The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8134: Qi hidden in the bones

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In the previous area, the bones were still camouflaged. They were completely black and huge, like mountains.

When Jiang Yun first arrived, he didn’t notice the slightest clue.

But here, all the bones were presented in front of Jiang Yun in their original postures.

At this moment, Jiang Yun should be facing a huge continent.

The mainland is alone and suspended in the gap between the borders.

From the vague undulations of the continent, like the jagged edges of canine teeth, it is not difficult to see that this continent should have been cut off from a certain star or a certain world.

On the continent, all kinds of bones are scattered everywhere!

Some bones are still incredibly large in size, standing there like mountains.

But some bones are the same size as normal human or animal bones.

The number of bones is too numerous to count.

Anyway, this continent that Jiang Yun couldn’t even see the end of was full of bones.

In addition to bones, there are also various magical weapons.

Some magic weapons have become fragments, but some magic weapons are still shining and seem to be still usable.

Obviously, this continent should be the battlefield where the owners of these bones fought against Daojun’s men.

Back then, after these powerful men outside the cauldron were defeated, not only were their blood smeared on the Longwen Red Cauldron, but their bones, along with their battlefields, were also placed inside the cauldron.


While Jiang Yun was sizing up the continent, a broken knife with only half of it left suddenly rose into the sky and rushed towards Jiang Yun on its own.

Immediately afterwards, all kinds of magical weapons also automatically rose into the air without wind and attacked Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun stood on the spot, not dodging or dodging, and when these magical weapons came to him, his body emitted powerful aura fluctuations, forming a strong wind, which easily blew these magical weapons away. , swept away.

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, looked into the depths of the continent again, and murmured: “Not here yet!”

Jiang Yun’s purpose is to find the location of the person who threw the dagger at him before.

That should be where the most powerful monks from outside the tripod who were killed were gathered.

Through competing with these magic weapons, Jiang Yun could tell that this continent was still not the place he was looking for.

The next moment, Jiang Yun continued to walk forward.

However, more magic weapons, and even the bones scattered on the ground, seemed to be alive. They floated from the ground and attacked Jiang Yun.


A bone that should be a leg bone came directly in front of Jiang Yun and hit Jiang Yun’s head.

The appearance of this bone made Jiang Yun’s eyes light up.

He did not roll the bone away, but reached out, grabbed it, and squeezed it hard.


There was a shattering sound on the bones, and cracks appeared.

Although Jiang Yun was not able to crush the bone directly, a trace of gas escaped from the crack.

Hongmeng Qi!

Jiang Yun sucked hard and sucked this Hongmeng Qi into his body!

Jiang Yun said with some regret: “Unfortunately, this Hongmeng Qi is not pure.”

I don’t know whether it’s because these bones have existed for so long, or for some other reason, but the Hongmeng Qi hidden in the bones is obviously not as pure as the ones Jiang Yun collected from the stars.

Just like a low-grade elixir, there are many impurities in it.

Although such Hongmeng Qi will also be beneficial to monks, the benefits are limited.

Moreover, Jiang Yun is currently unable to determine what the impurities are, and it is unclear whether the impurities can be removed or affected once the monks absorb them.

But no matter what, one of Jiang Yun’s purposes here is to find Hongmeng Qi and Hongmeng Yuanshi.

Unexpectedly, there is Hongmeng Qi in a piece of bone.

Even if this Hongmeng Qi is insignificant and not pure, there are a lot of bones here.

Even if not every bone contains the Qi of Hongmeng, if you collect them all, the number is still considerable.

“Third Senior Brother should be allowed to come here!”

Jiang Yun is going to continue walking deeper, presumably there should be more Hongmeng Qi there, more pure.

But at this moment, in the distance, hundreds of bones suddenly came together and quickly formed a human-shaped skeleton!

When the skeleton appeared, it suddenly looked up to the sky, opened its mouth, and let out a strange cry like a whimper.

Amid the cry, a spear that pierced the ground suddenly flew high and landed in the hands of the skeleton.

The aura on the skeleton is also rising at a crazy speed. After just a few breaths, it has reached half a step of transcendence!

The skeleton held the spear in his hand and also rushed towards Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes and stared at the skeleton!

Jiang Yun didn’t care that the other party was powerful and could act like a living person.

But what Jiang Yun cares about is that all the bones that make up this humanoid skeleton are not from the same corpse, but are composed of various bones belonging to different corpses!

What Jiang Yun could recognize alone were the bones of more than ten species of animals, more than a dozen men, and even women!

Jiang Yun said to himself: “There must be an extremely powerful being here. He can control all the bones and piece them together into anything.”

“This is a bit like Lu Yunzi, who can use clouds to condense people!”

“Is the opponent one of the powerful men outside the tripod who was once killed, or is he a…bone spirit born from these bones like the blood spirit?”

The innate spirit is an existence that Jiang Yun only learned about not long ago.

Like Soul Lotus and Blood Spirit, they are both innate spirits.

Then, it is not unimaginable that a bone spirit was born here,

As for this question, Jiang Yun knew that as long as he could enter the deepest part of this space, he would be able to know the answer.

But before that, Jiang Yun must first deal with the skeleton in front of him, which is comparable to a half-step transcendent powerhouse!

Jiang Yun flicked his wrist, and the almost blurred human sword appeared again, facing the skeleton.

At the same time, in the vast realm of chaos, Jiang Yiyun’s figure emerged from the entrance of the crack.

He himself is also proficient in the power of Chaos, so even though he was led into the depths of the crack by Chaos, he still managed to escape smoothly by groping along the way.

Looking at the crack behind him, Jiang Yiyun knew clearly what secret must be hidden inside.

But at this moment, he did not enter the crack again, but went to the battlefield between Daoxing monk and Faxiu.

On the battlefield, with the departure of Gu Bu Lao and the return of Ji Kongfan, Brother Daoxing finally managed to draw a tie with Fa Xiu.

Now the two sides are competing for perseverance and strength to see who can persist longer.

Jiang Yiyun was a little strange and couldn’t figure out where Gu Bu Lao had gone.

However, Jiang Yiyun didn’t care. After looking around the battlefield, he said: “Since Gu Bu Lao is not here, I might as well help Fa Xiu and end this war as soon as possible!”

After finishing his words, Jiang Yiyun swayed and appeared on the battlefield!


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