Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5112: arm



Chapter 5112 Arm


Seeing that he and Ao Long were the only people around, Fu Han let down his guard.


Without waiting for Ao Long to speak, he knelt straight in front of Ao Long.


“Master, the disciple is rude…”


Ao Long waved his hand and said, “It’s okay.”


Ao Long stepped forward and helped Fu Han who was kneeling on the ground.


“These little things don’t need to be said. If they haven’t seen you for too long, they will definitely be suspicious.”


“In my opinion, the Seventh Highness sent you to kill me this time to test you.”


“If you can take my life, then he will definitely believe in you.”


Fu Han nodded and said, “Yes, Master, even after so many years, even though I have gained a firm foothold in the Alliance of Heaven Defenders, the Seventh Highness still does not fully trust me.”


Now that I dare to speak to Master so boldly, it is because the Seventh Highness of this plane has long been unable to feel my breath.


If this is not the case, even if I give myself ten thousand courage, I will not dare to reveal my identity.


Over the years, the Heaven Defying Alliance has continued to grow. Even if they don’t have the confidence to deal with people from all races, there is still more than enough for a sect like the Sect of Slaying.


Otherwise, the Sacred Sect would not have suffered heavy losses in the battle a thousand years ago.


If it wasn’t for those elders of the Sacred Sacred Sect and eighteen strong men who took the Heavenly Wolf King to guard together, the Sacred Sacred Sect at this time would have already fallen to the hands of the Heaven Defying Alliance.


Han Fu is not only a rare talent to His Highness the Seventh Highness.


He was once a disciple of the Sacred Sect.


This shows that among these people, no one knows the Sect of Slaying better than Fu Han.


His Royal Highness needs Han Fu’s help in order to take down Sheng Zongyi.


Therefore, he set up many tests for Han Fu.


At this time, the Seventh Highness was watching Fu Han’s every move through the secret technique of the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.


Until the figures of Ao Long and Han Fu disappeared from everyone’s sight, the Seventh Highness was furious.


Ao Long and Han Fu disappeared in front of him at the same time, which showed that Han Fu could not be completely trusted.


He is likely to be a spy placed by the Zhan Shengzong on the Alliance of Heaven Defying Defenders.


But His Royal Highness needs Han Fu’s help too much, not to mention that he has been entrusting Han Fu with important tasks before this.


“You bastard, I have spent so many years cultivating you, thinking that you can be used by me, but I didn’t expect you to be a spy sent by Ao Long.”


“When you come back, I will definitely let you know the fate of betraying me.”


Speaking, His Highness Seventh Highness clenched the teacup in his hand even harder, with a “bang”, the teacup was crushed by him forcibly.


At this time, in another plane, Ao Long said helplessly to Fu Han: “Since he wants to test you, if I don’t die this time, I’m afraid it won’t work.”


Ao Long sent Han Fu to the Heaven Defying Alliance after careful consideration.


Thousands of years ago, the Alliance of Heaven Defenders had grown to the point where few organizations could challenge it.


What’s more, the Heaven Defying Alliance has always been eyeing the Sect Slaying Sect, the largest sect in the upper realm.


Not to mention the sudden massacre a thousand years ago, the Sacred Sect suffered heavy losses.


How many outstanding disciples and powerful elders all died in that battle to protect the Sacred Sect.


This made the old Sect Master and Ao Long even more hatred.


The Heaven Defying Alliance did not take down the Sacred Sect a thousand years ago, and will only try their best in the future.


The relationship between the Slaying Sect and the Alliance of Heaven Defenders has reached the point of life and death.


It’s just that over the years, even though the Sacred Sect has continued to grow and develop, the Alliance of Heaven Defenders has grown at a terrifying speed.


In the current upper bound, no organization has the strength to compete with it.


Under such circumstances, the Sacred Sect had to install a trustworthy person in the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.


Over the years, Fu Han has carried so many curses on his back in order to obtain more information from the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.


According to the results of Han Fu’s painstaking investigation, today’s Alliance of Heaven Defenders is no longer on the same level as it was a thousand years ago.


Their forces and organizations spread throughout the Upper Realm.


Even if all the forces of the Sacred Sect are dispatched now, they cannot be eliminated.


However, as long as Fu Han spends one day in the Alliance of the Heaven Defenders, Zhan Shengzong’s understanding of the Alliance of the Heaven Defenders will go a step further.


In this way, even if you can’t defeat the opponent, you will be more prepared in the sudden battle.


For this reason, Fu Han has been infatuated with the infamy and has been in the Alliance of Heaven Defying Defenders for thousands of years.


Han Fu has suffered so many grievances and insults. If all his previous efforts were in vain because of himself today, Ao Long himself would not forgive himself.


Ao Long raised his hand and swiped towards his neck.


At the critical moment, Fu Han stepped forward to stop him.


“Master, if this is the case, the loss of the Sacred Sect will be too great. This is not worth the loss, we still think of other ways.”


“Even if I am discovered by them, I have a way to continue living. If you die and they attack the Sacred Sect in the future, what will you do?”


For a moment, the two fell into deep thought.


Such a situation is something they don’t want to see.


After a while, Ao Long said solemnly: “Well, if you cut off one of my arms, it can be considered an explanation when I go back.”


“If you can gain the trust of the Heaven Defying Alliance this time, things will develop very quickly. It won’t be long before you can return to the Sacred Sect.”


Han Fu is not an indecisive person. He knows the overall situation and knows that depending on the current situation, this is the best way.


If you don’t do this, your undercover work for so many years will be in vain, and the Sacred Sect will definitely be more dangerous.


Compared to taking Master’s life and only losing one arm, it is already a very good thing.


Han Fu gritted his teeth, stepped forward and removed one of Ao Long’s arms.


He looked at Ao Long with red eyes, “Master, the disciple is incompetent. If the disciple’s ability was stronger, you wouldn’t have to suffer so much.”


After saying this, Fu Han knelt down again.


Ao Long pulled Han Fu up with his only remaining hand.


“Don’t say such things. If it wasn’t for you who lurked in the Heaven Defying Alliance under the back of your infamy over the years, the people of the Sacred Sect wouldn’t have been able to live so peacefully.”


“It is a blessing for Master to have a disciple like you in this life.”


Fu Han got up and said to Ao Long, “Master, I have already told him who is a traitor in the Sect of Slaying.”


“I believe that with his ability, he knows what to do next.”


Ao Long looked at Fu Han suspiciously and asked, “Tell him? Tell Su Leng?”


Fu Han nodded, “Yes, Master’s vision is very good, and this is also a good disciple. If the Sacred Sect is in danger in the future, he will definitely be able to play a huge role.”


Hearing Fu Han compliment Lin Tiancheng, Ao Long couldn’t help laughing: “Indeed, this kid is indeed very talented. Everyone said that his future cultivation will definitely be as strong as you, or even better than you. Awesome.”


After saying this, Ao Long knocked himself out of the plane with one palm.




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