half a month!”


“It’s a shame, he’s a formidable opponent.”


Speaking, Cheng Yang walked up to Ao Long and said, “Elder Ao Long, I, Cheng Yang, think that my talent is not bad. Now that Su Leng is dead, the Sect of Slaying is just in need of people. I don’t know what I can do. If I do not worship you as a teacher, let me be your direct disciple.”


If it was before, Cheng Yang would have no confidence to say so.


But things are different now. He has returned from cultivation in the forbidden area and has become the most talented disciple of the Sect of Slaying.


What’s more, Lin Tiancheng is dead, no matter how sad they are, no matter how sorry they are, they will never come back.


What’s more, the old Sect Master and all the elders of the Sacred Sect are here. If Ao Long doesn’t agree, then he really doesn’t know what to do.


But even if he recognized Ao Long as his teacher, the old Sect Master’s “Saint Slaying Art” also belonged to him. How could he not want such a good thing.


Don’t talk about this “Saint Slaying” in the future, even the position of the suzerain is his own.


Ao Long looked at Cheng Yang’s complacent appearance and felt very disgusted, “No! Since you mentioned this matter again, I will simply explain it to you.”


“Whether Su Leng is dead or not, you can’t become my apprentice, let alone now that he is dead, then your previous agreement doesn’t count.”


“Not everyone can be my direct disciple.”


“I am here to congratulate you on successfully passing the forbidden area. After all, as an elder, this is what I should do.”


After saying this, Ao Long ignored everyone’s surprised eyes and turned away.


Cang Yan, who was beside him, began to feel resentful again.


“To recognize him as a master is to look down on him. How can he be so shameless. Cheng Yang is so talented, he dares to say that he doesn’t like him.”


“Let me tell you, that Su Leng is not good at all. I really don’t understand why you all value him so much…”


Cang Yan babbled about for a long time, but no one of the elders paid him any attention.


Cheng Yang resentfully looked at Ao Long’s leaving back and clenched his fists tightly.


“As of now, you still dare to look down on me. Sooner or later, I will step on you and let you know how good I am.”


“What kind of thing is Su Leng, a dead person, dare to compare with me? He is also worthy?”


Cang Yan is also very dissatisfied. He has already received the news, and soon, the Sect of Slaying will become the territory of the Alliance of Heaven Defenders. At that time, let alone these people, even the old Sect Master and Ao Long will kneel down. Salute to yourself!


The old sect master looked at Cang Yan very displeased and said, “Cang Yan, you should say less, everyone is gone, no matter how much you say, it is meaningless.”


“What’s more, it’s Aolong’s apprentice, not you, what do you care about?”


Cang Yan hurriedly nodded and bowed, “What the old sect master said was that I crossed the line.”


In the blink of an eye, Cang Yan’s face filled with hatred again.


When the crowd dispersed, only the old Sect Master and Cheng Yang were left.


The old sect master said to Cheng Yang earnestly: “Cheng Yang, now, you are also the most talented disciple of our Sect Sect.”


“As the old suzerain, I am proud of you.”


“The future of the Sacred Sect will also be handed over to you.”


Cheng Yang nodded to the old Sect Master with a serious look on his face.


The words of the old sect master are very meaningful. This is likely to imply that as long as he cultivates hard, the position of the sect master will be his own.


The old Sect Master then said: “According to the information I have, the Alliance of Heaven Defenders will soon take action, and we must be prepared. You also saw just now that Ao Long’s hand is coming back. It was unloaded on the way by people from the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.”


Cheng Yang was shocked when he heard the words of the old Sect Master.


The fact that the Heaven Defying Alliance is going to attack the Sacred Sect is an internal secret of the Heaven Defying Alliance, and anyone who has no identity will not know it at all.


How did the old sovereign know about it?


Could it be? Could it be Han Fu?


Yes! It was him, and only he had this possibility.


Over the past few years, Fu Han has been paid more and more attention in the Alliance of the Heaven Defenders, and he has learned more and more secrets.


Han Fu was a direct disciple of Ao Long of the Sacred Sacred Sect before, and he is likely to be an undercover agent sent by Ao Long in the past.


Thinking of this, Cheng Yang couldn’t listen to what the old Sect Master said next.


When the old Sect Master left, he hurried back to his residence.


There is a hidden mechanism on the bed of the residence. Cheng Yang pressed it hard, and the door on the wall next to it suddenly opened.


Cheng Yang walked through a long aisle and walked to the deepest part of the aisle with the special key of the Alliance of Heaven Defying Defenders.


Cheng Yang knelt down when he saw the man in front of him.


“See the Seventh Highness!”


“His Royal Highness, it’s me, Cheng Yang. I’ve returned from the forbidden area now.”


His Royal Highness glanced at Cheng Yang from the corner of his eye, with an aloof attitude.


“You rubbish, you haven’t moved for so long, I thought you were already dead.”


Han Fu stood straight next to His Highness the Seventh Prince, without saying a word.


The current Fu Han has become the right-hand man of the Seventh Highness.


He chopped off Ao Long’s arm in front of everyone. Although he didn’t kill anyone, His Highness already completely trusted him.


What’s more important is that the Alliance of Heaven Defenders will soon be encircling the Sacred Sect, and they urgently need Fu Han’s help.


Time is running out, and I don’t have more time to investigate for myself.


Cheng Yang opened his mouth to speak, but saw Fu Han next to His Highness the Seventh Highness.


He hesitated for a moment, then said, “Your Highness, I have something important to tell you, I don’t know if I can…”


Of course His Highness understood what he meant. He glanced at Cheng Yang indifferently and said, “If you have anything to say, it’s all your own people here.”


Obviously, the current Fu Han has completely gained the trust of His Highness the Seventh Highness.


Cheng Yang thought about it for a while, but still said: “His Royal Highness, when I came out of the forbidden area, the old Sect Master talked to me a lot, and he told me that the Alliance of Heaven Defenders will soon take action against the Sect of Slaying Sect. .”


“Such important news would be impossible to know if it weren’t for the important personnel within the Alliance of the Heaven Defenders.”


“You mean, there is a spy within the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.”


When His Royal Highness said this, he calmly glanced at Fu Han next to him.


Han Fu did not change in the slightest, he stood motionless beside His Highness the Seventh Highness.


His Royal Highness continued: “Since you said we have spies inside, do you know who it is?”


Cheng Yang shook his head: “His Royal Highness, I just came out of the forbidden area, even though my status and prestige in the Sect of Slaying have been greatly improved, I still don’t know such important news. “


“But what is worth celebrating is that I have now become a direct disciple of the old sect master. In the sect competition half a month later, I will definitely be able to win the first place, and then get the “Saint Slaying Art”.”


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