The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8294: Irreconcilable

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What is shown in the picture is the situation inside the falling plane.

In other words, what is shown is the mountain transformed by the winding dragon pattern.

At the dragon’s head, an old man sat cross-legged with his eyes closed.

Of course, this old man looks very similar to Gu Bu Lao, the previous Lord of the Dragon Mark.

When Jiang Yun saw the old man, the old man seemed to sense something and slowly opened his eyes. ωω

His eyes seemed to have traveled through time and space, and they happened to collide with Jiang Yun’s eyes.

After looking at Jiang Yun for a moment, the old man said: “I am not old!”

Just these five words made Jiang Yun’s pupils shrink suddenly!

The other party is actually his master!

Gu Bulao continued: “Since you can come to this Falling Side and see me, you must already have an understanding of the world we live in.”

“The world we live in is actually a tripod.”

What Gu Bulao said next is all about the relationship between the inside and outside of the tripod.

Jiang Yun also understood that this was probably because the other party wanted to prevent himself from having any accidents, so he deliberately left this image in the statue so that future generations could know what happened.

“After I learned the truth about this cauldron, I found the falling side, entered it, and tamed the dragon pattern.”

“But what I am ashamed of is that in this dragon pattern, there is the Taoist heart left by the Taoist.”

“I thought that I could not be the enemy of the Dao Heart, so I could not fully control the dragon pattern. I could only suppress it with my strength and force it to be used by me.”

“But since then, I have not dared to leave this place and must suppress it at all times.”

This is roughly similar to Jiang Yun’s previous speculation.

If the old man really completely subdued the dragon pattern, then the Taoist Taoist heart and statue would have disappeared long ago.

“And during the long years of sitting here, I also discovered that there are several secret spaces in this falling plane.”

“It’s a pity that I can’t pry into the truth of those secret spaces. I can only hope that you can do it.”

“Besides that, I want to show you something.”

After he finished speaking, Gu Bulao suddenly raised his hand and as expected, pictures appeared in front of Jiang Yun again.

At first glance, Jiang Yun felt that the blood all over his body had solidified instantly.

Because in the picture, monks are running away frantically, being pursued by dragon patterns.

Among them, Jiang Yun even saw several previous masters.

Although they are very strong, they are no match for this dragon pattern.

Even if it self-destructs, it cannot damage the dragon pattern at all. In the end, the dragon pattern will swallow up its own avenues and laws.

Having lost their great ways and laws, they have transformed from powerful men into ordinary people.

In this Falling Plane, without cultivation, they had no way to survive and could only die here one after another.

The ancient voice sounded again: “They are all monks in my cauldron. They have practiced for a lifetime, but they have become food for the dragon pattern.”

“The monks outside the tripod think they are superior and treat us as animals to support us, and they can deal with our life and death at will.”

“I don’t know who you are, but if you are also a living being in the cauldron, then I hope you can remember these hatreds and remember that there is no shared destiny within the cauldron and outside the cauldron!”

It is not difficult to see that Gu Bulao hated the monks outside the cauldron to the extreme, so even in the scene he left behind, he did not forget to remind Jiang Yun to remember the hatred inside and outside the cauldron.

Jiang Yun looked at Gu Bu Lao, whose figure had begun to fade, and murmured: “Master, don’t worry, this disciple will not forget it!”

As the ancient figure disappeared, Jiang Yun also returned to reality.

Jiang Yun said to himself: “Is he really the master?”

“Could it be that Master created a clone back then and entered the Falling Side, and has never left since then?”

Jiang Yun couldn’t think of an answer to this question, so he could only give up thinking for the time being and continue to fuse Daojun’s statue.

His consciousness also looked at several places within the Luoling plane.

That’s where the so-called secret space is.

There are three such places in total, located in three directions of the landing surface.

Looking at the appearance alone, there is no difference at all in those places. They are just ordinary spaces.

But since Jiang Yun has subdued the dragon pattern, he can naturally sense that these three spaces are blocked by an external force, and there is a universe within.

About an hour passed, Jiang Yun took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and a smile appeared on his face.

Because, not only has he completely subdued all the dragon patterns and statues, but his cultivation level has also been improved.

He firmly remembered the reminder from the second senior sister and did not try to attack the transcendent realm again.

But the Dao Enlightenment he gained from Dao Lord and swallowed up Dao Lord’s Dao Marks raised his realm to the middle level of the Origin Realm.

As Jiang Yun opened his eyes, Zhang Taicheng, who had been waiting on the side, immediately smiled and said: “Brother Jiang, today is a double happiness!”

Naturally, he also felt the improvement of Jiang Yun’s realm.

Jiang Yun stood up and said: “Brother Zhang, now that the Luolingmian incident has come to an end, does Brother Zhang want to leave, or continue to stay here?”

Zhang Taicheng smiled bitterly and said: “Brother Jiang, if you don’t mind it, I want to stay with you.”

This trip to Luolingmian made Zhang Taicheng completely offend Peng San.

Not to mention inside the cauldron, even outside the cauldron, the Zhang family cannot afford to offend the emperor’s lineage.

So, if Zhang Taicheng wants to survive, the best way is to seek refuge with Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun naturally knew it well, and Zhang Taicheng was very powerful, so being able to get his help was a good thing for him.

“I wish I could get Brother Zhang’s help!”

“Now, there are three secret spaces in this Luoling plane, let’s go and see them together!”

“Secret space?” Zhang Taicheng looked surprised.

Jiang Yun did not explain, but with a wave of his sleeves, he took Zhang Taicheng and disappeared from the place, directly arriving at a secret space.

Zhang Taicheng looked around and said with some confusion: “There is nothing here!”

The entire Falling Surface, after losing the dragon pattern, is an empty and boundless area.

The place where the two of them were at this moment was also empty and nothing.

Jiang Yun smiled slightly, raised his hand, and patted the space in front of him.

Countless patterns suddenly emerged from Jiang Yun’s hand and disappeared into the space in front of him.

The next moment, golden light rose into the sky within a hundred feet of space.

Immediately afterwards, the space began to peel off layer by layer, revealing an entrance, like a cave.

Jiang Yun and Zhang Taicheng looked at each other, and then walked in one after the other.


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