Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 900: Both people and ghosts are plotting against Ye Wuming


Chapter 900 Both humans and ghosts are plotting against Ye Wuming

Yue Hongling was originally investigating the witchcraft arrangement with Ye Jiuyou Piaomiao, but she didn’t expect that the so-called spy who broke into the forbidden area regardless of life and death was his apprentice. When he came out, he couldn’t laugh or cry when he saw him.

This is a top place directly related to Tiandao. The protection arranged is all the best in the world. Jiuyou Piaomiao personally did it. In addition, Miao Jiang has never seen such a witchcraft system. You, a fledgling little girl, dare to be blind. Break into…

I originally wanted to punish the stinky girl who didn’t know how to live or die, but now do you know she’s dead? But when I saw that the corners of the little girl’s eyes were red and she looked like she had just cried, she couldn’t even criticize her. Instead, she felt that the little girl huddled in her arms asking for comfort was particularly heart-warming.

Ling Ruoyu rarely shows such a weak look, she has always been strong and valiant. Everyone says she is the second best to Yue Hongling. But even she, Yue Hongling, would have times when she was weak and wanted someone to go through together.

So far, Ling Ruoyu will only show such weakness and dependence in front of her, Yue Hongling. It was neither Zhao Changhe nor Ye Wuming.

This feeling is quite strange…I feel happy at the same time, but also a little bit guilty of robbing someone…

Who cares about her, I raised the child by myself, what does it have to do with her Ye Wuming!

Yue Hongling put away her thoughts and hugged her apprentice affectionately: “Yu’er, don’t cry. Master will take you to visit around. As for witchcraft, you’ve seen it too much, so you won’t be afraid in the future. You and Master will do the same.” Tell me about your experiences following Master these days?”

“I want to sleep with Master today.”

“Okay, okay…”

“Actually, I want to ask, will that area definitely become swollen and painful when it grows up?”

“I didn’t feel anything back then, I was just a martial arts practitioner.”

“But I am also a martial arts practitioner.”

“Oh, I know. After all, we grow up slowly. You have grown many years just now…”

“Isn’t this place not big enough to feed the baby?”

“Y-should be so. After all, you were five or six years old when I pinched you, and you were never fed…”

“Then when will master and master have a baby? I want a little junior sister.”

“The little girl dares to tease the master now, right…”

The master and apprentice left arm in arm, laughing and joking all the way, their high ponytails bouncing in sync. Ye Wuming’s eyes followed him all the way, feeling like his teeth were broken.

Who are you asking about physical hygiene? Who is your mother!

But they look so good together…even their ponytails are the same.

It’s over. Now every time my mind is focused on these people, I will forget to look at what is happening in other parts of the world. Multi-core CPUs have been burned into single cores. I have not paid any attention to whether there are any Qianlongs who have performed well recently. It seems that there was a battle on the rankings the day before yesterday and no records were recorded. This agent Tiandao neglected his duty and went to his grandma’s house…

It’s normal for Ruoyu to be like this, but why does it burn into single core every time I watch Zhao Changhe’s related stories now?

Ye Wuming rubbed his head, his chest hurt.

At the altar, Ye Jiuyou raised his head and looked at the hiding place of Ye Wuming, and smiled slightly.

Piaomiao beside him is sending thoughts: “If there is something missing in Ye Wuming’s laws of this world, should it be witchcraft?”

When it comes to Ye Wuming, teleportation is the correct way to communicate, unlike that little fool like Ling Ruoyu.

Ye Jiuyou sent a message back: “Her weakness is indeed related to witchcraft… For a long time, she was afraid of disturbing the heavens, so she avoided matters here in the spirit clan. With Ruoyu’s foundation, she can hit This shows that Ye Wuming’s system has nothing to do with it, and even Xinghe doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

“If you put it this way, there are some things here that she won’t touch.”

“Yes, although her Qi research is related to her research, the effect is different. At least she can’t make the person who should be pregnant pregnant like you do…? Mi Cai Chi Lai⒂谝gou private school’s industry milk can’t resist?” ”

Piaomiao felt that Ye Jiuyou was hiding some teeth by specifically using pregnancy as an example. She pretended not to hear it and discussed it seriously: “So combining witchcraft and some of my characteristics, it is indeed possible to trick Ye Wuming… ”

“That’s right.” Ye Jiuyou said, his eyes falling on the altar, where there was a strand of hair placed in a very evil bronze vessel, which seemed to be filled with terrifying power.

A few days ago, she called Piaomiao away and said, “I’ll show you something good.” The good thing is here.

This is Ye Wuming’s hair.

Theoretically, Ye Wuming is based on the Book of Heaven, but in fact, like her daughter Ling Ruoyu, she has an independent body on the outside. Book of Heaven is to Ye Wuming what Xinghe is to Ling Ruoyu, mother and daughter have the same concept. This was also the inspiration behind Ye Jiuyou and Piaomiao’s suggestion to turn Xinghe into Ling Ruoyu.

During the battle thirty years ago, Ye Jiuyou secretly obtained Ye Wuming’s hair, hid it in her own Jiuyou Abyss, and used many kinds of very vicious and evil laws to cultivate it. After all, these villain laws are her roots. OK.

And witchcraft can have an effect on the body through the medium of the opponent’s body… Ordinary witchcraft cannot do this. Now Sisi has been practicing for thirty years and has deployed formations for more than ten miles. It is aimed at the Heavenly Dao level, and of course it is against Ye Wuming. It can also be effective. Of course, there are also well-known aphrodisiac and evil categories in witchcraft, it just depends on which one you choose.

If you are still worried that Ye Wuming’s level is too high, the double insurance activated by Ye Jiuyou’s sacrifice and witchcraft can be cracked… Then coupled with the misty characteristics, “this matter is beneficial to the mountains and rivers.” As a basis, this kind of causality-level effect is used as a third insurance…

Ye Jiuyou and Piao Miao looked at each other and both felt that the chance of success was extremely high.

Of course, there is another tangled point in this matter – what kind of timing to find. Especially should we do it before the decisive battle with Tiandao, or after defeating Tiandao.

As I said before, it is certainly not a good thing to start trouble internally before the external enemy is eliminated… It’s good to have it settled, but if something goes wrong and it triggers a falling out with Ye Wuming, who can do anything about it at that time? Can you afford it?

If you do it later, you must not take Ye Wuming before the decisive battle with Tiandao. We are not all on the same side. Can the decisive battle only rely on tacit cooperation?

It’s not appropriate to tell Zhao Changhe about this yet… With this guy’s temperament, if he knew that everyone wanted to use this method to overthrow Ye Wuming, he would 90% object.

How can everyone’s hatred make him do bad things…

“Wanzhuang and I will discuss it again.” Piaomiao said hesitantly: “Your temperament is still a bit dark at the root, and your thoughts may not be reasonable. Wanzhuang has been in charge of the world for so many years, and she has the most objective ideas. ”

During the discussion, Zhao Changhe and Sisi came hand in hand: “What are you studying?”

Ye Jiuyou quickly covered the container with hair and said calmly: “Of course I’m checking to see if there are any gaps – you guys are back so soon? I thought it would have to be done more often…”

Sisi smiled like a flower and didn’t care at all about the naughty words: “We are going to pay homage to an old friend. Although doing things in front of people’s graves is also a special hobby of some people, Changhe doesn’t like it.”

Zhao Changhe coughed dryly: “What are you thinking about? How is the witchcraft arrangement?”

Piaomiao said: “I have been surveying here these days, and I feel that the preparations are basically sufficient and can be started at any time. When do you think it is appropriate to start?”

When does this start? Of course, it does not refer to how to deal with Ye Wuming, but to trace the way of heaven.

Zhao Changhe hesitated… Theoretically, of course, the faster, the better. Thirty years ago, Tiandao was obviously injured. Now, there is a certain possibility that he is not fully recovered and is recovering from his injuries. It would be best if we could seize this opportunity to knock on the door and avoid future troubles.

Even if Tiandao has recovered from his injuries, he still needs to find the opponent quickly to take the initiative. A person can only be a thief for a thousand days, but there is no one who can prevent a thief for a thousand days. He has been passively waiting for the other party to cause trouble, and sooner or later something will go wrong.

But this kind of traceback is absolutely impossible to find the other party by oneself, and the other party is still unconscious. Heaven will definitely sense it. Maybe this traceback is the fuse that directly triggers the war. Now that he has just begun to touch the edge of the other shore, and his relationship with Ye Wuming has not yet settled, it feels like it is not the right time to start a war rashly.

After pondering for a long time, Zhao Changhe still said: “There is no rush for the moment, I am peeking at the other side, and I have gained a little bit, to see if there is any progress in the past few days.”

Ye Jiuyou and Piaomiao looked at each other and both smiled and said: “Okay, let’s continue to prepare and start anytime when needed.”

After speaking, he sat there motionless.

Zhao Changhe glanced at the two of them suspiciously. To prepare this thing, you two super bosses need to sit in a row and eat fruit and pestle here? Those who didn’t know thought you two were Ling Ruoyu and Longque…

“What’s that expression?” Ye Jiu smiled charmingly: “Aren’t you leaving some space for you and Sisi… We haven’t seen each other for so many years, why don’t you go visit the grave?”

Zhao Changhe felt that there was something going on between the two of them. He thought about it but couldn’t think of anything wrong, so he turned around and left. After all, he is a basic layman when it comes to witchcraft. He can’t see anything famous here, so he can just leave it to someone who knows the ropes.


In the Dali Palace at night, Ling Ruoyu was sleeping on the same bed as her master and talking about herself, while Ye Jiuyou mistyly entangled Tang Wanzhuang in plotting. It was rare for Zhao Changhe and Sisi to have such an intimate reunion after a long separation. It was natural that they were making love.

Zhao Changhe has always fallen in love with Sisi’s service. You must know that the person who has been the most open-minded on the bed and given men the most extreme experience is still Sisi, the eternal god.

Only Ye Jiuyou, who claims to be slutty with you, can barely keep up in this regard. However, due to her high level and lack of respect, she cannot let Sisi be so open-minded. Therefore, Ye Jiuyou felt that Sisi should be her inheritance, but she was wrong, so she should ask Sisi to learn what debauchery is.

In the past, Zhao Changhe was even afraid that his indulgent and enchanting service would become a hero’s grave and ruin his ambition to improve his martial arts. But today, of course, I no longer have this worry. On the contrary, in the crazy dual cultivation, I can better understand the bridge to the other side that I touched slightly today.

Ye Wuming’s time, space and rituals, Ye Jiuyou’s chaos and creation, the Sword Emperor’s ultimate destruction… they may include many combinations of cause and effect, reality and reality, but they all lack yin and yang.

Ye Wuming and Ye Jiuyou must be combined to be more complete, and the Sword Emperor is even more biased. If we want to find the biggest difference between himself and the top three demon gods, it still lies in the harmony of yin and yang, and their mutual use.

Especially the item “shared use” is actually the key link of the “Royal Book of Heaven”.

Ye Wuming failed to do it, so he could only “combine the heavenly book”, but after all, there was a missing thread.

In a daze, Zhao Changhe was vaguely wondering whether the fusion of their sisters might not be necessary, and whether it would also be possible to use his own yin and yang to transfer?

This idea is a bit narcissistic. Zhao Changhe didn’t dare to confirm it. He secretly asked Jiuyou and Piaomiao to test it together and then see… I hope they won’t think that they are inferior.

Sisi’s murmur sounded in her ears: “Master… I can’t do it anymore…”

Zhao Changhe stopped his expedition and lowered his head for a gentle kiss.

Sisi enjoyed his tenderness very much and said with a smile: “Many sisters are around now, do you want me to…”

“No, they know that today you and I are reunited after a long absence, and they intentionally let us be alone. I don’t have to do that, why not have a good sleep with my Sisi…”

Sisi smiled and said: “Are you sure? Look what time it is now…”

Zhao Changhe: “…”

Looking out with his spiritual consciousness, he found that the sky was already dark.

I spent the whole night…

Zhao Changhe was too lazy to think too much, so he smiled and covered him again: “Then let’s do another morning exercise.”

“Oh, please slow down…”

As the sky turned bright, Ling Ruoyu got up from his master’s warm arms, washed himself up, and with full energy, he carried the dragon bird on his back and carried the galaxy in his arms, and slipped into the queen’s bedroom.

She knew that Her Majesty the Queen was also an aunt, and the master must have stayed there last night. If you want to find your master to send a love letter, just go there. Aunt Tang gave you the token and you can pass through the palace freely without fear of running into witchcraft again.

As soon as I showed my token to enter the dormitory area, the dormitory was still quite far in front, and the sounds of humming and ahhing inside could already be heard faintly in the dawn sky.

Ling Ruoyu: “…”

Peeking at the maids waiting around the palace, they all hid far away with blushing faces. Obviously, everyone has been serving the Queen for so many years, but they have never thought that Her Majesty is so feverish. This voice is so indulgent… It has been all night, and it started again without a break. Why is this voice still not hoarse? Yu Jing just does whatever he wants?

“How did my life go when I was Xinghe?” Ling Ruoyu asked Long Que quietly with his chin hanging on the stone table outside the palace.

Longque was also scratching his head: “I don’t know how I got through my previous life… I stayed longer than you.”

In fact, the two girls knew in their hearts that they didn’t care or even understand this kind of thing when they were swordsmen earlier, but now they feel the embarrassment of being human. Sure enough, human beings are the worst, so it would be better to make a sword…

“What should we do now?” Longque lay on Ling Ruoyu’s back and asked, “Are you just waiting here?”

“What can we do?” Ling Ruoyu said: “How about we fight to kill time. It’s already dawn, they should be here soon…”

Long was excited to try it: “This is a good idea…but if we fight here, we will make noise inside, and the things here cannot withstand the raging power of our energy.”

“This is easy to handle.” Ling Ruoyu put Xinghe on the table: “Didn’t you always break into my sword to fight with me before? Now my sword has its own space. Let’s go in together, and we can do whatever we want. Hit.”

The sword girl did what she said, and the two of them got into the galaxy at the same time.

The maids could only see one sword after another on the table, and the black sword among them buzzed and shook from time to time, just like the quilt in the dormitory at this moment…

It stopped quickly inside, and the main leader was so frustrated that he quickly made an excuse: “Okay… Master, the two girls are fighting at the door…”

Zhao Changhe laughed: “I don’t know what they are doing. Ruo Yu doesn’t mention it. If anything happens to Longque, you can just call me. Don’t you think you haven’t seen enough?”

“They don’t dare to see you and me doing this now…”

“The dragon bird is still a knife.”

“Hehe… Ye Wuming is still a book. Do you think she is wet after watching us all night…”

Ye Wuming, who was watching his daughter fighting with a knife: “?”

Zhao Changhe: “…”

Sisi pushed him lazily: “Let’s go take a look. I want to sleep, and you are almost tearing me apart…”

Zhao Changhe didn’t insist, got dressed and went out. He was also curious as to why these two girls came so early in the morning. There was no need for the apprentice to be so active in greeting him.

It’s quite interesting when I go out and take a look. I can see that the Galaxy Sword has its own space, which is really like a cosmic starry sky. Two girls are fighting with their feet on the stars. With a wave of their hands, stars fall down. It’s that kind of small world. It feels good to wreak havoc randomly.

The two girls were so addicted that they ignored him when he appeared. Zhao Changhe had no choice but to flick the Galaxy Sword: “Hey…”

Ling Ruoyu’s voice came from inside: “Master, wait, I’ll beat up Long Que right away.”

Longque is grabbing her and rolling around: “I am no longer the Longque a few days ago!”

The two girls grabbed each other’s hair and were entangled in the void. Zhao Changhe was speechless. Suddenly he flashed and got into the Galaxy Sword. With one hand in each hand, he lifted the two girls in the air: “The fight is over. No?”

Longque was shocked: “How could you enter the galaxy casually…”

Ling Ruoyu also said: “At least say Xinghe, I came in…”

Zhao Changhe: “If you don’t say these two sentences, nothing will happen. If you say these two sentences, you will become weird…Tell me, why are you so cute when you come to my door early in the morning?”

Ling Ruoyu then remembered the business and took out a note from his arms: “My mother secretly asked me to give this to you. I happened to be hiding here to watch, so no one else can see it.”

When Ye Wuming saw Zhao Changhe getting into the sword, he didn’t think anything was wrong at first. After a few seconds, he suddenly realized, oh no, Ruo Yu originally said that when he took out the love letter and gave it to him, it would just turn into ashes, but now that he had somehow entered the sword, couldn’t he just read it?

What is the love letter about?

(End of this chapter)


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