Tome of Troubled Times Chapter 896: Blue sea and blue sky, heart every night


Chapter 896: Blue sea and blue sky, heart every night

The process of forging the knife took far longer than before.

The reforging of Dragon Bird was just an appetizer for forging the galaxy. Those who tried it would only take no more than a stick of incense.

This time it took a full day, which was even longer than casting the galaxy.

In terms of materials, the grade of Poxu Xingxing Iron is not higher than that of Xinghe, they are all of the highest quality. However, Poxu Star Iron is more pure and extreme, and is more difficult to smelt.

Fortunately, Zhao Changhe and Sanniang Huangfuqing are already experienced, and they are also very familiar with improving themselves from the insights of sword making.

When Longque woke up from the chaos, he found that his soul body was extremely solid, almost like a normal human being, and even his white and rosy skin was so real. A slightly different power than before spread in the body. Longque looked up at the sky, always feeling like an eggshell that could be easily broken.

The universe is no more than an eggshell… Dimensions can be broken into pieces at will. Nothing can stop Longque’s blade anymore.

Longque’s eyes fell on the sword-making trio. Huangfuqing and Sanniang are just providing assistance. For them now, fire control is no longer as exhausting or not as warm as it was earlier. They are just a little tired after the day, and they are sitting aside to rest without any image at the moment. , looked at the newborn dragon bird with a grin on his face.

There is a sense of “we also have daughters” and “Ye Wuming and Xia Chichi are actually behind us”. The smart Longque knows what they are thinking at a glance.

Zhao Changhe’s condition is a bit special… all his clothes have collapsed, leaving only his tattered underwear on his body. His muscles are all tangled and stained with sweat. The majestic body that had just finished masturbating was so beautiful that Sanniang and Huangfuqing next to him stopped looking at Longque. Their beautiful eyes were quickly attracted to him and they couldn’t move away.

Longque finally saw what eye-drawing is, it turns out that it really exists… Let alone them, even she couldn’t move away from it. This was the first time that the female bird had realized the human body since she became spiritual. of beauty.

It’s so beautiful…

In fact, the process of forging a knife is a big test for Longque’s willpower, otherwise he will become a new bird. However, after being reborn from the ashes, Longque doesn’t have much feelings about this. Instead, his thoughts are ——Not only was my body examined, but I was rubbed from top to bottom.

It feels so weird.

If Ling Ruoyu was around, he would tell her that thoughts such as “His body is good-looking” and “My body is rubbed” would be infinitely close to human beings, and are almost no longer things that a knife would think about. ……

Although Long Que is no longer like a knife in ordinary times, it is not until this moment that he has truly changed his mind.

Of course, Zhao Changhe is not standing there looking cool, he is also feeling the process of strength growth and transformation. The strongest knives and swords in this world have all been forged by himself. His understanding and mastery of the origin of power has truly reached the pinnacle of this world, and the third level of imperial realm has truly reached its end.

Except for the bug that the Ye family sisters have reached the false other side, this is the highest achievement that can be achieved in this world. This is the limitation of the realm, and the strength of the world’s realm can only be so. If you want to go further, you must go beyond the scope of this world.

This is a natural barrier for others, but never for Zhao Changhe. His failure to break through to the next step has nothing to do with the status of the world. It is because his cultivation is not up to standard… As long as he is given enough time and resources, he will be able to break through this level sooner or later.

Ye Wuming’s move to shake people from another world was fundamentally designed to solve this problem. Now her original expectations have been met?

Ke Ye Wuming was hanging high in the Night Palace, staring intently at Zhao Changhe’s muscles. He didn’t know what he was thinking for a long time… Should he be pleased with the success and completeness of his plan, or should he feel guilty that this guy has already Getting closer to yourself?

“What does it feel like?” Ye Jiuyou suddenly appeared in front of him.

Ye Wuming withdrew his gaze and glanced at Ye Jiuyou: “How did you get up here?”

“As long as I know where your Night Palace is, the so-called defense and emptiness here are useless to me.” Ye Jiuyou said lightly: “I didn’t come to trouble you in the past two days, that’s because Changhe needs to be tempered. Longque, I don’t want to cause trouble.”

“Now that the forging of Longque is completed, how are you doing?” Ye Wuming asked calmly: “Take Zhao Changhe and Piaomiao to conquer me?”

“Why not?”

“The struggle between you and me has always been the result of Tiandao’s deliberate arrangement. You are not you, and I am not me. The more trouble you and I cause each other, the happier Tiandao smiles.” Taoya? You know it, why should you continue to step in?’s trap?”

Ye Jiuyou said calmly: “There is a conspiracy in his conspiracy…Don’t you know that we and I want to break through the last step, but we will never be able to achieve it in our current state?”

Ye Wuming was silent.

Ye Jiuyou said: “No, you know, you have always known… The reason why I joined the Heavenly Book is because I wanted to try to see if this problem could be solved by using the Heavenly Book as my body, right? But in the end I found that it didn’t work, because the Heavenly Book It is your body and mine, no matter how we combine, we still miss each other.”

Ye Wuming finally said: “So?”

Ye Jiuyou said: “Was one of the reasons why you wanted to go back to heaven with me back then? Was it because you thought that if you disappeared, I would absorb the remaining meaning of you and become complete? You sacrificed your life to do so. It is the best solution that comes naturally without anyone having to worry about it.”

Ye Wuming laughed and said, “You are so sentimental. Is it because you have a man that you start to highlight your feminine feelings?”

Ye Jiuyou turned a deaf ear and continued to say what he said: “Even Piaomiao’s hatred for you will fade away when you prepare the lotus platform and watch you die and the light will be extinguished. Ye Wuming, yours The layout is really amazing… If everything goes as you want, it might be a perfect success and everything will be solved beautifully.”

Ye Wuming finally got angry: “So? Zhao Changhe ruined such a perfect plan for that little sperm, which also means ruining your complete chance. You didn’t even say a word to blame. Why did you come to me? Are you going to do it? I committed suicide in front of you? Sorry, times have changed, let’s just dream about it now.”

Ye Jiuyou, who had always been indifferent, suddenly laughed: “Do you think Zhao Changhe is doing it for those spermatozoa? Do you really think so?”

Ye Wuming’s face was expressionless: “What else could it be? Is he grateful that I tricked him into leaving his hometown here? He has always hated this.”

“Why can’t it be that he couldn’t bear to be with you for three years and couldn’t bear to see you disappear in front of him like that?”

“Of course it’s impossible.”

Ye Jiuyou looked at Ye Wuming with some pity, but said nothing.

“What’s that expression on your face?” Ye Wuming said angrily: “When will it be your turn to pity me?”

“What I pity is that some people have calculated everything, but they cannot calculate their own heart.” Ye Jiuyou yawned: “Forget it, I am very happy to see how you are living like this now.”

Ye Wuming sneered: “If you came here specifically to mock me, then please come back. It’s so boring.”

“Of course there is something else to say.” Ye Jiuyou said: “You said he ruined my complete chance, but I said he understood me at least better than you do.”

Ye Wuming said speechlessly: “No need to feed me dog food to show affection… Oh, you can’t understand these words. He and I have more tacit understanding than you.”

“Look, look…” Ye Jiuyou laughed: “You would actually use such a thing to anger me?”

Ye Wuming: “…So what does he know about you?”

“I will fight for my opportunity, instead of you forcing it on me without asking for my opinion, even if it is your life…” Ye Jiuyou’s smile faded, and his expression regained its He became cold: “Ye Wuming, if I want your life, I will take it myself.”

Ye Wuming said calmly: “Are you done? You can leave now.”

Ye Jiuyou smiled again: “My husband is coming to find me. I have someone to accompany me. You stay here slowly… Oh, you brought a lot of poems from other worlds and mixed them in the history of the era, right? Among them, right? There is a saying that suits you well.”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t say which sentence he was talking about, and just disappeared.

Ye Wuming seemed to have guessed what she wanted to say.

Should Chang’e regret stealing the elixir Bi Hai Qing Tian Ye Ye Xin?

So boring.


Zhao Changhe picked up the dragon bird and waved it passionately for a while. Feeling the connection with his beloved sword, he smiled and said, “I feel now that even if Heaven stands in front of me, he can kill it with one strike.”

Sanniang smiled and said: “Don’t be arrogant. If the theory you said before is correct, then there are still realms behind, maybe more than one. You really think you can transcend the realm of heaven…”

Zhao Changhe hugged her with a smile: “I don’t just rely on Longque, I have you… If I say I rely on Longque, then you want my Longque…”

“I’m going to kill you! You said nonsense in front of the child.” Sanniang pushed him away in disgust: “Go and wash yourself off. I don’t know where the sweat all over my body came from. It’s sticky and smelly.”

Zhao Changhe acted coquettishly: “I want Sanniang to help me wash it.”

Sanniang patted it casually, and a huge water polo trapped Zhao Changhe inside. The water inside the ball swirled, rolling and scrubbing like a washing machine. Outside the ball, Sanniang carried the ball and ran away with it.

Huangfu Qing came to his senses and said, “Damn turtle, stop here, you want to take the opportunity to steal someone, right?”

Sanniang ran very fast and ignored her. The man was too seductive just now, it was a foul, the turtle was greedy.

The newly cast Longque was left on the forging platform, alone and ignored, making Longque very suspicious of life. What did you create me for?

So when you have a child, you just need to give birth. There are more things to consider about the child, right…

Ling Ruoyu’s head poked out from the side: “Quque, are you okay?”

Longque burst into tears: “It’s better for Xinghe to come and play with me if you know it. Come on, let’s have a fight and see who is stronger now.”

Ling Ruoyu didn’t want to fight with her and said hesitantly: “I’ve thought about it, and the idea you suggested before to imitate my mother’s handwriting and write a love letter to my master is feasible.”

When talking about this, Longque felt sleepy and didn’t even want to fight. He said enthusiastically: “How to write, how to write, what is the content, do you want me to provide details?”

“I just came to you when I needed it.” Ling Ruoyu said distressedly: “I don’t know how to write this kind of thing at all, how to express a woman’s love for a man? Especially for parents in this situation, even the world’s story books and poems You can’t copy it now, there is no reference.”

Longque touched his chin and pondered for a moment, then snapped his fingers: “There is a way. We are not good at this kind of thing. You can consult Tang Wanzhuang.”

“Prime Minister Tang? Will she be willing to ask her to write a love letter to her husband for another woman? Will she beat us to death…”

“That can only mean that you don’t understand Tang Wanzhuang at all. Even if she personally tied Ye Wuming to your father’s bed, she would do it…as long as she has the strength.”

“Where is Prime Minister Tang now?”

“It seems to be in Miao territory.”

Sanniang, who threw the man into the washing machine to clean it and get ready to use it, failed in the end. Zhao Changhe struggled to free himself and said with a sorry smile: “Sanniang, I have something to do…”

“Who are you going to accompany again?” Sanniang grumbled, “Isn’t it enough to give it to Ye Wuming for one day?”

“Ye Wuming is not a coquettish person.”

“…Is this the point of what I said?” Sanniang couldn’t laugh or cry: “So you still want to find Ye Wuming?”

Zhao Changhe shook his head: “I have to go find Jiuyou. Regarding the next breakthrough, there is nothing more convenient than asking her. In addition, she is in Miaojiang at the moment, and I also want to go to Miaojiang to see their witches. How is the process going? Wan Zhuang and the others have been tracing the path of heaven for several days, but there is no conclusion.”

Speaking of this, Sanniang seemed to have something to say, but she finally held it back and said sadly: “Then go. Anyway, we don’t think they can make it happen, and there is no use giving them a few more days.”

“I don’t think it’s that easy either, so I’m a little worried. After all, this is the top priority now…”

“Go on, go on.” Sanniang shooed him away like a fly, lying on the side motionless.

The meat in the mouth is gone… Those muscles are so tempting…

The back of my neck suddenly tightened, and Huangfu Qing grabbed the back of my neck and lifted it up: “What are you doing?”

Sanniang struggled: “What else can you do at this time?”

Huangfu Qing said: “Of course, let’s compete with them to see who can figure out the location of Heaven’s Way first. Anyway, even if you don’t counterattack, you still have to know where the opponent is and know yourself and the enemy. Are you just waiting here passively, even if you don’t know where the enemy is? Don’t know? There is no such way of using troops.”

This is what Sanniang was hesitant to say just now. They are actually secretly competing with Tang Wan, Zhuang Sisi and the others about this matter, so they don’t want to talk to Zhao Changhe Ming.

The other side said that there is some witchcraft that can be traced and calculated, but the Four Symbols Sect thinks it is unreliable. After all, it is the way of heaven, and it is not something that you can figure out with cats and dogs. Moreover, the so-called witchcraft is also a part of heaven. Why do you use your skills to measure it?

But the Four Symbols Sect can raise objections, but they don’t know how to do it. Many of their spells or rituals were very high-end and exquisite, communicating with the sky and so on… But it was embarrassing when they thought about it carefully, because they found that no matter how they communicated, they either communicated with the Night Emperor, or communicated with the spirits of heaven and earth.

Whether it is the Night Emperor or the Spirit of Heaven and Earth, both are Nameless Night. The Four Symbols Sect has a constant relationship with her, and this cause and effect cannot be eliminated.

The embarrassing thing is that even after communicating with Ye Wuming to cooperate, it seems that he can’t figure out where the way of heaven is. If Ye Wuming can do this, he can just tell Zhao Changhe directly. What else does he need to do to everyone else?

But the Four Symbol Cult venerables still wanted to give it a try. They didn’t want to be fooled by Tang Wanzhuang, who had accomplished this feat first, and would be laughed at when they came back to eat. They couldn’t even eat. Maybe just Ye Wuming won’t work, but Ye Wuming plus Four Symbols will do?

Anyone can be missing from the Four Elephants Sacrifice, but Sanniang cannot be missing. Others use tortoise shells for divination, but here you can just punch Sanniang…

“Calling Chi Chi here, work harder, let their little hooves know that our Sixiang Sect will always be the boss, and they only deserve to serve tea.”

Zhao Changhe went back and picked up Longque: “Let’s go to Miao territory. Ruoyu, do you want to go with me or stay in the capital?”

Ling Ruoyu almost jumped up, she was so sleepy that she sent her pillow: “I’m going to Miao territory too! I want to travel thousands of miles!”

“Well, there is no long way to go this time, I will come directly.”

“Then I’ll go too. Master is there, isn’t he?”

“That’s right. Do you miss Master?”


Zhao Changhe took Ling Ruoyu’s hand: “Then sit tight…”

With a “swish” sound, the father and daughter disappeared.

When he reappeared, the Miao Territory was already in mid-air in front of him, and in front of him was the smiling Ye Jiuyou: “I knew you wanted to see me first.”

Zhao Changhe asked curiously: “You also learn from your sister… Oh, your sister, have you started playing calculations?”

“That’s not true, it’s just that I was quarreling with her just now, and then I saw you coming to Miaojiang, so I left her and came to see you first.” Ye Jiuyou smiled and rubbed Ling Ruoyu’s little head: ” As expected, he came to me first… to see if Ye Wuming was angry or not.”

Zhao Changhe couldn’t laugh or cry: “What’s so annoying about her… Is it possible that she can still be jealous?”

“That’s not necessarily the case…” Ye Jiuyou said with a smile: “Changhe…that arrow of yours pierced a lot of things back then.”

Zhao Changhe: “?”

Ye Wuming watched expressionlessly, secretly thinking that if he wanted to be angry, the most angry thing would be that Ling Ruoyu was making out with Ye Jiuyou, who cares about the big pig’s hooves.

My daughter is so close to every stepmother, but not so close to herself…

My mind is thinking about the blue sea and blue sky every night, and my heart suddenly moves.

She actually sensed the call of the Four Symbols Cult.

Unfortunately, the teachings of the Four Symbols Sect summoned the Night Emperor to come, and it was truly implemented for the first time in this era. The person who received the message was not the current Night Emperor Zhao Changhe in people’s eyes, but the former Night Emperor Ye Wuming.

Ye Wuming was hesitant for a moment… Do you want to go to the lower realm?

This is a good excuse. Instead of going down by yourself, the four elephants summoned you…

(End of this chapter)


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