The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7584: Son of Ye Dong



Brahma withdrew his invisible power, glanced at Pan Chaoyang again and said, “Go and inform people in other realms!”


“If they have an opinion, they can come to me and I will explain it to them personally!”


After finishing speaking, Brahma ignored Pan Chaoyang and sat down cross-legged in a place, apparently waiting for Jiang Yun to return again.


His nine disciples, including monks from the Soul Dao Realm such as Immortal Emperor and Gong Nu, naturally also sat around him.


Pan Chaoyang nodded in agreement, not daring to say anything, and obediently walked aside.


At this moment, the voice that couldn’t distinguish between male and female sounded in his head again: “Pan Chaoyang, why do I feel that something is wrong with this matter?”


Pan Chaoyang responded with his spiritual sense: “Senior, you have seen everything that happened just now, and you were the one who asked me to call Senior Brahma and the others, and this move has obviously aroused their suspicion of me.”


The voice continued: “Now are you really going to wait here for Jiang Yun to come back?”


“If Jiang Yun comes back, Brahma will meet with him. With Brahma’s character, I’m afraid that the attack on Dao Xing Tiandi will be over!”


“I’m not sure about that!” Pan Chaoyang shook his head and said, “But now I have no other choice.”


“Senior Brahma told me not to leave his sight. If I dare to say more or do more, he won’t say that he will kill me, but I will definitely put me under house arrest.”


“However, seniors don’t have to worry too much. Everything depends on good and bad. Giving up the attack on Daoxing Tiandi this time may not be a bad thing.”


“After all, after Jiang Yun’s blow just now, most of the people here have lost their fighting spirit. If they continue to force them to attack, I’m afraid they will only lose worse.”


“If Senior Brahma can really negotiate with Jiang Yun, Jiang Yun and Daoxing Tiandi will lose their vigilance and relax their defenses.”


“After Senior Brahma and the others leave, I will think of a way to encourage other Dao realms to join forces to attack Daoxing Heaven and Earth again. By surprise, it is very likely that Daoxing Heaven and Earth will be taken down more easily.”


The voice no longer rang out, as if he had accepted Pan Chaoyang’s words.


As for the monks in other Taoist realms, after hearing Brahma’s attitude conveyed by Pan Chaoyang, most of them nodded without hesitation in agreement.


After seeing Jiang Yun’s strength, they already wanted to retreat, but now Brahma’s attitude gave them even more confidence.


However, no one left for the time being, and everyone simply continued to stay here, waiting for Jiang Yun’s return.


While waiting, Taoist Four Seasons, who escaped before, and other experts from other Dao worlds arrived one after another.


Including the elders and teachers of several monks who died in the Four Seasons Tower.


They originally came here to inquire about their crimes, not only to target Daoxing Tiandi, but even to seek an explanation from Pan Chaoyang.


But when they saw the miserable state of the crowd, and Brahma and the others were impressively behind, they didn’t dare to go to Pan Chaoyang at this time, and could only wait with the others.


In short, the arrival of Brahma puts the plan of attacking Daoxing Tiandi on hold.


However, only a few hours later, Pan Chaoyang, who was sitting obediently beside Brahma, heard that voice again: “I don’t care what method you use, you must continue to attack Daoxing Tiandi.”


“Otherwise, I will start with Ye Fan and completely cut off their path of cultivation!”


Pan Chaoyang’s complexion suddenly became ugly and he said: “Senior, you are making things difficult for others.”


“Senior Brahma already has doubts about me, if I…”


Before Pan Chaoyang finished speaking, the voice interrupted unceremoniously: “Don’t you claim to be smart and calculating!”


“The reason why I came to you at the beginning was because I considered that you were resourceful and resourceful, and you were capable of what others could not.”


“With your brain, you can actually destroy Dao Xing Tiandi long ago and meet my requirements, but you have to procrastinate and procrastinate until you are in today’s situation, and you are asking for it.”


“In short, I have no patience. From now on, I will erase Ye Fan’s way.”


“Let me do the math, Ye Fan is only in the Supreme Realm now, and I can erase all his avenues in a day at most.”


“Whenever you can convince them to continue attacking Daoxing Tiandi, I will stop!”


After the voice finished speaking, it stopped ringing, and Pan Chaoyang lowered his head, finally showing anxiety in the depths of his eyes.


At the same time, Jiang Yun, who was in the blood prison, had successfully broken through the eight layers of blood sea all the way up.


Actually, with Jiang Yun’s strength, he would have been able to break through the bleeding prison long ago.


But Bloody Ye Dong kept calling the monks here, and used the power of the Blood Prison to stop Jiang Yun.


In order to gain the other party’s trust, especially since his parents are still under the control of the other party, Jiang Yun never killed those monks once, at most he wounded them.


The price of doing this is that it affects Jiang Yun’s speed and also makes him suffer some injuries.


But no matter what, he was already in the sea of ​​blood on the ninth floor, and he was only one step away from leaving the sea of ​​blood.


The strange thing is that in this sea of ​​blood, Jiang Yun is unimpeded, not only did he never meet the monk sent by the **** Ye Dong, nor did he encounter any ambush mechanism.


Even Jiang Yun thought that the **** Ye Dong might have been moved by his sincerity, changed his attitude, and acquiesced to compete with the Dao of the soul world!


However, just when Jiang Yun had this idea, the empty sea of ​​blood he was in suddenly boiled again.


Endless waves of blood soared into the sky, as if transformed into mountains that lifted the sky, and there was a terrifying and violent force emanating from them, smashing down on Jiang Yun continuously.


Jiang Yun narrowed his eyes slightly, instead of resisting these forces, he made his figure unreal and continued to shuttle between these huge waves.


He could feel that the changes in the sea of ​​blood this time, and the power released, far surpassed any previous attack.


Although this made his heart rise like a wave of blood, he still tried his best to restrain himself, anyway, he was about to escape from the blood prison soon.


It’s a pity that Jiang Yun thought well, but when he pressed against the crazy blood wolf and turned all over the blood sea on this layer, he didn’t find the exit at all.


Before, in each layer of blood sea, there was a vortex, after passing through, one could reach the next layer of blood sea.


Even if the **** Ye Dong forcibly blocked it, Jiang Yun could turn back time and forcibly reopen it.


But now, let alone escape from the Blood Prison, even if Jiang Yun wants to return to the eighth floor, he is already unable to do so.


The cold light in Jiang Yun’s eyes became stronger and stronger, and he said to himself: “It seems that I have given in again and again, not only failed to win your trust, but made you think that I am easy to bully Do you!”


Thinking of this, Jiang Yun suddenly said loudly: “Senior, I don’t have time to stay here any longer. If you don’t let me leave, then I can only force an exit.”


Strange to say, as soon as Jiang Yun’s voice fell, he immediately felt a vortex not far from him.


Jiang Yun thought that his threat had had an effect, and immediately he came to the vortex and rushed out.


Accompanied by a feeling like a teleportation array, Jiang Yun left the Blood Prison smoothly and was placed in a room.


But before Jiang Yun could see clearly the situation in the room, he heard a series of heavy gasps in his ears.


Jiang Yun hurriedly followed the sound, and suddenly found that there was a young man behind him, curled up into a ball, pale, sweating, and trembling constantly.


The man naturally also saw Jiang Yun, gritted his teeth, sat up straight with difficulty, and said to Jiang Yun, “Who are you?”


Jiang Yun didn’t know this man, but after seeing clearly that the man’s appearance was 60-70% similar to Ye Dong’s, especially the red birthmark between his brows, which looked like a drop of blood, his heart was full of tears. He suddenly moved and said, “Are you a descendant of Senior Ye Dong?”


The man frowned even tighter and said: “My name is Ye Fan, and Ye Dong is my father!”


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