The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7719: Missing Dao Realm



The soul clan is a Taoist cultivator, and Xiuyue is also a Taoist cultivator. At this moment, although Jiang Yun is fighting against the Wuding Soul Fire, the person who actually controls the Wuding Soul Fire is Xiu Yue.


What he displayed was also the power of the soul.


As the source of the law, the soul beast and the indeterminate soul fire are naturally a dispute between Taoism and law.


“What is this?”


Xiu Yue also saw the soul beast, and frowned, not seeing the true face of the soul beast for a while.


However, he doesn’t care!


Being in the Wuding Soul Fire, using the Wuding Soul Fire to deal with Jiang Yun, no matter what means Jiang Yun has, in his mind, it is absolutely impossible for him to be the opponent of the Wuding Soul Fire.


Under the gaze of the two, the body of the soul beast that had come to the four soul fire dragons suddenly swelled.


Like devouring it, it directly absorbed the four-day soul fire dragon into its own body.


“Ho Ho Ho Ho!”


It was clearly visible that the four soul fire dragons seemed to be trapped in a swamp, their bodies twisted crazily, and there were bursts of roars from their mouths, trying to break free from the soul beast’s body.


The newly inflated body of the soul beast quickly began to shrink again, squeezing the four soul fire dragons, making their body twisting and roaring sounds smaller and smaller.


Even, their originally huge bodies began to shrink as the spirit beasts contracted.


At this moment, Xiuyue, who was calm and composed, couldn’t help but change his expression again: “This is the breath of law!”


“As a Taoist cultivator, you have even comprehended the law of the soul!”


Xiu Yue sensed the essence of the soul beast, and also realized that Jiang Yun had comprehended the law of the soul, but he still didn’t care much.


In the huge world, there are not many monks who practice both Taoism and Dharma.


“In other places, your soul law may be able to compete with the soul road.”


“But here is the Indeterminate Soul Fire, what you do is tantamount to hitting a stone with an egg!”


“Let’s fight again!”


Xiu Yue raised his hand, and saw around his body, a large number of indeterminate soul fires rushed towards him like soldiers who had received an order, and condensed into an indomitable giant!


The giant has no facial features, and his face is nothingness, but it seems to contain countless facial features.


And his limbs and body are shining with a faint golden light!


Avenue golden body!


As a half-step transcendence, Xiuyue has naturally cultivated his own golden body.


Now, it is condensed with the Indeterminate Soul Fire.


The purpose is to compete with the source of the rules of the soul!




Xiuyue’s golden body raised his feet and took a step towards Jiang Yun,


At the same time, a ball of soul fire appeared on his palm, and he threw it towards Jiang Yun!


Just this ball of soul fire made Jiang Yun feel a sense of danger in his heart!


Fortunately, the soul beast also sensed the danger, and suddenly shrank and swelled!


Under contraction, it turned into the size of a palm, completely crushing the four soul fire dragons in its body.


The subsequent inflation made its body expand rapidly as if it were inflated, and it also became indomitable, even comparable to Xiuyue’s golden body!


The soul beast directly devoured the ball of soul fire that was thrown over, and then rushed towards Xiuyue’s avenue golden body.


Jiang Yun understands that the soul beast is still going to continue the Taoist dispute with Xiuyue!


Although Jiang Yun really wanted to help the soul beast, he also knew that even if he could only use his soul power, he would not be able to help the soul beast much.


However, of course he can’t just stand by here.


Although the soul beast is the source of the law of the soul, it is not complete.


There are two soul beasts in Weiyang girl’s place.


One was given to Jiang Yun, and the other was forcibly taken away by Jiang Yun and placed in the Zangfeng space to help Shura and others improve their soul power.


There is only half of the source of the law, so it is unlikely to be the opponent of Wuding Soul Fire.


Therefore, Jiang Yun looked around, his mind was running rapidly, thinking about what he could do, helping the soul beast was also helping himself.


This is the inside of the Wuding Soul Fire. All Jiang Yun can see is the Wuding Soul Fire.


“Indeterminate soul fire!”


Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly lit up.


The purpose of coming to the land of the soul clan is to absorb the indeterminate soul fire.


And now that I am already in the Wuding Soul Fire, and there are soul beasts temporarily blocking Xiuyue, why don’t I just start absorbing the Wuding Soul Fire immediately!


Originally, Jiang Yun’s plan was to wait until Xiuyue was dealt with, and concentrate on absorbing the soul fire.


After all, there are too many uncertainties in absorbing the Unfixed Soul Fire, and there is no room for other people’s disturbance.


However, Xiuyue’s control over the Wuding Soul Fire greatly exceeded Jiang Yun’s expectations, and made Jiang Yun no match at all, so it’s better to start absorbing the Wuding Soul Fire directly.


Thinking of this, Jiang Yun didn’t even need to move his body, he had already opened his mouth, activated all the soul power in his body, and sucked it hard!


Although Jiang Yun’s soul power is not as good as that of Xiu Yue, if it is only used to absorb the Wuding soul fire, the power is amazing.


I saw that in the Wuding Soul Fire, there was a ball of flame, like a fire dragon, rushing directly towards Jiang Yun’s mouth.




The soul fire entered his belly, Jiang Yun let out a long breath, and immediately sucked in again forcefully.


The second ball of soul fire also rushed into his mouth.


Over there, the soul beast and Xiuyue’s Dao Golden Body had already fought together.


As for Xiu Yue, he naturally saw Jiang Yun’s actions.


And instead of stopping Jiang Yun, he sneered and said, “You have absorbed Wuding Soul Fire so much, you think you didn’t die fast enough!”


The powerful soul clan of all ages, including Xiu Yue himself, used this method to absorb the Indeterminate Soul Fire, hoping to completely control it.


But it’s a pity that until now, no one has been able to succeed.


Therefore, in Xiu Yue’s view, Jiang Yun is courting his own death.


Let it be absorbed, and in the end, Jiang Yun’s soul will be fused by the Wuding Soul Fire in turn.


It is true!


When the second flame poured into Jiang Yun’s mouth, the body of Wuding Soul Fire seemed to be irritated, and the flame suddenly exploded.


As a result, there is no need for Jiang Yun to take the initiative to absorb it. From the body of Wuding Soul Fire, a continuous flame actively gushed out towards Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun’s expression changed slightly.


Absorbing the Unfixed Soul Fire, aside from the strange power contained in it, the size of the Unfixed Soul Fire alone is terrifying.


If you absorb it slowly, refining a little while absorbing a little bit, then as long as there is enough time, Jiang Yun can naturally absorb the entire Wuding Soul Fire.


But now the indeterminate soul fire is rushing in, and there is no time for Jiang Yun to refine it,


It doesn’t need too much soul fire at all, and Jiang Yun’s soul will be directly exploded in no time.


Once the soul exploded, Jiang Yun was in turn fused by the Wuding Soul Fire.


But seeing the fierce reaction of Wuding Soul Fire, even if Jiang Yun wanted to give up absorbing it now, he couldn’t do it.


At this time, Jiang Yun missed his guardian Dao Realm very much!


Jiang Yun’s soul, in addition to being fused with the body, has another powerful place, which is to transform into heaven and earth!


With the improvement of Jiang Yun’s strength, the area of ​​the guardian realm has been expanding, which is enough to accommodate the body of Wuding Soul Fire.


“Unfortunately, the Guardian Dao Realm is…”


Jiang Yun’s soliloquy stopped suddenly before he could finish.


Because, he actually sensed the aura of guarding the Dao world!


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