The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7566: Those who stand in my way die



“You are going to…”


After Dao Zun only said three words, his voice stopped abruptly.


Because he already understood Jiang Yun’s purpose.


Jiang Yun, this is to start a massacre of Hongmeng monks before leaving, so as to reduce the burden on the entire Daoxing world as much as possible!


It is precisely because of understanding this that Dao Zun has mixed feelings in his heart.


If it were other people in Daoxing Tiandi who wanted to do this, Dao Zun would not be surprised, because they don’t understand the strength of Hongmeng at all.


But Jiang Yun has been in and out of the Hongmeng camp twice, and he knows how strong the Hongmeng is better than anyone else!


Millions of monks, thousands of supreme beings, hundreds of origins, and more than a dozen origin peaks!


Under such circumstances, Jiang Yun dared to go to the only way for Hongmeng monks to intercept them and launch an attack first.


This kind of behavior represents not only courage and courage, but also a kind of responsibility and responsibility.


The responsibility of being a member of Daoxing Tiandi is the responsibility of being the strongest in Daoxingtiandi!




Dao Zun agreed, and a vortex appeared in front of Jiang Yun again.


Jiang Yun stepped into the vortex without hesitation, and when he came out, he was already outside Daoxing Tiandi.


“There are still thousands of miles away from Hongmeng monks, they will be there soon.”


“You, be careful!”


Dao Zun’s voice no longer sounded.


Jiang Yun stood on the spot, closed his eyes, released his consciousness, looked at the Hongmeng army, and communicated with the spirit of the ten blood lamps in his body: “Senior, can I trouble you with something.”


At the same time, Dao Zun, who was watching Jiang Yun, murmured: “I should not be the only one who saw this scene, it should be seen by all the creatures in Daoxing Heaven and Earth!”


In the real realm, Tianzun, who has just returned here, has already begun to convey his orders one by one.


And countless figures also appeared in various places in the real domain, rushing towards the teleportation array closest to them.


Among these people, there are Shura, Ming Yuyang, Xueqing, Little Beast, An Caiyi, Weiyang Girl, Nightmare Beast…


Early before Jiang Yun left Daoxing Tiandi, he had already brought all the creatures from the dream realm into the real realm.


Through these years of integration, they have basically adapted to the life of the real domain, and they have become the creatures of the real domain.


After Jiang Yun left, Tianzun completely erased the distinction between the Real Realm and the Dream Realm in order to deal with the war that might come at any time, and incorporated all the cultivators capable of fighting into the army of the Real Realm.


Now, their task is to go to the chaotic airspace in the shortest possible time.


Tianzun has made the chaotic airspace the first battlefield, trying to compress the Hongmeng monks in the chaotic airspace as much as possible, so as to prevent the war from spreading to the real realm.


After all, there are still too many weak creatures in the real domain, which cannot withstand the slightest impact of war.


But when everyone was busy, every creature, no matter what race, whether it was a monk or not, no matter how strong or weak they were, suddenly felt a shock coming from above them.


Tianzun and the others even thought that the Hongmeng army had arrived, and everyone hurriedly raised their heads and looked upwards.


Above them, a huge scroll covering almost the entire Realm suddenly appeared, and slowly spread out under the watchful eyes of every creature.


Naturally, each creature first saw the endless darkness, and then in the darkness, saw Jiang Yun standing with his back to them.


Although it was only from the back, people who were familiar with Jiang Yun recognized him at a glance, and even exclaimed one after another from all directions.


“Jiang Yun!”


“Jiang Yun!”


“How could it be Jiang Yun!”


Tianzun frowned, stared at Jiang Yun’s back, and murmured: “Is this the place where the teleportation map sent him?”


Although Tianzun is powerful, she has never left Daoxing Tiandi.


Besides Daoxing Heaven and Earth, there is a vast area of ​​darkness, and there is no way to distinguish it, so she didn’t know where Jiang Yun was at all for a while.


But soon she understood and said: “No, no matter where Jiang Yun went, we shouldn’t see it.”


“This picture must have been shown to us by Dao Zun, which means that Jiang Yun has not left!”


“Then what is he doing and where is he?”


Even Tianzun didn’t know what Jiang Yun was going to do, and the others were naturally at a loss. They couldn’t figure out why such a picture appeared inexplicably, and in the picture, standing there alone Jiang Yun, what are you going to do again!


Tianzun did not urge the monks to continue to act for the time being, but paid attention to the picture.


She believed that there must be a reason for Dao Zun to do this.


After more than ten breaths of time passed, all the creatures of Daoxing Tiandi, in front of Jiang Yun in the picture, saw the densely packed million Hongmeng monks who couldn’t see the end at a glance!


At this moment, countless exclamations sounded, and even Tianzun’s body tightened suddenly, and two groups of cold lights burst out from his eyes.


At this time, they finally knew where Jiang Yun was and what he was going to do again!


“You are a lunatic!” Tianzun clenched his fists and murmured.


Million Hongmeng monks, under the leadership of Pan Chaoyang, came to Jiang Yun’s location.


Naturally, they also saw Jiang Yun standing there with his eyes closed from a distance.




Looking at Jiang Yun, Pan Chaoyang’s eyes flashed with a complicated meaning, and with an order, the army of millions stopped immediately.


All eyes were naturally focused on Jiang Yun.


They are no strangers to Jiang Yun.


At this time, at this place, seeing Jiang Yun standing there alone, most people thought that there must be an ambush here.


Even Pan Chaoyang thinks so.


Because no one would believe that Jiang Yun would resist his army of millions of monks here alone.


Jiang Yun finally opened his eyes slowly, and with two calm eyes, he looked at the million monks who were only a hundred meters away from him.


One person confronts a million monks!


Starting from Shanhai Daozong, Jiang Yun has gone all the way, and he can’t remember how many battles he has experienced, how many times he has experienced the situation of one against the crowd.


For him, the situation he is facing at this moment is different from the past, but he is facing more enemies and stronger strength.


Therefore, he did not have any fear.


As the leader of the alliance, Pan Chaoyang saw Jiang Yun open his eyes, so he naturally needed to speak: “Jiang…”


However, Pan Chaoyang only uttered one word, and his body suddenly shook heavily. He stood there trembling slightly as if struck by lightning.


Not only him, but also the nine strong men from the Soul Dao world behind him, everyone’s reaction was exactly the same as his.


Because, when Jiang Yun opened his eyes, a sword suddenly appeared in his hand!


A sword shaped like a pagoda!


Others may not know that sword, but everyone in the Soul Dao Realm remembers this sword as fresh as ever.


Because, that is the sword of Ye Dong, the transcendent powerhouse in their soul world.


Hongmeng Sword Tower!


Although it is definitely not the real Primordial Sword Pagoda, the aura emanating from the Primordial Sword Pagoda is very familiar to them.


There is not only the breath of Ye Dong, but also the breath of Ye Dong’s fellow disciples.


Especially behind Pan Chaoyang, the hunched old man, the bow on his back trembled more and more at this moment, and there was a tendency to break free from the old man and fly to the Hongmeng Sword Tower.


The next moment, Jiang Yun, who was holding the Hongmeng Sword Tower, suddenly moved!


“Whoever blocks me will die!”


Exiting the four words, Jiang Yun’s whole body is like an arrow that leaves the string, shooting towards the army of millions of Hongmeng monks!


Jiang Yun, I want to kill the Hongmeng camp of millions of monks!


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