Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5113: The return of the old sovereign



Chapter 5113 The Return of the Old Sovereign


Han Fu took a step after him, and in a blink of an eye, both of them appeared in everyone’s sight.


What’s even more surprising is that Fu Han still holds Ao Long’s severed arm in his hand.


Fu Han burst out laughing, “Master, it seems that you are still getting old, yes, you are at this age, so don’t worry about anything, it’s time to take a break.”


The blood flowed from Ao Long’s just broken arm, he said angrily: “I’ve seen it wrong before, and accepted a scumbag like you as my apprentice.”


“From today onwards, we will return from the bridge to the bridge, and I will no longer have any relationship with you.”


The old Sect Master came back from retreat and practiced, and his strength really improved a lot.


At this time, he was evenly tied with the remaining men in black by himself.


Just when he saw Ao Long with his broken arm and Fu Han who was laughing wildly beside him, he was immediately full of anger.


He can’t wait to go up and kill this scoundrel.


“What are you doing, this is your master, how dare you treat your master like this, today, even if I risk my life, I will kill you, the traitor of the Sect of Beheading Sect .”


His Seventh Highness, who was staying in the main hall of the Alliance of Heaven Defenders, saw Han Fu holding Ao Long’s arm in his hand.


The originally grim face suddenly stretched out.


“Yes, hahahahaha, yes.”


“As expected, I didn’t see the wrong person, Fu Han, as long as you kill this old Aolong today, and when you come back, I will make you the existence of the Heaven Defying Alliance with one person under ten thousand people.”


The Seventh Highness was very angry when I saw Fu Han followed Ao Long into another plane, and I couldn’t see their condition.


You must know how much he put into Fu Han’s body. If Fu Han dared to be unfaithful to him, he would definitely let him die without a place to be buried.


It’s just that over the years, he knows about Fu Han’s talent and strength, and the Alliance of Heaven Defenders needs such talents to strengthen its rule.


His Royal Highness needs someone like him to unify the upper realm.


Just as Fu Han and the old sect master were battling each other, a dangerous aura came to his face.


Aware of the danger, Fu Han narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of Tianyan City.


The worst thing happened.


Han Fu made a decisive decision and did not stop. He threw Ao Long’s arm to the man in black and ordered: “Go.”


The man in black was not reconciled, because he hadn’t seen Fu Han kill Ao Long with his own eyes.


It’s just that the situation is really special now, and he also knows how terrifying the old man in Tianyan City is.


If he knew that the people from the Heaven Defying Alliance were here to surround and suppress the old Sect Master and Ao Long, he would definitely send someone to surround them.


At that time, even Han Fu would not be able to escape.


What’s more, I already have Ao Long’s arm in my hand, so I can explain to His Highness Seventh when I go back.


Seeing that the man in black was still hesitating, Fu Han didn’t bother to care about him at all.


He turned around and disappeared in front of everyone.


Seeing this, the man in black couldn’t take care of it anymore, and a brisk pace followed.


After a while, all the members of the Alliance of Heaven Defenders disappeared into the forest.


Seeing that the situation had improved, Ao Long hurriedly took out the medicine pill from his arms, barely protecting his heart.


The old sect master stepped forward to try to adjust it, but was stopped by Ao Long.


He said eagerly: “Old Sect Master, there must be something important happening in the Sect of Slaying Sect right now, we don’t have time to stay here.”


Just now on another plane, Fu Han told himself that he had informed Lin Tiancheng about the betrayer of the Sacred Sect.


If Lin Tiancheng was the one who broke into Purgatory Mountain at this time, then it would be really bad.


What’s more, this time, Fu Han brought his arm back, how would it be reused by His Highness the Seventh Prince?


At that time, there will be even bigger movements in the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.


Now we must immediately return to the Sacred Sect to think about what to do next.


Although the old Sect Master was very unbearable, he still took Ao Long on the road quickly for the sake of the overall situation.


It’s just that when they returned to the Sacred Sect, Purgatory Mountain had long since stopped moving.


It was half an hour after Lin Tiancheng entered Purgatory Mountain in spite of everyone’s dissuasion.


Purgatory Mountain quickly collapsed.


At this time, Purgatory Mountain was already a mess, with stones everywhere, and Lin Tiancheng had no chance of surviving.


In this way, Lin Tiancheng not only entered Purgatory Mountain, but also changed the restrictions inside.


The elders and disciples of the Sect of Slaying were very excited to see the old Sect Master coming back.


This means that the strength of the old Sect Master has become stronger, not to mention the Sect of Slaying Sect is more stable.


But the old Sect Master didn’t have time to catch up with these elders, so he hurried to Purgatory Mountain.


Looking at the ruins of Purgatory Mountain, the old Sect Master still didn’t give up.


He took out his fan and tried again, but Purgatory Mountain still didn’t respond.


This means that neither the inside nor the outside will be able to open the gates of this purgatory mountain.


The old Sect Master stood outside the gate of Purgatory Mountain regretfully.


Xue Xun, the Valley Master of Blood Yuan Valley, stepped forward and bowed to the old Sect Master, “Old Sect Master, Su Leng is the most talented disciple I have ever seen in my life. The elder’s incompetence cannot stop him.”


“Let us lose such a genius.”


The old Sect Master waved at Xue Xun, “It’s not your fault, it’s his own decision.”


Several other elders also stepped forward and praised: “Yeah, this new disciple, Ao Long, is indeed very talented.”


“He not only went to the barren mountains to bring back more than a thousand true feathers, but also distributed them to his disciples.”


“Yes, not only that, he also cured Xue Xun’s strange disease, and even refined the eighth-grade medicinal pill in front of the elders.”


“I have been in the Sacred Sect for so many years, and I have never seen such an outstanding disciple.”


The elders responded, “Yes, yes.”


At this time, Cang Yan of Cangsheng Pavilion was dissatisfied, “Everyone said it well, Su Leng has indeed contributed a lot to the Sacred Sect, but don’t forget, he has repeatedly insulted me in public for not saying anything. , now disregarding the clan rules, trespassing on Purgatory Mountain.”


“Even if he has a great talent, and even his level of alchemy is higher than mine, this cannot cover up his mistakes.”


“What’s more, as Aolong’s pet, the Heavenly Wolf King knew that it was a big crime to break into Purgatory Mountain, and he helped Zhou to be abusive, helping Su Leng to challenge the eighteen strong men of Purgatory Mountain together.”


“It’s hard not to doubt that Ao Long deliberately instructed Su Leng to do all this.”


When Xue Xun heard Cang Yan’s nonsense, he couldn’t control his temper any longer, and yelled: “You old man, you still have the face to make irresponsible remarks here.”


“Bah! If it wasn’t for your vicious disciple who deliberately framed Chi Yidan, your master and apprentice joined forces to send him to Purgatory Mountain, how could there be so many things?”


“In the end, it’s all the fault of you and your apprentice. If it weren’t for you, how could Su Leng break into this purgatory mountain in violation of the sectarian rules? You’re too embarrassed to talk nonsense here.”


“What a shameless old thing!”


Cang Yan was very angry at Xue Xun’s few words, but he couldn’t say a few words for a long time.


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