The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2438:


During Jin Yan’s stay at Jixiang Xiaozhu, apart from the time when he invited Gu Zheng to go to the mine of Dongxu Mountain to eliminate monsters, Wu Weizi also came to Jixiang Xiaozhu once, and that time was specially for Gu Zheng Fighting to send Jin Yan to take the resources that the Food Cultivator will give.

There are two types of food cultivation that Gu Zheng will do today, one is to help the generation of the source of true fire of natal life, and the other is to help the source of true water of natal life, although Huang Ying and others Both Jin Yan and Jin Yan need these two types of food repairs, but due to the different physiques of each person, even if the required types of food repairs are the same, they cannot cook in one pot. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to cook for Huang Ying and the others and Jin Yan today.

When Huang Ying and the others came over, Gu Zheng had prepared for Jin Yan the diet that could speed up the production of the source of true fire, and Jin Yan was about to take it.

After a simple greeting to Jin Yan, Huang Ying and the others rushed to the kitchen. Although they still have a long way to go before cooking, every time Gu Zheng cooks is very important to them. An opportunity to learn and observe.

Only Daoist Yun Jing and Jin Yan are left in the front hall. It’s not that Gu Zheng intentionally left the two of them a chance to get along alone, it’s just that he wants to cook and cultivate. Only Daoist Yun Qing, who doesn’t learn how to eat, is free, so she can help Jin Yan absorb the medicinal effects of food cultivation. Anyway, with his current cultivation base in the late stage of Void Return, he is also competent enough to do such a thing .

“Brother Yunqing, I’m going to take food repair, you have to take good care of me later!” Jin Yan smiled at Master Yunqing.

“Don’t worry, according to what the ancestor said, the poor cultivation level is sufficient.” Master Yun Qing said seriously.

Food cultivation that can speed up the production of the source of natal true fire and natal true water requires help after taking it. Moreover, this process is not as simple as helping people take food supplements, and there are some chances of accidents.

Jin Yan smiled slightly, and began to take food repair.

A dish of food repair was quickly eaten by Jin Yan, and Master Yunqing, who had been prepared for a long time, put his palms on her back at this time, and the immortal power entered her body.

Because of Jin Yan’s low cultivation base, she cannot control the medicinal effect produced by food cultivation, so Immortal Yunqing’s immortal power enters her body to help her complete this process.

I saw that under the control of Master Yunqing’s immortal power, the medicinal effect entered Jinyan’s dantian little by little, turning into a band of light composed of stars.

Ren Yunqing’s immortal power circulates, and the band of light circles and dances like a spirit snake. This is a process of processing the medicinal properties through the immortal power in the body. The tinder of the source of true fire is truly absorbed.

“Brother Yunqing, let me do it, I can do this step myself.” Jin Yan said.

“It doesn’t matter, since Mr. asked Pindao to look for you, unless you have to do things, the rest will be left to Pindao. You should save more energy and take it later to help you speed up. The food cultivation produced by the source of true water!” Master Yunqing said seriously.


Jin Yan knew that Master Yun Qing would not let her do it, but she just wanted to talk to Master Yun Qing.

When Jin Yan came to Jixiang Xiaozhu, Master Yunqing was already injured, but the injury was not serious at that time. As for how he was injured, Jin Yan was annoyed by the Lingzhu , Lingzhu told her the reason. As for Master Yunqing, at that time Jin Yan was just purely sympathetic, and she just felt that since she entered the Jixiang Xiaozhu, the people in the Jixiang Xiaozhu were family members, and if the family had something to do, they should share the same hatred.

Later, Master Yun Qing was hurt by Yun Jing again, and Jin Yan, who was already very integrated into Jixiang Xiaozhu, was really **** off and wanted to comfort Master Yun Qing, but the situation did not allow it. Because of this, she didn’t have much communication with Master Yun Qing.

Regarding the two injuries of Master Yun Qing, Jin Yan did not find him annoying, but felt that he was very affectionate, and affection is also a very good quality for Jin Yan.

Later, Master Yunqing was reborn, and Jin Yan was also happy, and liked to chat with Master Yunqing whenever he had something to do.

However, it may be that during a chat, when Xiong San joked about the “overnight transformation” of Master Yunqing, Jin Yan also laughed. Since then, Master Yunqing, Master Yunqing Facing her, he seemed more serious, just like there were only two of them today, Master Yun Qing was always so serious.

“Brother Yunqing, why do you always talk to me with a straight face? Is it because when Xiong San laughed at you last time, I laughed too?”

Really unable to bear the depression in her heart, Jin Yan took this opportunity to ask Master Yun Qing.


Realist Yunqing was a little flustered in his answer.

“If you still say no, you are panicking!”

“Don’t talk, run the celestial ball, let the celestial ball resonate with the fire.”

Jin Yan hadn’t spoken yet when she was interrupted by Master Yun Qing.

The business is important, and Jin Yan didn’t dare to be distracted any more. She immediately started spinning the fairy ball, making the space in the dantian where the source of the real fire of life had not yet been produced become a little dark red, and this dark red The land is the kindling seed that is the source of the true fire of her life.

For cultivators, the source of true fire is basically produced through hard work. But for Gu Zheng, who is well versed in the way of diet, it is too slow to produce the source of the real fire of life through hard training. He needs people from Jixiang Xiaozhu to have the source of real fire of life faster, so there is food cultivation to speed up their real fire of life source of this process.

There are advantages and disadvantages in everything. It is an advantage to speed up the generation of the source of true fire of natal life, so the problems that follow are disadvantages.

Because Jin Yan’s cultivation level is not enough, the fire seed in Jin Yan’s body does not actually have the ability to absorb the effects of food and medicine, so she needs to run the fairy ball to make the fire seed resonate. And Master Yunqing needs to use the power of the true fire of her life to induce the fire to activate the ability to devour the effects of food and medicine when she makes the fire resonate.

Reverend Yunqing’s natal real fire power has already entered Jin Yan’s body, and Jin Yan couldn’t help but groan.

The power of true fire is different from the softness of immortal power, and also different from the emptiness of divine thoughts. It is a kind of fiery energy. The feeling of discomfort arises, just like soaking in a hot bath. It takes a process of adaptation to feel comfortable.

Did not dare to directly enter Jinyan’s dantian, Master Yunqing allowed the power of the real fire to swim quickly in Jinyan’s body, and when she felt that the original fiery heat had become warm, this Entered her dantian.


Another muffled groan, this is the pain that must be experienced by an external force to activate the fire devouring ability.

“Are you okay?”

Jin Yan’s muffled snort also made Reverend Yun Qing a little nervous. Although Gu Zheng told Reverend Yun Qing about the possible accidents, he didn’t tell Reverend Yun Qing that when the energy devouring the tinder was forcibly activated by Ben, what happened to Jin Yan? Pain will be felt.

“It’s fine.”

Reverend Yunqing’s nervousness made Jin Yan secretly happy. The pain was not unbearable to her, but the groan she couldn’t hold back at this moment made her discover something interesting. If it wasn’t for now, she would I really want to hum a few more times to see how Master Yunqing will react.

Not as much as Jin Yan, Master Yun Qing became more cautious because of Jin Yan’s muffled hum.

The tinder has been forced to start the devouring of the medicinal energy. This devouring has disadvantages, it will not be absorbed by Jinyan’s approaching medicinal energy in the air, just like a black hole. However, the fire seed is still too weak, and it is not good for it to swallow too much medicinal energy in a short period of time. Therefore, Master Yunqing needs to use celestial power to control the medicinal energy. In the process of devouring medicinal energy, intermittent situations occur, which is also not conducive to the transformation of fire seeds.

The medicinal energy originally controlled by Master Yunqing was attracted by the devouring power of Jinyan’s fire, and immediately moved towards Jinyan’s fire, just like two magnets attracting each other, the suction produced by it It’s not something Jin Yan’s level of cultivation can control!

Through simple experiments, Master Yunqing quickly figured out the optimal speed of the fire seed for the medicinal energy, and under the control of Master Yunqing, it flows smoothly like a small river.

“Run the fire control formula.”

When the time is right, Master Yunqing reminds Jin Yan.

Jin Yan didn’t dare to be negligent. Due to the intake of fire attribute energy, she had already developed an uncomfortable feeling. If it wasn’t for the fact that Daoist Yun Qing would be distracted by her influence when she was feeling this way, she really wanted to hum out loud.

The operation of the fire control formula is to assist the transformation of fire seeds into medicinal energy. Its operation also relieves Jin Yan’s original feeling of fullness, and her dark red fire seeds also brighten with this process, moving toward the flames color transition.

In the end, Jin Yan’s originally dark red color turned into fiery red, and under the operation of the Fire Control Art, Jin Yan gradually condensed, and finally turned into a cyclone-shaped flame.

“It’s done!”

Realist Yun Qing finished his work and heaved a sigh of relief.

Indeed, as Gu Zheng said, the process of helping Jinyan turn the fire into the source of the true fire of life, although there will be certain dangers, can be easily done with Yunqing’s cultivation base. However, because Master Yun Qing was worried about Jin Yan’s pain, he was highly concentrated during this process, so he seemed somewhat tired.

“Thank you, Brother Yunqing!”

Zi Yan thanked Master Yunqing, the process of turning the fire seed into the source of the true fire of her life was quite exhausting for her.

“You’re welcome, it should be!”

Reverend Yunqing closed his eyes and said: “You also hurry up and adjust your breath, the second food training that the ancestor gave you should be ready soon.”


Although she still wanted to talk to Master Yunqing, Jin Yan also knew that the second food repair was about to come out, so she didn’t say much, and took the time to adjust her breath.

The second food cultivator came out very quickly, but Master Yunqing and Jin Yan also adjusted their breath very quickly. When Lingzhu brought the food cultivator to the front hall, the two of them also opened their eyes .

“How?” Lingzhu asked.

“Very good, everything is going well.” Yun Qing said honestly.


Lingzhu smiled, a little playfully.

“Of course, why did Miss Lingzhu say that?” Yun Qing asked honestly.

“It’s okay, you two continue.”

Lingzhu smiled slightly, put down her food cultivation and left.

Jin Yan’s interest in Master Yun Qing, Lingzhu can naturally see, she just asked to see if anything happened when they were alone.

“Brother Yunqing, I’m going to start taking the second diet.”

Jin Yan smiled sweetly at Master Yunqing.


Realist Yun Qing closed his eyes, which made Jin Yan, who was about to say something, not know what to say for a moment.

Although Jin Yan sometimes called Yun Qing a “wooden lump”, but the real Yun Qing is not a real wood, and he can naturally see the difference between Jin Yan and him. However, Master Yunqing preferred that he was thinking too much, because in his heart, Jin Yan was still just a child.

However, is Jin Yan really a child? Some women of this age in the mortal world are already married, not to mention that Jin Yan, who is a cultivator of immortality, is many times more mature than women of the same age in the mortal world! Moreover, when there are other people around, Master Yunqing feels okay, but once there are only two people, Master Yunqing will feel a little flustered when communicating with Jinyan, which makes him feel a little bit bad, so this will also be I closed my eyes.

Although the eyes are closed, but the mind is daydreaming, especially when Master Yun Qing accidentally opened his eyes, he found that Jin Yan was looking at him, which made him panic and immediately closed his eyes again superior.

Looking at each other for a short while, Master Yun Qing appeared flustered, but Jin Yan giggled coquettishly because of his embarrassment.

“Yunqing, Yunqing, what’s wrong with you? Why do you feel your heartbeat? You were not like this before! She is just a child!” Master Yunqing sighed in his heart.

Indeed, in the past, Daoist Yun Qing only fell in love with Yun Jing, and the rest of the women never touched his heart. After all, he has been stationed in Qingfeng City for more than a hundred years, and almost every city lord of Qingfeng City has used beauty to curry favor with him, and those so-called beauties, some of which are more beautiful than Jinyan, he does not have. Therefore, any feeling of excitement was given to his disciples to enjoy. Now, Jin Yan, who seemed like a child, actually made him feel excited, which really made him feel very speechless.

Realist Yun Qing didn’t know that the red thread of fate between him and Jin Yan had been drawn, so he was entangled in his heart. But fate is such a magical thing. As the saying goes, if you are destined to meet thousands of miles away, you will not meet across the face if you are not destined.

“Brother Yunqing, I have already taken my food cultivation, what are you thinking?”

Jin Yan’s voice pulled Master Yunqing out of his reverie, and made Master Yunqing even more embarrassed.

“I just thought of some cultivation problems, and I was distracted for a while.” Master Yun Qing smiled apologetically.

“Brother Yunqing rarely smiles, but it’s very doubtful whether what he said is true!”

“You are a big kid!”

Looking at Jin Yan’s blinking eyes, Master Yun Qing couldn’t help but secretly said.

Hurrying up behind Jin Yan, Master Yun Qing put his palm on Jin Yan’s back.

I don’t know if it was Jin Yan’s intentions or doubts, but after Master Yun Qing’s hand rested on her back, she twisted her body.

Feeling the touch under the palm, Master Yun Qing seemed to have an electric current passing through his heart, which was an unprecedented feeling.

“Damn it, why is Dao Xin so unstable and evil thoughts so easily generated!” Master Yun Qing cursed secretly, and the immortal power entered Jin Yan’s body.

With the experience of the first food cultivation, Jin Yan already knows that there is something that must be said quickly, otherwise it will be difficult to get distracted later. Therefore, as soon as Master Yunqing’s immortal power was operating in her body, she opened her mouth.

“Brother Yunqing, you haven’t answered the question I asked you back then!” Jin Yan asked.

“What’s the problem?”

When it’s not critical, Master Yun Qing really doesn’t accept Jin Yan’s inquiries.

“Brother Yunqing, is it because I laughed too when Xiong San laughed at you last time, so he has been angry with me?” Jin Yan asked.

“No, Pindao is not angry with you.”

Really Yun Qing is helpless, wondering why this girl, Jin Yan, keeps mentioning the time Xiong San laughed at him in her videos, and the reason for the time Xiong San laughed at him is that.

“Since it’s not, why does brother Yunqing always want to put a straight face on me? After all, brother Yunqing doesn’t treat others like this. Could it be that I’m a monster and will eat you up?”

Jin Yan giggled, she could hear the embarrassment in Master Yunqing’s voice, she thought it would be fun to make Master Yunqing feel embarrassed and flustered.

“Pindao should concentrate on helping you deal with the properties of the medicine, so don’t talk to him!”

Realist Yun Qing was even more flustered, a panic that he had never felt before facing Yun Jing, a feeling of being molested and played in his heart.

“That’s it! Then I’ll stop talking.”

Jin Yan closes when she sees a good deal, she smiles proudly in her heart.

After a while, with the help of Master Yunqing, Jin Yan succeeded in having the source of true water in her body.

I wanted to take advantage of my happiness and have a good time teasing Master Yunqing, but Gu Zheng’s cooking and food training was too fast. The first food training he did for Huang Ying had already been done by Huang Ying.

Today, Master Yunqing not only wants to help Jin Yan, but also to help Huang Ying and others after taking food repair.

“Brother Yunqing, then you are busy, I will go back to the room to stabilize the newly born source of the real fire and the spirit of the real fire.” Jin Yan smiled at Master Yunqing.


Reverend Yunqing heaved a sigh of relief, this annoying little girl is finally leaving.

With the passage of time, Gu Zheng finally finished all the food repairs to be done today, and among Huang Ying and the others, except for one person who failed to transform the source of the true fire of his life, and one person who failed to transform his life Except for the source of true water, the rest of the people all have the source of natal true fire and the source of natal true water. However, these two people are not accidental, but their situation is relatively special, and their progress in this aspect is slower than that of Huang Ying and others, and they cannot be successfully transformed through a single food training.

“Yun Qing, starting from tomorrow, we will focus more on their teachings on the source of the true fire and the source of the true water.”

After Huang Ying and the others left, Gu Zheng ordered Master Yun Qing.

“Don’t worry, the ancestors, I will teach them well in this regard, and try to make them appear as soon as possible with the spirit of real fire and water.” Yun Qing said.

Gu Zheng nodded, and couldn’t help feeling the difference between people! He is better than ordinary people in many aspects, but only when he turned the source of the five elements of life into the spirit of the five elements of life, the progress has reached a very slow point, which is really helpless.


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