The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood Chapter 1: :5 years of persistence


Tianwu Empire, Shiyan City, Ye Family Training Ground.

Dozens of 13- or 14-year-olds stood in line on the training ground under the scorching sun, all with excited expressions on their faces.

And some middle-aged men and women gathered around the training ground and looked at their children, but the expressions on their faces were different.

Today is the entrance examination of the Ye family once every three months.

No matter what your usual performance is, today’s test results will determine the future status of you and your parents in the Ye family.

As long as you have strength, you will be favored by the family. This is an eternal rule in any family.

“Ye Mei!”

A middle-aged man in gray leather armor, with a resolute face and bright eyes, stood in the center of the square, holding a list in his hand, reading a person’s name.

Immediately, all the teenagers who participated in the test cast their fiery eyes on a black-haired girl. The girl is not beautiful, about fourteen years old, wearing a purple training uniform, which sets off her mature body that is not suitable for her age. .

After Ye Mei heard her name, she moved her lotus step slightly, walked slowly to the center of the training ground, and threw a pink fist directly at an iron wood stump.


A muffled sound rang out, and a relatively obvious fist mark appeared on the stump of the incomparably hard ironwood tree.

“The fist mark was one inch deep, and the right fist successfully opened the entrance.”

When Ye Mei heard the result, a smug smile appeared on her face.

“Tsk tsk, this Ye Mei is indeed a talented girl. Half a year ago, her right hand hadn’t opened the entrance.”

“This kind of talent, I’m afraid it can be compared to the young master Ye Changsheng!”

There were bursts of exclamations from the crowd, and the smile on Ye Mei’s face also thickened.

In the Lingwu Continent, if a warrior wants to cultivate, he must use the Yuan force tempered by his dantian to open the entrance.

Everyone has five entrances, two for the left and right hands, two for the left and right legs, and one for the brain.

After the entrance is opened, the Yuan force tempered in the dantian can rush into the entrance, increasing the attack power of the limbs and speeding up the neural response.

After the five entrances of the martial artist are all opened, the martial artist will also enter the path of true cultivation and reach the state of Qi creation.

An ordinary big man can punch half a stone, that is, 60 pounds. If you open the entrance and use Yuan force, you can punch a stone.

When all the five profound entrances are opened and the first level of Qi creation is reached, then the warrior’s attack can reach the power of two stones.

“Very good, in the next assessment, try to get through the last entrance and break through to the Qi creation realm!”

Ye Zhantian praised Ye Mei without hesitation.

Today’s Ye Mei is only one brain entrance away from her. If she opens her brain entrance again, she will be able to reach the Qi creation state before she is fourteen years old. Before the age of fourteen, there were not many warriors in the Ye family and not many in Shiyancheng.

“Thank you Uncle Ye, Xiaomei will definitely work hard.”

Hearing Ye Zhantian’s praise, Ye Mei walked out of the square excitedly, the peaks and peaks on her chest trembled, attracting attention.

Ye Zhantian held the list in his hand. When he saw the name of the next test student, Ye Zhantian frowned slightly.

“Next, Ye Mo!”

As soon as the voice fell, the people around couldn’t help looking around, looking for Ye Mo’s figure.

“Next, Ye Mo!”

Ye Zhantian increased his tone, but Ye Mo was still not seen.

“It’s okay for this collateral child to have low talent. This time the test will simply not come.”

“He is self-aware. In five years of entrance examinations, he failed to get through a single entrance. If he comes to test again today, wouldn’t he lose face?”

“The dragon gives birth to the dragon, the phoenix gives birth to the phoenix, the son of the trash is still trash!”

Ye Zhantian listened to the discussion in the crowd, snorted coldly, and said angrily: “Who said that the son of the trash is really a trash? Ye Mo does not have any talent in cultivation, but don’t use trash to describe their father. Two, if it weren’t for Ye Qing’s outstanding performance in the Desolate Gate, would our Ye family have the current status?”

Ye Zhantian is the head of the Ye family’s martial arts hall. His strength is second only to Ye Kuang, the head of the Ye family. His position in the Ye family is very important.

There are countless empires in the Desolate Territory. The Tianwu Empire is a small empire in the Desolate Territory, and the Desolate Gate is the most powerful sect standing in the Desolate Territory. For any family in the Tianwu Empire , are out of reach.

And all the families of the Tianwu Empire, including the royal family, want to send their disciples to the Desolation Gate.

As the saying goes, if a person attains the Tao, a chicken and a dog ascend to heaven.

And Ye Qing, Ye Mo’s father, successfully obtained the qualification to go to the Desolation Gate as the first genius of Tianwu Kingdom, and Ye Qing became famous since then.

The Desolate Gate recruits a fixed number of disciples every year. There are so many empires in the Desolate Domain. If you want to become an official disciple of the Desolation Gate, you need to take an entry test, which is the battle of the first test.

Regrettably, Ye Qing’s dantian was destroyed in the battle of Yi, and he was disabled for the rest of his life.

A generation of geniuses has fallen.

In the next ten years, there has never been a person as amazing as Ye Qing in the Tianwu Empire.

Ten years later, this former hero of the Ye family has become a waste in front of the new generation of children.

Outside a simple and comfortable room, a black-haired boy was about to open the door, but withdrew his hands and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.

“Bah, if you hit me, don’t think about it!”

The boy recalled the previous scene, spit out a mouthful of blood, and then pushed the door open and walked into the room.

The boy has dark sparse short hair, looks handsome, and his slightly childish face shows a hint of strength. Although the blood on the corners of his mouth was wiped off by the boy, his right cheek was swollen.

On the wooden bed in the room, there was a middle-aged man with a sturdy appearance and a pale complexion. The man’s hair was a little long, but he was well groomed.

Ye Mo looked at the pale face that was getting thinner and thinner, covered his right cheek and said, “Dad, I’m here.”

Ye Qing looked at his son’s beautiful face, and his pale face showed a hint of ruddy, but when he saw Ye Mo covering his cheek, he couldn’t help asking: “I was beaten again today?”

“I fell!”

“Swollen? Let me see.” Ye Qing said.

Ye Mo put down the little hand covering his face, but his right cheek was red and swollen.

“Ye Qing’s son is so handsome even wrestling.”

In Ye Qing’s smile, there was a hint of bitterness.

“Dad, I’m fine. Although I didn’t get through the entrance, that guy was beaten hard by me.”

Ye Mo said with a smile, obviously, he didn’t suffer much in this fight.

“Hey, Mo Er, with your talent and your physical things, maybe your achievements are not under mine. How dare those people bully you?”

Ye Qing sighed, because Ye Qing knew that Ye Mo’s original dream was to surpass his father.

But the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, and he has fallen.

When Ye Mo was five years old, Ye Mo heard that Yuan Qi might help Ye Qing recover his body, but this was only possible. No one wanted to try this kind of self-destructive cultivation.

At the age of ten, Ye Mo’s dantian was finally able to absorb the vitality of heaven and earth. This sign can be said to be the beginning of a martial artist’s journey into cultivation.

On that day, Ye Mo was very happy. He was not happy because he could officially enter the cultivation path, but because he could finally use the vitality absorbed by his dantian to warm his father’s body.

For five years, Ye Mo secretly came to his father’s room every day to warm his father’s body with the energy of heaven and earth absorbed by his dantian.

Ye Qing did not agree at first, but in the end he was defeated by Ye Mo’s firm eyes.

The dantian was destroyed, and his limbs were unconscious, but under Ye Mo’s five-year persistence, Ye Qing miraculously recovered some consciousness in his limbs.

This also made Ye Mo overjoyed. He believed that one day, he would be able to make his father stand up again.

Ye Mo absorbs all the energy of heaven and earth every day to warm his father’s body, and his own cultivation has not made any progress.

If Ye Mo converts the primordial energy of heaven and earth he absorbs every day into primordial energy to open the entrance, it will take five years to open up all the profound passages. Now Ye Mo is at least a martial artist of the second or even third level of Qi creation, a peer of the same age. Among them, no one could compete with him at all.

“Father, you said that strength is used to protect yourself, but I feel that strength is used to protect your loved ones. No matter what, I must make you stand up.”

Ye Mo said with a firmness that he had never seen before.

Listening to his son’s words, Ye Qing is not unmoved, but lives in his son’s moving every day. For five years, Ye Mo tirelessly used the vitality absorbed by his dantian to help him warm up his body. This requires How much perseverance? Is this really what a child can hold on to?

Because of not practicing, Ye Mo not only bears the name of a waste, but is also often beaten by his direct disciples. It can be said that Ye Mo’s five years are not something a child should endure at all.

Ye Qing asked, “Mo’er, if I remember correctly, today should be the day of the entrance test.”

“I’ve been there just now, and I’m not qualified.”

“I’m lying again!”

“Anyway, I’m not qualified to go, so I won’t go. It’s better to help you warm up while no one is there now!”

Ye Mo said, and walked slowly to Ye Qing’s side, holding Ye Qing’s chest with one hand. In Ye Mo’s dantian, vitality continued to attack Ye Qing’s chest along Ye Mo’s arm. Go, and then, Yuan Qi began to wander around Ye Qing’s body.

Ye Qing looked at Ye Mo’s serious eyes, and closed his eyes. The dantian in his body was madly absorbing the vitality from Ye Mo, and Ye Qing’s face was also rosy.

He also wants to get better soon. If his strength recovers, he can make up for his son.

Feeling that the vitality in the dantian is getting less and less and gradually becoming depleted, Ye Mo exhaled depressedly and said, “It’s really strange, the vitality absorbed today is gone, why is it getting faster and faster!”

Ye Mo also discovered These days, he used the heaven and earth energy he absorbed every day to support his father’s body, but the speed at which his body absorbed the energy was getting faster and faster.


Just when Ye Mo was puzzled, the wooden bed Ye Qing was lying on suddenly broke, and Ye Qing sank directly. Ye Mo was startled, Ye Qing was already lying on the ground.

“Father, are you alright!” Ye Mo said worriedly.

“It’s okay, don’t come near me!”

Ye Qing still closed his eyes, his tone was a little dignified. In the room, the bed board on the ground was still vibrating violently.

“Dad, how are you?”

Ye Mo looked at Ye Qing whose body was trembling and asked worriedly.

Ye Qing’s expression had turned hideous because of the pain, but there was an imperceptible smile on his face. After five years of uninterrupted nourishment by Ye Mo, his dantian was finally repaired.

But just when Ye Qing was about to run his dantian and absorb the vitality of heaven and earth, Ye Qing’s face suddenly changed.


With a loud noise, Ye Qing’s dantian exploded directly, and even his stomach was blown open, and blood splashed all over Ye Mo’s face.

This sudden scene made Ye Mo immediately startled there. Ye Mo touched his face, it was a little cold, a little cold, and it took a long time to react.


Ye Mo roared and rushed over with red eyes. .


Suddenly, a terrifying cry sounded, and a huge black Yuan force monster burst out from Ye Qing’s dantian. Outside, the appearance is very readers to come and read, the latest, fastest and hottest serial works are all


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