Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 920: The sword falls into the galaxy, the sword refines the universe


Chapter 920: The sword falls into the galaxy, the sword refines the universe

The combined attack of the ferocious family of three made Emperor Kumu feel that he could not take down Luochuan despite his lifeless offensive. The shock of the fighting between the two sides actually pushed the stars out of their orbits, exposing gaps in the formation.

Ku Mu Emperor, who was watching from a distance, was shocked in his heart, secretly wondering when Luo Chuan became so powerful. With this strength twenty days ago, how could his Immortal Mountain Formation stop him?

Not to mention that battle, when Zhao Changhe Ye Jiuyou was besieging him before, he had this ability and still needed to escape?

He didn’t have time to think too much, and quickly said to the one who came to disrupt the situation: “What, if the two Taoist brothers want to participate in this kind of battle, then let’s do it.”

Visitor: “…”

Fuck you sister, we are not sick, why are we going to fight a strong man who appears out of nowhere to decide this dead end?

“Brother Kumu Taoist, where did these men and two women come from?”

“I don’t know.”

“When did Luochuan become so strong…”

The Dead Tree Emperor held up his sleeves: “I don’t know.”

The visitor stopped talking and turned to look at the battle situation, thinking to himself. Kumu’s original posture should have been to stop others from passing by, but now that he sees how powerful that side is, he doesn’t even bother to stop him. Who is stupid enough to go and fight such a bad battle where the enemy and I don’t even know who it is?

Deadwood probably wants to pick peaches, but now the outcome is uncertain, it is not the time to pick… peaches, deadwood can pick them, but we can’t?

But at the core of the battle, Luo Chuan’s robe had been blown to tatters, his body was covered in blood, and his muscles were tangled. The originally handsome boy’s appearance became ferocious, his eyes were red, and strange blood vessels appeared on his face, forming a demonic texture.

Kumu Emperor and others knew that it was the manifestation of demonic energy, and in Zhao Changhe’s mind, it was called the second stage of BOSS.

Its aura is obviously stronger than before. If the other side is also divided into stages, then Luochuan before was at the middle stage, and now it is probably the peak of the other side.

The three members of their own family were all injured at this time. The corners of their mouths were stained with blood and their faces were pale. It was obvious that everyone was seriously injured by the shock just now.

Luochuan breathed heavily: “Ye Wuming, you should be grateful to this man thirty years ago for risking his own life to prevent you from returning together… Otherwise, even if you were destroyed in body and soul, Can’t kill me.”

Ye Wuming pursed his lips and did not respond.

Luochuan could have hidden such power, so he really couldn’t have died in the first place.

In fact, everyone has calculated the cause and effect to this level, how can they not have some vague feelings in their hearts? In that battle, Luo Chuan deliberately exposed his flaws to lure her back together and seek her own death. Zhao Changhe has already said so.

Actually, Zhao Changhe didn’t see it at all at the time… But whether he could see it or not, he simply refused to let Ye Wuming die and was willing to make any excuses.

Originally, Ye Wuming couldn’t understand why Luochuan could do this, but now he understands.

Because she, Ye Wuming, was only a fake other side before but could pose a threat to Luochuan. The premise is to borrow the power of the entire Heavenly Book world. However, Luochuan himself also has the backing of a world, so how can he die so easily.

That is the basis for him to break through to a higher level.

At this moment, Luochuan’s world is annihilated, so don’t expect anything higher. When the world perished, he took away the origin, integrated it into himself, made the final desperate strengthening, and temporarily reached the top of the other shore.

This is at the cost of never having any hope of breaking through to a higher level, and the path is dead.

In a sense, renunciation of the road is as irreconcilable as murderous hatred!

Luo Chuan gnashed his teeth and became furious: “You…will definitely regret what happened today…you all will die!”

Boundless blood burst out, and there was a vast sea of ​​blood in the void.

The Ye family sisters quickly retreated into the Book of Heaven, leaving only Zhao Changhe outside the boundary with his hands protecting his body, retreating thousands of miles with the Book of Heaven in his arms.

Only at this moment did Ye Wuming realize that the way of flesh and blood hidden in the Spiritual Clan was the core of Luochuan’s cultivation. She also felt a little weird in her heart. The blood evil that led Zhao Changhe to inherit Lie was because she knew for sure that Lie had nothing to do with Luo Chuan, but she didn’t expect that this was really the core of Luo Chuan…

Of course Lie’s blood evil method and Luo Chuan’s magic skills are definitely not the same thing, but they give Zhao Changhe a very sufficient understanding and experience in dealing with them.

In the boundless blood, Zhao Changhe stopped his retreating figure and ejected forward. Holding knives in both hands, he slashed furiously at the sky.

The dark red blood light in the knife merged with the boundless sea of ​​blood, and others could not even tell which side the energy inside belonged to.

Even his eyes were glowing red like Luo Chuan, and even the whites of his eyes were red.

It seems that it is the habitual selflessness of heaven and earth and the dispersion of gods and Buddhas. Zhao Changhe’s most common way of leapfrogging since his debut.

Luochuan’s sword flew towards him: “The donkey in Guizhou will die because of his incompetence!”

“Bang!” The swords clashed violently.

At the moment of the fight, Luo Chuan’s heart skipped a beat, and the dead tree in the distance also skipped a beat.

Zhao Changhe’s sword did not scatter gods and Buddhas at all, it just used its shape… after all, it was nothing more than a horizontal stroke and a vertical stroke.

Kumu Emperor clearly felt that the power of the stars that he originally used to form an array was actually borrowed by this guy. The stars that were obviously rotating in a circular trajectory had been taken off course and gathered into a river.

As the sword fell, thousands of stars roared like the Milky Way and fell with a crash.

This sword is the ultimate sword that Zhao Changhe himself has been exploring. It is the sword of the galaxy that fits his consistent path.

It’s no longer imagery, it’s physics!

That’s all for the sword’s power. How could he use such power?

Deadwood suddenly turned his head and saw a woman floating not far away, vaguely in the middle of the water. He was forming seals with his hands, seemingly transferring all his power to Zhao Changhe.

It was Piaomiao who had just returned from intercepting the demons outside, who helped Zhao Changhe strengthen himself.

Not far away in the other direction, there are four more women sitting cross-legged in the air, forming a formation. Behind them, the four phantoms were outlined in a star map, and the power of the stars was also poured into Zhao Changhe.

The Four Elephants Formation is never just about killing, but also about assisting its gods. The four images of the sky help the stars mobilize and converge on the Lord of the night sky.

There is no sun or moon, and the swordsman exuding brilliant blood is the sun.

A galaxy is formed around Zhao Changhe.

Deadwood opened his mouth wide.

Your mother is really “more than two”!

I thought it would be scary enough that you have the sisters on the other side, but what is going on here, all of them are at the third level of imperial realm! Among them, the woman full of mountains and rivers is already halfway to the other side!

Luochuan is facing an army alone…

No, this is facing the power of a world, the synthesis of the essence of a lifetime. It was impossible to compare with his own crooked nascent world filled by demonic monks.

“Boom!” The stars fell randomly and flooded Luochuan.

Zhao Changhe spit out a mouthful of blood and flew out. Similarly, Luo Chuan didn’t feel good either. He swallowed the blood that surged into his throat and chased after him in an attempt to hit him: “You tried your best, but it’s a pity…”

Before he finished speaking, Zhao Changhe’s eyes flashed sharply, and he suddenly abandoned Longque and reached out to grab Luo Chuan’s sword. The body-forging technique he had practiced in the past changed the composition of the palm, gathered all the protection here, and held Luo Chuan’s sword tightly without letting go.

Luo Chuan instinctively drew his sword, causing a shower of blood on Zhao Changhe’s palm.

The twin-tailed **** in the dragon bird slashed at the back of Luo Chuan’s neck. At the same time, Zhao Changhe’s arms glowed again.

Ye Jiuyou looked like a ghost, coming out of the heavenly book, and slapped Luochuan’s chest and abdomen with both palms.

At this moment, Ye Jiuyou is no longer Ye Jiuyou.

It was clearly the fusion of the Ye family sisters, with the blessing of the entire Heavenly Book world, gathered on a pair of jade hands.

This is at least the power of the other side in the middle and late stages, suddenly appearing at this moment.

Luo Chuan, who was knocked unconscious, did not expect that Zhao Changhe’s blow just now did not bring their power, but that an independent force was still waiting for an opportunity.

Who is the sixth child in this family…

No, why can the Ye family sisters cooperate so well and be as close as one person without any grudges?

Thoughts flashed across his mind. At this moment, Luo Chuan, who was suppressing his injuries, was really unable to deal with the combined attack of the Ye family sisters. He quickly dropped the flying sword in his hand and dodged away with great reluctance. The palm still passed under his ribs, creating a wound that was deep enough to see the bones. The violent force rushed into his internal organs, instantly causing chaos in his body.

This is not over yet. Luo Chuan, who tried his best to avoid the attack of the Ye family sisters, did not have the energy to deal with another little Kalami.

The dragon bird slashed through the side of his neck, half of his neck was chopped off, and only the bones were still attached to his head.

When Fei Dun left, he was no longer human, his head was hanging sideways, his chest and abdomen were broken, his lungs were rotten, and he was hanging with just one breath left.

This body can no longer be used…

Luochuan said sternly: “The days are long, let’s fight for life and death in the next era!”

After speaking, he decisively blew himself up.

The self-destruction of a strong man of this level is as powerful as a star explosion. The Kumu Emperor and others who were watching from a distance did not dare to approach, but instead retreated a lot backwards.

They didn’t even know how Zhao Changhe and others, who were so close at hand, could withstand this explosion, and they didn’t even dare to think that they could prevent Luochuan Yuanshen from escaping.

Such a strong man is indeed difficult to kill… Maybe when the victory is decided again, it will really be a matter of the next era…

As soon as the thought flashed through his mind, Luo Chuan’s angry voice was heard coming from the center of the explosion: “How is that possible!”

The dead wood emperor’s consciousness swept over, only to see the aftermath of the explosion disappear, and a young girl with vitality standing in the center holding a black sword. The black sword evolved into a world of its own, and Luo Chuan’s escaping spirit crashed into it, as if he had already been waiting there with a net.

The girl quickly sheathed the sword, still muttering: “There are several sets of my clothes in here, and they are all wasted…”

The Dead Tree Emperor: “…”

Is this a matter of several sets of clothes?

?Mi Huanjun?Why is a girl who has not even reached the imperial realm standing in the universe, how can she use such a top-notch divine sword and capture Luochuan Yuanshen?

Who are you?

The next moment I heard the girl shouting to Zhao Changhe: “Dad, what should we do now…”

The Dead Tree Emperor: “…”

The “daddy” she regarded as her backbone was currently being protected in Ye Jiuyou’s arms, protecting him from the self-destruction impact just now. At this moment, the whole family was scarred and exhausted.

Zhao Changhe glanced at the dead wood emperor a little weakly, and quickly sent a message to Ling Ruoyu: “Luochuan is undecided, and outsiders are watching, so it is not suitable to stay for a long time. Return to the book of heaven and run with the ball.”

Ling Ruoyu understood, and slithered back to the Book of Heaven with his sword in hand.

In the eyes of Emperor Kumu and others, it was just a little girl getting into her father’s arms.

The next moment, Piaomiao and others all got into the man’s arms.

Onlookers: “…”

Ye Jiuyou glanced over there coldly, and quickly evacuated with Zhao Changhe in his arms.

She clearly sensed the evil intentions on the other side. She was all injured at the moment, and Luo Chuan was still breaking through with his sword at any time. If there was a real fight, unless Emperor Kumu was definitely on her side, it would be okay, but if he had any ill intentions, My whole family will have to deal with it here.

Is it possible for the Withered Wood Emperor to definitely stand on his side? Obviously unrealistic.

The reason why they did not move was simply that the situation changed too quickly and they did not react. Now it seems that they still have fighting strength and cannot be easily manipulated. However, the strong men from other forbidden areas have their own plans and concerns. No one dares to act rashly and can only watch everyone escape.

This is not over yet…

At this moment, everyone is injured and cannot run far with the ball. Once the three forbidden areas reach a consensus and rush to find the location of the Book of Heaven, how will the Bureau respond?

Zhao Changhe felt the rapid pushing sensation of the changing space in his wife’s arms, and it was a bit funny: “Just find a void to hide for a while. They have their own concerns, and there is no consensus in the short term. We are safe for the short term, first Let’s talk about the rest after solving Luochuan.”

Ye Jiuyou stopped running away: “Okay.”

As long as Zhao Changhe spoke, Ye Jiuyou’s heart immediately settled down. This was his backbone.

She hugged Zhao Changhe and escaped into the Night Palace in the book. Ling Ruoyu was squatting beside the Galaxy Sword, holding it on her knees and shivering. A group of aunts were watching.

The Galaxy Sword is trembling violently, and the Luochuan Yuanshen inside may break out of the boundary at any time. He was really going to break through and the Galaxy Sword would be destroyed. Ling Ruoyu couldn’t bear this happening and almost cried.

Zhao Changhe looked at the situation and his first reaction was that Luo Chuan seemed to have been trapped in the space where the Galaxy Sword evolved several times. This was his fateful enemy… I was blindly forging the sword back then. I’m afraid I didn’t expect it to be like this. Use it.

Seeing Ye Jiuyou coming in with Zhao Changhe in his arms, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Ling Ruoyu sniffed and said, “What should we do now?”

Ye Wuming easily separated himself from Ye Jiuyou’s body, returned to his lying body, and sat up: “Don’t you see that the injury was on your aunt Jiuyou, but your mother and I were not injured.”

Ling Ruoyu: “…”

Luo Chuan inside the sword also sensed it and was so angry that he almost vomited blood. How could he do this?

His soul escaped, but he was exhausted. Outside, there was an unscathed Quan Sheng Ye Wuming!

You can almost feel that Ye Wuming’s malicious eyes are staring at the sword body with their green eyes. What will happen to these grievances that have spanned two eras and tens of millions of years in their hands? Luochuan simply shuddered.

The sword trembled even more fiercely, as if it was about to break out of the wall in the next second: “Ye Wuming, it doesn’t matter if you are in full bloom, even with your power you can’t destroy my soul… Wait until your whole family recovers. , I broke out of the sword long ago.”

Before he finished speaking, a slender finger pointed at the sword, accompanied by Ye Wuming’s calm voice: “I define that any soul without a body in this world cannot touch the entity, cannot travel, and cannot break through walls.”

Luochuan: “???”

He suddenly felt that the space inside the sword had become untouchable. No matter how he used the power of his soul to attack, it was just an illusion and he could not touch it at all.

Trying to use this illusory body to pass through directly, but it is like an iron wall and copper wall, unable to pass through no matter what.

Luochuan felt a chill in his heart.

It turns out that to become a real world of heaven, you can formulate the rules of this world by speaking out the law. As long as you are in this world, you must follow it. There is no need to forcefully detain and destroy it by force as you imagined. Although theoretically the meaning of the realm of the other side is that he can break out of the rules, at this moment he is injured, his soul is weak, and he is not strong enough to break away from the world’s rules-level definition!

Ye Wuming’s voice came again: “In the Galaxy Sword, the universe exists. The sun rises and the moon sets, and the sacrifice is like a furnace.”

At this moment when the sisters were connected, Ye Jiuyou let out a long sigh.

In the past, God’s will was like a furnace, defining everything and scorching all living beings. Now, the cause and effect is repaid and the retribution is not satisfactory.

This is the best revenge.

Luochuan let out a scream.

In the originally dark and dead Galaxy Sword, a star-like heat suddenly erupted, as if the demonic energy was being roasted and refined in the light of the pagoda.

Even Piaomiao showed a vengeful smile. She had also been possessed by demons and suffered in the pagoda… In the final analysis, it could be blamed on Luo Chuan. Now even this has been repaid.

Ye Wuming turned around and glanced at Ye Jiuyou: “How?”

Ye Jiuyou was silent for a moment and said slowly: “The time in the sword is accelerated to avoid long nights and dreams.”

Ye Wuming showed a smile: “I didn’t set the rules within the sword.”

A group of aunts turned their heads and looked at Ling Ruoyu with their eyes.

Ling Ruoyu pointed to his nose: “Me?”

Zhao Changhe said: “Go and arrest Tang Monk and his disciples.”

Ling Ruoyu didn’t understand what Tang Monk was talking about, Master and Disciple. Anyway, Luo Chuan seemed to have been caught by himself. As for the definition within the Galaxy Sword… She had been studying the Book of Heaven with her mother some time ago. She had learned the way of time, but she was not very proficient…

However, she is the spirit of the galaxy, which is the way of heaven in the world. If she wants it, she can do it.

Ling Ruoyu pressed his hand against the galaxy and defined in a low voice: “Inside the Galaxy Sword, time accelerates ten thousand times.”

Luochuan let out an earth-shaking scream. It was not only the flow of time, but also the acceleration of the sacrifice, and the pain was ten thousand times greater.

Everyone stared at the Galaxy Sword blankly, feeling a sense of unreality in their hearts.

The former Tiandao was regarded by everyone as the biggest enemy and consumed the blood and tears of all the elites in the world for two eras. The ultimate villain who was once thought to need to die together to be solved was terminated in front of everyone’s eyes… All it cost was some injuries, not even serious.

Zhao Changhe turned to look at Ye Wuming: “I said, he has never been the BOSS in my heart, you are.”

Ye Wuming did not look at him, but still looked at the Galaxy Sword, and said calmly: “How do you want to be treated?”

Zhao Changhe stood up, amidst Luo Chuan’s increasingly weak wails, and raised his knife to point at Ye Wuming: “You are now in great power, I am not, but I formally challenge you, at this moment. Please, Your Majesty Ye Emperor… Don’t hesitate to teach me.”

(End of this chapter)


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