The Whispering Verses Chapter 1: The dying person


“Do you remember everything I said?”

Finally coming back to his senses in a daze, Shade looked at everything in front of him with some confusion. The last second he remembered, he was helping his friend deal with his funeral, and the next second he remembered, he was here.

This is a bedroom…definitely not a twenty-first century bedroom. The bright yellow light in the room is not very strong, and some of the blackened wooden floors are still clean, but the walls are already a little yellowed. There was a pile of books piled up in the corner, looking crooked as if they were about to fall over. There were some metal pots and photo frames on the bookshelf next to the pile.

Those photos are all in black and white.

In addition to oil paintings, there are two metal pipes on the wall. You can vaguely see that the buckles connecting the pipes are somewhat rusty, and one of the thinner pipes branches off from the desk. The brown wooden desk was full of pages, and the drawers on both sides were half open, and the documents and papers inside could be seen.

On the desk, the desk lamp connected to the brass pipe is still shining, and the thick bell mouth of the desk lamp has a very novel style——

“Huh? Not electric light? Gas light?”

It is difficult to tell whether it is a gas lamp by looking at it, but the pipes attached to the wall and the wall lights connected to the pipes do not look like electric lights. The warm yellow light was not bright and could only illuminate the desk area, but it made Shade feel warm inexplicably.

With this light, he saw the decorative oil paintings on the wall, the black and white single photo on the desk, and the newspaper unfolded in the shadow of the floor. I can’t see anything on the newspaper clearly, but I can see that what’s on it are not square words, but letters.

With this sense of age, no matter where this is, this is no longer my hometown.

There was a rotting smell in the air, but it was more like the smell of a funeral parlor. Shade remembered this smell. After all, a moment ago, he was helping his friend who unfortunately passed away…

“Do you remember everything I said?”

The voice sounded again, and Shade finally woke up from his trance. The young man reacted quickly and felt someone grabbing his right wrist. At this moment, his consciousness and body were completely integrated, and he thought of lowering his head.

He was sitting next to the bed in what seemed to be a nineteenth-century men’s bedroom. The bed was a four-poster bed, but only three sides were hung with curtains. The bed body and the visible parts of the headboard all shimmered with a metallic color under the bedside gas lamp.

The bedside lamp looked like it was being held up by a little angel. Shade was attracted by this exquisite shape for a moment.

The person holding his hand was the man lying on the bed. This middle-aged man, who may be the owner of the bedroom, is wearing dark plaid pajamas, with everything except his head and right hand hidden under the quilt.

The face is obviously Caucasian, but the eyes are sunken and the cheeks are drooping. The right hand holding Shade’s wrist is even scarier and thinner. He looked like someone who was about to starve to death. Shade even believed that if he spoke a little louder, he would have to plead with the man not to die.

Xia De doesn’t know anything now and needs to learn about the situation from the man.

“So…this is time travel?”

He thought in his mind that he had a general understanding of the current situation.

Fortunately, although the man on the bed was weak, at least he had no body spots on his body. Otherwise, Shade would really be worried about his current situation.

“Do you remember everything I said?”

The weak man on the bed asked for the third time, his brown eyes sunk deeply into his sockets, but he stared at Shade. Although Shade didn’t understand why he traveled here inexplicably, at least he knew that it was best to continue acting at this moment, at least to understand the current situation and then make plans for the future.

He opened his mouth to speak, and then realized that what the other person spoke was not Chinese, nor any language he knew, but Shade could somehow understand it. I wanted to answer in the other person’s language, but I opened my mouth slightly. He could understand but couldn’t speak at all.

“No way? You can understand but can’t speak?”

For a moment, my ears felt buzzing and my back felt itchy due to tension. Not being able to speak the language of the inhabitants of another world was not something he could have expected. This was the worst case scenario.

There was a buzzing sound in his head, and he immediately realized that the sound was not caused by his nervousness at all. He understood the voice in his head. It was a woman, a woman talking, and it was a murmuring sound:

[Sixth Epoch, Universal Calendar 1853, summer, when the silver moon shines, you came to this dark world. You understand that you need an identity, so you have to inherit everything about this inexplicable body. Now is the first step, to prove that you can enter this world. 】


The instinctive reaction was that this was a legendary system, but he immediately realized that this was definitely not a system.

The woman’s voice was unusually elegant and soothing, as if she was reciting poetry in a whisper, which made people intoxicated. But the language she spoke was different from Chinese and from the language of the languishing man in the bed.

The language is older and more profound, like the breeze of the ancient times, passing through the curtain of time and suddenly blowing to the present. Language itself is a concrete mystery. Even if he only understands the meaning of language, Shade seems to have seen the deepest darkness.

Although Shade understood this second language again, just understanding this language itself made his head buzz and his stomach in his new body also had a nauseating reaction.

This is a feeling of mental oppression. The language used by the voice in the head itself has extraordinary power.

“This is the language system of this world! What’s in the head is not a system, it’s what originally existed in the body!”

Xia De made a judgment. While his pupils narrowed slightly, he made a more terrifying guess based on what he saw before him:

“The new world, this world suspected of being in the Victorian Steam Age, is a world of extraordinary and mysterious existences!”

He is not the kind of person who does not accept the status quo. Now that time travel has appeared, the existence of transcendence is not completely unacceptable. But the first task now is to figure out the current situation, answer the man’s questions, and figure out his own identity.

So, Shade tried his best to use his own language to convey the message to the voice in his head:

“No matter who you are, please listen. I want to accept everything in this body, but I have no memory of this body and no language habits of this body.”

【Now, you have it. 】

It seemed as if a brick was forced into the Tianling Gai and stirred maliciously a few times. Shade thought it was a miracle that he didn’t pass out.

He did not gain the memory of his original body, but was forced into some knowledge, knowledge about “the common human language of the Northern Kingdom, Dralion Kingdom Language”. But this knowledge only existed, like a translator. He could not immediately comprehend it and understand all the slang, dialects, religious culture, allusions or language habits.

“Sorry sir, I’m not in a good state. Could you please repeat what you asked me to remember.”

Relying on this knowledge, he intermittently translated Chinese into the “northern human lingua franca” of the other world in his mind, and then deliberately spoke it in a translator’s voice. The weak man holding Sha De’s hand suddenly exerted force. It was hard to imagine that such a thin wrist could have such strength:

“You are still like this, your brain is not very easy to use…Okay, let me say it again…”

It seemed that the original owner of the body was not smart, so Shade’s words did not arouse suspicion for the time being.


The way the names are pronounced is very similar.

“I’m going to die. I knew I was going to die three months in advance, so I chose you from the homeless. I changed your life, gave you a new name, and made you literate and know some common sense. And After my death, you will get everything from me, my detective agency, and all my property, but you need to do one thing for me, a very simple thing-“

Although his tone was very weak, his terrifying eyes stared at Shade like a dying lone wolf. The terror in his eyes made foreigners who didn’t understand this world feel a little scared.

But Shade kept his breathing as steady as possible, but did not dare to look at him. It’s not that Shade is scared at this moment, but from what he said just now, he has a preliminary understanding of the situation of the original owner of the body.

Therefore, at this time, he should never look at the man, but should look away in fear. This is in line with the known character setting.

“Inherit my detective agency, no matter what you want to do with it, at least keep it open. Until September 5, 1853, three months later, when you will receive a letter that will Take the letter and burn it. This is the price for you to get my entire inheritance.”

His hand held Xia De’s hand tightly. Even if Xia De pretended to struggle slightly according to his acting skills, he did not think that he could break free at all. The strength of the other party was really great:

“This is my only request, Sparrow Hamilton, to leave my inheritance to you, Shad Hamilton.”


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