Thunder Martial Chapter 2564: 1 thing


The latest website: The old man who was carried away by the arrow and flew out of the crowd disappeared.

I don’t know whether he was scattered by Zi Chen’s arrow, or whether he was seriously injured and escaped.

When the old man came, he was so powerful that it resonated with people and shook the world.

The result…

One blow was blocked.

An arrow disappears.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Zi Chen again.

The guardian of the four spirits has disappeared, and the shaking divine door has also disappeared.

Zi Chen no longer had the sunset bow in his hand.

The shadow of the myth also dissipated, but Zi Chen’s body did not continue to shake.

He stood there, with his back straight and his head upright.

No one can see through him at this moment.

Is it really powerful?

Or are you pretending to be powerful?

The losses in Yuting Mountain were heavy, far exceeding expectations, and they no longer dared to test at will.

Others are even less willing to risk their lives.

Enough people have died today.

“Let’s go.”

Zi Chen said.

This was said to Chen Damen.

Chen Damen, who had always been frightened, quickly got on the carriage and came here at high speed.

Zi Chen was not idle, he turned around and walked towards a corpse.

He is from Yutingshan.


Someone shouted, guessing what Zi Chen was going to do.

Zi Chen ignored it, and without even pausing, he took off the ring and suppressed it in the spring of heaven.

He will not use this thing easily and needs people from the Mythical Alliance to inspect it.

Zi Chen walked leisurely on the battlefield, cleaning the battlefield alone.

Everyone around was watching, and some people shouted to stop him, but no one dared to step forward to stop him.

Qin Zhi looked at Mu Bai with questioning eyes.

Mu Bai said: “I estimate that he is truly at the end of his crossbow now.”

Before, he deliberately acted weak in order to attract people to kill the enemy.

Now I am deliberately showing off my strength to prevent the enemy from taking action.

But after thinking about it, he said: “It’s just my personal estimate. It’s hard to distinguish between true and false.”

Even Mu Bai couldn’t see through Zi Chen, let alone anyone else.

At this point, no one dares to joke with their own lives anymore.

Especially the old man who was comparable to Tianquan disappeared inexplicably.

When Zi Chen finished packing the loot, Chen Damen also arrived with a carriage.

At close range, Chen Damen was shocked when he saw the shocking wounds on Zi Chen’s body.

Zi Chen got on the carriage, which had already blocked out all surrounding exploration. In an instant, Zi Chen swallowed a petal of the Ice Lotus.

I used to bite off a little bit, but now I swallow it directly.

Spiritual power enters the body and surges, repairing the injuries.

The immortal golden body began to repel and destroy the remaining external forces from the wound.

From the outside, Zi Chen’s injuries were serious, but in fact they were not as serious as everyone thought.

Aside from the shocking wound, the damage to Zi Chen was actually not that great.

After all, it is an immortal golden body. As long as it can still function, it can quickly recover from injuries.

But the reason why he didn’t expel the remaining power was that besides being on the battlefield and being pressed for time, Zi Chen was unwilling to do so.

The people in Yuting Mountain want to kill him, so he naturally wants to destroy the people in Yuting Mountain as much as possible, because their threat is too great.

“Sir, where are we going?” Chen Damen asked.


Hearing these two words, Chen Damen’s mood immediately relaxed.

At this time, I was still in the mood to drink, which proved that the injury was okay.

Murderous intent was surging outside, but no one dared to step forward and could only watch the carriage leave.

Liu Yulin and Kong Zhishang looked at each other and shook their heads involuntarily.

They also couldn’t see through Zi Chen’s current state, so it was difficult to decide whether to take action.

After all, it is not Immortal Forest. If the two sides are openly opposed to each other, it will be easier to fight through everything. If they fail to fight, they will not be able to leave alive.

After Chen Damen led Zi Chen away from the battlefield, the people on the periphery immediately rushed forward.

Zi Chen just collected some trophies, and the corpses were not moved.

They want to pick up the slack.

After all, those who died were all gods. As long as a small item was not taken away from them, it would be a huge wealth to them.

The carriage entered the city smoothly.

Then go straight to the old tavern.

When Zi Chen stepped out of the carriage, the **** clothes on his body had disappeared, and his whole person had a completely new look.

With his brand-new black robe and rosy complexion, he didn’t look like he had just experienced a life-and-death battle.

Some people speculate that Zi Chen has completely recovered?

As usual, Zi Chen returned to the inn after drinking.

The news has spread, and people are standing outside the inn, all wanting to witness Zi Chen’s grace.

After all, the previous battles were too far apart, and many ordinary people couldn’t see what happened at all, and could only listen to hearsay from the people next to them.

Zi Chen returned to the inn and the restriction had been triggered.

One person stands in the corner.

Zi Chen stared at each other.

The man nodded towards Zi Chen.

Zi Chen frowned.

“It’s me.”

When the other party spoke, his voice was exactly the same as that of the person who commented on Zi Chen’s condition.

Zi Chen’s eyes revealed murderous intent.

The other party took out a token and threw it to Zi Chen.

It is the token of the Mythical Alliance.

Meng San.

A flash of surprise flashed in Zi Chen’s eyes.

Last time I chatted with Kong Yuhua, the other party told me that the person in charge of this place was the person in front of me.

During this period, no one from the Mythical Alliance came to contact Zi Chen, and Zi Chen did not know any other information.

I never thought that the other party would actually come in person.

Also indirectly participated in the previous battle.

The people in Yutingshan suddenly went all out and couldn’t do without the other party’s “strategy”.

The tokens of the Mythical Alliance cannot be faked. Zi Chen returned the token to the other party, motioned for the other party to sit down, and raised his hand to pour two glasses of water.

“I’ve heard of Zi Chen’s name a long time ago, and when I saw him today, he was indeed well-deserved.” Meng San smiled.

Zi Chen shook his head, “Thank you, your lord has long seen my calculations.”

“I don’t dare to take this seriously, please call me Meng San.” Meng San said, “Or you can call me ‘San’.”

After all, the other party is the general person in charge of Dongting China, so he still needs to have the necessary respect.

“What’s going on in Yuting Mountain?” Zi Chen asked, “Why, do they have mythical spells?”

Meng San shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Yuting Mountain is cautious and cautious. For many years, there have only been rumors about the mythical aura. As for this mythical power, to be honest, it is the first time for everyone, not just Zichen and you. I guess “Look, Yutingshan wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to rise, but unexpectedly it suffered heavy losses from you. Although the purpose of rising strongly was not achieved, it will still be famous after this battle.”

Zi Chen nodded, those jade talismans containing mythical spells were indeed extraordinary.

“Is this why you came here this time?”

After all, no one from the Mythical Alliance has ever contacted Zi Chen before.

“This is a coincidence. I am here to inform you about the recent trends of the Evil Spirit Alliance.”

It turns out that there is an undercurrent surging in Dongting China, and the Evil Spirit Alliance is very secretive and cautious. It is difficult to find each other through some clues. Once searching deliberately, the personnel are in danger of being exposed.

With the arrival of Zi Chen, the Evil Spirit Alliance needs to mobilize manpower to contain it, and then all forces will take action. Although they are still acting secretly, some traces have been captured by the Mythical Alliance.

“The Evil Spirit Alliance has been making a lot of big moves recently. We sent out many people, but we lost contact with them and are suspected to have been killed. They are so cautious, they may have made a major discovery.”

The recent goal of the Evil Spirit Alliance has been to find the entrance to the Netherworld.

Once the two realms are opened up, Kyushu will inevitably face a new crisis.

The purpose of Zi Chen coming to Dongting China this time is to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

“What do you need me to do?”

“Not yet, I need to verify further information. However, you must also prepare in advance.”

Zi Chen nodded. After this battle, it is estimated that he will be able to calm down for a while.

Looking at Meng San’s sad face, Zi Chen asked: “Is it very troublesome?”

Meng San sighed, “Maybe I won’t be able to hold on this time.”

Zi Chen was puzzled.

“There are unusual movements in many places in Dongting China. Although there is no guarantee that there will be netherworld passages in every place, once a few are discovered, Kyushu will be in big trouble.”

Meng San is obviously not optimistic about the current situation and does not believe that the Mythical Alliance can prevent this crisis.

Zi Chen asked: “What will happen after the Netherworld invades?”

“No one can give an answer to this. Maybe the land of Kyushu will be defeated in one blow, or it may be like that before, many parties will join forces to block the offensive of the Netherworld army.”

Meng San said some more about the situation in Dongting China, and then left.

He will not leave Guting City yet. When he has a mission, he will come and notify Zi Chen.

Meng San left, Zi Chen rearranged the restrictions, and then went to the Origin of Myth.

The news has reached here, and Kong Yuhua has been waiting for him for a long time.

Zi Chen told in detail what happened and the suppression of the divine ring.

Kong Yuhua said: “This matter is related to the rise and fall of the Mythical Alliance. It is indeed not a trivial matter. I will let Liu Feng go there in person and bring the divine ring back.”

“I just met Meng San. He is not optimistic about the current situation in Dongting China.” Zi Chen said.

Kong Yuhua said: “The Evil Spirit Alliance is secretly destroying the world. This world has long been in tatters. It is extremely difficult to mend it with the help of the Mythical Alliance. Now that the Evil Spirit Alliance has obviously made progress, it is normal for him not to be optimistic about it.”

“What if the Netherworld really invades?”

Zi Chen asked the same question again.

“What else can we do? Just fight. If you win, you have to fight. If you can’t, you have to fight!”

Kong Yuhua smiled, the Mythical Alliance should have derived this.

Zi Chen suddenly said: “Can you ask Senior Liu Feng to bring something over for me.”

“What?” Kong Yuhua asked.

After hearing what Zi Chen said, Kong Yuhua frowned.

“I have discretion and will not use it lightly.”

Zi Chen’s became extremely serious, “But if there is really no other way, we can only take this step.”

Kong Yuhua’s expression was solemn, “This matter is of great importance. I can’t make the decision alone. Let’s have a meeting to discuss it. If everyone agrees, Liu Feng will bring the things directly to you when he goes.”

Then, Kong Yuhua patted Zi Chen on the shoulder and warned again: “Be careful at any time, be careful! Do not put your life in danger at any time.”

Zi Chen nodded.

He knew very well how dangerous that battle was.

All viewers may become enemies when necessary.

For example, Mubai.

There are also geniuses who Zi Chen did not kill or leave Guting City after they were defeated in the previous battle.

Leaving the origin of the myth, Zi Chen walked out of the inn and headed straight to Guting Avenue.

He is going to find Lin Cai.


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