The Whispering Verses Chapter 12: Admissions


During his speech, Dr. Schneider took a sip of black tea and then looked into the teacup with some surprise:

“This black tea is very good.”

“Church and college?”

Shad didn’t bother to pay attention to the former detective’s taste in black tea and what kind of person the former detective was. He was digesting this information.

“Yes, the church can also cultivate ring warlocks. In fact, the formal channels for training ring warlocks, at least in my opinion, are the five righteous churches and the three major thaumaturgy academies. Other evil churches, secret The training methods of associations, ancient organizations and chaotic groups are either informal or full of hidden dangers, so it is really lucky that you happened to meet me during the period of talent awakening…lucky for both of us.”

“So the church…”

Compared with colleges whose origins are unknown, Shade is actually more interested in churches that can cooperate with the kingdom’s officialdom. The doctor could also see this idea. He smiled and shook his head to express his understanding, and then explained:

“The college and the Orthodox Church are not hostile, and even cooperate occasionally. However, the church does not like the students of the college, whether they are correspondence students or formal students. They think that we are… dangerous troublemakers. machine.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly, and when Xia De didn’t ask, he continued:

“So, for us correspondence academic ring magicians, our existence itself is not illegal, but we usually do not let the church know our identity and existence. I know that you may be interested in the church, so please answer my question Question——”

The doctor raised a smile on his lips:

“Church entry requires a completely clean background. Even if you have a clean criminal record, you still need a complete life trajectory to make sure you are not a dangerous person. Can you provide it?”

Bill Schneider is a psychiatrist himself, and at this moment he is somewhat interested in consulting patients.

“Have you investigated me?”

Xia De blurted out his words, but immediately regretted saying so:

“It would be abnormal not to investigate.”

Thinking in my heart.

“Just investigating some basic information. After all, the college also needs to confirm the identity of the other party for admission. It is impossible for me to recommend dangerous people to the college. But because we are only correspondence courses, do you understand the meaning of correspondence courses? So the identity requirements, Not as strict as the church.”

Dr. Schneider smiled and looked at the young detective sitting opposite:

“The awakening of the Ring Warlock has a probability of affecting people’s minds, which is why you changed from the original Shad to the current Shad. After investigating your identity, I realized that when I saw you yesterday, your eyes seemed to What is the world’s fear and confusion all about? For you, the moment you awaken your talent is the moment you truly ‘wake up’?”

He probably misunderstood the reason why Shade, who has a poor IQ, became the current Shade, but Shade was also happy for him to think so, so he pretended to be embarrassed and nodded:

“If I take this explanation and explain it to the church…”

“Of course it’s possible, but I’d rather you get to know the academy first and what the so-called ‘ring warlock’ is. Wouldn’t it be better to make the decision this way? I believe you can understand that at least I’m not a bad person. ”

Doctor Schneider said, Shade nodded again, what the doctor said makes sense. He replied solemnly:

“Okay, thank you, Dr. Schneider, I would like to understand these things first.”

The doctor took out his pocket watch and took a look at it:

“We don’t have much time. The duration of talent awakening is about 72 hours, but it fluctuates with individual differences. In order to prevent missing the time…”

“What will happen if you become a Ring Warlock without being guided during your awakening?”

Xia De embarrassedly interrupted the doctor:

“I’m a little curious about this.”

The doctor shook his head indifferently:

“Curiosity is a good thing, it shows that you are not opposed to ring magicians and occultism.

You know almost nothing, but you are actually more suitable for guidance. People are afraid of the supernatural, afraid of the mysterious, and I’m glad that you didn’t show any rejection, just curiosity. As for your question… I don’t have specific data in my hand. I can only tell you that if the ring warlock’s talent is not guided during the awakening period. There is a high probability that you will go crazy, and there is a small probability that your head will explode. Yes, have you ever seen the scene of a hammer smashing a watermelon? Pink and white flying around. ”

The doctor asked politely.

“No need to describe it, this metaphor is so vivid, I can almost see the picture.”

Xia De said immediately, feeling a little sick to his stomach since he didn’t have breakfast.

“Well, of course, there is a smaller probability of some strange things happening. We can talk about this later. In short, let you know about the Ring Warlock first. A simple explanation is not vivid, please follow me. ”

The doctor stood up.

“Where to go? To St. Barons Comprehensive College?”

Xia De raised the college admissions documents in his hand.

“Of course not. We correspondence students are only eligible after the fifth grade to go to the academy hidden in the far north ice cap of the old continent. The address of the academy is a secret, and it is related to some Asians affiliated with the material world. The entrance to space is related to the heterogeneous population. Until then, we have to continue our own lives and study within the scope of our own lives. Remember, Mr. Hamilton, we are receiving adult education, and we are correspondence students in the college.”

In other words, even if Shade joins the academy, he does not need to study in a secret place like “Hogwarts”. This has its pros and cons, but at least it gives you some freedom while gaining strength.

“Now, I’m going to take you to find the person who killed Sparrow Hamilton.”

The doctor made a gesture of please.


Xia De stood up immediately, which was something he didn’t expect.

“Yes, I only discovered this when I was investigating your identity. Since there have been extraordinary and mysterious beings around you, why don’t we take this opportunity to help you solve this problem? You may also be worried , will the person who killed the original Detective Hamilton implicate you?”

It must be admitted that even though the original detective promised not to implicate Shade, Shade was still worried.

“This is not a very troublesome thing, and it seems that because Sparrow Hamilton is just an ordinary person, the other party did not deliberately hide the traces of his actions. Come with me now, I think we can do it before lunch Solve this matter. By the way, do you have a pistol?”

The doctor asked again.


Xia De shook his head.

“Then please don’t stand in front of me. I promise that as long as you are behind me, there will be no danger today. After all, the person on the other side is not a ring warlock.”

Sparrow Hamilton said before his death that the other party was.

“Ordinary people can’t tell the difference, and it is easy to regard all people who can use extraordinary powers as ring magicians. But for officially employed ring magicians, it is easy to distinguish. After all, that person does not have a [Wheel of Destiny] at all. , without accumulated souls, unable to feel the four elements of [miracle], [enlightenment], [blasphemy] and [whisper], it is just a lucky person who occasionally gets a [relic]…”

The doctor paused and changed his words:

“No, it’s the unlucky guy.”

“You seemed to have mentioned a lot of nouns just now.”

Xia De said that he had actually heard of the Four Elements and [Relics], but there was no need to show it at this time.

“It’s okay, we can talk while walking.”

The profession of detective is very dangerous. During the doctor’s investigation, the former detective Sparrow Hamilton encountered an accident during a certain detective activity.

Probably to prevent Shade from investigating, Sparrow Hamilton deleted all records of that commission before his death, but the doctor’s intelligence network completely restored the incident.

“Speaking of which, you investigated the whole thing in one night?”

Xia De did not forget to ask, but the doctor was vague and did not answer. Instead, he said that he would tell him after the matter was over.

“This is it.”

The two set off from the square in a carriage (the doctor paid for it). After a nearly two-hour journey, they crossed the city and got off the carriage at the embankment next to the Auxerre River.

As the northern capital, Tobesk City has a well-developed water system, and inland waterway shipping supports the prosperous steam industry and commercial trade here.

There are many rivers passing through the city of Tobesk, among which the Ossel River flows through the north of the city. It’s the peak of summer and the rivers are raging.

This area is close to the edge of the city. The doctor said that the city hall plans to build a new factory area nearby, relying on the river transportation of the Ossel River to find new development opportunities for the city of Tobesk and connect the kingdom with it. The industrial area in the north also supplements the Kingdom’s steam locomotive railway network.

But at least for now, there are still large areas of wasteland nearby. After getting off the car, I looked around. In the hazy fog, only the buildings of Tobesk City could be seen in the distance.

“In order not to disturb him, we started walking from here. I noticed that the boots you are wearing are very suitable for long walks. Mr. Hamilton, you probably haven’t had breakfast yet. I will treat you to dinner after this matter is resolved. ”

The doctor said, carrying his briefcase and walking into the grass beside the road with Shade, who was holding a notebook. After a while, the two saw a path.


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