The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony Chapter 2434:



Chapter 2434 The Legend of the Immortal in the City


“Is what the ancestor said true?”


Realist Yun Qing was a little excited, this him at this time was also the one who wanted to apologize with death.


“Of course it’s true, this is our agreement, as long as you agree, it will take effect.” Gu Zheng smiled.


“I promise!”


Realist Yunqing agreed, this is an agreement similar to the oath of the heart demon, Gu Zheng will not go back on his word, and Master Yunqing will not go back. If the agreed loser is Gu Zheng, then Gu Zheng will abide by the promise, and if the loser is Yun Jing, this real Yun Qing who is equivalent to a heart demon will disappear, real Yun Qing will hate Yun Jing, and everything will come to an end When it is about to end.


“Let’s go, the ancestor will take you to a place, let you see what your beautiful Yun Jing did when you didn’t see her.”


Gu Zheng used his celestial power to fly Daoist Yunqing out of Jixiang Xiaozhu. Although flying is not allowed in the city, this is not absolute. What’s more, even if a person of Gu Zheng’s status flies in the city, It caused only exclamation and worship, but no self-blame or attack.


“Look, Lord Tiexian!”


“Master Tiexian, where are you going?”


“Isn’t Master Yunqing the one who was taken flying by Lord Tiexian?”


“What is this going to do?”


The residents of Qingfeng City on the ground exclaimed, and on the street where Gu Zheng landed, the residents even more exclaimed and fell to their knees.


“Master Tiexian!”


“Master Tiexian!”


“Master Tiexian!”


The residents didn’t know what to say, they just shouted the name of Gu Zheng enthusiastically.


Gu Zheng smiled at everyone, and after the ‘soothing the gods’ was cast, the originally fanatical residents calmed down instantly, feeling indescribably comfortable all over.


“Thank you, Lord Tiexian, for your blessing!”


The residents shouted again, but due to the effect of the calming spell, they were not particularly fanatical this time.


Gu Zheng nodded to everyone, and then said: “All folks, I have some things to deal with when I landed here this time, all folks, just go and do what you should do!”


Gu Zheng needs to prepare for the collection of pure power of faith in the future, so naturally he has to be a bit airy, and he needs to pay more attention to his image.


Without taking the residents to say anything, Gu Zheng cast a fairy technique when the voice fell to the ground, covering the surrounding area with a circle of white mist, so that the residents could not get close, nor could they see and hear everything in the circle of white mist what happened.


“Are you familiar with this place?” Gu Zheng asked.


“Familiar.” Yun Qing said sincerely.


When Gu Zheng brought Reverend Yunqing to this place, Reverend Yunqing’s face was twitching. How could he not be familiar with this place? This is where Yun Jing pestered him last time.


Gu Zheng stretched out his hand and waved the air around him. Time retreated in a small area under Gu Zheng’s control, appearing on a light curtain in the air.


After a while, the things that flowed quickly in the light curtain became normal, and time flowed normally in the light curtain.


The scenes that Gu Zheng showed Master Yun Qing were exactly the reactions that Yun Qing had after he fled in a hurry that day.


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In the picture, Yun Jing stood there in a daze, but soon her facial expression changed. First she narrowed her eyes angrily and looked at Yun Qing’s staggering back, then her eyes were contemptuous, and finally she became very disgusted .




Yun Jing spat on the ground, her brows were furrowed as if she wanted to vomit, because he just kissed Master Yun Qing.


An expression of disgust appeared on Yun Jing’s face again, she wiped the mouth that had kissed Master Yun Qing, and disappeared into the darkness of the morning.


The picture in the light curtain disappeared, and in the silent circle, only the rapid breathing of Master Yun Qing remained.


Reverend Yun Qing’s hands were clutching his chest, as if if he didn’t do so, his beating heart would jump out of his chest.


This is a day when Yun Jing hurt Master Yun Qing very much, but this day also left an indelible shadow in the soft place in Master Yun Qing’s heart, because he and Yun Jing became intimate, and Yun Jing actually took the initiative to kiss After leaving him, Yun Jing wanted to become his Taoist companion to atone for his sins, and this scene often appeared in Master Yun Qing’s reverie.


However, Master Yun Qing didn’t know that Yun Jing behind him had such a wonderful expression on his face, and his actions were so hurtful.


“Am I stinky? Why do you spit and wipe your lips after kissing me? I didn’t do anything sorry for you, why do you hate me so much? If you hate me so much, why didn’t you say it earlier ?I always thought that you were arrogant, but you didn’t look down on me like others, but what is the contempt in your eyes? I have seen it in the eyes of many people!”


Realist Yun Qing talked to himself, and then wept bitterly.


Gu Zheng didn’t speak, he just watched quietly, precisely because he knew that Daoist Yun Qing was going to lose his composure, that’s why he didn’t let those residents see this kind of time return, which is hard to see at ordinary times. A great opportunity to pretend to be a magic stick.


Seeing Master Yunqing crying very sad, and when anger appeared while crying, Gu Zheng was ready to add fire in time.


“Is Yun Jing still beautiful? Did he really want to save you before pestering you?”


Listening to what Gu Zheng said, Master Yun Qing was only crying, but his body trembled even more.


“No, it’s because she took a fancy to your background. After you rejected her, did she care about your life and death? If she had a little liking for you in her heart, or a little bit of intolerance, she wouldn’t treat you like this. You poor man!”


Gu Zheng used the self-proclaimed real Yunqing that day. This self-proclaim is very important, and it has indeed produced the desired effect.




Reverend Yun Qing let out an inhuman roar, and the originally rational man regained his body at this moment, and he yelled to the sky: “Yun Jing, why are you doing this to me!”


If the rational side of Master Yunqing can take advantage of his anger to dominate his body for a moment, then the emotional one, which is equivalent to the inner demon, will disappear, and Gu Zheng will be able to complete the very process of getting rid of his heart disease. An important part! Of course, the disappearance of the perceptual Master Yunqing does not mean that the future Master Yunqing will be purely rational and have no emotional side at all, because the eliminated sensibility is not his real sensibility, but A demonized sensibility.


However, Master Yunqing’s hatred was not so great that his rationality could suppress his demonized sensibility. His body was trembling, and his demonized sensibility also spoke: “Forget it! What am I? Don’t you know? If it wasn’t for the ancestor, how could someone as proud as Yun Jing take the initiative to kiss? Yun Jing is certainly hateful, but the key is that she is too salty to be hurt like this!”


The demon-like sensibility is very strong, even if Gu Zheng let Master Yun Qing see the hurtful actions Yun Jing made with his back turned, the demon-like sensibility cannot speak for Yun Jing Sometimes, I will switch to another angle, convincing the rational side from myself.


“Yeah! It’s because I’m too salty to be hurt like this!”


It has to be said that the demon-like sensibility has succeeded. Master Yun Qing cried and laughed, and the anger that was originally overwhelming has dimmed a lot.


However, what Gu Zheng let Master Yun Qing see still greatly stimulated him. Although the demon-like sensibility dimmed Master Yun Jing’s anger towards Yun Jing, this dimness was not the result of Extinguished, it has no way to completely suppress the rational side of Yunqing’s real person, and now they are crying and laughing, which shows that they are jointly controlling the body.


For Gu Zheng, it was not an accident that the demon-like sensibility could not be eliminated in one fell swoop, otherwise it would be too easy to deal with. It doesn’t matter if he failed to help Master Yunqing eliminate his demon-like sensibility in one fell swoop, he still has second-hand medicine.


“Yun Qing, have you noticed that Yun Jing’s distaste for you is unusual? The Yun Jing you know is not like this! Although she is very realistic, although she looks down on you from the bottom of her heart, she does not hate you. You!”


The words that Gu Zheng said made Yun Qing, who was crying and laughing, seem to be sober.


“That’s right! There must be something wrong with this, otherwise Yun Jing wouldn’t hate me so much, this is not the one I know, if she really hated me so much from the beginning, how could I possibly I will love him forever!”


Realist Yun Qing seemed very happy, and the original anger completely disappeared at this moment. However, the disappearance of the anger is not extinguished, it is still only dimmed!


At this moment, Daoist Yun Qing is very dangerous, falling into a situation where he is about to be completely controlled by his demon-like sensibility. However, everything has two sides, the harder the pressure is, the more intense the outbreak will be. Of course, there is a reason for Gu Zheng to say something that is not good for Master Yunqing.


“There is indeed a problem, and I will let you see what the problem is.”


Gu Zheng’s voice paused, and the topic changed: “Yunqing, Long Yuanzi told you that because they are going to become a sect affiliated with the Xuanqi Sect, the choice of Taoist companions by the top disciples of the sect will also be for the sake of The Zongmen became involuntary, and the matter between you and Yun Jing might be invalidated because of this?”


“That’s right!”


Reverend Yunqing clutched his chest in pain, Long Yuanzi’s visit to Jixiang Xiaozhu was the beginning of Master Yunqing’s pain.


“Actually, things are not like this at all. There are things you don’t know about. Shanhaimen is indeed going to become an affiliate of the Xuanqi Sect, but the Xuanqi Sect does not interfere with the selection of Taoist companions by the disciples of the sect’s leading disciples. , especially the disciples of the top generation of affiliated sects. Why did Long Yuanzi lie to you? Because your ancestor is not in Jixiang Xiaozhu, God knows when he will come back, and Long Yuanzi also knows, you are right for Yun Jing If you are deeply in love, even if Yun Jing does something, you will forgive her, and because of Yun Jing, you will save their Shanhaimen in front of your ancestors, that’s why he wants to lie to you!”


“Actually, another main reason why Long Yuanzi lied to you is that the head of the Xuanqi Sect chooses Taoist companions within the influence of the sect! Almost all the single female cultivators within the sphere of influence of the Xuanji Sect, who are going to become elders in the future, value the selection of the Taoist partner by the Sect Master very much. Your good friend Yun Jing is so realistic, how could you let go of this opportunity? That’s why Long Yuanzi wanted to lie to you, and he was very insidious and didn’t say anything to death, because Yun Jing might not be able to be selected. There are several female cultivators in the sphere of influence of the Xuanqi Sect who are more outstanding than Yun Jing in terms of cultivation and beauty. If Long Yuanzi doesn’t say anything to death, he is leaving a way out for Yun Jing, and even if she is not selected at that time, she can still consider you, poor man.”


“It’s amazing to say that you are good Yun Jing, she is actually the first one to pass the primary election among more than a hundred female cultivators!”


“What is the primary election?” Master Yun Qing asked eagerly.


“Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you about this wonderful primary election!”


Gu Zheng sneered, and said again: “The primary selection test of the Mysterious Artifact Sect is called ‘Testing Heart’, but it is actually a special illusion test generated by an innate magic weapon. Therefore, this illusion test is special because it is different from ordinary illusions. Not only will the female cultivators who participated in the election not get lost in this illusion, but they clearly remember what their purpose of participating in the election is, and they also know how to pass it. The method of the first test! However, because the female cultivators who participated in the heart test had their memories erased before leaving the illusion, they did not know what they had done in the illusion, but they themselves were not able to do so because of what they experienced in the illusion. Something has changed!”


“Because of the special reason for the master of Xuanqi Sect’s practice, his Taoist companion must cut off the shadow of the other **** in his heart. This opposite **** includes not only Taoist couple, lovers, but also relatives and friends, or people like you It just left a little shadow in Yun Jing’s heart. The illusion is very powerful. Among the more than 100 female cultivators who participated in the competition, only eight finally passed the preliminary round. It is conceivable how much choice is made in the illusion. It was difficult, but Yun Jing left the illusion at least an hour, or even a day, earlier than the other seven female cultivators who passed the initial test!”


“Yun Jing passed the initial test of the illusion and became a candidate for the Taoist companion of the Xuanji Sect master, but she is still not satisfied. After my strong return, she actually wants to be your Taoist companion again! Such a reality sees you When you arrive in Gaozhi, you want to fly, and the woman who can be denied by your relatives for the purpose is the beautiful Yun Jing in your heart!”


Gu Zheng’s final voice was like thunder, and Yun Qing, who had been stunned, was awakened, and there was a deep struggle in his eyes.


“No! That’s just an illusion. Even if she killed me in the illusion, it doesn’t mean she can kill me in reality!”


The demon-like sensibility is on the verge of collapse, and the reason he wants to persuade is already fragile and vulnerable.


“Look! This is what Yun Jing experienced in the illusion. After seeing these things, if you still feel that she is still beautiful in your heart, then I have nothing to say, Patriarch! “


Gu Zheng took out a jade slip, and under the urging of the immortal power, a ray of light shot out of the jade slip into the air to form a light curtain, and images began to appear on it.


Gu Zheng knows quite a few people, among them are the elders of the Xuanqi Sect, who have seen how powerful Gu Zheng is, their respect in front of Gu Zheng is undoubtedly the same as that of the elders of the three sects.


After Gu Zheng returned to Jixiang Xiaozhu from the cultivation world this time, the handsome man who came over during the foreign time on the third night was also the one who left in a hurry after communicating with Gu Zheng Man, he is Yun Jing’s other high branch, Jian Zhen, the suzerain of Xuan Qi Sect.


Through Jianzhen, the master of the Xuanqi Sect, Gu Zheng knew that Yun Jing had passed the initial test, and also knew what the content of the “testing heart” was, and he couldn’t help feeling that this was a ruthless person.


Feeling that Yunqing still has to suffer from Yunjing, Gu Zheng asked Jianzhen to make a jade slip from Yunjing’s “heart test” that day, and he gave Jianzhen a “child mother jade talisman” ‘ in subcharacters.


Jianzhen hurriedly left Jixiang Xiaozhu that night to make Yun Jing’s jade talisman for Gu Zheng. After all, “Testing Heart” is to choose a Taoist partner for Jianzhen, so he has watched every female cultivator’s “Testing Heart” process, and he is even the one who wiped the female cultivator’s memory afterwards. The piece of talisman that Gu Zheng gave Jianzhen was able to quickly convey the message, and let Jianzhen do something according to his requirements at that time. This is Gu Zheng’s deployment.


The illusion of “Testing Heart” is very strange. Every female cultivator who accepts the first test will remember in the illusion that their purpose is to become a true swordsman. Moreover, they also know that only by killing the opposite **** that they think of in the illusion can they become sword-true companions.


However, what these nuns don’t know is that this is just an illusion! In their eyes, everything they experienced is real, and they have to choose between the opposite **** who left a shadow in their hearts and Jianzhen, either choose the opposite **** who left a shadow in their hearts, or choose To become a Taoist partner of Jianzhen, the third situation rarely occurs.


‘Try your heart’, try your heart! It depends on what kind of heart you have, whether you are suitable to be Jianzhen’s Taoist partner, and whether you are suitable to practice unfeeling Taoism to assist Zuo Jianzhen in the future.


There are a lot of female cultivators who take part in the first test of Xuan Qi Sect’s patriarch, but very few of them are able to pass the first test, because the “trial test” is a test of human nature, which is very cruel and It also reflects some situations very realistically.


When Yun Jing was in the illusion, the first alien she wanted to think of the most was naturally not Daoist Yun Qing. What she thought of was a handsome man who was her first Taoist The first Taoist companion, Yun Jing still has a lot of attachments, but in reality her first Taoist companion has long since died.


Because of the illusion, Yun Jing thought that she really saw her first Taoist companion, and she no longer remembered that her first Taoist companion had died, and she just felt that she hadn’t seen her for a long time.


Just as the delighted Yun Jing was rushing towards her first Taoist partner, a strange feeling arose in her heart, making her understand that she wanted to become Jianzhen’s Taoist partner now, and Jianzhen followed her. Among the men she saw, she could only choose one.


Yun Jing finally flew into the arms of her first Taoist partner, showing a gentleness that Daoist Yun Qing had never seen before, and even the femininity that she never imagined would appear in Yun Jing body.


The long-lost lingering, this is the longest hurdle Yun Jing experienced in the illusion of “testing the heart”. When the man closed his eyes in satisfaction, she suddenly took the man’s life .




The scene changed, and it became the Shanhai Gate that Yun Jing was familiar with. Long Yuanzi was outside her cave gate, welcoming her to leave the gate with a smile on his face.


However, after going through the first level, Yun Jing also retains the memory of the first level. She knows that she has killed her Taoist partner, she knows that she will become Jianzhen’s Taoist partner, and her father is also her hinder. Moreover, a sense of urgency also accompanied Yun Jing, letting her know that she must have a quick result, which would be beneficial for her to become a sword-true companion.




Yun Jing smiled and walked towards Long Yuanzi, but when Long Yuanzi was about to say something, a handkerchief suddenly flew out of Yun Jing’s sleeve, turning into a silver snake and piercing Long Yuanzi’s stomach.


Long Yuanzi was shocked, and immediately flew back, while shouting angrily: “What are you doing? I’m your father!”


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