The Prodigies War Chapter 2937: You are welcome



Ten years later, Tang Jiang will often think of the master who brought her into Yuanjiao.


She is no longer the ignorant child she used to be.


She already knew how high her status as a teacher was in Yuan Sect, and how important her power was.


Even the peak master Mo, who dotes on her the most, will show a respectful look when talking about her master.


She also knew a lot of past events related to Master, such as how he joined Yuanjiao as the number one back then, and how he rose step by step over the years.


Like a legend!


Occasionally, Tang Jiang even felt like he was dreaming.


When she was a child, she was so weak that she was considered unable to cultivate, but who would have thought that in just ten years, she had undergone a reborn change?


And her master is even more famous all over the world, a mythical figure with a demeanor like a god!


Everything seems too unreal.


Tang Jiang was afraid that when the dream woke up, all this was false.


“The entry is good.”


In the distance, Lin Xun and Xia Zhi walked side by side, looked at Tang Jiang who had grown up to his shoulders, and said, “When you practice in the future, you should uphold your heart, don’t be too ambitious, and don’t belittle yourself.”


Tang Jiang nodded fiercely: “I listen to Master.”


“This is some of my previous cultivation experience, you can try to figure it out.”


Lin Xun handed Tang Jiang a jade slip that had already been prepared, “Remember, this is my practice experience, and it may not be suitable for you.”


Tang Jiang quickly took it with both hands, showing a bright smile: “Master is the best to me, and I will not disappoint Master in the future!”


Lin Xun said with a smile: “Cultivation is my own business. As long as I am happy, no matter how high or low I will achieve in the future, I will not be disappointed. Don’t put any pressure on myself.”


Next, Lin Xun met Molan Mountain again, chatted for a while, and returned with Xia Zhi.


“There is something wrong with that little girl’s fate.”


On the way, Xia Zhi suddenly opened his mouth.


Lin Xun’s eyes narrowed, “What did you see?”


Xia Zhi said: “In my induction, her past karma seems to have been erased, this feeling is like a dead person, all traces of the past have dissipated. Only in the past ten years, it has appeared. A new causal bond has been established, and its fate has also been completely reversed, which cannot be inferred.”


Lin Xun was shocked, remembering the scene of “reviving Tang Jiang” back then.


Undoubtedly, Tang Jiang died in those years, so her karma was eliminated, but because of herself, she opened up a new destiny.


And all of this, thanks to the order of Nirvana!


“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?”


Lin Xun couldn’t help asking.


Xia Zhi said without hesitation: “Of course it’s a good thing. It means that she will practice her future and her fate will be completely controlled by herself. Whether she lives or dies, it’s all up to her. You also know that fate is very mysterious. Back then you In the secret realm of Tongtian, the fate was changed against the sky, and the fate was reversed. For that little girl, her experience is the same as yours.”


After a pause, she said: “For ordinary cultivators, the fate is usually similar, no matter how high the Dao achievement is, if one day does not prove the Dao for eternity, his fate is destined to be controlled by various people on the Dao road. calamity and coercion.”


“Fortunately, you can fight against it with your own courage and resolve it.”


“Unfortunately, almost all of them will die in the disaster.”


Speaking of this, Xia Zhi’s clear eyes showed a trace of confusion, “It’s simple to say, but up to now, I don’t know the real mystery of the Dao of Destiny…”


Lin Xun said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you can always understand its mysteries step by step in the future.”


He couldn’t calm down.


The order of Nirvana is not only as simple as “resurrecting the dead”, but it can also cut off a person’s past destiny, reshape his destiny, and make him realize the transformation of his fate!


Change your destiny!


How taboo and terrifying should such power be?


Lin Xun couldn’t help sighing at this moment, if he hadn’t met his apprentice Tang Jiang, he probably wouldn’t have discovered Nirvana Order and such miraculous powers.


Similarly, if it wasn’t for the Summer Solstice, he would not be able to deeply appreciate how amazing the mystery of Nirvana Order’s “resurrection” and “defying fate”!



After returning to the cave, Lin Xun continued to retreat.


Xia Zhi stayed by his side all the time, eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating. Occasionally, when Lin Xun woke up, she would talk to him and chat with him, quietly.


Another eight years passed in a hurry.


This year, Lin Xunxiu has entered the great perfection of transcendence.


In this environment, there is no breakthrough.


In Eternity, it’s only one step away!


It was also at the moment of breaking through to the point of great perfection that all kinds of enlightenment surged in Lin Xun’s heart.


The three realms of Tianshou, Nirvana, and Creation on the road of immortality, the immortal supreme potential of oneself, is completely released at this moment, and it is integrated into one body of Taoism!


This is a true Great Perfection, a kind of supreme spirit that arises spontaneously. On the way of immortality, I am invincible! 33 Novels First Release https://https://


Lin Xun can clearly feel that all the power in his body presents a charm of great perfection, great freedom, and great detachment. 33 Novels update the fastest computer: https://


It is like a melting pot of thousands of paths, which are unique and unique!


Compared to the later stage of detachment, after reaching the state of great perfection, it also allowed him to sublimate his Taoism to a new level.


Not to mention an old monster at the level of transcendence, Lin Xun has the confidence to take it down easily in the face of the will of the Eternal Realm!


This is a feeling that comes from the heart. It is the deepest cognition and judgment of one’s own strength, not arrogance.


At the same time, in the past eight years, Lin Xun has also refined the order of Nirvana to an 80% level, which has further changed the law of immortality.


He clearly sensed that under the nourishment of his own law of immortality, Xiaoxian and Xiaoming, the two powers of order born in the last era, are also constantly evolving and transforming, and now they have a faint aura of the ninth rank of heaven. . 33 Novels First Release


What surprised him most was that these two orders still had extremely amazing growth potential!


It was also this discovery that made Lin Xun realize that the “Xiao Xian” who once covered the world of immortality and the “Xiao Ming” who once covered the nether world are the power of the order of gods, and their ultimate form of transformation is destined to be harmonious with The rules of immortality are related to the rules of the netherworld.


This was something Lin Xun didn’t know about before.


Unfortunately, Wushuang is not there, otherwise, with Lin Xun’s control over the mystery of Nirvana order, it is enough to easily infer the potential and mystery of his body.


It was also in this first year that Tao Leng, who had been promoted to the elder of Yuankong Pavilion, came to visit.


Lin Xun suddenly realized that it was very likely that something major had happened, otherwise, under normal circumstances, no one would come to disturb his practice.


Sure enough, when he saw Tao Leng’s first face, he said with a serious expression: “Brother, the Pavilion Master Yanjing has a request. I invite you and the other Deputy Pavilion Masters to meet in the central hall.”


“Pavilion Master Yanji has left?” Lin Xun was shocked.


Tao Leng said: “No, it’s just a sign of will.”


Lin Xun nodded, and immediately told Xia Zhi to wait in the cave, while he went straight to the central hall.



The central hall.


When Lin Xun arrived, Xuan Feiling, Dugu Yong and other seven deputy pavilion masters had already arrived.


The figure is thin, and the expression is pure and simple, and he sits casually on the central main seat.




When Lin Xun’s figure just appeared outside the gate of the main hall, Yan Ji’s eyes stared at him like a pair of torches, and he immediately showed a look of surprise, “It’s only been so many years, you have already proved that this state is perfect. the point?”


As soon as these words came out, Xuan Feiling and others were shocked, and all of them showed strange colors.


Before, they didn’t notice the change in Lin Xun’s breath. If it wasn’t for Yan Jing’s words, they wouldn’t even notice it.


“Senior has good eyesight.”


Lin Xun bowed his hands to greet him, and he knew that he couldn’t hide it from the other party.


Yan Ji said with a smile: “Last time you retreated for fifty-five years, from the early stage to the later stage, this time you retreated for 18 years, and you have broken through the most difficult stage in this situation, and you have achieved great perfection. Daoxing, this level of promotion speed can be regarded as unprecedented, and I can’t find a second one.”


Xuan Feiling sighed and said, “Oh, you don’t know something, Mr. Yan, since this kid stepped into the detachment, every time I met, I felt uncomfortable, and it felt like I was being ridden around my neck.”


It’s a joke of course.


Everyone laughed.


It wasn’t until Lin Xun was seated that Yan Ji said, “This time I have called you all here for one thing. After half a year, this old fellow You Beihai will prove the Tao for eternity, and some things should be prepared in advance. .”


Everyone’s expressions turned serious.


“According to time, doesn’t it take about three years?” Dugu Yong asked.


Yan Ji said: “There is no way to have an accurate date for things like breaking the boundary. Yesterday, I got a message from Lao You. When he talked about this, he was also a little surprised, but I can be sure that this is a happy event. After all, the eternal opportunity to prove the Tao has finally come.”


Xuan Feiling said: “Then what preparations do I need to make?”


Yan Ji said: “At that time I will personally protect the old You, and what you need to do is to protect the safety of the Yuanjiao. Once foreign enemies come, you must defend Yuanjie from being captured. Otherwise, the foundation of Yuanjiao will be shaken, and the old traveler’s actions will also be affected.”


At the end, his expression became serious.


“A few years ago, I went out for a walk to inquire about Shamanism and Zen Buddhism. It is certain that they will not miss this opportunity.”


Fang Dao said calmly.


Everyone’s reaction was calm, because it was what they expected.


Yan Ji asked: “Is there any news from the Eighth Heaven Domain?”


“They can’t protect themselves, even if they want to blend in, they are unable to do so.”


Xuan Fei Ling said, “The most puzzling thing right now is the attitude of the Eternal Protoss of the Ninth Heaven Domain. If they are also involved, there will undoubtedly be many more variables.”


Yan Ji frowned and said, “This matter must be well-planned.”


Xuan Feiling nodded.


Seeing that the atmosphere was a little dull, Yan Ji smiled and said: “You don’t have to worry too much, even if there are many variables, and I and Tai Xuan are here, when the sect is really at the juncture of life and death, just fight with them!”


In order to win, it is the safest consideration.


Seeing what Xuan Feiling and others had to say, at this moment, Lin Xun suddenly said: “Seniors, can you listen to me?”


More to come!


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