The Whispering Verses Chapter 7: God and the Church


“Isn’t it really my luck?”

Xia De was speculating about the chance encounter with Dr. Schneider just now. Fortunately, the growling of his stomach brought him back to reality. As expected, the most important thing now is the commission.

With less than twelve hours before time travel, Shade must learn to endure hunger. If he traveled to the forest, he might have a chance to hunt. If it was a chaotic era, he might also have a chance to get food.

It is such a big city with order. If you want to fill your stomach, you must abide by the order. Shade stood at the door of the newspaper office, looking at the club where “upper class people” were coming in and out not far away, looking forward to the feeling of hunger passing. Fortunately, he only had to stand in the fog and wait. If he needed to pursue him, he really had no choice.

“I have never heard of any time traveler going hungry.”

He wanted to complain about his incompetence, but there was nothing he could do about the current situation. He could only hope that the lady would appear quickly so that he could submit a report to his employer.

While standing there thinking about something, someone handed me a leaflet, and Shade took it. Looking up, he saw a smiling, round-faced preacher, wearing a white priest’s robe, with the church’s holy emblem on his left chest, and a black pendant hanging on his chest, distributing papers to the nearby crowd.

Looking down, he saw that what was thrust into his hands were church promotional materials belonging to the [War and Peace Church]. When Shade was rummaging through the items in the house, he had learned about the state of faith in this world and knew that this was one of the Orthodox Churches. .

In the past era of this world, there were quite a few stories about gods, but in the current era, only five gods are officially recognized by the government and the people. Therefore, the mainstream belief in the world is these five gods——

The Father of Peace, also known as the [God of War and Peace], has a holy emblem of a white dove with light gray wing tips;

Mr. Dawn, also known as [God of Light and Shadow], his holy symbol is a notched ring, brass color;

The Old Man with the Lamp, also known as [God of the Sun and Earth], has a golden sun pattern as his holy emblem;

The Lady of Creation, also known as the [God of Creation and Destruction], her holy symbol is a wrench, white and silver;

The Lord of All Things, also known as the [God of Nature and Evil Thoughts], has a holy symbol of two overlapping leaves, one withered yellow and one green. The old man who transported the body not long ago is a member of the Church of Nature.

“Huh? How come the priesthood promoted by the righteous gods is a relative concept?”

Thinking of this, Shade suddenly had more ideas about the world. But that kind of indescribable feeling cannot be better expressed to myself. Some kind of power seemed to be touched in the blur, and a whisper sounded in the ear:

【You feel the ‘miracle’. 】

This time it is “miracle”, one of the four elements. So far, Shade has been exposed to all of them except [blasphemy]. According to the information mentioned by the voice in my mind, it seems that only by touching the complete four elements can you be qualified to touch the mystery and open the door to the extraordinary.

“It seems easier than I thought. It only took me half a day to get to three-quarters of it.”

Then the woman’s laughter sounded in my head again, and it was really beautiful.

The five orthodox churches are not hostile to each other, and their relationship with each other is at least much better than the relationship between the human kingdoms.

Churches have different strengths and weaknesses in different regions. In the northern pearl city of Tobesk, five churches exist, and there is relatively “friendly” competition with each other.

Xia De thought about these things, looked at the printed matter in his hand, and lamented that there was no need to “invent” the printing press himself. Although the printing quality is not very high, at least…

My eyes widened and I suddenly discovered important information. Most of the leaflets introduced the teachings of the Righteous God [Peaceful Father], and welcomed believers and pagans to go to the church to listen to weekly sermons and sermons.

The important thing is, at the bottom of the paper, it says that if you hold this flyer and line up at the church door at 5:30 pm on weekends, you can receive free relief food. And there is a line of small words that says, no matter how long the queue is, as long as you show up before six o’clock, you will definitely be able to get the number plate and receive the food.

Even if it is embarrassing to receive this kind of relief food, at least it will let Shade know that he will definitely not starve to death today. He touched his nose and wrote down the church address of [War and Peace Church]. Then he folded the ink-smelling flyer quite solemnly and put it in Mr. Hamilton’s notepad.

I thanked the **** quietly in my heart. Although the feeling of hunger has not subsided, at least my mood is much better.

“Luck is actually not too bad.”

Xia De thought to himself, knowing that once Mrs. Lasoya under investigation entered the club, she would not come out for an hour or two, so he wondered if he could talk to the missionary.

Belief in God is universal in this world, but atheists are a minority among the minority. Of course, as long as you don’t openly shout that you don’t trust God, it’s okay, but Shade is interested in getting to know these so-called righteous gods. In a world where faith exists, it is even more dangerous to be ignorant of these things.

He was still thinking about how to talk to the other party, but the missionary had already walked away. I felt very regretful, but I didn’t catch up. Instead, I continued to stand there and wait. After all, I would have enough time to understand all this when I had a firm foothold.

There were actually quite a few people like him standing at the door of the newspaper office. Most of them were reporters waiting for new news, and a small number were idlers working for the newspaper office. Today is Saturday, and even though the weather is foggy, Valente Pedestrian Street, the main thoroughfare, is very busy, so it is not surprising that so many people are standing here.

Although it is called a “pedestrian street”, carriages are not prohibited from passing through. While observing the club, Shade looked at the pedestrians and carriages passing by. He thought this would help him integrate better here.

There is a burning smell in the air, which is of course smog. But the smell is not very strong, it is just the mist lingering in the air, getting thicker and thicker as the sun moves from the top of the head to the west.

Xia De was worried about his physical condition. In his wild thoughts, he saw another carriage parked in front of the club. He immediately looked up and saw that it was Mr. Lawrence, the client’s husband.

“Interesting, unexpected gain.”

He whispered, writing down the current time and writing the information in his notebook.

The client, Mrs. Lawrence, was generous. If her husband and his lover were caught having a tryst at the club on the day the report was submitted, she might be able to get an extra reward.

“But it’s also possible that an angry woman has implicated me.”

Shade thought wildly in his mind, hoping to see Mrs. Lasoya greeting Mr. Lawrence at the door of the club. Unfortunately, Mr. Lawrence walked into the club by himself.

Even a block away, Shade could see the smile and excitement on Mr. Lawrence’s face. He definitely didn’t come to the club to gamble at cards or drink tea.

“Good luck to you.”

He said in his mind, shaking his head and recording Mr. Lawrence’s outfit today in detail to prove the authenticity of his report.


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