Thunder Martial Chapter 2055: New Rules



Like a gust of wind blowing, with a cold breath, everyone felt a chill down their backs.


They never thought that this sub-divine method, which came alone, would do it if it said it would do it, and it still took the initiative to attack.


In a trance, there seemed to be another Zichen in the field, and then disappeared in a flash, like an illusion.


The slight puff sounded, the light of the black wood still flickered, but the bone-chilling chill disappeared.


Zi Chen still stood there, as if he had never moved.


The young man also stood there, the smile on the corner of his mouth has disappeared, as if facing a great enemy.


The five small gods, including Tommy, all fell to the ground and lost their vitality.


“Who are you?”


The young man’s face changed, his eyes full of fear and vigilance.


With the realm of his sub-divine method, he thinks he can defeat five with one, but he is definitely not so fast.


“You touched my prey.”


The black wood space in Zi Chen’s hand was still displayed, and a pair of eyes stared at the young man.


“Which complete divine law rule do you want to find from its body?” The young man said: “This is not actually a conflict with me, the plant elves are huge enough, let alone you and me, even if there are two more people, it will be completely Enough, as long as there are rules in its essence. However, I don’t see much hope.”


Zi Chen said indifferently: “But I don’t like sharing with others.”


The young man said, “Do you know who I am?”


Zi Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared.


The young man’s complexion changed greatly, his figure immediately retreated, and there were two loud noises from the mountain range. He exited the black wood space, and after landing, he coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face was pale.




He looked at Zi Chen, shocked and angry in his heart.


It is also a sub-divine method, the opponent’s strength is far more powerful than he expected, and the opponent is too slaughter.


“Go away or die!” Zi Chen’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.


“Okay, great! I’ll remember you.”


The young man turned around and left, but he was decisive. Of course, this was because Zi Chen had black wood, and his combat power was strong. He knew that he was no match.


After the young man left the perception, Zi Chen glanced at the corpse on the ground, “These are for you.”


There was a wave of soul fluctuations from the ground, and the plant elves expressed their gratitude to Zi Chen.


Little God Throne’s corpse sank into the ground and was devoured by the Plant Spirit.


In this battle, it swallowed thousands of people, plus these little gods, the strength will be greatly improved, and if you encounter a similar situation, there will be no problem in self-protection.


The vegetation in the mountains has regrown, covering the ashes on the ground and returning to life.


From the outbreak to the end of the battle, the elves of plants and trees are intentionally protecting those who have taken refuge from harm, which is the main reason why Zi Chen helps.


“The guy earlier locked you with a gas machine, what’s the situation now?”


The grass elf responded briskly, its injury has recovered, and the mark is naturally lifted.


Zi Chen nodded and left.


Countless plants and trees in the forest fell down, as if to send Zichen away.


Five hundred miles ahead, Zi Chen suddenly stopped and stared straight ahead. The young man from earlier didn’t even leave.


Zi Chen’s eyes flashed coldly, “Don’t you think I can’t kill you?”


“No no no.”


The young man shook his head again and again, “I’m just curious, why didn’t you kill the grass elf? Did you appear there to kill it?”


Zi Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and infinite murderous intent emerged.


“I’m just curious and have no other ideas.” The young man added, “Don’t worry, I won’t bother with it in the future, I can swear here Joshua, I’m really just curious. “


Seeing Zi Chen’s increasingly cold expression, Joshua took out a dazzling spar and threw it to Zi Chen, “This is my sincerity.”


Zi Chen took the spar, and it turned out to be a divine jade crystal. The value was much higher than that of divine jade. It contained very pure and pure energy, equivalent to about a quarter of a godhead.


Of course, for Zi Chen, it is one-half of the godhead.


Because of the godhead, half of it will be consumed for him.


Zi Chen saw the sincerity of the other party, so he said: “Everyone in this world seeks profit, and the genus of plants and trees is killing. It is really not easy to meet such a plant spirit. It is better to let it live than to let it die. , or to make this world a little more kind.”


“That’s why?” Joshua was startled.


“Isn’t that enough?”


“This world is all about the strong prey on the weak. Those who have the ability to live, and those who have the ability to die.” Joshua shook his head, “You really are a weirdo.”


Zi Chen didn’t argue with him either. If it weren’t for the kindness of everyone in the world, the Spirit Race would not be where it is today.


If it wasn’t for the sacrifice and protection of countless ancestors, the Eldar would have been destroyed long ago.


So in Joshua’s eyes, the insignificant kindness is invaluable to Zi Chen.


If he doesn’t have the ability, he turns around and walks away. Since you have the ability, why not help?


Just a little effort.


From the corner of Zi Chen’s eyes, Joshua was still following, “Why don’t you leave?”


“Weird, do you want to advance?” Joshua walked towards Zi Chen.


Zi Chen frowned, Joshua hurriedly stopped, and said, “Weird, do you want to become a magician?”


Looking at the face of the other party, Zi Chen couldn’t help but want to punch the other party in the face.


“The Joseph family discovered a disordered time and space with complete divine law rules. As long as they get one, they can advance to divine law.” Joshua said, “How about you and I go the same way?”


Zi Chen sneered when he heard the sound, “Isn’t the Joseph family your family?”


Joshua said, “If I were from that family, would I still use it in a place like this? It’s such a chaotic time and space, and I want to work with you.”


Zi Chen snorted, “I just killed two of your men.”


“What kind of subordinate is that? It’s an accomplice I met halfway. If it wasn’t for the two of them, I wouldn’t have known that there were plant elves here.”


Looking at the other party’s expression, it doesn’t seem like a fake. When he made his move, the other party was a sub-divine method, but he didn’t stop him, “Tell me about the disordered time and space.”


While speaking, Zi Chen took out the divine jade crystal in his hand and began to absorb the energy from it.


Joshua said: “The disordered time and space only appeared after the heaven and the earth changed. The space and time inside is in a disordered state. The space is folded and squeezed, and it has been distorted. The rules are in a certain space.”


“Where does the danger come from?”


“Space-time star beasts usually hide in space and attack the gods inside.”


Joshua said: “However, as long as it is not swallowed, there is no great danger. In the chaos of time and space, the rules will still bless the gods.”


Zi Chen’s face changed, “So, the distorted space will tear the body to pieces?”


“Of course.” Joshua nodded.


“No.” Zi Chen shook his head and refused.


Joshua looked at Zi Chen, “Why? That’s a shortcut to promotion. You are so strong, it doesn’t matter if you encounter a time-space beast.”


Zi Chen said: “I am a spirit race, not a god.”


“What do you mean?”


Joshua looked puzzled, obviously not understanding.


“The Eldar are not protected by the rules and have only one life. The gods are protected by the rules, so you know…”


Hearing what Zi Chen said, Joshua was shocked, “Spiritual Race, is that ancient Spiritual Race? How is this possible, the rules of the world have long been reserved for gods, and gods are a huge threshold. In the past, you will naturally become a Protoss and be blessed by the rules, why haven’t you changed?”


It seems Joshua doesn’t know why the rules of heaven and earth have changed so much.


Zi Chen said: “It’s not only that I haven’t changed, but the spirits that will meet in the future will not change. Have you heard of the extraterritorial spirit technique? Our spirits have already obtained this technique, and we can directly advance through the power of the extraterritorial. , so you won’t become a **** if you cross the past.”


Joshua’s eyes widened with shock, “So, the ancient Eldar are going to revive?”


Immediately, Joshua’s face changed greatly, and he quickly stepped back, “You told me this secret because you wanted to kill someone, right? If I swear to keep it a secret for you, can you let me go?”


“It’s no longer a secret.” Zi Chen snorted and pointed to the sky, “The reason why the God Realm has become like this is because the Spirit Race powerhouses in the pre-turmoil era opened up the extraterritorial space and All beings above the gods are called in.”


“Without the divine position in this world, the rules will no longer be stable, and various opportunities will naturally come. This is true for the Protoss, and it is also true for our Spiritual Race.”


Joshua’s eyes flickered, unexpectedly.


In the original God Realm, one radish and one pit had to be canonized in order to advance, but now it is no longer needed. Many people seized the opportunity and advanced one after another.


It’s like him, like the little gods who died before, and the grass elf. It’s the same.


Joshua never imagined that he would be exposed to the world’s top secrets today.


Of course, he didn’t even think that the so-called extraterritorial spirit technique was brought back by the person in front of him.


The realm of the gods has become the current pattern, and he is the starting style.


“Go yourself.” Zi Chen walked towards the distance.


Joshua stayed where he was. He looked at Zi Chen’s back, his face changed and his eyes flickered.


In the end, it seemed that a certain determination had been made, and he shouted, “I’m not telling the truth, there is still a secret, a big secret!”


Zi Chen stopped.


Joshua shouted: “It is said that there is a shop in Chaos Time and Space, where you can exchange the rules for advancing to the divine law.”




Zi Chen certainly doesn’t believe it. How could there be a store in a chaotic time and space?


Who opened it, God?


was summoned long ago.


And if you open a shop in that place, let’s not say whether you will lose your life or not.


Joshua added: “It was an incarnation left by an ancient god. It is said that the **** has the same life as heaven and earth.”


Zi Chen stopped again and looked up at the sky.


Not because of Joshua’s words, but this world is undergoing drastic changes.


Countless rules flow, like a storm, sweeping this world.


Few people in the realm of the gods were able to detect this change, but everyone felt uncomfortable.


Shortness of breath, as if someone’s hand was holding on to the heart. It was like the nearby air was forcibly sucked out.


Zi Chen perceives the rioting rules of heaven and earth, and they seem to be working together to block the invasion of something.


Zi Chen was shocked. The ubiquitous rules were actually defending?


What are you afraid of?


At this moment, a rule that does not belong to this world, forcibly invaded this world to destroy the dead, broke the rule defense, invaded the rules, and then quickly integrated into the rules, becoming a part of the rules of heaven and earth.


Perceiving the new rules, Zi Chen suddenly had a clear understanding.


Yiqian broke through.


All the fairies in the realm of the gods became enlightened in an instant after the rules were integrated into the heavens and the earth.


Introduction of spirits from outside the realm is being transmitted to all the old and new fairy spirits in a regular manner.


From this moment on, after all Spirit Races are promoted to fairy spirits, they will master the technique of drawing spirits from outside the realm by themselves, and then use this technique to advance to Spirit Race gods.


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