The Prodigies War Chapter 2939: A trip to Beihai



Tu Muhun looked calm and said, “If rhetoric is useful, what else do you need to do with Taoism? Since your Yuan Sect insists on protecting Lin Xun’s son, why should I wait here for a while?”


Said, he sat cross-legged on a rock on the side of the sea, closing his eyes and resting.


When the other big figures of the Shamanism saw this, they all sat casually, with a calm demeanor.


In the Palace of Wan Jue Sword.


Xuan Feiling frowned and said to Lin Xun: “On the bright side, this time, the witch sect has dispatched 24 transcendental great perfect beings and 36 late transcendence experts, but they dare to I’m clamoring to step on our sect, I’m afraid there are other preparations.”


Lin Xundao: “Could it be that they can still dispatch characters from the Eternal Realm?”


Xuan Feiling pondered: “Perhaps there is such a possibility, but don’t worry, once the deity of the Eternal Realm appears, it will be restrained and counterattacked by the rules of heaven and earth. If it is left at other times, it will be fine to damage some Taoism, but Don’t forget that within a thousand years, the calamity of the era will surely come, and at this time, the damage to Taoism will be a great risk for any person in the eternal realm.”


Lin Xun said thoughtfully: “If you say that, they must be able to use the power of the Eternal Realm deity, but they will never use it easily, right?”


Xuan Feiling said with a smile: “This is natural, just like in our Yuan Sect, if you really encounter a matter of life and death, do you think that the Taixuan Pavilion Master who is trapped in the mysterious realm… can sit back and watch?” /


Lin Xun nodded.


Xuan Feiling said: “The core purpose of the Witch Sect’s trip is nothing more than to take advantage of the fire, not only wanting your life, but also wanting to seize the power of the order of the gods in your hands. It is almost impossible to destroy our sect without a person from the Eternal Realm.”


After a pause, Xuan Fei Ling said: “The same is true for Zen.”


Lin Xunchang exhaled a turbid breath and said, “I will guard this place and make them stop here.”


Xuan Feiling patted him on the shoulder and said: “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, remember, the sect will definitely advance and retreat with you.”


Not long after, Xuan Feiling left.


Lin Xun thought of the three senior sisters of the Spiritual Sect.


The only thing he is worried about now is that if Third Senior Sister and the others learn about the situation on Yuanjiao’s side, if they come to the rescue rashly, other variables are very likely to occur.


For example, on the bright side, the shamanism and Zen sect joined forces to deal with the Yuan sect, but could this be a pretense to lure the third senior sister and the others to rescue?


And as long as the three senior sisters are captured, they will surely be coerced to Lin Xun!


In the same way, if such a thing happened in the Spiritual Religion, once I went to the rescue, I was afraid that many variables would occur because of it.


“I only hope that the third senior sister and the others will keep their composure and not mix in…”


Lin Xun muttered in his heart.



Time passes day by day.


On the banks of the Wanxinghai.


Tu Mubang and other big figures in the shamanism have been waiting quietly.


Soldiers approaching the city, this is the most direct threat! (First launch, domain name (please remember _three)


The news here soon spread all over the world, and everyone in the world knew that the shamanism had been dispatched, and the war would break out at any time!


The news was also introduced into the Spiritual Religion as soon as possible.


“We Spirit Cult and Element Cult have always had a good relationship. How can we remain indifferent when something like this happens?”


Lingzun Qingyun was surprised.


He didn’t expect that Ruosu would come to visit him after hearing the news that the Shamanism and Zen Buddhism had joined forces to attack Yuanjiao, hoping that the Lingjiao would not help Yuanjiao. 33 Novels update the fastest mobile terminal: https:/


“This is most likely a trap.”


Ruosu said softly, “In other words, the purpose of this operation of Shamanism and Zen Buddhism is not to fight against Yuanjiao, but to deal with me and other junior brothers and sisters. As long as we capture us, they can go Threatening my little junior brother to do anything.”


Qingyun’s eyes flashed, “But you don’t have to worry. If your guess is wrong, both your junior brother and Yuan Jiao will suffer great trouble.”


Ruo Su said with a smile: “It’s useless to worry. At this time, as long as we don’t make mistakes here, the younger brother will not be affected.”


After a pause, she continued: “What’s more, if you really need help, the junior brother has already sent a message.”


Qingyun was silent for a moment and said, “I don’t hide it from you. Not long ago, I got a message from Fang Daoping, saying that this matter would not let our spiritual sect intervene. I was a little strange, but now it seems, Whether it’s Yuanjiao, or your junior brother, I’m afraid they’re already prepared.”


Ruo Su’s eyes lit up: “So, the sect has already understood this matter?”


Qingyun nodded and said: “When you travel to Beihai to prove Taoism, the sect will send some old people to watch the ceremony. At that time, you and other successors don’t have to go together.” 33 Novel update fastest computer: https ://


If Suo thought about it for a while, he agreed.



There is only half a month left before the eternal period of traveling in Beihai.


On the banks of the Wanxinghai.


Tu Mubang and other big figures in the shamanic religion felt a wave of space fluctuations.


Immediately following, a group of stalwart figures in monk robes and sandals appeared in the arena, each with a solemn appearance and a majestic demeanor.


He is a great figure in Zen Buddhism.


The head of the beard is snow-white, and the figure is thin. He wears a patched robe. His sunken cheeks are densely wrinkled, and his withered skin is bronze-colored.


The Buddha is in the air!


Known as the first Buddha of Zen Buddhism, he has been preaching for hundreds of thousands of years, and he looks like a living fossil-like antique.


Behind Ji Kong are a group of Zen masters, the number of which is comparable to that of witchcraft powerhouses.


“No success?”


Tu Mu stood up and asked in a hoarse voice.


Ji Kong shook his head: “The Spiritual Sect has not been moving. I can’t wait for a long time, so I have to leave early.”


Tu Muhun frowned and said, “So, it is doomed to be impossible to capture those who are the descendants of the Spiritual Sect to threaten Lin Xun’s son…”


“Conspiracy is a trail.”


There was a solemn and calm look on Ji Kong’s thin cheeks, “Since it’s not helpful, you should use an upright soldier to achieve what you want.”


Tu Mu snorted coldly: “This conspiracy and tricks are proposed by your Zen, don’t slap yourself in the face.”


Ji Kong’s expression was calm, and he said: “The big and the small are all Taos, and there is no distinction between high and low.”


After speaking, he looked at Wan Xinghai in the distance and said, “This time when our two great ancestral courts join forces, Yuanjiao must be ready to fight with all our strength. Brother Tu believes that with the strength in our hands, , what are the odds?”


“Do your best and obey the destiny.”


Tu Mu said indifferently, “As long as the Yuanjiao’s Eternal Realm characters don’t take action, no matter who they are this time, they won’t be able to keep Lin Xun!”


Ji Kong calmly said: “The master of Fangcun planned for eternity and gave birth to a lotus that has never been seen before. Such an immortal supreme being, once he proves the Tao for eternity, is destined to bring chaos to the world, and the two of us who bear the brunt of the brunt Ancestral Court.”


It is not without reason that both Shamanism and Zen regard Fangcunshan as their mortal enemy.


Tu Mu said: “This son’s current combat power is enough to pose a fatal threat to us old guys. It’s not easy to deal with him…”


In the past, who cared about such a young man?


But now, such a young man has become their confidant, which is something no one expected.


Ji Kong was silent for a while, and said: “In the sixth heaven, the ten clan war alliance has dispatched the will and law of a number of eternal characters, but without exception, they have never been able to help this son, according to brother Tu. See, under such circumstances, how to capture and kill this son?”


Tu Muhun said with an expressionless face: “No one has seen the battle that took place in the sixth heaven. Even though this son Lin Xun already possesses the supreme power of this realm, he still has the will to kill the eternal realm. Fa Xiang, is destined to be impossible, in my opinion, in the sixth heaven, there must be a big person from Yuanjiao to help.”


After a pause, he continued: “But the situation is different now, we have already killed outside the Yuanjiao, and Lin Xun’s threat is the least, and the real people who should be vigilant are those old things of Yuanjiao. .”


Ji Kong said: “What if the master of the Taixuan Pavilion makes a move?”


Tu Mu’s eyes narrowed suddenly, and then he said indifferently: “If he dares to take action, someone will deal with him.”


Ji Kong said: “It seems that Brother Tu is well prepared.”


“Isn’t that the case with your Zen?”


Tu Mu snorted coldly, “If you don’t have some confidence, you won’t be able to eat the fat of Yuanjiao!”


Ji Kong was silent for a long time, and suddenly sighed: “The outcome of this battle will probably fall outside the chess game.”


“Beyond the chess game?”


Tu Muhun frowned, “What do you mean?”


Ji Kong said: “The hunch may not come true.”


“You Zen people are the most eloquent, and the clouds and mountains are covered with fog.”


Tu Mu Hun showed a trace of disdain, “I don’t care about the chess game inside or outside, but I firmly believe that as long as the strength is strong enough, it can crush everything.”


Ji Kong smiled and said nothing more.



After half a month.


At the top of Wanjue Sword Palace, Lin Xun who was meditating seemed to feel something and suddenly stood up.


Almost at the same time, a melodious bell rang in Yuanjiao, and the world fell silent.


Then, in a secret realm behind the Yuanqing Mountain, a figure stepped into the sky, came under the sky, and looked up at the sky.


He is dressed in a white robe, looks like a young man, his skin is crystal clear and fair, but there is a mysterious and unpredictable dazzling light in the depths of his eyes.


Behind him, a wooden sword slanted, with a red silk rope tied to the hilt, fluttering in the wind.


He stood up at will, like a goddess who cares about the world and is free and easy.


Pavilion Master Yuanqing, visit Beihai!


An old man who has been in retreat for countless years and devoted himself to cultivating Taoism. He is also a legend on the road of kendo. A long time ago, he was called “Shuangjue of Yuanjiao” together with Taixuan.


“Old You, you can preach the Dao with peace of mind today!”


Far away, Yan Ji’s figure appeared out of thin air, and said indifferently, “Don’t worry about other things.”


You Beihai nodded slightly.


Then, he stretched out a finger in his sleeve and swiped toward the sky.


In the depths of the originally clear and clear sky, a shadow suddenly appeared, and the shadow spread, engulfing the entire day.


Heaven and Earth plunged into darkness!




At the same time, the power of order covering the Metaverse began to fluctuate violently as if it was under a great threat.




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