The World That Tao Rules Chapter 8130: Return to us

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Although Jiang Yun knew that where he wanted to go, he would definitely need to use this teleportation array to get there, but he did not rush into the array, but carefully examined the bone formation base with his eyes.

During the sixteen years of growing up in Jiangcun, Jiang Yun developed the ability to touch bones.

Especially since he later became an alchemist and a demon refiner, he has an extremely good understanding of bones.

Bones are not only possessed by humans, but also by animals, and they are of various kinds.

But at least more than half of the nineteen bones presented to him at this moment, he could not tell whether they belonged to humans or beasts.

In fact, these bones are not the same color, but are gold, white, gray, black, etc.!

In addition, these bones have one thing in common, that is, there are various runes on each piece.

Some are Dao patterns, and some are Dharma patterns.

These runes are not naturally generated, but only after the monks have reached a certain level of cultivation after a long period of time, their own Tao patterns or Dharma patterns will be imprinted on their own bones.

In short, these nineteen bones definitely do not come from the same kind of creature, but most likely come from nineteen different powerful monks!

After seeing these bones clearly, Jiang Yun murmured: “It’s not you who is calling me, but you!”

“I think I know who you are!”

After he finished speaking, Jiang Yun raised his feet and stepped into the teleportation array composed of bone array bases!


Without any action from Jiang Yun, the teleportation array was already running on its own.

Several beams of teleportation light rose into the sky, wrapped around Jiang Yun, and disappeared without a trace.

And as Jiang Yunhe’s teleportation light disappeared, the nineteen bones that had existed for who knows how many years suddenly made a “click-click” sound.

Immediately afterwards, these nineteen bones collapsed together, turned into powder, scattered in all directions, and merged with the surrounding chaotic energy, leaving no trace at all.

After a moment, another figure appeared in this position.

Peng Da!

Everywhere Peng Da passed by, the chaotic energy was basically blown away, so it was vaguely visible that his surroundings were extremely empty.

When Peng Da came here, he suddenly stopped, sniffed hard, turned his head and looked around, frowned and said: “There are fluctuations in power.”

“It should be that Jiang Yun, who just passed by here.”

“But why is he using his power here?”

It must be said that Peng Da’s senses are extremely sharp.

Even with the influence of Chaos Qi, he still felt the remaining power fluctuations.

However, he never thought that the fluctuation did not come from Jiang Yun, but from a teleportation array that had disappeared!

Peng Da did not stay here too long and continued to rush downwards.

Not long after, Gu Bulao and Qiu Yulong also passed by here one after another.

But they didn’t find anything unusual, and kept going down.

Unseen by them, Hun Chaozi was also falling downwards.

Compared to Qiu Yulong and the others, Hun Chaozi knew clearly that there was an unhealable crack at the end of this finger bone.

From there, it’s really a different world.

At this moment, Jiang Yun is already in an unknown space!

This space is like a world, boundless.

The sky is pitch black above, and the black mountains of varying heights are below.

Although the sky and the earth are dark, it is not all darkness here.

Because in many places here, there are colorful light groups floating like candles.

The number of light groups is nearly a thousand!

Although each light group is only the size of a fist, the light they emit slightly illuminates the space and even dispels the energy of chaos!

The location where Jiang Yun is located is also a high mountain, at least the highest mountain within his sight.

Condescendingly, looking at these mountains and those groups of light, Jiang Yun’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Before Jiang Yun could react, the light groups all turned around and pointed at Jiang Yun.

Moreover, each light group exudes a powerful power of divine consciousness!

For ordinary monks, spiritual consciousness is nothing more than an enhancement of the senses.

But for those who have reached a certain level of cultivation, spiritual consciousness is also a kind of magical power and can be used as a weapon.

At this moment, the consciousness emitted by these light groups was like a sharp blade, stabbing towards Jiang Yun!

The surprise in Jiang Yun’s eyes has quickly subsided. Facing the divine consciousness that was stabbing him, he raised his hand and grabbed the spiritual consciousness!


At the location of each piece of divine consciousness, flames suddenly rose up and enveloped those divine senses.

These flames are soul fire!

Spiritual consciousness comes from the soul.

Even though Jiang Yun’s soul source is not in his body, his soul is extremely powerful, so it is impossible for these spiritual consciousnesses to get close to it.

As these consciousnesses were wrapped in soul fire, shrill screams soon began to be heard in those light groups.

These sounds were extremely harsh, like the howling of ghosts and wolves, reaching Jiang Yun’s ears, trying to shake his soul.

Jiang Yun just stood there, listening to these cries quietly.

It wasn’t until they gradually disappeared that Jiang Yun said loudly: “Did you call me here just to kill me?”

Thousands of light groups were motionless, but the light emitted from them began to flicker, as if they were thinking about Jiang Yun’s words.

About ten breaths passed, and within these light groups, streams of spiritual consciousness suddenly escaped again.

However, this time the consciousness did not attack Jiang Yun again, but gathered together in the air.

Oddly enough, the spiritual consciousness that was supposed to be formless and insubstantial gradually took on a human form at this moment. Under Jiang Yun’s gaze, it even transformed into a man.

A man who looks exactly like Jiang Yun and is dressed exactly the same!

However, the man’s eyes that looked at Jiang Yun showed unabashed greed.

It was as if Jiang Yun was a supreme delicacy, making the man want to swallow Jiang Yun in one bite!

After looking at Jiang Yun for a long time, the man opened his mouth and said humanly: “You are one of us, now you should return to us and become us again!”

Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Do you want my body or my soul?”

“I want them all!” After the man uttered two words, he suddenly raised his hand and grabbed it downwards.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

Suddenly, the countless mountains standing below suddenly let out violent roaring sounds.

There were even several mountains rising from the ground and crashing towards Jiang Yun.

Where are the high and low mountains, but bones of different lengths!


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