The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 39: 039 Prince Concubine



Speaking, He Xi held another shadowless needle between his fingers, which seemed to touch his eyelid, with a posture that would stab into his eyeballs at will!


“It’s true! It’s really the second young lady! I definitely didn’t lie!” Zhang Dezhong screamed in fright, and the feces and urine flowed out of his crotch, “The second young lady said you…you are a vixen and seduced His Royal Highness, so that’s why you Tell me to get rid of you. Because the master once gave an order not to let the third lady die, so the second lady dared not kill you, and only let me sell you to a dirty place. I… I just can’t disobey Second Miss’s order, but, I sold your gluttonous restaurant, which is a good place, and you are now blessed by misfortune, please forgive me… forgive me!”


Hexi frowned slightly and said lightly, “I have never met the Crown Prince before. Even a fool wouldn’t believe me if I seduced her? Is Nalan Feixue’s IQ really that low?”


Has there never been a person named His Royal Highness in Nalan Hexi’s memory? It’s ridiculous to actually be charged with seducing the prince for no reason!


Zhang Dezhong doesn’t know what IQ means, but he can clearly feel the coldness of the Shadowless Needle, so he dares to hide anything, and said repeatedly: “I… I only know that the second lady has received a letter, The letter mentioned that after the prince returns to court, he will propose to the master to marry you as his concubine.”


“Prince and I are not related, but still remember me as a person? You thought I would believe me!” Hexi sneered, without a single stroke of a silver needle, he instantly pierced Zhang Dezhong’s forehead, bleeding profusely, ” If you dare to tell a lie, I will cut your head open and dig out your brain…”


“I don’t dare! I don’t dare!” Zhang Dezhong screamed in fright, “I only know that the letter mentioned that you have a special physique, Miss San, as long as the man who got you has used some kind of secret method, no matter what kind of cultivation For the sake of the martial artist, you can get a great improvement. I… I am also because of this, I did not obey the second lady’s order to sell you to the pig market, but sold you to the gluttonous restaurant. I really don’t know about the rest, I don’t know anything! Third Miss, please forgive me! Please forgive me!”


A strange color flashed in Hexi’s eyes. She remembered the pure yin constitution that the host of Taotie Pavilion said, but it didn’t seem to be so simple. Nalan Feixue and the Crown Prince are not fools. Could it be true that people would believe that Nalan Puxi has a special physique?


Who wrote to Nalan Feixue? He spared no effort in provoking Nalan Feixue to deal with Nalan Hexi, and for what purpose?


It’s just that, no matter who is behind the blame, since it’s on her Hexi head, don’t expect to be able to escape.


Hexi had a sneer on his face, and then his eyes fell on a bag of spar, “You said that the owner of the taotie pavilion gave you a lot of money after inspecting the goods?”


“Yes! Yes! The owner of Wuyu Pavilion gave me 6 million spar after just one look at you, Miss San. The little one was ecstatic at the time, and in the end he didn’t even receive the reward promised by the second lady. These two Ri has never returned to Nalan Mansion. Other things really have nothing to do with Xiao, please forgive me!”


The gluttonous pavilion was actually bought by Nalan Hexi for 6 million spar, but why was she locked in a cage as the lowest slave when she woke up? And because he was wantonly humiliated by a low-level cultivator, he was hit and killed in a cage?


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