Ultimate Wizard Chapter 5111: Bullying



Chapter 5111 Deception


The old sect master didn’t have time to think about it, he immediately accelerated his pace and rushed back to the Sect of Slaying.


Ao Long followed closely behind the old Sect Master.


It’s just that Ao Long felt a little uneasy in his heart, but he didn’t know why.


“Is this….could it be my new apprentice?”


If it was him, even going back alone wouldn’t be able to save him.


This purgatory mountain has existed since he founded the Sacred Sect, but after so many years of reinforcement and changes, the things inside are no longer something that Ao Long can change.


The old sect master gave Ao Long a puzzled look, “The new disciple you recruited? Su Leng?”


“That’s unlikely.”


Ao Long’s vision is really good, and the disciples he accepts are all people with outstanding strength.


Han Fu is the best example.


But even so, it is more difficult to enter Purgatory Mountain than to ascend to the sky.


It is impossible for Lin Tiancheng to have the strength to defeat the eighteen strong men in the Purgatory Mountain Valley.


“Maybe, if so, what if there is help from the Sirius King?”


The old Sect Master and Ao Long looked at each other, and both quickened their pace.


While the two of them hurried to Slay the Sect, Ao Long and the old Sect Master felt the danger at the same time.


As soon as they stopped, a powerful arrow shot at Ao Long in the dark.


“Be careful!”


The old Sect Master said subconsciously.


This little trick is nothing to Ao Long.


With a wave of his hand, he unleashed his supreme sword intent.


Ao Long has practiced in seclusion for many years, and has long since integrated swordsmanship with himself.


He can fight enemies even without using a sword.


The arrow was immediately shot down by Ao Long.


It’s just that the surrounding dangerous atmosphere has not been eliminated, but has become more intense.


In an instant, dozens of shadows rushed out from the dark, surrounding the old Sect Master and Ao Long.


These people are all dressed in black, and each and every one of them is a powerhouse with a very high level.


The leader took off his mask and said with a smile, “Master, it’s been a long time.”


When Ao Long saw Han Fu, killing intent immediately appeared in his eyes.


“Why, I’ve had such a good time in the Alliance of Heaven Defenders, and I have new tasks every day?”


“What is the mission this time?”


When the old Sect Master saw Fu Han, he immediately became angry.


“You scoundrel, traitor of the Sacred Sect, are you too embarrassed to appear in front of us?”


Han Fuman said indifferently: “Didn’t you guys kick me out of the Sect of Slaying a long time ago, why would you betray me?”


Ao Long said angrily: “You not only betrayed the Sacred Sect, but you also colluded with the people of the Heaven Defying Alliance to kill the disciples of Sacred Sect. For a person like you, it would not be an exaggeration to let you die a hundred times. !”


Han Fu didn’t take his words to heart at all.


He smiled and said, “Master, do you just hate me so much and want to kill me so much?”


“You bastard, shut up, I’m not your master, and you’re not even worthy of being my apprentice.”


“We don’t have a disciple as powerful as you!”


No matter what Ao Long said at this time, Fu Han had an indifferent expression.


“Master, I heard that you recently accepted a new disciple, but I don’t know who is more powerful than me.”


Ao Long said coldly, “What’s the matter with you?”


Ever since Ao Long saw Lin Tiancheng for the first time, he knew that he was a man of extraordinary talent.


He accepted him as a disciple, naturally wanting to train Lin Tiancheng to be the next suzerain.


In the future, Lin Tiancheng will definitely not die if he encounters danger in the future.


If Han Fu dared to have any other thoughts on Lin Tiancheng, he would kill him even if he fought for his life.


The two tall men standing beside Han Fu are the right-hand men of His Royal Highness.


This time, the Seventh Highness sent them here.


For some unknown reason, the news that Ao Long went to pick up the old Sect Master reached the ears of the Alliance of Heaven Defenders.


The people from the Heaven Defying Alliance also don’t know what vicious thoughts have arisen, and they have sent so many people with high cultivation realm to kill them.


More importantly, the Seventh Highness also specifically ordered Fu Han to take the lead in this mission.


The man on the right of Fu Han stepped forward and said, “Elder Han, why do you need to talk so much nonsense to them, just go forward and kill them.”


Although these men in black are very powerful, they have made countless enemies since the establishment of the Heaven Defying Alliance.


If we can’t make a quick decision, and other enemies know about it, we can’t guarantee that we won’t take this opportunity to come and strangle them.


The more people there are, the harder it is.


What’s more, this old sect master also knew Tianyan Shenzun, the city lord of Tianyan City.


It is said that the Fire God Venerable has a bad temper on this day, and ordinary people would not dare to offend him.


If he knew he had killed his old friend on his territory, he might come to seek revenge.


Han Fu gave him a displeased look, “Why, are you in charge now?”


“Do I need your consent to say anything?”


The man in black was very upset, but he didn’t dare to say a word for a long time.


Actually, the man in black was sent by His Highness the Seventh Highness to supervise Fu Han.


Over the past few years, although Fu Han’s status in the Alliance of Heaven Defenders has been getting higher and higher, he still hasn’t entered the top decision-making position.


Because after all, he is a disciple of the Sacred Sect, the Seventh Highness has always been suspicious of him and dare not trust him completely.


This time, His Highness Seventh Highness deliberately sent Han Fu to strangle Ao Long.


If he really dares to kill his master in front of everyone, it means that he is not an undercover agent sent by the Zhansheng Sect.


It can be considered that he passed the test of the Seventh Highness.


After this incident, Han Fu will definitely be reused by His Highness the Seventh Highness, and his status and status in the Alliance of the Heaven Defenders will only increase in the future.


Han Fu said to Ao Long, “After all, it’s a bit of a relationship between master and apprentice, so let me give you three moves first, how about that?”


Speaking, Fu Han turned to the remaining men in black and instructed: “Leave this to me, you can deal with that old man.”


“After so many years, let me see if my abilities have improved.”


The old sect master immediately became furious when he heard his words, “You scoundrel, he is your master, a master for one day and a father for life, you actually want to kill your master yourself!”


Han Fu has killed countless people during his years in the Heaven Defying Alliance.


At the same time, he didn’t let go of his cultivation. At this time, his strength was no longer at the level of the year.


If Ao Long really fights him one-on-one, it is very likely that he will not be able to defeat him.


This is even more worrying for the old Sect Master.


The rest of the men in black saw the old Sect Master scolding Han Fu, and immediately drew out their swords, “You old man, you still have the heart to care about others, let’s think about whether you can go back alive.”


The man in black looked at Han Fu like this and really wanted to start a fight with Ao Long.


They were looking forward to it.


Ao Long looked at Fu Han indifferently, and then waved his hand.


“It’s too much of a loss of your identity to fight here. You’d better come to another plane with me. The two of us will have a good fight today.”


Speaking, Ao Long entered another plane in an instant.


Han Fu is naturally not afraid, he closely followed Ao Long and disappeared from everyone’s sight.




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