Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 902: Monk can run with the temple


Chapter 902 The monk can run away with the temple

Since Zhao Changhe didn’t really take the opportunity to have **** and touch, without contact, the chemical reaction between the witchcraft and him was not pushed to the limit. Ye Wuming was burning with passion, but he was not completely powerless. He was secretly resisting and gathering strength, waiting for him to give him a hard blow when he pounced on her.

In the end, I heard this sentence, and Ye Wuming’s CPU, which was already a bit confused, was directly said to be down.

He didn’t take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be frivolous, but instead talked about this?

Three media and six hires? what are you talking about?

After a long time, Ye Wuming finally said in disbelief: “You…will you hire me?”

Zhao Changhe said angrily: “My thoughts about you are known to the whole world. Do you think I really want to use force or something? If you think it can be solved by asking questions, then of course I will Do.”

Really… If I thought I could hire him, would he really do it?

I can’t stand it anymore. I am burning with lust, my thoughts are confused, I don’t know what I am thinking anymore… I always feel that there must be something wrong with this inexplicable conversation that should not belong to the two of them, but for a moment I think No problem.

In the midst of confusion, Zhao Changhe added another sentence: “But… blind…”

Ye Wuming didn’t need to organize the words he couldn’t organize, and looked up at him while panting.

“The whole world knows what I think about you, but maybe the whole world thinks wrong, including you.” Zhao Changhe raised her chin again: “Do you really think that I think about Mi Huang? And leech? Desire? ”

The **** picked my chin again!

Ye Wuming secretly gritted his teeth and tried his best to resolve the witchcraft. He stared at Zhao Changhe unyieldingly, conveying the meaning of “Isn’t it?”

Isn’t it? Even if it’s not purely lust, there must be a serious desire to conquer. Can I not understand you?

If it weren’t for that sperm, what would you be doing now? Being so close, the breath of talking is on your face, and your chin is lifted frivolously. Do you think you are visiting a brothel?

Zhao Changhe understood the look in her eyes and sighed softly: “Do you really think that just for this, I risked my own life to protect you, causing myself to sleep for thirty years?”

Ye Wuming’s eyes moved slightly.

Zhao Changhe whispered: “Or do you think that I did it just to harm you? Or do you think that it was because I had the idea of ​​​​discarding my life and rebuilding my life, so I took advantage of the situation and did it?”

Ye Wuming finally spoke: “Isn’t it?”

“That’s right…that’s what you thought, so you never said anything about that arrow…I knew it.” Zhao Changhe pinched her chin and said coldly: “You look down on me, Or do you look down on yourself?”

The effect of Ye Wuming’s witchcraft is getting weaker and weaker, and it is on the verge of being solved. The strength in his body is getting stronger and stronger.

Her hand was quietly preparing to strike, ready to give Zhao Changhe a hard blow.

After hearing this sentence, his palms were still hanging, and he was in a daze without replying.

“Three years of friendship are worthless in your eyes. Cooperating with enemies several times is just necessary to achieve your goals.” Zhao Changhe said angrily: “You are heartless and indifferent. Gao Xuan, I am not Zhao Changhe!”

Ye Wuming looked at him blankly, what did this mean?

Are you saying that there is not only desire, but also love?

Are you kidding? You want to use sweet words, right? Do you think I am Jiuyou?

“A stranger in a foreign land, there is no one who can speak the local accent, and no friends who can make jokes.” Zhao Changhe said slowly: “When I first came to your place, I couldn’t get along with Chichi, but she couldn’t… in this world. In this case, it’s just you and Lao Xia. Lao Xia and I are very different. We should have been hostile, but we never became hostile. It’s just for this reason that he treats me differently. Who does he think of me? They are all NPCs, but you and I are not… Lao Xia is like this, what about me? Do you know how it feels to be able to use words that only you and I understand when talking to you? ”

Ye Wuming looked at him blankly, but still didn’t answer.

“Although this was originally caused by you… But after Lao Xia left, you were the only one. No matter how angry I am with you, I will not let you die easily.” Zhao Changhe said, putting aside her Chin: “According to Ba Zongwen, you owe me, and you are not allowed to die without my permission.”

Ye Wuming’s face turned away, feeling extremely weird.

Obviously this move of raising the chin is insulting, but it is not annoying. Obviously what he said should be funny…but it’s not funny.

The aftertaste of witchcraft still affects the body and mind, and they are throbbing with his words.

“We have been together for three years. You don’t care, but I do. Working together to fight against the enemy, you think it’s normal, but I say it’s important. If you don’t teach me even a few words, it’s just teaching…I can’t live without you today. “Guidance.” Zhao Changhe said lightly: “I don’t know about love and ruthlessness, but I know that the relationship between you and me cannot be summed up by the word desire…”

Ye Wuming still didn’t speak.

Zhao Changhe has already seen that the fact that this guy is silent is not because he is really driven crazy by lust, but because he is mainly focusing on solving the witchcraft and does not want to be distracted by organizing words.

But he still underestimated Ye Wuming. He didn’t expect that the influence of witchcraft on Ye Wuming was very slight at this time, and it did not affect his thoughts, but he still didn’t say anything… what did this mean.

Zhao Changhe didn’t go into detail, just thinking that she was burned out, and continued: “You want three matchmakers and six hires. I don’t know what you will lack or what you need from me… The position of Night Emperor is yours. Yes, Heaven is yours now, even the ring on my hand is yours. If I have anything to give you, it will be to fulfill your long-cherished wish and completely end the arrangement of the two eras. , whether it counts as employment, depends on what you think.”

Ye Wuming was about to say something, when his expression suddenly changed.

A faint tremor suddenly came from the Night Palace, as if time and space were being torn apart.

Zhao Changhe’s expression also changed, and he stood up suddenly: “?He actually found me…could it be that your weakness caused the leakage of time and space?”

The world of the Book of Heaven is hidden in the void by Ye Wuming, and it is generally difficult to find its specific location. The original Tiandao was unable to confirm the specific coordinates from the outside, and could only use the demonic intention remaining inside to seize the galaxy and break the boundary from the inside.

Ye Wuming is one with the Book of Heaven. Once she falls into weakness, this concealment may have a short-term flaw, and a little may be leaked.

So everyone originally thought that it would be inappropriate to break up with Ye Wuming before the decisive battle of Heaven. In case of a fight, foreign enemies might take advantage of the loophole… But everyone did not expect that a mere few minutes of **** would be exploited… Normally speaking, It’s just a matter of a moment. No one in heaven knows where it is. The universe is vast. How could it be possible to just sense a small change in this location?

If even this happens, then if things really get better and you start doing the things you love, your **** will be so intense that you can’t stop it for an hour, and you won’t even dare to do it… That doesn’t make sense. .

Ye Wuming looked up solemnly, shook his head and said, “That little thing won’t be leaked… It’s just a coincidence. Tell them not to blame themselves.”

Zhao Changhe: “…”

You are quite a nice person…

Ye Wuming smiled mockingly: “Maybe I would like to thank you for preventing you from striking while the iron is hot?”

Zhao Changhe was furious: “Are you sick? How long have you been talking about this?”

Ye Wuming looked up at the sky, not knowing why he was coming to his door at this time. No one is ready… The other side of Zhao Changhe has just touched the threshold, and everyone’s grievances have not yet been resolved, so it is not a suitable time for a decisive battle. What’s more, at this time, my negativity has not been completely eliminated, which is simply a disadvantage.

In fact, the reason is very simple. Two days ago, a family of three wanted to find materials from outside the world to forge a dragon bird. When they went home, they were blocked by outside monks. Ye Wuming shattered the space-time channel, and the terrifying energy explosion at that moment was faintly noticed by Tiandao, who was not far away and had been exploring nearby for the past two days.

If Zhao Changhe’s side wants to find Tiandao just to know himself and the enemy, and understand where the enemy is; then Tiandao wants to find the world of the Book of Heaven just for a quick victory. Because? He knows better than anyone else that at this time, the Ye family sisters are just a hair away from breaking through to the other side. This is his last chance to win.

Once the Ye family sisters merge into one and cross the bridge to the other side, the world will have nothing to do with him from now on. If you don’t do it right, you might get killed, so how can you not be anxious?

After searching around here for two days, I found it at this moment. Tiandao broke through the boundary without saying a word, saving Ye Wuming from the edge of confusion, and also started the journey of two epochs. The third battle of heaven.

The energy of the Night Palace is connected to the world. With a strike from Heaven, the Night Palace trembles, and all the protections are automatically activated, converging into a blinding light and blasting out.

“Bang!” Tiandao punched casually, the glare scattered, and a world shell shaped like a book appeared faintly in the void of the universe.

The three realms were shaken. Ye Jiuyou looked at the sky in astonishment: “Could it be us who caused it?”

She didn’t have time to think about it, and quickly sacrificed the spirit earth corpse puppet, dodged and went straight to the battlefield.

Before she left, a figure had already flown out of the Night Palace, holding a broad knife in both hands and slashing hard towards the breaking point outside the territory.

This was the third battle between Tiandao, but it was the first time Zhao Changhe faced Tiandao head-on. It was even the first time that he saw the appearance of Tiandao clearly.

He turned out to be a very handsome or handsome man with a face like a crown jewel and greased lips… But he looked very big at the moment, and the world in front of him was about the same size as his face, like a The planet is only held in his hands.

A thought flashed through Zhao Changhe’s mind: He has always been named after the concept of heaven, but in fact he is a monk who travels across the universe. He has his own name. I don’t know what it is…

The second thought is: the book has its own world, and its essence is the same as the concept of a room in a small ring. When people get into the ring, they see acres of space. When people are outside, the ring is only about the size of the finger.

The same is true for the Book of Heaven. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary-sized book. So looking inside the bounds and looking out of bounds, it looks like an ant looking at a giant.

The thought flashed, and the broad knife had already cut out of the boundary.

A very clean and slender hand slapped the blade head-on, as if to smash both Zhao Changhe and the knife into pieces. The huge broad knife looked like an embroidery needle in front of him.

At the same time, there was a sarcastic chuckle: “Do you think you really forced me back with that arrow of yours?”

The palm and the knife have never intersected, and a terrifying energy collision has erupted between the two. The dragon bird’s sharp air-piercing intention viciously slashed into the opponent’s energy, and it was as powerful as a bamboo for the first time.

Tiandao said “Huh” and flipped his palm, from facing the blade to suppressing the side of the blade, as if he was very surprised by the power of the blade.

Even an embroidery needle can **** your hands!

Zhao Changhe had no time to be happy about his slap in the face in seconds, as a terrifying pressure came from the side of the knife, and the blood in his body almost burst, and he fell back with a muffled groan.

A jade hand stretched out from his side and received the blows from Tiandao one after another. There was a “bang” sound and each of them retreated slightly.

Zhao Changhe turned to look at her with a strange expression.

So you have strength… Fortunately, you weren’t too frivolous just now, otherwise I might have died in her hands.

But Ye Wuming could barely match Tiandao through the power of the world, but he was not in a good condition at this moment. After just receiving such a blow, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. At the same time, the world trembled, and earthquakes and tsunamis suddenly broke out.

Tiandao was stunned for a moment when he retreated, and then laughed wildly: “Ye Wuming… haha… you are still lustful? Could you have been flirting with this man just now? Is this you? Hahahaha…”

I was laughing so much that I didn’t even give chase for a while. Obviously, Ye Wuming’s behavior is more interesting than killing her. Death is also death…

Ye Wuming was too lazy to pay attention to him, and quickly grabbed Zhao Changhe who was trying to get up again, and said in seconds: “Our strength today is still stronger than thirty years ago. Situations that required planning back then can now be achieved directly Take shape. Quickly let Ruoyu hold Xinghe to create space constraints, and you and Jiuyou Piaomiao will seal the three sides. It only takes a moment…”

“Then what? Did you break up with him again?”

Ye Wuming obviously still has this idea, and now he has more reasons: “What else? Now is not the time for a decisive battle. Thanks to you, the situation has become even more unfavorable. If you don’t have the determination to die, why fight? Don’t say goodbye to mother-in-law, mother-in-law, Arrange quickly! ”

“What did I say just now?” Zhao Changhe sneered: “Woman, I said your life belongs to me, and you are not allowed to die without my permission.”

“What the hell…” Ye Wuming couldn’t help but cursed, you are crazy…

But the Fist of Heaven struck again, and she had no time to argue with Zhao Changhe. She pulled him and continued to fly back, already retreating into the boundary.

A huge figure suddenly appeared in front of him, but it was Ye Jiuyou who blocked the position of the boundary membrane with the spirit clan corpse, and his mountain-like fist fiercely resisted the punch coming from Tiandao.

At the same time, Ling Ruoyu suddenly appeared from the side holding Xinghe.

The Galaxy Sword passed across and passed through the zombie’s hand unceremoniously, constructing an independent void in the middle, which separated the world of Heavenly Dao and the Heavenly Book at both ends.

Ye Wuming said anxiously: “It’s useless, he will destroy this space soon. Ruoyu, come back first!”

Ling Ruoyu turned his head and glanced at her, but he obediently retreated into the circle. Another discordant voice sounded: “Really?”

Ling Ruoyu Ye and Jiuyou all retreated, but Zhao Changhe broke through the boundary membrane and reached outside the realm.

Everyone watched as Zhao Changhe’s body began to grow bigger…or maybe the world of the Book of Heaven was getting smaller.

When Zhao Changhe looked at Tiandao at this moment, he was the size of a normal human being, and he was not as tall as himself.

The secret of inside and outside the world is nothing more than this. How can there be any suffocation that he controls the world?

Zhao Changhe sneered, picked up the book on Suspension Universe, put it in his arms and turned around to run away.

Tiandao: “?”

Ye Wuming: “?”

“Why are you dazed? He came to the door. Can’t we run away? I tried my best to hold him off. The blind man was injured, so I took the opportunity to nurse him back. Also, the witchcraft you have been preparing for so long can be done with just a hair. The one who made the blind man go into heat has a body and a demonic soul. Doesn’t it have only a retroactive effect? ​​Why do we trace it when others are in front of us? Let’s see if we can use another method to stimulate him. ”

“Hurry up, your husband can’t wait too long!” In the void of the universe, a man was carrying a knife and a book, running frantically towards the distant planet.

Following behind him was a furious handsome man, who started to chase after him: “Zhao Changhe, don’t let me catch you, I will cut you into pieces!”

(End of this chapter)


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