The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2971:



In addition to having a special feeling that made Gu Zheng feel dangerous, Gu Zheng also clearly saw that those blue bananas were rapidly becoming bigger and yellower, and with the process of this change, Gu Zheng still had a clear feeling It is known that bananas contain terrible explosive energy.


“Damn it!”


Gu Zheng scolded fiercely, the current situation is really very bad, because he didn’t see through the phantom array in time before, his immortal power and divine sense have been exhausted, it can be said that he has no ability at all now Launch any attack with Xianli or Divine Sense.


Without waiting for Gu Zheng to make a decision, the ripe bananas have already left the fruit tree and flew towards Gu Zheng. out.


The Blu-ray Blade is a high-level fairy weapon. Gu Zheng threw it not simply by throwing it, but when he threw it, it activated its explosive characteristics. At the price of the blue light blade, let’s see if we can resolve the immediate crisis.


The blue light blade has already flown to the fruit tree, but the two bananas have also flown to Gu Zheng’s side. Gu Zheng wants to dodge, but without the support of immortal power, the only means he can use now is Piao Miao Huan With the characteristic of “floating” in the body, even the protective celestial power shield can’t be used. Therefore, the result presented is that the first banana exploded beside Gu Zheng, and the unprotected Gu Zheng was directly injured by the explosion, and he, who was spitting out blood, swung far away with the help of the characteristic of ‘floating’, thus Dodged the explosion of the second banana.




There was a loud noise in the distance, and the blue light blade exploded after hitting the fruit tree. The powerful explosion power directly blew the fruit tree into pieces.


Gu Zheng breathed a sigh of relief. He is seriously injured now, and fortunately he has the Misty Illusion Technique, which allowed him to escape the explosion of a banana. In all likelihood, he could be directly killed by blowing up. This can be regarded as a relatively dangerous test that Gu Zheng has experienced in the many space worlds of fairy-level space fairy artifacts.


After a long sigh of relief, a wry smile appeared on Gu Zheng’s face. The difficulty of the four-way space this time is really too high, not to mention the dangers encountered before. After catching him, the hardships and twists and turns he went through in order to save the father and son of the monk Hantan are hard to describe in words. First, he met a difficult mullet in the big trench, and then he met a toad monster in a cave. He thought he could easily get the magic pen from the toad monster, but he never thought that the toad monster would let him enter this terrifying quadruple fairy again. I went to look for Shenmo, and now Shenmo didn’t have any clues, so it took a lot of time, and I also suffered the most serious injury in history.


After a sigh, Gu Zheng was about to adjust his breath before going on the road, because he knew that the phantom formation was not over yet, once he took a step forward, he would be confused by the phantom formation again. However, time is really running out, and Gu Zheng was seriously injured this time, so he won’t be able to recover in a short while. However, time is running out, and there is still a long way to go for the entire Quadruple Immortal Formation, so Gu Zheng will not wait until he fully recovers before stepping into the Illusory Formation. He is going to try his luck after recovering a bit.


However, things were not blindly bad, and a scene that Gu Zheng did not expect appeared. Part of the fruit tree fragments that were originally blown to death by the blue light blade gathered together, and finally became a ripe banana. He flew towards Gu Zheng.


Gu Zheng’s heart beat a little faster. The banana that flew over was not the kind that would explode, but a high-quality fairy fruit. The special substance contained in it was enough for Gu Zheng to recover from his current injury!


Gripping the flying bananas into his hands, Gu Zheng felt very emotional. Although it is wasteful to use fairy fruit bananas to heal his injuries, Gu Zheng has no choice now. He can only recover from his injuries first.


The Fairy Fruit Banana is different from ordinary bananas. It does not need to be peeled at all. Its skin is not bitter like ordinary bananas, but an indescribable sweetness.


A fairy fruit banana was quickly eaten by Gu Zheng, and a warm feeling rose from his stomach immediately, and gathered towards Gu Zheng’s injured part, so that Gu Zheng’s original injured part was quickly repaired , that numb and crisp feeling is not to mention how comfortable it is. Moreover, the characteristic of the fairy fruit banana is not only to restore the injured parts of Gu Zheng, but also to quickly fill up the lost immortal power of Gu Zheng. It’s just that things like divine sense must pass time to recover, and the fairy fruit has not recovered this strange energy. effect.


After eating the fairy banana fruit, a smile appeared on Gu Zheng’s face. Don’t enter until your spiritual sense is restored. As long as you have immortal power, you will have a lot more assurance of survival in the next journey.


Without wasting any time, Gu Zheng took another step forward, and the sight in front of him also alternated between light and dark.


The space where Gu Zheng was in before was blank, but now the space is in the mountains and forests. Gu Zheng once again forgot that he was in a phantom formation, and the function of the phantom formation still made him feel that he was in a A sleepy formation.


Using his divine sense to investigate the trapped formation, Gu Zheng couldn’t help but frown, because he felt that his divine sense was not right.


There is indeed something wrong with Gu Zheng’s divine sense, because his divine sense has been exhausted, not to mention launching a divine sense attack, even the simplest detection is more difficult.


Feeling something wrong with the divine sense, Gu Zheng quickly remembered what was going on, and couldn’t help but feel a little lucky!


There is no doubt about the power of the phantom array, otherwise Gu Zheng would not be injured, but sometimes it is a blessing and a misfortune, just like how Gu Zheng dealt with the squirrel monster, he could have used his immortal power to attack the squirrel monster, but In order to resolve the battle faster, he chose to sneak attack with divine sense.


The characteristics of the phantom formation cause that no matter what energy attack Gu Zheng uses, the energy will be consumed quickly. This is indeed very unfavorable to the entrant, but after entering this stage of the phantom formation, Gu Zheng felt that something was wrong when Gu Zheng used the immortal power that was originally in short supply, which led to the phantom array being seen through.


In the last stage of the phantom formation, because Gu Zheng was slow to see through the formation, this also led to Gu Zheng bringing out the original killing moves in the phantom formation. The phantom formation at this stage, because Gu Zheng sees through the phantom formation too fast, the killing move in it is also brought out, but there are many killing moves in the phantom formation at this stage, Gu Zheng just uses the nearest one I brought it out, which is considered a relatively lucky thing! After all, no matter how powerful the latter killer moves are, there is no need for Gu Zheng to go through them anyway.


The killer move brought out by Gu Zheng from the phantom array is a monster that looks like quicksand. This monster has a head but no face and is in the shape of a human. I can’t see its strength, but I feel a little danger from it.


With a thought in his mind, Gu Zheng summoned a huge fire dragon at the same time as the true fire spirit in his body vibrated.


After the fire dragon was summoned, it immediately flew towards the faceless monster, and something Gu Zheng didn’t expect happened. After they collided heavily, fire rained down in the sky, because the two huge fire dragons all disintegrated under that collision.


It will disintegrate under a collision, which shows that the power of the two fire dragons is evenly matched. After watching this scene, Gu Zheng frowned again. He felt that he knew what the faceless monster opposite was. Something, because he has seen something similar to the faceless monster before, that is, he can imitate various attack methods of the entrant, but he does not have the attack methods himself!


That is to say, if Gu Zheng attacked it with a fire dragon, it will use the fire dragon to fight back against Gu Zheng. If Gu Zheng attacked him with divine sense, he will also use divine sense to fight back against Gu Zheng, and the strength is the same Same size! This will also lead to a situation, that is, this kind of monster that can imitate, in a sense, is an opponent on par with the entrant, and even the longer the battle, its strength may overtake the entrant Or, after all, this is its home field, so it is not surprising that its strength will be stronger.


However, although the faceless monster is weird, it can only pose a threat to those entrants who have never seen its existence. For veterans like Gu Zheng, it has a fatal weakness.


Gu Zheng knows what the weakness of the faceless monster is, so he will use the weakness of the faceless monster to defeat it next, and he walks towards the faceless monster.


The faceless monster has learned the fire dragon technique from Gu Zheng, and it didn’t stand still, launching the fire dragon towards Gu Zheng.


Gu Zheng also launched the fire dragon technique. Although he knew that the collision of fire dragons would be another scene of death, he had no choice now. He just wanted to use the fire dragon to deal with the fire dragon. He couldn’t use any other attacks. Otherwise, the new attack method will also be learned by the faceless monster.


The two fire dragons died together, and Gu Zheng finally got close to the faceless monster. To deal with the special existence of the faceless monster, what Gu Zheng has to do is to launch a fatal blow to him!


Gu Zheng launched a light palm towards the faceless monster, and the faceless monster also launched a palm towards Gu Zheng. What kind of fairy technique was used, so it didn’t copy anything, so the seemingly heavy palm fell on Gu Zheng and did not cause any harm to Gu Zheng.


Gu Zheng’s palm was placed on the body of the faceless monster, and the palm of the faceless monster was also placed on Gu Zheng’s body. At the same time, Gu Zheng turned sideways and shook off the palm that the faceless monster had put on him.


The faceless monster can also replicate the damage caused by Gu Zheng’s natal real fire power, but because it can’t spread it directly through the palm, the natal real fire power just passes through its palm, and it tries to act on it On Gu Zheng’s body, but Gu Zheng couldn’t give it such an opportunity. During the dodge, he increased the input of the power of his own true fire, and his body quickly swelled up, and after a moment, he made a bang, turning into a Fly ash filled the sky.


The death of the faceless monster represents the disappearance of the danger in the current stage of Gu Zheng. Gu Zheng saw a crack in the void in front of him. So far, the formation has been completely broken by him.


Taking a deep breath, Gu Zheng, who didn’t stop much, passed through the crack and entered the third level of the four-level immortal formation.


As soon as he entered the third level of the fairy formation, the guidance given to Gu Zheng by the toad monster gave Gu Zheng a feeling for Shenmo, and this feeling made Gu Zheng very happy! After all, the guidance made Gu Zheng understand that Shenmo is in the current Immortal Formation, which means that as long as he gets Shenmo in this Immortal Formation, he doesn’t have to go to the Fourth Immortal Formation, because The toad monster also said before that as long as he gets the Shenmo, the toad monster will be able to produce an induction through the imprint given to him, and then no matter where he is in the fairy formation, it can make him leave the fairy formation instantly.


Although he knew the direction where Shen Mo was, Gu Zheng did not rush towards the direction where Shen Mo was. fairy array.


Having experienced sleepy formations and phantom formations before, Gu Zheng felt that the third immortal formation should be a killing formation, and the answer after investigation was indeed as he expected, this is a killing formation.


Gu Zheng has just confirmed that the third layer of immortal formation is a killing formation. The killing move in the killing formation has already been born. Hundreds of ant-men of different shapes crawled out of the ground. Some of them are the ones that can only run. , and some are the kind with wings that can fly.


Hundreds of ant-men are rushing towards Gu Zheng, not to mention their strength, their number alone is scary enough, no matter what, each of them is about the same size as Gu Zheng’s reminder, and they act at the same time The momentum generated is also very large.


However, in the face of hundreds of menacing ants, Gu Zheng just stood there without moving, and even closed his eyes. By closing and opening the eyes to make the illusion disappear, but this third layer of immortal formation is different from the previous two layers of immortal formation.


The previous two layers of fairy formations have a common feature, that is, in those two fairy formations, treasures such as heart magic beads and magic crystals cannot be used at all, but in the third layer of fairy formations, the ancient As soon as he entered the room, he felt that in this fairy formation, such treasures as the Heart Demon Orb and the Magic Crystal could be used!


When Gu Zheng closed his eyes, he had already called out the phantom crystal. He knew that all those ant-men could be recruited by the phantom crystal. The improved energy, so the moment he opened his eyes, he had absorbed all of Ant-Man into it through the characteristics of the phantom crystal, temporarily restoring the world to peace.


After accepting the Ant-Man, Gu Zheng went on the road again, and he stopped after walking a long distance. This time, it was a pair of giant Ant-Man who stopped Gu Zheng.


Although he knew that monsters could be huge, Gu Zheng felt a little shocked when he actually saw an ant-like monster the size of a giant dragon.


This is a killing formation, so there are not so many particulars. Encountering a monster is a kill, and being able to get out is a victory.


The two ants waved their shape-changing forelimbs and launched various attacks on Gu Zheng. Also launched an attack on Ant-Man from time to time.


It is undeniable that the explosion of the blue light blade has weakened Gu Zheng’s combat effectiveness a lot, which once again reflects the importance of the fairy weapon.


However, Gu Zheng is not fighting alone, he is also fighting with his ice dragon and fire dragon, and under the coordinated attack of the ice dragon and fire dragon, the two Ant-Man gradually appear defeated! After all, even if they had thick armor on their bodies, they still couldn’t withstand Gu Zheng’s attack.




With a loud noise, a fireball flew towards Gu Zheng. It was an ant-man who was hit by a fire dragon, and the whole body of ant-man was burning with flames.


Surrounded by flames and hit by fire dragons, Ant-Man is still alive. It has to be said that Ant-Man is indeed very powerful! However, no matter how strong Ant-Man is, its life will come to an end at this moment, because it was hit by the fire dragon and flew towards Gu Zheng.


The fire dragon’s fighting skills are very good, especially when it cooperates with Gu Zheng, so when it rams Ant-Man into Gu Zheng, it is the time when Gu Zheng is ready to destroy the cactus.


Gu Zheng pushed forward from behind, and a huge palm shadow the size of a square appeared. The palm shadow directly pushed away the Ant-Man who had turned into a fireball, making it as fast as a meteor, and In the end, it exploded into a rain of fire in the air.


Ant-Man is really powerful, that is, when Gu Zheng and Huolong eliminated an Another Ant-Man’s fists suddenly changed, and one of its fists became It picked up the pliers and directly clamped the dragon horn of the ice dragon, while its other fist turned into an awl and pierced towards the eye socket of the ice dragon, and the seemingly short awl pierced into the ice dragon After the left eye socket of Ant-Man, it actually pierced out from the right eye socket. From this point, it is enough to see that Ant-Man’s awl has the ability to be long or short!


After all, the ice dragon is not a human being. Even after suffering such an attack, he still wanted to use the dragon tail to beat Ant-Man, and Ant-Man rushed the awl out of the ice dragon’s eye socket before the dragon tail hit his body. Pulled out.




There was a bang, that is, the moment Ant-Man pulled the awl out of the ice dragon’s eye socket, the huge ice dragon burst into pieces of ice in the air.


Although the mighty Ant-Man has dealt with Gu Zheng’s ice dragon, Gu Zheng has also come to the front and hit Ant-Man with a palm from the air.


Ant-Man dodged Gu Zheng’s palm, but he couldn’t avoid the sneak attack of Gu Zheng’s fire dragon. It was approached by Gu Zheng’s fire dragon through teleportation, and then his tail was drawn on it, and he moved towards Gu Zheng again. Smoked it.


Fire light appeared on Gu Zheng’s palm, and when his raised palm fell, it hit Ant-Man’s head just right.


If it was the beginning, Ant-Man could still resist Gu Zheng’s domineering palm with his own hard armor. However, in this short-term battle, it was already scarred and could not withstand the heavy blow of Gu Zheng, so its head became rotten under the palm of Gu Zheng. Something like a watermelon.


Just as Gu Zheng got rid of the difficult giant ant-man, the ground in front of him immediately cracked a huge hole, and what crawled out of it was a white and fat queen ant.


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