Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 901: Do you want three media and six hires


Chapter 901 Do you want three media and six hires

The note Zhao Changhe saw was like this:

“Heaven is constantly coveting each other, and a war is about to break out. If you and I are separated, it will be detrimental to the war. Now there is Ruoyu, and I don’t want to see her and Yue Hongling look like mother and daughter, and I am just an outsider.”

“We are no longer young men and women, so we might as well discuss some matters clearly.”

“You want me out of desire, not love. Unfortunately, I am Ye Wuming. I will not be the trophy of anyone’s desire. You don’t have the means, so it will always be a deadlock.”

“If you really have the means, I will admit it. If you don’t have the ability, you might as well use the gift of human acceptance, three matchmakers and six betrothals. With this title, it will be easier for Ruoyu to go to and from the Night Palace, and to be happy. From now on, the way of heaven will I can cooperate with you, but apart from that, we are separated by the Milky Way and cannot see each other.”

After all, the note doesn’t have many words, so it ends here.

Zhao Changhe scratched his head.

This letter is very anonymous.

No matter the meaning of the night sky contained in the handwriting, or the writing style of the books on troubled times over the years, they all look very much like the nameless night. It’s just that it’s not as eloquent as when I wrote the Troubled Times List, it’s more plain-spoken. After all, it’s just a casual private message, which is more reasonable.

The content is also what Ye Wuming’s temperament may say, and it may even be her true thoughts… Of course, in fact, she will never say it out loud, but in the eyes of others, this letter is too real.

At least at this moment, Zhao Changhe had no doubts, nor would he have thought that this girl Ruoyu would dare to pretend to be Ye Wuming and write a letter.

But even if it is possible that it is Ye Wuming’s true thoughts, it can only go as far as “I agree”. The following three media and six recruitments are impossible.

That was Tang Wanzhuangjia’s private goods. I want to see what Ye Wuming’s reaction would be if Zhao Changhe really took the initiative to attack with three media and six hires?

In addition, there is an implicit expression hidden in the letter – you want me out of lust, I am nameless and no one of course can pay attention to you, but what if you are in love? What would be the response?

Do what you think without saying anything.

At this moment, Zhao Changhe was really thinking about it, and he looked stunned for a long time.

Is that what she thinks?

I have been pursuing Jiuyou tenderly and affectionately for a long time, and finally they are in love with each other. Ye Wuming saw this, and was he also expressing that if he was jealous of the artist’s salary, he wouldn’t be able to consider giving you a chance?

But in fact, this road has never been possible. Zhao Changhe himself can’t tell what kind of mentality he has towards Ye Wuming… His resentment towards her has not gone away, and she has not even apologized. Affection. Not to mention the hatred between Jiuyou and Piaomiao is there, what kind of love can there be? So there were only sarcastic words and quarrels during the meeting, which turned into a deadlock.

But Ye Wuming’s letter still doesn’t contain any hint of resignation and apology, so the deadlock still cannot be broken.

As for asking for names, three media and six hires? Does this mean you want me to surrender first and give you a step up? Why do you want me to give in to you first, then give you three matchmakers and six betrothals? Do you want to give you a 30-cent betrothal gift?

In the end, it seems to focus on the sentence “If you really have the means, I will admit it.”

Tang Wanzhuang just moved the pen casually, and poor Tom was played with in the palm of his hand, and he thought about countless thoughts.

Ling Ruoyu carefully looked at the master’s unpredictable face, with a clear face: “Master, how, how are you? What did you write…”

Zhao Changhe came back to his senses: “Oh, it’s okay… didn’t you look?”

“How can I just read the private message from mom to dad…”

Longque looked sideways at her, but hesitated to speak, and had to be careful not to share his feelings with his master… Then Zhao Changhe could feel the strong feeling of his love for the knife: little bitch.

Zhao Changhe glared at Longque, Ruoyu is heroic, well-behaved and sensible, but as a little sister, you actually scolded her behind her back…

Longque: “…”

“It’s nothing.” Zhao Changhe rubbed Ling Ruoyu’s head and asked softly: “Ruoyu, tell the master honestly, do you want to be with Ye Wuming?”

Ling Ruoyu hesitated for a moment and whispered: “After all, she is my mother after all… And this time I went to the Night Palace and the Outer Land, she was really good to me… I don’t think anyone has any understanding with her. Unopened hatred…”

Halfway through, my voice became weaker and weaker, and I couldn’t continue. In fact, Zhao Changhe’s grievance and Ye Jiuyou’s long-standing hatred are indeed not big problems, but no one else can forgive Piaomiao on behalf of Piaomiao.

“Forget it.” Zhao Changhe put the note into the ring: “Let’s go out first.”

Leaving the Galaxy Sword, both father and daughter were suddenly stunned.

The sky, which was already bright, seemed to have retreated into the night at this moment, and there was no sky.

A pair of slender white jade-like hands poked out from the night, and Zhao Changhe’s ring space seemed to be empty, and he was directly caught into the ring. He didn’t touch anything and went straight to the note.

Ye Wuming’s terrifying attack was just to see what the note said…

In fact, the ring in Zhao Changhe’s hand was obtained from the Xuanwu Secret Realm. It originally contained the Ye Emperor Token and the Galaxy Sword Blank. This was the ring that Ye Wuming owned back then… and it had always been hers.

Zhao Changhe doesn’t even know what Ye Wuming is doing. Do you regret the note you gave me? Do you think this is QQ or WeChat? Can you withdraw a message after sending it?

He didn’t think too much and instinctively withdrew his left hand and pushed flat with his right palm, reaching straight for Ye Wuming’s chest and abdomen, trying to force him back.

But just a moment ago, when Ye Wuming appeared, Ye Jiuyou smiled at the witchcraft altar in the distance: “I think it is now.”

Ye Jiuyou, Piaomiao, and dozens of high priests from the Spirit Clan surrounded the altar with a bronze vessel containing Ye Wuming’s hair, and cast spells at the same time.

Over there, Zhao Changhe slapped Ye Wuming’s chest and abdomen with his palm. Ye Wuming didn’t care at first. He casually moved his left hand and took the note in his right hand.

But even that careless wave did not block Zhao Changhe’s palm at all. With his palms intertwined, Ye Wuming suddenly felt that his body went limp, and all the strength in his hands was gone. Zhao Changhe was able to defeat him easily. The big hand broke through the obstruction and pressed directly between the two hemispheres.

Ye Wuming: “?”

Zhao Changhe: “”

Zhao Changhe himself didn’t expect that the palm he just tried to push back the opponent would have such a good effect. Who was the opponent? It was Ye Wuming who changed the color of the world with a casual strike!

Fortunately, today’s practice has already begun to send and receive from the heart. When pressing the opponent’s lower hemisphere, the force has been reduced to the maximum extent. The strength of this palm hitting Ye Wuming is about the same as swatting a fly, and there is no harm. .

However, when it comes to Ye Wuming’s feelings, you might as well be fierce and not hold back, then you will only feel the hurt and pain, instead of feeling like you are being touched and getting an electric shock like now.

My whole body was already inexplicably soft, and being touched like this was not only soft, but also warmed up. There are even more strange lustful thoughts in my heart. The **** that I have never experienced since my birth rises from my chest and abdomen, quickly filling my mind and reaching the deep spring.

Ye Wuming quickly retreated, but couldn’t help but staggered as his legs weakened.

How could Zhao Changhe let go of this opportunity? He immediately stepped forward and hugged her waist.

Ye Wuming instinctively leaned against his solid chest. This close hug pushed the effect of witchcraft to the extreme. Everything turned pink for a while, and the familiar aura of Zhao Changhe also changed. It has become the so-called “masculine scent”, which makes people’s hearts beat wildly.

The instigators in the distance, Ye Jiuyou, Piaomiao and others, did not expect such a good effect. They can only say that they happened to stick to Zhao Changhe and had a chemical reaction with the witchcraft.

Ye Wuming gritted his teeth and held on to the last remaining strength. Time and space changed and disappeared in an instant.

Zhao Changhe had immediately taken out the soul chain and tried to lock her, but he was still a step too late. After all, Ye Wuming is still the best in this world. He is too strong and cannot be controlled at all.

The voice of Ye Jiuyou came to my ears quickly: “Chasing! Strike while the iron is hot, we can’t let her digest and crack it alone, otherwise all the efforts will be wasted!”

Zhao Changhe quickly understood that Ye Wuming’s anomaly just now was caused by someone. He didn’t bother to analyze how it was done for a while, so he quickly picked up the dragon bird and went straight to Ye Palace.

Ling Ruoyu put up a pergola with his hands and watched his parents disappear into the sky, worried in his heart: “I also brought Queque… No, nothing will happen…”

Piaomiao over there is also saying: “Changhe has brought a knife. Let me see if I can swarm up now and take her down… This is the best opportunity.”

Tang Wanzhuang was by her side, stroking her chin and thinking: “I think swarming you will have the opposite effect, just let Changhe handle it. Now this timing is too coincidental, Changhe just read a letter… I don’t know what will happen. reaction.”

“So what do we need to do?”

“No need to do anything, just continue to activate the witchcraft effect…”


Ye Wuming has no other place to go to escape, and it can only be the Night Palace.

The Night Palace has powerful protection arranged by her in two eras, and it can deal with even the coming of heaven. At this time, escaping out of bounds may cause problems.

Ye Wuming stumbled and landed on the observatory, still feeling surging desire and his face flushed. She took several deep breaths, quickly formed seals with her hands, and looked inside to see what was wrong with herself.

This situation should not happen to her…

Sure enough, when I looked inside, I immediately discovered the problem. It turned out to be a witchcraft ritual performed with the help of my own hair.

“Ye Jiuyou, Piaomiao…” Ye Wuming gritted his teeth: “Do you really think you can deal with me?”

Facts have proved that even if the trio of Ye Jiuyou’s ritual refining + witchcraft stimulation + misty guarantee can take effect for a while, it will be easy for Ye Wuming to solve it. In just an instant, her condition is already normal. A lot.

The premise is that no more men come to cause trouble.

It’s a pity that this simple premise cannot be realized… No matter how powerful Ye Palace’s protection is, it is useless against Zhao Changhe.

Because Zhao Changhe’s coordinate positioning point for the Night Palace was located by the galaxy, and the location was at the core observatory, his appearance directly bypassed all the peripheral protection and appeared directly next to Ye Wuming.

Ye Wuming: “…”

The man suddenly appeared and squatted in front of them to watch. Their big faces were so close that they could already feel each other’s breathing.

Ye Wuming could no longer concentrate on cracking the witchcraft, and the situation he had just solved was quickly reversed. She held back a mouthful of blood, resisted the desire to throw herself into his arms, gritted her teeth and gasped: “Zhao Changhe, will you use this shameless method to get a woman? I must have misjudged you.”

Zhao Changhe squatted in front of her and looked at her with interest. Ye Wuming’s pale face, messy hair, and angry eyes were so rare that it almost shattered all his previous understanding of this woman.

The nameless night that I am used to seeing is quiet and indifferent, with an unfathomable mind. His eyes can see the past and present, the chess game has been laid out for two eras, and all living beings are sons. She could treat everything indifferently, including her own life. She had never cared about it… She had never even shown the gesture of “urgency”, let alone the panic she felt now.

Is she really worried that she will be **** by a man… Is this more terrifying to her than death?

Hearing what Ye Wuming said, Zhao Changhe laughed: “Why do you think I have such thoughts? You have followed me for so many years and you don’t understand me at all?”

“I know other things. It’s hard to say how moral you are when it comes to women.” Ye Wuming gritted his teeth and said, “Didn’t you express your desire for me yourself? Otherwise, why are you chasing after me?”

“Uh…” Zhao Changhe scratched his head at these words: “I really don’t know why I caught up… Maybe they just plotted and used their strength. It seems unreasonable that they didn’t achieve a result. ”

Ye Wuming was furious: “What result do you want to achieve?”

Zhao Changhe touched his chin with interest. In fact, he felt that seeing Ye Wuming like this was worth the price of admission.

Of course you can’t say this. After saying that Jiuyou Piaomiao and the others have to fight with him desperately, after spending so much effort, is this all you do?

The only thing he could say was: “For those things you did before, don’t you feel sorry for anyone?”

Ye Wuming said coldly: “No.”

Zhao Changhe moved a little closer, and the tips of their noses were almost touching.

Ye Wuming was not actually immobilized. She could move, but she just couldn’t. Because what she was holding back in her heart was actually to get into the man’s arms and ask for more kisses.

It took a lot of effort to suppress myself from falling into his arms. I want to retreat and avoid it, but I don’t want to.

But I still want to say: “If you want to take this opportunity to be frivolous, I will never look down on you!”

Zhao Changhe stretched out his hand to lift her chin and looked at her carefully, praising in a low voice: “It’s so beautiful. Is this considered frivolous?”

Ye Wuming gritted his teeth: “Lower your head.”

“I will not use this method to treat you lightly, even if I really want to kiss you.” Zhao Changhe put away his smile and said seriously: “But I will throw you in front of Jiuyou Piaomiao and the others, and let you be They will laugh about it all their lives.”

Ye Wuming wanted to say in his heart, you might as well have **** with me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say anything, so I could only stare angrily.

Zhao Changhe said slowly: “I just hope you can apologize to them, especially Piaomiao. When you were strong, I also wanted to say this, but you couldn’t ignore it at that time… But now, you Can I talk?”

Ye Wuming took a deep breath: “Are you just doing it for Piaomiao? What about your so-called hatred of me?”

Zhao Changhe stretched out his hand to brush away the messy hair on her temples, and whispered: “It is between you and me, and has nothing to do with anyone else. Even if I want to solve it, I will not use their means.”

Ye Wuming tightened his lips and said after a while: “What if I refuse to apologize?”

Zhao Changhe suddenly became angry: “Are you sick? Your thoughtfulness is rare in the world. Don’t you know that if you don’t resolve these grievances, I won’t be able to give you the three matchmakers and six jobs you want?”

Ye Wuming half-opened his mouth, his head burned with **** and he couldn’t figure it out for a moment, why did you suddenly want to offer me three matches and six jobs?


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