Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 898: Life and Death


Chapter 898 Life and Death

Zhao Changhe frowned and looked thoughtfully at the changes in flesh and blood of the corpse in front of him.

If exploring the universe and starry sky is the key point of my later cultivation, then life and flesh has always been my early cultivation.

This does not mean that the Ye family sisters collectively represent their own practice. The magical power of creation alone cannot be summarized in such a general way. It also involves the multi-faceted laws included in the entire heavenly book, which can correspond to any practice in the world. But this is just like the basic skills that Professor Sun helped him lay down back then. No matter how many changes are included, the foundation is still there.

Having the relevant foundation will naturally be more conducive to finding the key.

It also does not mean that Zhao Changhe will take the path of creation… This is just a reference given by Ye Jiuyou. Regarding the specific expressive power of the other side, I have never seen it before, but now the door has been opened. Beginning to be clear.

As for your own path, you still need to continue to seek it.

Maybe I really need to consult Ye Wuming again, for comprehensive reference… But this is a bit embarrassing. Now that I have made it clear that I want to marry you, why are you so shy about asking someone to teach you something?


Seeing him thinking deeply, Ye Jiuyou smiled and pinched his face: “The little man is already great, haste makes waste, don’t be hasty.”

Zhao Changhe came back to his senses and said with a smile: “What, now you dote on me in turn?”

Ye Jiuyou said: “Do you know how ridiculous it was that you were just a child back then, and yet you pretended to be mature and said you wanted to pamper me and take care of me?”

Zhao Changhe hummed: “Why am I young? Do you want to touch me?”

Ye Jiuyou smiled: “Don’t you think you’ve aged a lot after waking up this time? Even if it’s just waking up to you.”

Zhao Changhe was stunned and nodded silently.

The impact of the vicissitudes of life is far greater than before… Especially after experiencing the birth of offspring and the death of relatives and friends, people become “old”.

Ye Jiuyou has been through so much… Now that she thinks about it, her strategy for her back then may have been like a child in her eyes.

“But that’s all I want.” Ye Jiuyou raised his head and pecked him on the face: “Nothing else matters… Even though I’m just a child, I’m still trying to say that I feel sorry for me. , take care of me and make me no longer lonely… This is the most important thing.”

Zhao Changhe scratched his head and felt a little ashamed: “It seems…I didn’t do much, after all, I slept for thirty years.”

Ye Jiuyou smiled and said: “They all complain about these thirty years, but I don’t feel it. To me, thirty years is just a snap of the fingers. And you are hidden by me. I can look at you anytime I want, but no As greedy as they are.”

Zhao Changhe tilted his head: “Why do you feel so gentle now?”

“Gentle?” Ye Jiuyou also tilted his head and thought: “It’s just that I have stepped out of the label and out of jail. My mentality is much calmer… After all, someone is in pain, right? I can’t even face Ye Wuming. There is no such hostility as in the early years, let alone being with me! ?br/>

Zhao Changhe laughed and hugged her without saying a word.

Ye Jiuyou, however, changed his face: “Don’t you prefer me who was fierce and cold like me before, and it would be more enjoyable to conquer me? Just like Ye Wuming now.”

“Where did you go…” Zhao Changhe couldn’t laugh or cry: “Don’t you know that turning someone who is fierce and cold into a gentle big sister is the most fulfilling thing? Just like you now.”

“Does Wuming owe this to me that night?”

“…Why do everyone like to transfer to Ye Wuming?”

“Du? Isn’t it natural for me to transfer to her?” Ye Jiuyou said lightly: “Actually, there is a best solution to the problem, but no one wants to mention it, and would rather take a detour, right?”

Zhao Changhe was silent for a moment and whispered: “There is no best plan. If I don’t want to, then it is the worst plan.”

Ye Jiuyou laughed: “Okay, okay, my husband.”

Zhao Changhe asked: “Has Wanzhuang Sisi and the others begun to trace their origins now?”

“Not yet, the witchcraft prepared by Miao Jiang is a bit cumbersome.”

Zhao Changhe nodded: “Then Madam, accompany me to meet my old friend? You should know where he is buried.”

Ye Jiuyou was stunned for a moment, then knew what he meant and reached out to hold his hand.

It quickly moved and flashed, reaching the top of Cangshan Mountain.

When the Spirit Clan Secret Realm “stood up”, all the mountains and rivers and geography inside it disappeared. The secret realm was gone, and the temple was naturally gone. Now the Spirit Clan Temple is re-established on Cangshan Mountain in Dali.

Destroy the Ling clan in the Miao territory, and return to the same place in life and death. The land of the Spirit Clan was collected by Ye Jiuyou as research material. Lie’s soul was gone and he had no body. However, the Blood Divine Sword and the broken array disk are still there, and the Spirit Tribe people cannot allow them to be used by some demonic cultists again. Under Sisi’s control, they will only be buried alive and enshrined in the temple as a tomb.

The Spirit Tribe is the first to bear the brunt of various tricks, such as the resurgence of the earth, the backlash of Gu insects, and the collapse of flesh and blood. If Zhao Changhe and others had not planned to stop it, the Spirit Tribe would have been exterminated.

Among them, all the gods and Buddhas are scattered.

If the Eldar people no longer recognize the land that is going to kill them as their ancestor god, then the ancestor they should worship is Lie.

Because Lie is a human being derived from the land of the Spirit Tribe…a pure Spirit Tribe person. Although he was just a slave back then.

“The battle was in such a rush that I didn’t even have the chance to properly pay homage to my seniors.” Zhao Changhe sat cross-legged in the temple, facing the spiritual tablets, and spilled wine on the ground: “When I woke up this time, I faced the death of many old friends. I didn’t even go to worship, deep down I didn’t want to face it, but I had to come here.”

“The person who has the greatest influence on me is not Ye Wuming, but my seniors. Whether it is the spirit of my seniors or my martial arts and sword skills, they have helped me overcome the storms in the world and reach where I am today.”

“I sometimes think…Senior thought that that battle was the end, and we decided to end up together. If Senior knew that I ruined that battle, would Senior have blamed me for being nosy, which made Senior The sacrifice seems a bit unworthy…”

“Thinking about it later, senior shouldn’t blame me…because this is the Spirit Clan, and there are clansmen behind us. Your return together is not just to cooperate with Ye Wuming’s battle, but also because this is the Spirit Clan. Just like Back then, you were carving the array in the midst of thunder and fire, with your clansmen chasing you behind you, but you didn’t leave, and you still sat cross-legged outside the Spirit Clan.”

“I didn’t understand this detail until a long time later.”

“Senior’s skills are violent, and humans are also demonic killers, but these inner wills are the foundation that supports seniors to practice the third level of Yujing in a mortal body.”

“Originally, maybe I would become the second you… But I am luckier than my predecessors. I met them… starting from Hong Ling and ending with Jiuyou. So I don’t need to be painfully entangled in the devil’s will and evil spirit. , you can go your own way and move forward. ”

“The shapes are different, but the spirits are the same. Seniors, rest assured that your fire will continue to be passed down in the world. Gods and Buddhas can disperse people’s hearts forever.”

After speaking, the wine is gone.

The Blood God Sword enshrined in front of the spirit tablet buzzed, as if in response.

Zhao Changhe also felt his **** twitching, and he gained some understanding of life and death that he had been thinking about before.

In Zhao Cuo’s well-known words, some people are dead, but he is still alive.

What is life and death… In this world with gods, it can be said that it is not clear.

Zhao Changhe took out the blood-drinking stone he got from another world and placed it in front of the spirit: “Since the Blood God Sword is here and Leader Xue didn’t take it back, let’s put this material here too. I’m in it Some tests have been injected. In the future, whether they are members of the Blood God Cult or the Spirit Tribe, those who pass the test will be descendants of the Blood God lineage.”

The response from the elders guarding the temple came from behind: “Yes.”

Zhao Changhe turned around and saw two middle-aged aunts who still had charm: “Do you recognize me?”

The aunt sighed: “We were the Saint’s personal guards back then, and we gave you insect cakes. Otherwise, do you think we could just let people nag you in the temple for so long?”

“It turns out it’s you young men.”


Zhao Changhe asked: “Where is Sisi now?”

“Here it is.” Following the words, Sisi strolled in from outside the palace.

So between the two aunts in their mid-teens stood the little queen who was as charming as ever, with a strong visual impact just like that of Suzhou.

Sisi walked to the hall with a calm demeanor, solemnly bowed to the spirit tablet, and said lightly: “The test just mentioned by the Holy Envoy, please go down and pass it on to the whole clan.”

The elders saluted again: “Yes.”

Sisi stood up, looked at the spiritual tablet above, and whispered: “In the past, we worshiped the ancestor gods. We worshiped them for so many years but didn’t know who we were worshiping. It seemed to be just an illusory image. Now it has a real entity. , know what you are praying for.”

Zhao Changhe said “hmm”.

Beside you, Ye Jiuyou is muttering: “Actually, you can worship me, I will protect you.”

The big man worshiped Piao Miao, among whom the Chinese worshiped Ye Wuming, who made Ye Jiuyou a little jealous even thinking about it.

Sisi glanced at her and said with a smile: “Sisi and sister are not familiar with each other… Next time we say goodbye in bed, maybe we can do it in the future.”

Ye Jiuyou bulged his eyes.

She was indeed not familiar with Sisi, and she didn’t expect that Zhao Changhe would have someone like this in his harem. You weren’t worshiping and giving instructions with a calm demeanor just now, why did you just turn around and do this?

Zhao Changhe is very accustomed to Sisi’s virtue: “Let’s go, don’t talk nonsense in front of Senior Lie, let’s go and see where the witchcraft is arranged this time?”

“Okay.” Sisi took Zhao Changhe’s hand and strolled out of the palace.

Ye Jiuyou followed and looked Sisi up and down, as if he had seen a treasure.

What is debauchery as opposed to order… You shouldn’t be Lie’s inheritance, you should be my inheritance.

Leaving the temple and arriving at the foot of the mountain, Sisi sat in the pavilion at the foot of the mountain, with attendants serving drinks on the left and right.

The long-lost flower cake, the long-lost roasted bugs, the long-lost flower brew.

The flowers in the mountains are drunk and the water is gurgling. Against the sound of Sisi pouring wine, it suddenly seems very quiet.

After Sisi poured the wine, she raised her head and smiled sweetly: “Why don’t you speak anymore? Do you feel that you are most sorry for me, and you don’t know how to say it with thousands of words?”

Zhao Changhe lowered his head and said “hmm”.

Originally, it was limited to high mountains and long rivers, so meeting Sisi was the least. The last time we met was on the battlefield, and after the fight, we fell into deep sleep.

Think about the last time on the battlefield, it was the little demon girl who cleverly triggered the “Thinking of the same mind” and cracked the “Thinking of the same mind”… Zhao Changhe sometimes thought that if she didn’t use tricks, everyone would really try to think of the same mind. If you think about it, you may not be able to do it.

“You actually don’t owe me anything… You have saved my spiritual clan from fire and water several times, and helped me become the king of Miao territory. I can’t give you anything…” Sisi blinked: “I can only compensate you. Does missing you count? ”

Zhao Changhe could only say: “Forget it.”

“So my name is not chosen well.” Sisi smiled and said: “But, for you now, distance no longer matters, and time will not matter from now on. There are so many infatuated men and women in the world. Obstacles no longer exist for us. Is this considered a blessing in disguise?”

Zhao Changhe’s somewhat depressed mood was slowly dispelled: “Forget it.”

“Then don’t put on that silent face.” Sisi left her seat and sat on Zhao Changhe’s lap. She raised her glass to his lips and said, “Feed me.”

Ye Jiuyou: “?”

Isn’t this what you are feeding him? What do you mean by “feed me”?

But Zhao Changhe took a sip of wine, lowered his head and kissed Sisi on the lips, and passed the wine.

Ye Jiuyou: “…”

As expected, “Feed me”, I learned it.

No, are you just doing this in front of me? You are still a king despite your size.

After finishing the drink, Sisi’s face turned a little bright red, as bright as a peach and plum: “I should have taken you back to the city to have a rest, but now I’m here with Hong Ling and the others, so I’ll just be greedy for you for a while, okay? Good?”

Ye Jiuyou knocked on his head, his words were just plainly driving people away.

Forget it, it sounds really difficult. Ye Jiuyou stopped making a lantern and stood up and said, “I’ll go find them.”

After saying that, she ran away. She was afraid that Sisi’s resentment would overflow into a river if she continued to look at it.

Sisi huddled in the crook of his shoulder, peeked at the direction Ye Jiuyou left, and whispered: “This Sister Jiuyou is more considerate than I thought. Is she really the Demon God Jiuyou?”

“Maybe it doesn’t matter now…she is already a human being.”

“So humans want to become demons, but demons want to be human?”

“What you want is different.”

Sisi nodded: “Anyway, I don’t care whether I am a demon **** or not, I want to have the ability of a demon god. Just so that there are no longer mountains high and rivers far away, and it is no longer like three autumns.”

Zhao Changhe kissed her slightly hot cheek gently and did not reply.

Sisi said softly: “Actually, in addition to Senior Lie’s tomb located in the temple, there is another tomb on the other side of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Who do you think it is?”

Zhao Changhe’s heart moved slightly: “Sword Emperor.”

Sisi smiled brilliantly: “I knew you could guess it. I set up a tomb for him, but I didn’t dare to tell others about it, for fear that they would be unhappy. But for us, that is our fate. ”

Zhao Changhe felt that the Sword Emperor had set up the tomb not only to hide his whereabouts, but also to deceive others. Once he rashly breaks into the Sword Emperor’s tomb, he will probably die miserably. As a result, all the people they met were Zhao Changhe, Sisi Tang Wanzhuang, and each one was more clear-headed than the other. A big thunder could never be detonated, and he became a dumb cannon.

No matter how the Sword Emperor designs it, he must admit that it is the most entangled fate between himself and Sisi.

For Tiandao Anzi, whom everyone hates, only Sisi would set up a tomb just to express her unique thoughts.

Thinking of this, Zhao Changhe hugged Sisi directly: “Then let’s go and worship Yi Er, not for anything else, just because he keeps you and me entangled.”


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