The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2714:



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In the age of the main body, Gu Zheng didn’t have much contact with Xuanyue. Before that, because of his low cultivation, he had been practicing outside. Because of various things, he couldn’t stay with Xuan Yue for a long time.


Gu Zheng knew that Xuan Yue was a demon cultivator, but what was her real body, Gu Zheng never asked Tie Xian, and Tie Xian didn’t take the initiative to say such things. Even though the later Gu Zheng had the way of transformation at the immortal level and could easily see through the body of a demon cultivator, but Xuanyue was his second senior sister, and he had never done this kind of thing to Xuanyue to see through the body. Not respectful.


“Why don’t you search for the soul?”


Xuan Fei looked at Gu Zheng curiously. Since Gu Zheng searched for the soul more gently, Xuan Fei himself felt which part of Xuan Fei’s memory he saw. Moreover, Gu Zheng and Xuan Fei were also in a wonderful connection when searching for the soul. Xuan Fei could feel how shocked Gu Zheng was when she saw her in a transformed state, so her curiosity became even stronger.


“Enough, I have found what I want from your memory.”


Gu Zheng’s voice is very calm, but his intuition tells Xuan Fei that this is not the case. If this is the case, why did it happen to stop ten years ago? Why did Gu Zheng feel shocked?


“Is that true?”


Xuan Fei tilted his head and looked at Gu Zheng suspiciously.


“If it’s not like this, can it be like that?”


Gu Zheng murmured, although he wanted to remain calm, but when he saw the second senior sister, his thoughts were really pulled back far, far away.


“Then why are you shocked? Is it because of my appearance? I know my appearance is not bad, but it shouldn’t be considered first-class in the prehistoric world, right?”


If it’s a general matter, Gu Zheng doesn’t want to talk about Xuan Fei in detail, so he doesn’t ask, but after all, Gu Zheng was shocked by her appearance, which made her have to ask.


“Shocked because you look like an old friend of mine!”


Gu Zheng smiled slightly. In this moment, he already knew how to get along with Xuan Fei in the future, so his eyes became as if the elders were looking at the younger ones. However, the current appearance of Gu Zheng is really not flattering, it is definitely the kind that can scare a child to cry, so the look he gave deliberately did not really show the effect he wanted because of his appearance.


“An old friend? Could it be your Taoist companion?” Xuan Fei smiled.


Gu Zheng didn’t answer, but looked at Xuan Fei with what he thought was a majestic look.


Xuan Fei is Gu Zheng’s second senior sister, but Gu Zheng’s current identity is Tie Xian, he will accept Xuan Fei as his apprentice in the future, and teach Xuan Fei cooking skills and Tie Xian formula, so from now on he will be Establish the majesty that a master should have, if you let Xuanfei go on like this, let alone how to be a master of Xuanfei in the future, if you let Xuanfei develop feelings for him, it will be a real headache thing! Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary headaches, it is better to start with maintaining dignity.


I have to say that Gu Zheng’s quiet gaze played a role this time. Xuan Fei, who felt uncomfortable, fell silent, but she was rejoicing in her heart. Fortunately, Gu Zheng stopped when she saw her appearance If you don’t search for the soul, otherwise it would be a little embarrassing for Gu Zheng to see things like bathing in the transformed state.


“We have to go to the Feiyan tribe again, and we have to enter the underground stone room again, there are things we need there.” Gu Zheng said.


“It will take three days to get there!” Xuan Fei reminded.


“Three days is not short, but it is worth it compared with what you get.” Gu Zheng said.


“Is the thing you want to get ingredients?”


Xuan Fei has seen the things in the underground stone chamber, so he asked this question.


“That’s right.” Gu Zheng nodded.


“Are you going to use those ingredients for food repair?”


Xuan Fei’s eyes lit up, and he remembered the food cultivation that Gu Zheng mentioned before.


“Yes, in addition to the ingredients that can cook simple food repairs, there are also ingredients that can restore your life.”


“Let me restore the ingredients of my life?”


Xuan Fei’s eyes widened, she never thought that the lost source of life would have the opportunity to be replenished in this space world.




Gu Zheng nodded, and then asked: “Are you interested in the way of eating?”




Xuan Fei answered without hesitation, Gu Zheng had already briefly explained the way of diet to her, and she was really yearning for the miraculous way of diet.


“My plan is to help you restore the source of life first, and when your strength recovers, then under my guidance, you can cook to help my food cultivation!” Gu Zheng said.


“Let me cook food repair? Good!”


Xuan Fei didn’t think about whether she could cook successfully, she just felt very excited, she was about to come into contact with the way of eating that interested her, and this kind of performance was also a sign that she was suitable for the way of eating, she There is a kind of confidence in the way of diet that ordinary people don’t have.


“Since you are so interested in the way of diet, are you willing to worship me as your teacher?” Gu Zheng asked again.




Xuan Fei seemed very happy. When Gu Zheng told her about the way of diet before, she had the idea of ​​wanting to worship Gu Zheng as her teacher, but now she has not even gained freedom. She didn’t tell Gu Zheng about the matter.


“Okay, then you are my disciple now.”




Xuan Fei seemed a little surprised. Apprenticeship to a teacher is a very sacred thing in her heart. What kind of ceremony should be held, it will not be as simple as it is now.


“Extraordinary times are treated very differently.”


Hearing what Gu Zheng said, Xuan Fei nodded, and then his voice became respectful: “Please give me a name, Master!”


Xuan Fei also heard Gu Zheng talk about some prehistoric things, and knew that some sects had given names, so there was such a request.


Gu Zheng sighed in his heart, no matter when he talked to Xuanfei about the way of diet or other things in the prehistoric world, he never thought that Xuanfei was Xuanyue and her second senior sister, but this Everything is obviously developing according to a certain trajectory, and at this time, it will be a matter of course.


“From now on, your name will be Xuan Yue, and you will be my second disciple!” Gu Zheng said solemnly.


“Thank you, Master, for the name!”


Xuan Yue hurriedly thanked her, and she was naturally very curious about her classmates who hadn’t met yet.


Gu Zheng also knew that Xuan Yue would inevitably be curious about some things, so he took the initiative to tell her about her other brothers and sisters before she opened her mouth. He still needs to hurry up to heal his injuries.


It took a few more hours for Gu Zheng to fully recover from the injuries caused by shedding the old skin. However, he still looks very scary in his current appearance.


Although the wild wolf has become a wolf monster, Gu Zheng still does not have the ability to fly. The wolf monster is just a very weak monster, and the escape ability is considered stronger. He still has to be taken by Xuan Yue to fly. rock tribe.


The underground stone room of the Feiyan tribe is actually a storage room of the Feiyan tribe, which stores some things that the Feiyan tribe put in when they first arrived in this space world. Assimilated, most of the things that were useful to them have become useless, so the things in the underground stone room have also become their collections.


Gu Zheng and Xuanyue have come to the right place, and he has already told Xuanyue that the things in the underground stone room are useful. As for how to get those things, it is still up to his divine sense light to attract the flying rockman , Let Xuan Yue go to the underground stone room to take out those things.


The arrival of the light spot of the ancient battle spirit naturally caused chaos in the Feiyan tribe.


Gu Zheng originally thought that the enemy should be extremely jealous when they meet each other. After all, one of the three huge flying rock people was killed by him with a borrowed knife last time. This time the flying rock people saw him Should be even more angry. However, the performance of the Feiyan people was completely different from what Gu Zheng had imagined. Although they attacked Gu Zheng’s light spots of divine sense, they just didn’t chase after them.


Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot has already disintegrated the large bluestone covering the underground entrance, but Xuanyue will not be able to enter the entrance if the flying rock man does not chase his divine sense light spot. Gu Zheng must break through this as soon as possible Deadlock will do.


From Gu Zheng’s point of view, the Feiyan people are a little bit afraid of his divine thoughts, which is not difficult to understand. Who made him harass the Feiyan tribe so many times with his spiritual thoughts? Some people in the Feiyan tribe died, but his divine sense light spots appeared from time to time as if they were immortal. Although the Feiyan people had become like wild beasts, they also had a sense of fear.


“If you don’t chase me, you’re still not angry enough, so I’ll make you a little more angry.”


Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot slammed into the flying rock man who was avoiding it, and the remaining two huge flying rock men also attacked immediately, trying to prevent Gu Zheng from slaughtering their fellow clansmen.


The beams of light shot out from the two huge stone man staffs pose a strong threat to Gu Zheng’s spiritual sense. . After all, there is not much time now, if his divine sense light spot is wiped out by the flying rockman, he will have to wait a day to separate the divine sense light spot again.


The chaotic situation lasted for a while, and Gu Zheng’s idea of ​​hunting and killing the stone man failed to come true, which made him have to rise to a high altitude and told Xuanyue that he needed to change his plan.


I have to say that the Feiyan people are really stupid. Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot has been limited and cannot easily return to his body. If the divine sense launched a pursuit, Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spots would not be able to lead them to the blood-colored black-spotted spider’s territory at all. However, the fear prevented the Feiyan people from doing anything good. They just watched Gu Zheng’s divine sense take off, and did not start chasing and killing them.


The plan after the change is not complicated. Since the Feishi people no longer chase Gu Zheng’s spiritual light to the sky, then Gu Zheng can lead them to the other end of the tribe, but it will take a little risk for Xuan Yue risk.


The new plan was soon implemented, and Gu Zheng’s divine sense entered the Feiyan tribe again. The Feiyan people are not facial paralyzed. This kind of anger that he has been harassed repeatedly and has nothing to do with his divine sense light, and he can’t wait to eat his divine sense light raw.


Ignoring the anger of the Feiyan people, the light spots of Gu Zheng’s spiritual thoughts flew to a corner of the tribe and began to destroy them. Stone houses were destroyed by the impact of the light spots of spiritual thoughts. The Feiyan people could not remain indifferent to this , They rushed over under the leadership of two huge stone men, regardless of whether the attack they launched could hurt Gu Zheng’s divine sense, anyway, they launched an attack on Gu Zheng’s divine sense.


Gu Zheng’s divine sense escaped the attack and flew into the air, and Xuan Yue also took the opportunity to enter the underground entrance. In order to attract the attention of Feiyan people, she decided to make some bold Gu Zheng, and let the divine sense light point towards the Feiyan tribe. The wall hit.


The wall is an important building of the Feiyan tribe, and the Feiyan people pay more attention to it. Gu Zheng’s destruction of the wall naturally made the Feiyan people very angry, even though Gu Zheng’s divine sense was dodging the subsequent attack After choosing to launch into the air, the Flying Rock Man chased after him angrily! This made Gu Zheng very speechless. He knew that destroying the stone wall would bring about such an effect, so why would he bother to attract the attention of the flying rock people.


Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot got rid of most of the stone men, but it was not easy to get rid of the two huge stone men. It is also impossible to return to the original body, and it is also unrealistic to lure the two huge flying rock people to the territory of the blood-colored black-spotted spider, so its fate can only be eliminated.


However, even if the divine sense is eliminated, it’s nothing. Gu Zheng’s body has already seen Xuanyue, and she has completed the task of going to the underground stone room to get those useful things.


Now that Xuanyue has returned, Gu Zheng’s divine sense light spot no longer dodges, it turns around and flies towards the flying rock man who is chasing it.


The light spot of divine sense turned around unexpectedly, the shouts of the two flying rock men were full of joy, and they immediately launched an attack on the light spot of spiritual thought.


Spiritual thoughts flashed one after another, and the attacks of the flying rock man were also dodged by Gu Zheng one after another. A kind of helplessness also appeared in Gu Zheng’s heart. This is not his spiritual thoughts under normal circumstances. If this is his Under normal circumstances, not to mention the strength of the divine sense, the combat skills possessed by his divine sense alone are enough to support it to easily kill the two flying rock men! However, under such abnormal circumstances, let alone obliterating the Flying Rock people, even the process of getting close to them is very difficult.


Finally, Gu Zheng’s spiritual light spot was very close to a flying rock man. After avoiding another attack from the flying rock man, it suddenly accelerated and ran towards the flying rock man who was closest to it. And this kind of sudden speed increase is also the only spiritual power that he can display at present.


Gu Zheng’s divine sense hit the Feiyan man, and this Feiyan man was the patriarch of the Feiyan tribe. However, the dark energy emitted from another flying rock human staff also hit the flying rock patriarch when it hit it.


An uncomfortable feeling rose in Gu Zheng’s mind. He knew that his divine sense had been swallowed up by the dark attribute energy. As for how the impact of the light spot of his divine sense would cause the chief Feiyan’s clan leader, that’s a question. He didn’t know a little bit, he just knew that the Feiyan patriarch would not die because of this impact of divine sense.


Looking at the quiet Xuan Yue, Gu Zheng also closed his eyes and entered a state of self-cultivation.


When Gu Zheng used his divine sense to deal with the Feiyan people before, the main body had already told Xuanyue what kind of ingredients Xuanyue should take, and Xuanyue had already taken the ingredients. At this time, she was in the process of absorbing the effects of the medicine stage.


Due to the uncooked ingredients, the absorption of the medicinal effect is very slow. When Xuanyue completely absorbed the medicinal effect, it was completely dark.


Xuanyue, who has absorbed the effects of the medicine, has not recovered the source of her life, and her current state is still the same as before.


“How do you feel?”


Seeing Xuanyue opened her eyes, Gu Zheng asked via voice transmission.


“Master, I feel very strange. Those absorbed medicines have turned into a wave of energy. This energy is very similar to the source of my life, but the two are not in contact with each other.” Xuanyue said .


“No hurry, they will be in touch soon.” Gu Zheng smiled slightly.


If Xuan Yue’s normal natal source is regarded as the meridians all over the body, then the Qi Ling’s extraction of Xuan Yue’s energy is to make Xuan Yue’s main meridian disappear out of thin air. The ingredients that Gu Zheng let Xuanyue eat, the medicinal effect transformed is to fill the gap that Xuanyue’s main meridian is missing, but to really achieve this step, moonlight and the last ingredient are needed as medicine. just do.


The moon has risen into the sky, and the moonlight has also fallen down. Xuanfei took a plant of ingredients as white as sesame jade into the sky. Take it.


Moonlight was inhaled into Xuanyue’s body, which made her body look like a ball of light. She had also taken the ingredients as white as Zhiyu, and after the medicinal effect transformed by it touched the energy transformed by moonlight , like a torrent rushing towards the place where the main meridian is missing, where the medicinal effects of the ingredients taken before are already waiting, when they touch together light bursts from Xuanyue’s body Shooting, the original broken meridians are reconnected, and the original missing source of life is restored.




A loud cry resounded through the night sky, and the light that originally wrapped Xuanyue’s body became dazzling. After the light disappeared, a beauty with creamy skin descended from the sky.


“Thank you, Master!”


Xuanyue, who knelt down in front of Gu Zheng, had already turned into a young girl in a white palace attire.


Gu Zheng opened his eyes and looked at Xuan Yue with a satisfied smile on his face.


Xuan Yue has just replenished the source of her life, and she still needs to make a small stabilization of the situation in her body. This will not delay the ancient struggle to hurry up and teach her something about diet.


The strength of Xuanyue before was equivalent to the realm of transforming gods. After she was supplemented with the source of her life, her strength was already equivalent to that of the early stage of returning to the void. Also bigger.


However, the crisis of Gu Zheng being assimilated by this world is becoming more and more serious. The place where they are now is three days away from the Qingyan tribe. Time does not allow them to go to the Qingyan tribe now. Gu Zheng must first assimilate himself Just solve the crisis.


As Tiexian’s disciple and Gu Zheng’s second senior sister, Xuan Yue’s talent in food and drink is much higher than Xiong San’s. She can fully understand many things that Xiong San doesn’t understand after listening to them. Moreover, Xuanyue is not only able to absorb moonlight, but also uses moonlight as an attack method. She already has the source of real fire and water in her body, but because of the lack of source of life, the water and fire black magic It’s just that it can’t be activated, and these two sources of life and five elements are also the basis for being able to cook and eat. There is no pop-up window, and the update is timely!


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