Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 919: The other shore rises together, and the stars align


Chapter 919 The other shore rises together, and the stars align

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When Zhao Changhe fell into the classroom scene, Luo Chuan also fell into his cause and effect.

Swords fighting means attacking each other and interacting with each other. Zhao Changhe was not just resisting, Luo Chuan also suffered the exact same move to cut off cause and effect.

What Zhao Changhe saw was the whole story before he came through, while what Luo Chuan saw was the moment when the Book of Heaven appeared.

At this time, Luochuan was still looking for the door to the other side, which was only half a step to the other side, and was returning from plundering with several accomplices.

He suddenly saw the pages of a book quietly opening and closing in the chaos in the endless void. The book exuded a strong innate energy, confirming the origin of the endless avenue.

In the vast universe, there are countless visions of self-birth and death, and only a drop in the bucket that can be recognized and observed by people. If these visions can be made into ready-made treasures, they can all be called “innate treasures.” For the “innate treasures” in the small world, the power of the innate treasures born in the main universe can be imagined.

The shape of these innate treasures may be different. For example, it naturally looks like a clock… but the possibility of turning into a book that can turn pages is very small.

The reason for this kind of morphological evolution is generally due to acquired influence. Luo Chuan could feel that this was the treasure that was absorbing the nature of the entire Vientiane Star Field, absorbing and evolving, summarizing and recording the laws in the Star Field, and even recording the wars worth recording, so it evolved into a book.

Whoever gets this treasure will not only get a general outline of the immortal way and a guide to practice, but it may also become a promotion ladder to a higher level, or even the other side!

Getting such a treasure is such a blessing. He is simply the chosen one. It means that the other side is no longer a problem, higher levels can also be glimpsed, and the bright future of a unified star field has appeared before our eyes.

Luochuan’s first choice was to sneak attack the two companions around him. The companions were not aware of the treasure appearing in the world and did not know what was happening. They were attacked inexplicably and died tragically on the spot.

Luochuan obtained the Heavenly Book, immediately hid in his cave, and began to collect and refine it.

As a result, I couldn’t proceed with the first step…

Unexpectedly, the inner part of the Book of Heaven has begun to awaken at this moment, and there is a looming shadow of a woman in the chaotic darkness. Not only that, light also began to be born in the chaos. This is the symbol of Tai Chi’s Liang Yi, the beginning of “God said there must be light”, and the precursor to the birth of the world.

As soon as this magical weapon was born, it began to play the world by itself… After the world is formed, the culture will be roughly similar to the Vientiane Star Territory. After all, it is formed by absorbing the properties of the Vientiane Star Territory.

Once a magic weapon has a spirit, the refining rules are different from those of a non-spiritual treasure. If there is no spirit treasure, you only need to add the imprint of your own soul. Once it has a spirit, you must subdue the weapon spirit and recognize it as its owner, or kill the weapon spirit.

If you erase it, it will most likely cause the magic weapon to be downgraded, and the world that is being derived will also disappear. Luochuan will not let it go no matter what. It is possible to conquer the weapon spirit, but you must take advantage of it before it is fully formed. Once it takes shape, it will be a terrifying weapon spirit at the other side level. Even Luochuan can’t defeat this kind of weapon spirit at this time.

While the weapon spirit was born and its consciousness was chaotic, Luochuan invaded brazenly.

At this moment, a blade of light spanned the long river of time and space, coming from nowhere and suddenly striking his neck.

Zhao Changhe reached great success… breaking off cause and effect!

The effect of this knife is similar to killing someone by traveling back in time, but its nature is more mysterious. Obliterate the past, cut off the future, and wipe out the traces of his existence in the linear dimension of the past and present.

The real killing knife, the top magical power.

If this knife had struck Luo Chuan earlier, such as the newly born one, there would be no suspense… But it cannot be cut like that. It can only appear at the place where the cause and effect of both parties are born, such as Luo Chuan’s current attack on Xing Xing The moment when the book spirit takes action, that is the root of cause and effect between the two parties.

Whether this sword can be cracked is also a proof of the other side.

The so-called other side is not just “stepping out of the three realms and not in the five elements”, but stepping out of a single line of time and space and existing in different realms and different dimensions. The long river of time and space that is broken only by a single line cannot kill him. He can return at any time. This is the only way to truly cross the other side.

Besides, since we are on the other side, there is no need to rely on such a passive solution to solve this attack. He can stop it in advance.

Sure enough, the moment the sword light touched Luo Chuan’s neck, a shadow cut off time and space and quietly eliminated the sword light. Luochuan, who was invading the Book of Heaven, turned his head and glanced strangely. He seemed to have an illusion of some power just now, but it disappeared inexplicably…

With such a distraction, Shu Ling opened his eyes and pushed with his palm fiercely.

The spirit of Luo Chuan who invaded the Book of Heaven with a bang was almost scattered, and Luo Chuan’s attempt to conquer the book spirit fell short. The world in the book has begun to evolve into the sky, the heaven and the earth are beginning to separate, and order is born from chaos.

When this process is completed, he will really not be able to defeat the book spirit… Luo Chuan was angry and anxious, and took another measure. Taking advantage of the artistic conception of the first division of heaven and earth, he took advantage of the situation and made the new “order” become the basis of the heavenly book. Endorsement.

Ye Wuming’s shadow appeared in the sky.

From then on, the book spirit was divided into two parts, and the sisters were separated.

——Zhao Changhe has never been willing to travel through the past and interfere with history, because he is worried that uncontrollable variables will occur. At this moment, he doesn’t know if this is because he participated in history because of his interference. Maybe it would have gone the same way without the interference of his knife… But after all, the trick of “cutting off cause and effect” failed, and cause and effect remained the same. , cannot be cut off.

The enemy on the other side cannot be defeated with a single sword. The causal skills that both parties used on others were considered fatal, but they were ineffective in front of the other party.

But Luo Chuan still felt that his failure in refining the Heavenly Book was really affected by Zhao Changhe’s move, and he became furious. It turns out that from ancient times to the present, from tens of millions of years ago to thirty years ago, it was Zhao Changhe who put himself in a dilemma and lost all his advantages!

“Zhao Changhe! I have tolerated you for a long time!”

“I’m different…you basically have no place in my eyes!”

“Qiang!” The swords clashed again, and the sound of shattering glass resounded in the sea of ​​​​consciousness between the two.

Zhao Changhe’s classroom scene was shattered, and Luo Chuan also returned from the scene thousands of years ago. All that was visible between the two sides was an ordinary exchange of swords, as if the Xuan Guan warriors had exchanged a move.

No one knows that this move has already dealt with the eternal river, and has also dealt with civilizations that are countless light years away.

“It’s a pity that you can’t see Ye Wuming now.” Luo Chuan mocked.

Zhao Changhe grinned: “It doesn’t matter, the moment you see Ye Wuming, it will be your death.”

Their thoughts collided and each of them stepped back a little.

This time Zhao Changhe was not at a disadvantage, because during this duel between cause and effect, Luo Chuan was still dealing with the attack from behind and was unable to fight Zhao Changhe with all his strength.

The jade hand of Ye Jiuyou behind him patted Luochuan’s soul flag, and the sound of ghost crying resounded through the soul.

Luochuan has spent countless years collecting and refining the Ten Thousand Soul Flags, top-notch magic weapons that can easily deal with the dead wood emperor and other powerful people. In front of Ye Jiuyou, it is like meeting a nemesis. The power of the soul flags is in Ye Jiuyou’s body was completely thrown into the sea, but his soul was instantly transcended, and the clouds disappeared.

You can see countless ghost faces emerging from the soul flags. The ferocious and ferocious faces turned into a peaceful and grateful expression, and then dissipated into the void.

The Ten Thousand Souls Banner, which had been painstakingly refined, lost most of its power in just an instant.

Ye Jiuyou’s face showed sarcasm: “You actually refined the innate gods of the Book of Heaven into the soul flag. It is indeed more powerful than the ordinary Ten Thousand Soul Flags, but you shouldn’t have met me.”

Luochuan: “…”

That seems to be the case.

Plundering the innate spirits of gods and demons in the world of heavenly books to use soul-nurturing banners, there is no disadvantage in going outside. After all, so many imperial souls are not so easy to find… but it cannot be used to defeat Ye Jiuyou!

Luochuan was suddenly a little glad that Ye Jiuyou and others were not used to using the power of magic weapons, otherwise this battle would be more difficult for him. Even so, he has realized that this battle cannot continue.

Causation VS cause and effect, failed to suppress Zhao Changhe.

Life and death VS life and death are actually not as good as Ye Jiuyou.

The strength of this **** man and woman is definitely not a bluff, they actually broke through to the other side in just twenty days!

Damn it, is the other side really a gateway? Can it be broken through like this? Forget it if you break through one person, why not break through a group of people?

Ye Jiuyou said coldly: “Split the souls of my sisters, suppress our true selves, manipulate our realms, and define our laws… Not only that, but they also seize the souls and transfer the spirituality to nourish ourselves. We Born in the universe, I didn’t provoke anyone, so why should I be involved with you for tens of millions of years and how much blood I have to pay for it?”

“The weak eat the strong, it’s nothing more than that.” Luo Chuan responded calmly: “Even if you see a treasure from heaven and earth, you won’t ask if it has spirituality. You will practice it first before talking about it. Everyone is the same, why bother talking about me? ?”

Zhao Changhe intercepted: “No, if we knew that some flowers and plants had spirituality, we would not eat them. Don’t use your magical thinking to control everything.”

“My devil way?” Luo Chuan sneered: “How could Migu Pang be so greedy and thirsty that Xunjia would have less blood?”

Ye Jiuyou said calmly: “Spiritual suppression, lack of self, and the past will not leave ripples in my heart. If you try to use such words to influence my mind, you should save it. Even if I kill innocent people indiscriminately, so what? ? The hatred between you and me is just between you and me.”

As he spoke, dark energy condensed in his hand again, and the dense vortex resembled a small black hole.

She has no intention of arguing with Luo Chuan… Should the hatred between the two parties still be divided into right and wrong?

I could have been a carefree soul, traveling in this realm and looking at the sea of ​​stars, but I have been trapped for thousands of years, not even knowing who I am, and there is no need to express my hatred in words. Not only her, but the entire world, countless souls, bound and plundered by ignorance, as the original way of heaven at the birth of the world, all hatred will be reflected in Ye Jiuyou’s heart, and the hatred will be endless.

Ye Wuminghui has repeatedly wanted to die with this guy, which is not just an escape, but a psychological feedback of extreme hatred.

She, Ye Jiuyou, can only hate Ye Wuming more than Ye Wuming.

Luochuan was even more frightened when he saw the black hole in Ye Jiuyou’s hand. This power of chaos and annihilation is no different from a real black hole. The broad sword in Zhao Changhe’s hand is also condensing a new sword power. It is unknown what kind of magical power the next blow will be.

The most important thing is that he sensed that his world was dying, and that the world of Ye Wuming was about to end.

This time I really have to comply with Zhao Changhe’s words, Luo Chuan will die when he sees Ye Wuming. If you really wait for Ye Wuming to come back, the three members of the family will be attacked, and coupled with the power of the book of heaven, you will die or be disabled.

With a thought in Luo Chuan’s mind, he quickly sent a message to the demons in that world, asking them to “come to this coordinate to change homes.” Then, under the astonished eyes of Zhao Changhe and Ye Jiuyou, he decisively escaped.

–He didn’t ask those people to change families at all, he just asked them to hold this family back!

When a strong person from the other side wants to escape, no one can stop him. Even if Ye Wuming holds Xinghe here, he can only limit it for a moment at most.

Before Ye Jiuyou blasted out the black hole in his hand, Luo Chuan flashed, folded time and space, and escaped to an unknown place.

Ye Jiuyou: “…”

“He ran away before the winner was determined. He is indeed a demonic fanatic who survived the siege in various forbidden areas. He looks a bit like me back then.” Zhao Changhe looked far away: “Back then If I had dared to fold the space casually when I was escaping from his hands, I wouldn’t have been injured so badly.”

Ye Jiuyou said angrily: “You are still thoughtful enough to comment, chase me! Even if you can’t destroy his space folding, at least you have to show where he is!”

“There’s no rush… If our allies are unreliable, we won’t be able to kill them even if we catch up. If our allies are reliable, there’s no need to chase them.”

Before he finished speaking, Luochuan braked suddenly at the end of the star field.

The space channel he built has been blocked!

It’s like digging a tunnel but finding a wall. If you break in by force, the entire space will collapse.

Luo Chuan was startled. He looked up and observed the void in front of him, only to find that all the stars in the area were faintly connected, forming an iron-walled and copper-walled formation, bound into an independent realm-like existence.

If you want to escape from this bondage, you need to destroy this strange formation made of stars. This is obviously not something that can be done in a short time. What’s even more troublesome is that the constellation of stars has its own power, and is gradually eroding his power like a millstone.

Whose handiwork is this, forming a strange array of stars and turning the void into purgatory?

A name came to Luo Chuan’s mind… The only one who could do this in this star field was the Deadwood Emperor, who had been in charge for eternity.

Zhao Changhe actually hooked up with Kumu, it was more than just a simple contact and friendship of traveling together!

Luochuan is simply incomprehensible. The relationship between Emperor Kumu and Zhao Changhe was caused by the battle twenty days ago at most. It can even be said that they have just met, so how can they become friends! What is the purpose of Emperor Kumu, that he is willing to use such a powerful force to support Zhao Changhe, just to kill him, Luo Chuan?

What are the benefits to the Deadwood Emperor? Aren’t you afraid that too much noise will cause covetousness from the other two major forces?

Zhao Changhe actually dares to play this trick of driving tigers and swallowing wolves. Isn’t he afraid that he will also be trapped in this prison and the Book of Heaven will be taken away by dead wood?

The situation did not allow him to think too much. After being blocked like this, Zhao Changhe and Ye Jiuyou had already followed the energy surge here and came to the door.

The magical power condensed in Ye Jiuyou’s hand has not dissipated yet. At this moment, he blasted it out bluntly: “We have never expected our allies to be really reliable…Does it mean that you have done many unjust things and offended people?” Too many…”

To be honest, Luo Chuan has never offended Emperor Kumu directly. If he has, it is Lao Huangli’s fault. The latest offense was caused by Zhao Changhe…

Luochuan had no intention of analyzing whether this was because he was unjust and had no help. Ye Jiuyou’s blow made him truly feel the danger of death.

The small black hole that was originally condensed in the palm of the hand expanded rapidly once it was struck out. In just an instant, it became a real black hole after the death of a star. The power of annihilation that swallowed everything enveloped Luochuan at its core.

This is no different from the power of black holes that everyone has been involved with before! Ye Jiuyou simulated countless times in the world but could not really take shape, but he completely mastered it after observing the real black hole for a while.

Luo Chuan used his strength to try to break away from the pull of the black hole. A sword flashed down in front of his eyes. There was a **** light in the sword. It was a blood evil.

The sixth form of the Blood Fiend Sword Technique is the beginning of creation again.

There are no gods or demons in Lie’s heart, and the world is reopened by Lang Lang’s creation.

Using Ye Jiuyou’s ultimate destruction, triggering the transition between creation and destruction… This is exactly how Luo Chuan’s own small world was born, but it reappeared under Zhao Changhe’s blow.

In Zhao Changhe’s knife that reopened the earth, water, fire and wind, the small world of Luochuan in the distance was completely destroyed at this time, and Ye Wuming returned to the Book of Heaven.

It’s like the sun rises and the moon sets, and every one of them destroys a whole life, forming its own destiny.

In the extreme intertwining of life and death, the Heavenly Book erupted in a terrifying glare, and Ye Wuming held the galaxy in his hand and shot straight out of the book.

Ku Mu Emperor, who was watching from a distance, took a breath of cold air: “If I were in this offensive, I would probably die without a chance… This family is really scary.”

The subordinate made a cutting gesture and asked in a low voice: “Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity…”

Before he finished speaking, a clear laughter came from the distance: “Brother Kumu Taoist has done such a great thing, why don’t you tell the brothers about it first?”

“Boom!” Amidst the conversation, the offensives of Zhao Changhe’s family of three hit Luo Chuan at the same time. The energy went wild, the stars were pushed out of their orbits, and the sea of ​​stars was shaken!

The dead wood emperor’s expression changed in horror.

His powerful formation with stars in the sky was shaken out of position by the duel between this group of people, and the formation was broken!

(End of this chapter)


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