The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8149: Ready to go home

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Although Gu Bulao and Qiu Yulong had already given up exploring the mysterious finger bone long ago.

But the cracked space where the finger bones were located was filled with a lot of chaotic energy, so it took the two of them a while to leave smoothly, so they didn’t return here until now.

The first thing they saw was two Jiang Yiyun fighting two Jiang Yun!

This made the two people look at each other. Even with their strength and experience, they couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while!

Jiang Yiyun and Jiang Yun also saw the two of them.

Jiang Yiyun snorted coldly, and saw another clone suddenly turned into a ray of light and submerged into his body.

Immediately afterwards, he waved his sleeves again, and a strong wave of air rolled out, knocking away Jiang Yun’s two original Tao bodies. He took a step forward and appeared directly beside Gu Bulao and Qiu Yulong. .

Qiu Yulong couldn’t help but ask: “What happened here?”

Jiang Yiyun ignored Qiu Yulong at all, but said to Gu Bulao, “Your disciple is promising!”

Gu Bu Lao’s eyes were looking at Jiang Yun’s original Taoist body standing there, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I would like to hear the details!”

Jiang Yiyun said simply: “Just now, Jiang Yun suddenly came back and his strength increased greatly.”

“He stopped me with two original Tao bodies, and his true form killed three Dharma cultivators one after another with half a step of detachment, so that the Dharma cultivators did not dare to fight anymore, and they all ran away!”

“All in all, Fa Xiu lost this battle!”

After listening to what Jiang Yiyun said, Gu Bulao didn’t show any expression of shock or surprise on his face.

He still nodded extremely calmly and said: “His strength has been stagnant for some time, and it is not surprising that he has made a breakthrough now.”

“However, even if he breaks through again, even if he becomes a transcendent strong man, logically speaking, he should not be your opponent!”

“Why didn’t you stop him? Instead, you fought with his two Dao bodies.”

“Don’t you have the heart to kill him?”

Gu Bu Lao’s words seemed to be said unintentionally, but a cold light flashed in Jiang Yiyun’s eyes.

He first glanced at Qiu Yulong on the side, and then said: “You are the leader of Dharma cultivation, and he is your disciple. If I kill him, you must not cause trouble to me!”

“It’s better to clean up your portal yourself!”

Gu Bulao smiled faintly, and finally moved his eyes away from Jiang Yun’s original Dao body, looking in the direction of the Daoxing Great Domain, and said with emotion: “I really didn’t expect that we could still lose this battle. !”

At this moment, everyone in Daoxing Territory naturally saw the return of these two people.

However, they are no longer panicking!

Because, in their opinion, no matter how powerful Qiu Yulong and Jiang Yiyun were in ancient times, they were only three people.

Even if it is inconvenient for Brother Jiang Yun to take action against Gu Bulao, with so many half-step detachments in the Daoxing Domain, it is more than enough to deal with the three of them.

Therefore, Brother Daoxing just stood ready and watched them coldly!

At this moment, a figure appeared again in the distance and came to everyone’s side in a few steps.

It’s Jiang Yun!

Haotian’s guess about Jiang Yun’s behavior was correct.

Jiang Yun knew that his return, killing three Dharma cultivators with half-step detachment in a row, and turning the tide of the battle would definitely boost the morale of the Daoxing cultivators.

Coupled with the heavy casualties in Daoxing Territory, if the living are not allowed to vent their anger and resentment, inner demons may arise, which will be detrimental to their practice.

Therefore, he took the initiative to lead them to hunt down the escaped cultivator.

And he naturally thought that Master and Qiu Yulong might return at any time, so the two original Tao bodies left behind were not only to entangle Jiang Yiyun, but also to guard against them.

Jiang Yun looked at the three people from a distance, but he sent a message to Pan Chaoyang: “Fellow Daoist Pan, notify all living beings immediately and assemble as quickly as possible!”

Pan Chaoyang was slightly startled and said: “What to do?”

Even though Pan Chaoyang was as wise as a demon, he still couldn’t understand Jiang Yun’s request.

If you want to deal with the three ancient people, there is no need to gather all the creatures.

These three are so powerful that they cannot be dealt with simply by relying on large numbers of people,

What’s more, in addition to resting and healing, the Daoxing creatures are also cleaning up the battlefield and collecting the bones of their dead companions.

There are so many dead Daoxing creatures that it will take a long time to collect all their bones.

For them to assemble suddenly is a bit unreasonable.

Jiang Yun said in a deep voice: “Get ready to go home!”

Pan Chaoyang’s heart moved, and his face showed a look of surprise.

Although Pan Chaoyang didn’t know what Jiang Yun had gone through during the time when he just disappeared, he was proficient in the art of divination and had extremely keen intuition.

He had a vague feeling that Jiang Yun’s sudden increase in strength should be related to the Daoxing Domain.

Now that Jiang Yun said he wanted to go home, there must be a purpose.

Therefore, Pan Chaoyang no longer hesitated and immediately conveyed the order to the masters of each Taoist realm.

Although the Daoxing creatures were also puzzled, no one asked or questioned them, and they immediately started to move.

Jiang Yun’s two original Tao bodies also quickly returned and returned to Jiang Yun’s body.

Jiang Yun, on the other hand, always stood where he was, staring at the three ancient people.

The reason why we want to return to the Daoxing Domain at this time is because only there is Jiang Yun’s territory, which can make Jiang Yun stronger.

After all, Jiang Yun knew very well that either Jiang Yiyun or Qiu Yulong was probably stronger than the army of legal cultivators who had just escaped.

As for the master, Jiang Yun can now treat it calmly, but he still tries to avoid fighting with the master, delaying it for a while.

Looking at the actions of Daoxing creatures, Jiang Yiyun said: “They are leaving!”

Gu Bulao shrugged his shoulders and said, “Just go, I’m leaving too!”

Qiu Yulong frowned and said, “Are you leaving too?”

Gu Bulao smiled and said: “Fa Xiu has lost this battle!”

“If you two want to keep them, you can do whatever you want. Anyway, it is impossible for Gu to keep them on his own.”

“If you don’t leave, why don’t you wait to die!”

“I will gather the remaining practitioners and attack them when the time comes!”

After saying that, Gu Bulao actually turned around and left!

Qiu Yulong frowned, looked at Jiang Yiyun, and said via voice transmission: “Jiang Yiyun, will our cooperation continue?”

“Of course continue!”

Jiang Yiyun suddenly laughed and said, “But Gu Bu Lao is right.”

“This battle has been lost, and there is no point in staying. Let’s leave for now, regain our strength and come back again.”

As he spoke, Jiang Yiyun turned around and left.

But Qiu Yulong said coldly: “Jiang Yiyun, don’t forget, I can contact Bai Ye at any time.”

“I think Bai Ye and Daojun must be very curious. Under their strict surveillance and under the suppression of the rules within the tripod, what kind of incredible ability does Brother Jiang possess and how can he become a transcendent warrior?” Whose!”


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