Thunder Martial Chapter 2581: Responsibility


Latest website: Zi Chen was shocked!

I didn’t encounter any tests. I thought I missed the mantra, but I never thought it would appear in the spiritual sea.

Line word spell.

List of mantras!

As Zi Chen learned bits and pieces of information, the shock on Zi Chen’s face became more and more intense.

This overwhelming wealth was showered on his head like this. He was really caught off guard.

How did it succeed?

What about the test?

Just when Zi Chen was immersed in great joy, a large number of people entered Guting City.

Among them, Fengshen Chamber of Commerce is the most important.

Although it is just a chamber of commerce, their sphere of influence covers almost all of Dongting China, and they do a lot of business overtly and covertly.

Among them are those involving treasure ships, and their relationships with various forces are extraordinary.

Sometimes things that are inconvenient for the family to deal with are solved by the Fengshen Chamber of Commerce.

Diagonally opposite the tavern, there is a large restaurant with good business.

Liu Feng and Meng San were sitting by the window. From here, at a glance, they could see the tavern that Zi Chen often went to. At this time, he noticed that there were many people there.

Liu Feng has been here for several days.

“What’s going on? Why are there suddenly so many people around?” Liu Feng said, “And it seems that they are all going to the tavern. Is there any news about Zi Chen?”

Meng San smiled and said, “Last night’s news, Zi Chen got a one-word mantra.”


There was a hint of surprise on Liu Feng’s face, “Didn’t you say that he was just going out for a trip?”

“I just went out, saying I was going on an adventure with the shopkeeper’s daughter.”

Meng San was also very surprised when he heard about it for the first time. When Zi Chen left, he made a general comment, but Meng San didn’t pay much attention to it.

But the latest news is that Zi Chen has obtained a one-word mantra.

Of course, the news said it was an open robbery, with a few insidious stories mixed in, and then he ran away.

“This guy…”

Liu Feng smiled. If he really got the mantra, it would be a good thing.

It’s just that the mantra is too special, and it may not be possible to master it.

It depends on whether Zi Chen has such luck.



The flying boat landed on the Immortal Platform outside Guting City, and Zi Chen and Liu Liu walked out of the flying boat.

On this trip, Liu Liu got her wish.

Experiencing the life and death crisis of sacrifice several times also allowed her to completely understand life and death.

Nearly all of her original enemies are dead. Liuliu’s idea for the rest of her life is to run the tavern with her father and not expect those stories of rivers and lakes anymore.

This experience in particular allowed her to see another side of adventurers.

Various calculations and betrayal of interests.

Chen Damen is not here today. There should be other customers. I heard that his business has been very good recently.

There were some familiar drinkers nearby, so Zi Chen randomly found a car.

“Zi Chen, are you leaving Guting City?”

After getting along for many days, Liu Liu no longer called him “sir”, but directly called Zi Chen by his name.

“Probably so.”

He came to Dongting China on a mission, so naturally he could not stay here for a long time.

Liu Liu was a little disappointed, another friend was leaving.

In the past few years of her career as an adventurer, she has met many people, but not many who can be called friends.

When the carriage was returning to the city, there were suddenly more carriages around, and too many eyes were staring at Zi Chen.

Zi Chen began to close his eyes and rest.

Since he dared to come back with his true face, he had naturally expected it.

In his expectation, the Immortal Platform would be surrounded the moment he appeared, and a war would break out.

But no.

Although there were many pairs of eyes staring at him, everyone was still restrained and the fight did not break out.

This situation continued until Zi Chen entered the city.

When you enter the city, you must abide by the rules here. The probability of fighting is even lower.

The carriage arrived outside the tavern, and Liu Liu jumped out first.

Entering the tavern, the seat was still empty. As Zi Chen came in, everyone glanced at Zi Chen first, and then stopped paying attention.

The coachman also came in.

Zi Chen threw the wine bottle that had just been placed on the table to the other party. The coachman took it with a smile. After thanking him, he found a seat next to him.

After drinking, Zi Chen returned to the inn.

He never left the room. As soon as he entered it, he saw two uninvited guests.

Zi Chen cupped his fists at the two of them.

Meng San nodded towards Zi Chen and then disappeared.

Liu Feng waved his hand, and a magic circle appeared around him.

This method is somewhat similar to the Zhenzi Mantra.

“I brought the thing, Kong Yuhua said. In the end, the decision is up to you whether to use it or not.” Liu Feng said with a solemn expression: “But before using it, you must think clearly about the consequences.”

Zi Chen nodded, indicating that he understood.

Then he took out the divine rings, and there were four of them, which were definitely rare items in the land of Kyushu.

Liu Feng did not ask what Zi Chen had experienced this time, and Zi Chen took the initiative to talk about it.

Among them are Zhou Mong’s plan, the characteristics of the Nine-Character Mantra, and the evil spirit alliance’s plan.

“I know that Po Jun has extraordinary attainments in the magic formation, but I didn’t expect that it originated from the formation formation.” Liu Feng was surprised.

“It should be only part of the formation, not all of it. I guess the mantra used the golden cicada’s escape technique to give him an illusion, making him mistakenly believe that he had obtained the mantra.”

Liu Feng has never seen the mantra, so the idea of ​​a golden cicada escaping from its shell is very novel.

Zi Chen explained, “Before the Mantra Mantra is refined, it may have some kind of wisdom, so they will judge by themselves whether the person is qualified to be refined. If they are judged not to be qualified, they are likely to disappear.”

Liu Feng asked curiously: “What about you?”

Zi Chen responded with a smile.

Liu Feng understood, and there was admiration in his eyes.

The two chatted for a while, and Liu Feng handed Zi Chen the objects blessed with layers of seals before leaving the inn.

Zi Chen suppressed it in the Spring of Heaven and isolated it in a separate place.

Meng San came again, mainly telling what happened during this period and the situation with the Evil Spirit Alliance.

“Many people from the Wind God Alliance are here, saying that you stole their mantras, and they are here to ask for an explanation.”

“How many people came?”

“A huge caravan, I heard, was originally intended to surround the entire Guting City, but in the end it was Guting Da Dao who showed up, so it didn’t cause a big fuss. In addition, there were hundreds of people in Chengshan. , there are dozens of Shenmen, which can be regarded as dispatching some of the main force of the chamber of commerce.”

While talking, Meng San looked at Zi Chen and found that Zi Chen looked very calm.

The Fengshen Alliance is extremely powerful, but it is limited to Dongting China. Even if some forces turn against them here, they still have to think about themselves.

But Zi Chen is different. He is an outsider. He is helpless here and has no other interests. Naturally, he is not afraid of the Fengshen Alliance.

Fight if you can win, and leave if you can’t.

Almost nothing is lost.

Po Jun, one of the top ten divine sects, also made a high-profile appearance. He first went to Guting Avenue, and then there he loudly announced that you had stolen his mantra.

The news of the appearance of the mantra has already spread, but only to some upper-class people.

No one knows about places like taverns.

“So, some powerful aura suddenly appeared in the city, should it be directed at the mantra?”

“That’s right, but no matter how accurate it is, it’s all directed at you.”

Meng San said: “What are your plans next? Are you going to leave here directly to investigate the evil spirit alliance, or are you going to fight first?”

Zi Chen said: “Do you have any way to make me leave?”

In this city now, there are hundreds of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, just the amount of spiritual power that has landed near the inn.

You must know that not everyone can cultivate spiritual power.

Meng San said: “Senior Liu Feng is here, why not ask him to help take you away.”

Zi Chen smiled and said nothing.

Of course he can’t leave just like that. If there is no fight, the tavern, Chen Damen, and Liu Liu will all be in danger.

Leaving troubles to others is obviously not Zi Chen’s style.

Meng San also reacted quickly. He said with a smile: “If we really have to fight, it will definitely be more dangerous than last time. Do you want me to help you find a good place in advance?”

“Go away! Even if I die, I will return to my roots.”

Zi Chen did not go out that day, and there was nothing unusual in the tavern.

The next day, Zi Chen went to the tavern at the same time as before.

Business is still good.

There were some unfamiliar faces, and their expressions became unnatural after seeing Zi Chen come in.

After all, Zi Chen’s reputation is too great. Everyone felt a chill on their necks after such close contact.

Zi Chen ordered wine and food as usual, and Liu Liu brought them. Then he sat directly opposite Zi Chen and said, “Don’t worry, I’m treating you today.”

“Get rich?”

This time the two of them went away, Zi Chen did not give Liu Liu any extra money, and Liu Liu’s wealth accumulated over the years was all used to subsidize his companion’s family.

Liu Liu pointed at this place, “This is my property. A drink is nothing. Today I’m telling you that as long as you come to my shop to drink, it will be free.”


“Nature is true!”

Don’t forget to turn around and look at the shopkeeper, “Old man, what do you think?”

The shopkeeper chuckled and said, “Liu Liu will make the decision from now on.”

For Zi Chen, the shopkeeper is infinitely grateful.

Because he didn’t ask for help at that time, but Zi Chen still went to save Liu Liu.

In addition, the two of them left together this time. After returning, Liu Liu said that she would never go out again.

The shopkeeper vaguely guessed something.

“Thank you very much, here’s another hard dish.” Zi Chen accepted with a smile.

It’s not just free wine money, but it’s also a responsibility.

Nothing happened on this day

After Zi Chen returned, he continued to practice.

On a new day, continue to come here to drink free wine.

Including the day I came back, it has been three days.

Three days are enough time for the news to spread far.

Since he chose to fight, Zi Chen had to give the enemy enough time to prepare. In the subsequent battle, only by completely defeating those people would there be no danger here.

On the fourth day, Zi Chen came to the tavern again.

Just after drinking two bowls of wine, someone unceremoniously sat down opposite Zi Chen.

He looks strange, with a vertical line between his eyebrows, like an unopened eye.

After he sat down, he stared at Zi Chen, “You should know who I am.”

Zi Chen said calmly: “We are busy.”


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