Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 897: Their other side


Chapter 897 Their Other Side

Ye Wuming glanced to the southwest again.

Zhao Changhe drove Ling Ruoyu to make soy sauce and find his master. He hugged Ye Jiuyou, found a cloud to sit on, bit his ears and whispered, and learned enough about what he had just seen in the world of cultivating immortals.

The two of them were leaning against each other sweetly, with their feet dangling out of the clouds. Their birdlike looks made people feel suffocated.

Ye Wuming was too lazy to listen to what the two were talking about, and with a flash of hiss, he appeared on the altar of the Four Symbols Cult.

As the leader of the church, Xia Chichi is reciting a prayer: “…”

Sanniang, Huangfuqing and a group of senior executives from Erbasu were stunned.

The senior management didn’t even know who this beautiful woman was… She was a woman with short hair. She had never seen such a hairstyle in the world, but surprisingly she felt that it was very free and easy, and it suited her very well.

Then everyone realized that this was Ye Di. The meaning of this misty night, the gaze of the eternal moon, the sky’s heart is high, and the spectators are calm. Why is this not the Night Emperor? Especially since everyone is cultivating the Ye Emperor system, the resonance and coercion are more obvious at a glance than at Zhao Changhe’s face.

No, boss, did we call you?

Our sacrifice is a kind of “borrowing power”, which communicates the divine power of heaven and earth to borrow. To say that summoning refers to your divine power and will, it does not really call people down.

Everyone is communicating with the Night Emperor. Are you the Night Emperor now? What are you here for? This time Mr. Ye was so aggressive that he didn’t even know how to say hello.

Hello…what’s your name?

The late emperor? That’s talking about dead people. The Supreme Emperor? You are not Zhao Changhe’s mother. Could it be that she was a remnant of the previous dynasty and everyone captured her and presented her to His Majesty?

For a moment, the entire altar was silent. Everyone stared blankly at Ye Wuming for a while, and then lowered their eyes.

That kind of coercion is unbearable…especially since she is so beautiful, making people feel ashamed at just one glance, and they subconsciously avoid looking at her.

Only the three leaders of the Four Elephants Sect stared at her with burning eyes. It was unclear whether they were looking at the late emperor or the remnants of the previous dynasty. Their eyes were extremely complicated. Ye Wuming was also looking at Xia Chichi, focusing on his lower abdomen.

Xia Chichi took half a step back, holding her belly and looking wary.

Others won’t give abortion pills randomly, it’s hard to say for this one… maybe that’s what she came for!

The corner of Ye Wuming’s mouth twitched, and finally he spoke, his voice majestic and indifferent: “You have sincerely prayed and summoned me, for what purpose?”

Xia Chichi: “Climb.”

The heads of the twenty-eight-year-olds were buried lower, and some were already suppressing laughter.

Ye Wuming’s jade fingers flicked. The breeze blew by, and the people on the altar disappeared in an instant and were transferred outside the surface of the earth. Then he gritted his teeth and said coldly: “Are you really not afraid of death?”

Xia Chichi frowned: “Our husband-in-law slept for thirty years to save you. Mi Xincheng shielded Yiqiang Tu Ci Bao? You really thought we were afraid of you!”

Ye Wuming said coldly: “Jiuyou Piaomiao said this to me. Each of you uses my inheritance. What qualifications do you have to talk to me like this? Originally, you came together because of me, and I secretly gave you You have so many creations and guidance, but you turn around and devote yourself to others, how can you have the nerve to yell at me?”

Xia Chichi: “…”

Ye Wuming became angrier as he spoke: “Forget it Xia Chichi, he drew the card related to you from the beginning, it is his destiny, it can be said to be destiny. Where are you two? One of you is trying to steal your apprentice’s husband. A man is trying to steal his best friend, and two old cows are fighting for the tender grass. I can’t even tear you apart! In the end, you collectively apostatized and usurped the throne for the sake of a man. How can you stand here and stare at me?”

This is the first meeting between Si Xiang and Ye Di.

The atmosphere is very harmonious.

Sanniang said leisurely: “Is that someone else? Isn’t that the person arranged by Your Majesty yourself? Why did Qing’er and I get more and more involved with him? Isn’t it because we misunderstood that he was like Your Majesty’s reincarnation? Especially Qing’er Son, if it weren’t for this misunderstanding, how could I have started a relationship with him? Maybe the possibility of killing him would be higher. Later, His Majesty wanted him to build a galaxy and inherit your wishes, and even arranged for the Night Emperor. The position was given to him. To say that we are treasonous is not as good as to say that we cater to His Majesty’s wishes.”

What he said makes perfect sense. Huangfu Qing, who was originally a little complicated, suddenly felt at ease.

Back then, I was very conflicted. I fell in love with that man, but it was difficult to accept him because he was not the real Emperor of the Night. In the end, it was Guigui’s reinterpretation of the doctrine that convinced me and pushed him forward. So he is not completely a traitor to himself, the cause and effect itself is part of Ye Di himself.

Ye Wuming didn’t know whether it was Zhao Changhe who had the intention of the universe and the starry sky first, or whether it was because of his deeper interaction with the Four Symbols Venerables that he took advantage of the situation to arrange the subsequent situation. This cause and effect entanglement is already a mess. Bad debt, I can’t tell clearly.

From the perspective of the cause, it may be better to say that it is Zhao Changhe’s own cause. Not every person on earth has the intention of the stars and the sea, and the courage to hang the stars upside down. Once someone like Zhao Changhe gets entangled with her, Ye Wuming, and the Four Symbols System, it may become such a spiral of mutual achievement. The fact that he kept talking about his marriage to Sanniang Huangfuqing probably had a lot to do with it.

Ye Wuming suddenly remembered the first comment he gave to Zhao Changhe… The long river fell for nine days and merged into the rivers and lakes.

Did you feel it already at that time?

If the bad relationship between Zhao Changhe and Suzaku Xuanwu continues because of this, what about her and Ye Di herself?

Ye Wuming was lost in thought for a moment, and the three members of the Four Elephants Sect looked at each other, but they did not confront each other again. To be honest, they really have no grudge against Ye Wuming. On the contrary, this incestuous relationship really exists. If we must look into it carefully, it is indeed everyone’s fault for the former Ye Emperor. It seems that everyone’s dissatisfaction with Ye Wuming is just because their man is angry with her for controlling his life. But without her manipulation, everyone would not even know Zhao Changhe… In this case, he would be grateful to her.

Well, did she ask Changhe to give everyone gifts before…

Huangfu Qing finally broke the silence: “Your Majesty is here today because of our sacrifice?”

Ye Wuming’s face was expressionless: “What else? Your sacrifice is to find the way of heaven. I also have this intention, so naturally we can cooperate.”

Huangfu Qing said: “His Majesty has just separated from our husband… Why didn’t you discuss cooperation with him, but came to our place?”

Ye Wuming said confidently: “Because you sincerely invited me.”

Ah, yes, yes. The three of them looked at each other, and the thought suddenly came to their minds: Is this not a typical tsundere? It turns out that Ye Di is actually like this…

“Ahem.” Sanniang coughed dryly: “Your Majesty knows our situation, right? There are some women trying to trace the path of heaven through the captured demon souls. We feel that their witchcraft is unreliable, and we think that we Find a plan. If your Majesty can help with this…”

Ye Wuming said calmly: “There is a price to pay for asking for help, even if there are sacrifices, there are sacrifices.”

Also installed…Xia Chichi couldn’t help but said: “First of all, can you do it…His majesty, the Night Emperor, will never be a wolf with nothing?”

Ye Wuming calmly replied: “What I can confirm is that they can really…”

The three people from Sixiang Cult immediately sat up straight: “Really?”

“They hid the corpses of the Spirit Clan and collected so many residual demon souls. They were so complete from body to soul. Although witchcraft originated from heaven, the rules are the rules. From such a complete body, it can be traced back to the flesh and blood body. , it can definitely be traced back, but there is a limitation…”

The three people said in unison: “What limitations?”

“If the other party is well prepared and has its clones outside in advance, it will be easy to be interfered with, and it will be impossible to determine which one is the main body, and may be misled and fall into a trap.”

“This isn’t working…so what can we do to improve it?”

Ye Wuming glanced at the three of them and sighed in his heart.

It was said that they were competing for credit, but I heard that the other party might fall into a trap, but I didn’t mean to take schadenfreude at all. I didn’t think that if they couldn’t do it, we would have a chance. All the thoughts in my mind were “How can we help?” Complete”.

So what do you mean by fighting for merit…it’s just a matter of having fun when nothing happens, and when something happens, we work together as one.

Ye Wuming sighed: “Perhaps this is also the complementarity between me and Jiuyou. Tiandao and I interfere with each other’s spiritual consciousness, and it is difficult for each of us to trace the other’s location, but Ye Jiuyou can do it through the flesh and blood puppet. Likewise. , it is difficult for her to figure out the rules and anchors. I can sort out the rituals. Even if the other person has taken on thousands of incarnations and has been hiding in the past, I can also sort out the destiny. Jiuyou needs help from Sisi and the others, and I also need your help. ”

Xia Chichi asked: “Do we need to gather in one place?”

Theoretically, there is no need… For the cultivation of the Ye family sisters, the whole world is just one room, no matter where they are.

But Ye Wuming still said: “It’s not necessary for the time being. I will go to the Miao border to watch, and I will come back to you when they start. Remember, it was you who summoned me to help.”

The trio of the Four Symbol Cult: “?”

Does something feel wrong…

Sanniang rolled her eyes and asked: “Your Majesty is so helpful…haven’t we not given the sacrifice yet?”

“Oh.” Ye Wuming said expressionlessly: “There are many types of sacrifices. As long as you pay something, you can sacrifice them. What are you willing to pay?”

“Let’s do this.” Sanniang blinked: “We will try our best to fulfill His Majesty’s wish…”

Ye Wuming didn’t plan to ask for any sacrifice at all, but he just made a solid excuse of “you asked me to help”. He already wanted to leave without giving a sacrifice. At this moment, he didn’t even bother to look into it carefully. He waved his hand and said: “It’s best to have this intention. I’ll remember it and wait for you to fulfill it.”

After that, he disappeared.

Huangfuqing quietly asked Sanniang: “What are you planning?”

Sanniang carefully conveyed her thoughts: “She has so many wishes, and it would be the same to satisfy any of them…such as giving her and her husband’s children a complete home.”

“Are you sure this is her wish?”

“Whether it is true or not, if it is, we will be debt-free and light-hearted, which is better than building a seven-level pagoda; if not, she will bite me… I, Xuanwu, was the traitor who incited Suzaku to rebel. What kind of loyalist do you think I am? Ah… The joy of Ye Emperor’s depravity is not as good as Suzaku and his disciples fighting for men?”

Huangfu Qing walked away.

Who doesn’t want to watch this? Can you not mention the fight with your apprentice over a man?

Xia Chichi is still there!


Actually, Zhao Changhe and Ye Jiuyou were whispering in the clouds over there, but it was really not about flowers in front of the moon, and the things they talked about were quite serious.

Anyway, Jiuyou had eaten enough the previous two nights and was not hungry now.

Now that you have reached the pinnacle of the third level of imperial realm, you should take a look at the other side. Zhao Changhe didn’t want to consult Ye Wuming. It was true that she wanted to be a master without even teaching him three sentences. Of course, it was more appropriate to ask his wife first.

Ye Jiuyou was once suppressed by Ye Wuming for an entire era, but now his level is no less than that of Ye Wuming, and they both belong to the false other side. If there is any difference between him and Ye Wuming, the difference is mainly in two points.

A nameless person travels across the heavens in the night and has a wide range of knowledge. Ye Jiuyou had actually gone out secretly over the years. She was not with Zhao Changhe when he woke up. It was also because he misjudged the time when Zhao Changhe woke up and had not come back yet. But the journey of these thirty years is incomparable to Ye Wuming’s travels throughout the era, and what she has seen is much shallower. At least she has not found where Zhao Cuo is yet.

After all, Erzeye Wuming is in line with the Heavenly Book, and there is no one in this world who can surpass her in strength. But that was through the hard power exerted by the Book of Heaven to win, and the realm alone was indeed no different from Ye Jiuyou.

“I agree with Ye Wuming naming this realm the other side.” Ye Jiuyou said: “Except for her annoying personality, her knowledge is beyond reproach.”

Zhao Changhe asked: “It stands to reason that the sign of this realm is to break through the cage of this realm… But theoretically speaking, I don’t belong to this cage to begin with. Should I be considered a natural other side? But I haven’t found a way to break through. I don’t even feel it.”

Ye Jiuyou said: “Your uniqueness can only be said to have no obstacles in this realm, you will not be stuck, and you do not need to seek additional insights like people in this realm. But breakthroughs naturally require the accumulation of practice. , and seeking that key.”

“Accumulation… I’m afraid there is not enough time… How to find the key? In other words, what is the specific expressive power of this realm?” Zhao Changhe said: “In that battle thirty years ago, what I lacked most was that I didn’t have it. Faced with the enemy’s way of heaven, he has no idea how this realm should behave.”

Ye Jiuyou said: “You can fold the bridge of time and space like Ye Wuming and travel around the realms at will. Can you do it now?”

“I can fold the bridge of space and reach out of bounds.”

“Do you know the difference between this and Nameless Night?”

“There are two things. One is that it cannot be too far away. This is a quantitative gap. Once you practice, you can naturally keep up. The other is that her folding includes time. She may be able to reach any space on any timeline. But I can only achieve space. Is this a qualitative difference?”

As Zhao Changhe said this, he secretly thought that this was actually his ultimate goal in this world. If you want to return to Earth, as long as you know the location, you can probably do it already. It just takes a little more effort. But if you want to go back to the time you traveled through, you can’t do it now.

If the time cannot be changed, going back after going through these thirty-three years will mean that the parents will have to bear the pain of their son’s disappearance for thirty-three years. This is heart-wrenching to think about.

Up and down, in all directions, throughout the ages, everywhere… Traveling in any time and space, traveling freely back and forth, is this a typical sign of the other side…

What he saw after leaving seclusion once again resurfaced in Zhao Changhe’s mind. In front of him was Tang Buqi, who was full of descendants, and behind him was Tang Wanzhuang, who had an eternal appearance… That moment touched him until now.

It turns out that this is not the realization of the third level of Yujing. This experience can continue to the other side.

The experience of traveling through ancient times with Piaomiao is also a heavy experience, which is worth revisiting and pondering again.

Seeing him lost in thought, Ye Jiuyou smiled slightly and said: “The knowledge and mastery of Yuhezhou is one of them…I can’t compare to Ye Wuming in this aspect. But there are other performances. “Power is something I have but she doesn’t have. Do you want to see it?”

Zhao Changhe came to his senses and said with a smile: “Of course I want it.”

“Then follow me.” Ye Jiuyou took his hand and swayed straight into the Jiuyou abyss.

There is a huge corpse floating in the endless vastness, and the end of the corpse cannot be seen at a glance. The flesh and blood of the corpse had been cut off by Lie Yi’s sword, leaving only the appearance of a withered mummy, and its body had become steel, making it a standard corpse puppet.

This was the original land of the Eldar.

Ye Jiuyou stretched out her fingers and touched the steel-like body surface of the corpse puppet. Zhao Changhe looked at the place where she touched and found that the steel seemed to have softened and regained the elasticity of flesh and blood.

“Is this…rebirth from death?”

“No…I am not resurrecting it, or in other words, I am just using it as a material. If it is alive, it will no longer be the same as it was before, just like the Iron Breaker forged into a Dragon Bird. ”

Zhao Changhe’s heart moved slightly, as if he had grasped Ye Jiuyou’s meaning.

Ye Jiuyou said softly: “I am born from chaos, I am born from light, I am born from nothing… My path is not death, but birth. This is my truth.”

Zhao Changhe took a deep breath: “So?”

“I am creating humans.” Ye Jiuyou smiled slightly: “Creation is the real god… At present, I still need such special materials to create, which is a bit embarrassing, so the other side is still fake. If I can evolve If I can create things in the void, or if I can fabricate creatures from ordinary materials, then I will reach the other side.”

(End of this chapter)


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