The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8295: The dragon roars

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When Jiang Yun and Zhang Taicheng entered this so-called secret space, they both had doubts on their faces.

Beyond doubts, Zhang Taicheng also had a sense of enjoyment on his face.

Because this space is filled with land.

A huge space with no end in sight, no sky, nothing else, only land.

Of course, this is not an ordinary land, but a land made of pure earth.

Except for the Avenue of Earth, there are no other attributes.

This is also why Zhang Taicheng feels comfortable.

The Zhang family’s Mountain Swallowing Talisman and the Three Mountains and Five Mountains Talisman all originated from the way of earth. Suddenly arriving in such a place felt like returning home to him, making him extremely at ease.

Jiang Yun also practiced the path of earth, and being here also gave him a sense of comfort, but it was not as strong as Zhang Taicheng’s.

“What’s the point of Daojun laying out such a space filled with the avenue of earth?”

As Jiang Yun spoke, he reached out and grabbed a handful of soil from the ground.

The moment the earth leaves the land, it has turned into a pure avenue of earth.

In fact, Jiang Yun clearly realized that he could absorb it.

Zhang Taicheng also imitated Jiang Yun’s example, grabbed a handful of soil, turned the soil into a road of soil, and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

After smacking his lips, Zhang Taicheng said with emotion: “Brother Jiang, I am well-informed, but I have only heard of such a pure avenue of earth, and I have never seen it before. Passed.”

“If I’m not afraid of Brother Jiang’s jokes, I want to lie down on the ground and eat dirt now.”

Jiang Yun could understand Zhang Taicheng’s feelings, and did not laugh at him. Instead, he spread his consciousness and spread it in all directions in the space.

At this sight, Jiang Yun’s expression changed slightly.

Because the area of ​​this space was far beyond his imagination.

Originally, Jiang Yun believed that this space could be at most the size of a world or a star, but his consciousness could not cover the entire space at all.

According to Jiang Yun’s speculation, this space is at least as large as a domain.

Use a large space to place all the avenues of earth!

Jiang Yun believed that Daojun would never create such a space in this Luolian plane because he was bored.

He must have his purpose for doing this!

After pondering for a moment, Jiang Yun glanced at Zhang Taicheng and said: “Brother Zhang, is there any situation outside the tripod that requires the use of a large amount of pure earth avenue?”

Zhang Taicheng thought about it seriously and then shook his head and said: “Maybe I don’t have enough experience. In my understanding, there is no such thing.”

Jiang Yun continued: “To obtain such a pure Tao of Earth is like refining a weapon and tempering the body. It requires countless efforts.”

“Is it possible that the Great Laws that this Dragon Pattern has absorbed over the years are actually designed to transform those Great Laws into the Great Road of Earth?”

“Especially this dragon pattern, Daojun also drew it in the shape of a mountain, and its attributes are mainly based on the avenue of earth.”

Before, Wen Xuanzi told Jiang Yun that in order for the dragon pattern to maintain itself from dissipating, it needed to swallow the monk’s avenues and laws.

But from the perspective of this Earth Avenue space, Jiang Yun felt that his speculation should be closer to the truth.

Zhang Taicheng had a wry smile on his face and didn’t know how to respond to Jiang Yun.

After Jiang Yun thought for a long time, he said: “Brother Zhang, I am going to go to the other two secret spaces to have a look. Will you come with me or stay here?”

Zhang Taicheng smiled and said: “Of course I am with Brother Jiang.”

Although Zhang Taicheng really wanted to stay here and eat dirt, he also knew that Jiang Yun was the real boss here.

Jiang Yun nodded and took Zhang Taicheng away from this space to the second secret space.

After stepping into this space, Jiang Yun and Zhang Taicheng looked at each other, the doubts on their faces getting stronger.

This space is still a vast and boundless land.

However, this time it is not the avenue of earth that condenses into the land, but the law of earth.

Similarly pure!

This time, neither of them spoke and went directly to the third secret space.

This space is still a piece of land, but half of it is condensed by the avenue of earth, and the other half is condensed by the law of earth!

In short, all three spaces are related to earth.

“What the **** is going on?”

Not to mention Jiang Yun, even Zhang Taicheng, a monk outside the tripod, is curious about these three spaces.

Unfortunately, they cannot have an answer to this question.

Jiang Yun muttered: “Perhaps someone from the Emperor’s lineage can know the answer!”

“After I leave here, I will go find Peng Sanhe and the people from Tikong’s lineage.”

“Now, I need to try to stop the loose scales in the cauldron.”

Scattered scales are actually the dissipation of dragon patterns on the body of Longwen Red Cauldron.

However, this dragon pattern is not the same as the dragon pattern subdued by Jiang Yun in Luo Ling’s plane.

The dissipated dragon pattern is like a decoration on the tripod.

In Jiang Yun’s understanding, the dragon pattern on the falling surface should be like the eye of the formation.

Jiang Yun randomly found a place within the Luoling surface and sat cross-legged. After his spiritual consciousness covered the entire Luoling surface, it suddenly continued to spread toward the distance.

This is the most intuitive benefit that subduing the dragon pattern brings to Jiang Yun.

With the power of the dragon pattern, his consciousness may cover a wider area.

As soon as he left the Luoling side, Jiang Yun’s consciousness saw a monstrous sea of ​​blood.

In the sea of ​​blood, apart from blood, there is nothing else at all.

This sea of ​​blood is the blood on Ding’s body. ωω

When he first entered the Falling Side, Peng San said that it was this blood that destroyed the dragon pattern.

If you want to stop the scattered scales, you need to use the power of the dragon pattern to let the blood return to the tripod body!

Jiang Yun took a deep breath, and as his belly slowly swelled, the Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman was ejected from his body.

Because of the addition of the Dao Lord statue, the current One Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman seems to have a soul and has become a living thing.

Zhang Taicheng on the side couldn’t help but feel a hint of envy in his heart as he watched the dragon continuously meandering and expanding in the air, as if it had transformed into a dragon and covered hundreds of thousands of mountains.

Although he has practiced the Three Mountains and Five Mountains Talisman since he was a child, he even has his own Taicheng Mountain, but in terms of power alone, it may not be as powerful as Jiang Yun’s Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman.

After the Shiwan Mangshan Talisman flew in the air for a moment, Jiang Yun suddenly opened his mouth again, and let out a high-pitched dragon roar.

Immediately afterwards, a dragon roar came from within the Hundred Thousand Mangshan Talisman.

The dragon roars and the sound reaches the sky!

Just like when the dragon’s scales were scattered before, all the creatures in the cauldron could hear the mournful cry of the dragon pattern, this dragon’s roar also spread throughout the cauldron in an instant.

The blood boils!

The next moment, the sea of ​​​​blood suddenly began to slowly descend at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the Daoxing Domain, Situ Jing said with joy on his face: “Someone stopped Sanlin, it must be the fourth child!”

In a hidden space, Jiang Yiyun took a long breath and said: “That Peng San is quite trustworthy.”

Deep in Yifa Domain, Gu Bulao frowned slightly and looked at the direction where the dragon roar came from, with a somewhat complicated expression on his face.

Outside Luo Ling, two people, a man and a woman, stopped together. After looking at each other, the woman said: “It’s bad, someone got ahead of me!”


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