The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 248: 248 terrible poison



But Hexi didn’t stop, the white bone whip in his hand flickered, and the whole person appeared in front of Feng Lianying like a shape-shifting shadow.


Feng Lianying, who was immersed in shock and hatred, suddenly returned to her senses, and Sen Han’s killing intent erupted in her eyes.


“Bitch, you want to sneak attack on me just by your ability, dreaming!”


As soon as she finished speaking, dozens of sword lights erupted in her hand, and she slammed the bone whip into it at once, only to hear the sound of “kaka”, the white bone whip was agitated by the sword light, and it broke inch by inch and shattered. land.


And Hexi’s figure was also pulled forward by Feng Lianying forcefully, and slapped her chest with a fierce palm.


However, at the moment when the powerful spiritual power reached the body, Hexi’s figure suddenly swayed, and then the whole person flew out like a kite with a broken string, and spit out a mouthful of blood.


Feng Lianying’s attack didn’t hit her vital point, but the oppression of the huge spiritual force also caused her blood to surge, and her internal organs suffered severe pain.


Feng Lianying had a sneer of disgust and contempt on her face. At this time, the wound on her abdomen had healed, and she looked down at Hexi, “No matter how hard you struggle, it’s just a man’s arm and a car, or do you really think that With your little cultivation, you can successfully attack me?”


“You think I gave up the bone whip and risked being injured by you, just to sneak up on you.” Hexi’s mouth outlined a mocking smile, “Feng Lianying, haven’t you found out yet, yourself Is there anything wrong with the wound?”


Feng Lianying was startled, then lowered her head in disbelief, looking at the wound on her abdomen and the dark spots around the wound, her arrogant voice trembled with fear, “You… what?”


He Xi stood up with his left shoulder, which was still unable to move smoothly, and smiled coldly, “It’s just a little interesting poison smeared on the dagger… Originally, this kind of poison has nothing to do with a martial artist like you. Effective, you only need to take the antidote at the moment of poisoning, and you will be safe and sound. However, Fairy Ice Lotus, you seem to be carried away by jealousy, and now the poison has invaded the dantian and began to spread in the meridians, how does it feel?”


“It’s impossible! How could your poison cause harm to me?” Uncontrollable fear and panic flashed across Feng Lianying’s face.


You must know that the warriors of the Jindan stage are basically invulnerable to all poisons. Unless it is a highly poisonous thing made by a top warrior like [Scorpion Milan], the flesh of the warrior itself will be poisonous to impurities. Repulsive.


But now she really has signs of poisoning, and the movement of her spiritual power has become sluggish! That kid is just a waste at the foundation-building stage, and at most sixteen or seventeen years old, how could it be possible to concoct such a terrifying poison?


Feng Lianying pointed the long sword at Hexi and said sharply: “Bitch, if you don’t want to die, hand over the antidote immediately!”


Hexi’s face was pale and his voice was weak, but his face was still sarcastic, “I’m still saying that, if you want me to hand over the antidote, you can, kneel down and apologize to me now!”


“Good! Good! Do you think this fairy is really afraid of mere poison?”


Feng Lianying’s expression distorted for a while, and then a bright red medicinal pill suddenly appeared in her hand.


As soon as this medicinal pill appeared, it exuded a pungent fragrance. Even just smelling this fragrance would make one feel the irritability of the spiritual power being constantly rioting.


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