The World That Tao Rules Chapter 7461: Where to exit


These sudden air waves were beyond Jiang Yun’s expectations.

Caught off guard, his body was already wrapped and pushed by the air waves, and he moved hundreds of feet forward in an instant.

Behind him, the whole body of the man named Luo Rongying had been pulled back into the big orange flower by the tentacles behind him.

The nine petals closed even more suddenly, as if the cell door was closed, and Luo Rongying was imprisoned again.

Jiang Yun sensed the air waves surrounding him, which seemed to surround him, but actually exuded layers of resistance, preventing him from being surrounded by them.

“These air waves, could they be made by that old voice?”

“He knows everything that happened here, and he knows that my power of reincarnation can affect the orange flower, and even affect this space.”

“In order to protect this place, he doesn’t want me to stay anymore, so he wants to send me out?”

“And since he was able to drive me away, it means that he has broken through the blockade of Master and entered this space.”

“Then why didn’t he just kill me, but just drive me away?”

“It’s possible, his focus is now on finding the master!”

“Or after sending me away, he can deal with Master with all his strength!”

Thinking of these two possibilities, Jiang Yun certainly couldn’t just let the other party send him away.

It would be best if he could find his master and elder brother before that old voice.

In that case, the three of them, the master and the apprentice, would join forces, not to mention fighting against the old voice, at least they would have more chances of winning.

What’s more, the more anxious the old voice was to send him away, the closer he was to the truth of the matter.

If you continue to stay by yourself, maybe you can really figure out this space and the relationship between the other party and the Nine Clans.

After making up his mind, several fire dragons burst out from Jiang Yun’s body, sweeping towards the air waves surrounding him.

At the same time, he also urged the tree of reincarnation to make the golden light of reincarnation more dazzling and release more power of reincarnation.

However, no matter whether it is the power of reincarnation or the flames, they once again lost their effect in the face of these air waves.

After the flame and the power of reincarnation touched the air wave, they couldn’t affect the air wave at all, and passed through the air wave directly.

It’s as if these air waves don’t exist at all!

Unwilling to give up, Jiang Yun changed several kinds of powers to attack Qilang one by one.

Even, he let the ten blood lamps take action, but the result was still in vain.

This made Jiang Yun realize that his strength was far from the opponent’s.

In desperation, Jiang Yun could only give up resistance and let the waves of air push him forward.

Moreover, Qilang seemed to be worried that Jiang Yun would find out more secrets here, so he didn’t push Jiang Yun in other directions, and just kept walking along the fog wall.

In this way, Jiang Yun can at least roughly determine his position.

On the tree of reincarnation, the woman naturally witnessed Jiang Yun’s struggle with Qi Lang.

Although she was confused, she didn’t dare to say anything.

She still remembered the task that Jiang Yun had given her, so she simply ignored other things, and just carefully observed her surroundings with her spiritual sense.

A moment later, the woman suddenly said: “Senior, look, there is another flower there, but it is a little different from the big orange flower before.”

Hearing the woman’s voice, Jiang Yun looked in the direction she pointed.

Sure enough, on the continuous wall of fog, another orange flower appeared, also with nine petals.

The flower Luo Rongying was in was three to five feet in size.

But the size of this flower is much smaller, only three or four feet.

Moreover, the nine petals of this flower are firmly closed.

The woman also said again: “This flower seems to have just grown…”

Jiang Yun raised his hand suddenly, and the seal of reincarnation condensed into a golden palm again. Taking advantage of the gap in his body’s forward movement, he controlled reincarnation again, and patted the little flower.

The golden palm hit the little flower silently, and the golden light suddenly exploded, completely enveloping the little flower.

Under the stimulation of the power of reincarnation, after the little flower trembled slightly, the tightly closed nine petals unexpectedly bloomed slowly.

Jiang Yun said to the woman in a deep voice: “Fellow Daoist, take a closer look, what’s inside!”

The woman agreed, gathered all her spiritual consciousness, and tried her best to look into the blooming flower heart.

Although Jiang Yun’s speed is not slow, the woman’s powerful consciousness, in a flash, saw the situation in Huaxin clearly, and exclaimed: “It’s the old man. !”

The old man who attacked Jiang Yun earlier!

Jiang Yun was not too surprised by the woman’s answer, thought for a while and said: “It seems that the monks caught here will be planted on the fog wall like seeds, and then take root Sprout and grow into a flower!”

The woman nodded in agreement and said: “Yes, not only their cultivation and body will become the nourishment of the flower, but the flower will also control their body, and then catch other monks who fell here.”

“It’s just, what does the man with the giant palm plant these flowers for?”

“With his strength, he can easily capture the monks in the original state, which proves that even if he is not a transcendent strong man, he should not be far away from the transcendent strong man. Why do we need to turn them into flowers? “

This problem, Jiang Yun speculates, probably has something to do with Longwen Chiding.

But because the woman didn’t know about the existence of Longwen Chiding, and Jiang Yun was not going to tell her, so she remained silent.

Propelled by the air waves, the two continued to move forward quickly.

Along the way, Jiang Yun and the woman could see a flower on the continuous fog wall at intervals.

These flowers are identical in shape and color, orange, with nine petals.

And they are basically kept closed.

The difference is their size!

At first, Jiang Yun thought that the flower Luo Rongying was in should be the largest in size, but in fact, there are many flowers that are even bigger.

The largest flower is more than twenty feet in size, and it looks like a giant.

Since Jiang Yun already knew that there was a monk hidden in each flower, it was not difficult for him to deduce that the size of these flowers should be related to the length of time the monks were arrested.

The sooner the monks are captured, the larger the size of the flowers will be.

On the contrary, the smaller it is.

Like the old man and the second man who was taken away, the flowers they are in are the smallest in size.

Obviously it will take some time to grow up gradually.

And during this period of time, in Jiang Yun’s mind, I am afraid that in a way similar to reincarnation, let them repeat themselves and give birth to more of themselves.

In this way, after advancing along the fog wall for two hours, the woman suddenly said in surprise: “Senior, there is light ahead.”

Jiang Yun kept staring ahead, but what he saw was still pitch black, without any light at all.

However, he believed in the woman’s judgment.

Moreover, this is also consistent with his previous guess.

Where there is light, it should be the exit.

The purpose of the old voice using these air waves to drive him away is to send himself away from here.

Jiang Yun thought to himself: “If the light is the exit, it means that the environment of this place is actually not complicated.”

“If you want to find the exit, you just need to keep going along this continuous fog wall.”

“In this way, if I can get rid of these waves and find the master and senior brother before the old voice, I can take them out of here!”

Jiang Yun looked ahead calmly, trying to think about how he could get rid of these waves.

Time passed quickly in Jiang Yun’s thoughts, and Jiang Yun finally saw the light in front of him.

The light is not white, but nine colors.

This made both Jiang Yun and the woman more certain that the bright spot was the exit.

The nine-color light should come from the nine-petal flower they climbed before.

“Fix the sea, I don’t know if I can temporarily hold these waves!”

“I just need to hold the air wave for a moment, and I can get rid of the air wave.”

Jiang Yun decided to try Dingcanghai the moment he reached the exit.

But at this moment, the woman on the reincarnation tree suddenly trembled slightly, and stammered: “Senior, something, something is wrong.”

“The surroundings of the light, it looks like, it looks like… teeth!”


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