The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father: 4641 The vest is finally broken (2) (please ask for a ticket)



A mere thunderbolt of course can’t destroy Xiaoyao Palace’s formation defense.


But if things go on like this, the spar of their Happy Sect will be consumed.


It’s like being robbed of money.


I can’t bear it at all!


Seeing Muyan’s seven coming out, Shi Yutang’s face flashed with anger that turned into anger.


He condensed his voice with immortal energy and let his words spread far away: “A small Xiaoyaomen is too arrogant and takes himself too seriously. If you really think that you have the identity of a demon princess, you can do whatever you want. Is it?”


The new devotees also made a loud noise.


“This is the realm of my spiritual practice, not the abyss where you can run wild and unrestrained! Even if you are the princess of the Demon Race, don’t be too arrogant!”


“Hand over the remnants of the Kagura Master and rest assured. Otherwise, the newly built Happy Gate will be razed to the ground!”


Mu Yan looked at the noisy crowd below and chuckled, “Do you want to see Kagura?”


“Yes, hand over the Kagura Master, and I will never make it difficult for you, a little Xiaoyaomen.”


“His Royal Highness the Demon Princess, the remnants of the Kagura masters are my common enemy in spiritual practice, and there is no grudge between you and the Demon Race. Why do you have to quarrel with our major sects and aristocratic families just for the sake of being a demon girl? Although you You are half-human and half-demon. Even if you offend all spiritual practices, you can go under the abyss, but your brothers and sisters are real human beings. Do you want to hide under the abyss with you and see the sky forever? day?”


“Your Highness Princess, I advise you not to take any chances. I have already notified the polar domain and the nether domain of the news that the Kagura master is here, and we will wait for the army of several parties to converge, even if you summon the army of demons to come. Supporting you will also be of no avail.”


“Do you really want to bring the entire Xiaoyaomen to the verge of extinction for the sake of a Kagura musician?”


The smile on Mu Yan’s face is even better, she nodded and said loudly: “Okay, then I will let you meet the Kagura Master.”


Shi Yutang did not expect that the princess of the Demon Race would give in so easily.


But then he was relieved.


No matter how great the benefits that Kagura Master’s remnants can bring, how can it compare to his own life!


He raised his head and saw that the devilish princess stepped forward.


The rest of Xiaoyaomen stood there and didn’t move.


And the beautiful girl in white slowly flew high into the sky, with the Tianmoqin in her hand.


The slender fingers of pure white as jade plucked slowly on the strings, playing the most beautiful music in the world.


Almost at the same time, a stream of pure energy enveloped everyone below with the sound of the piano.


Some people feel that the immortal power in their body has been increased.


Others felt their feet became heavy, and the mind and gentleman became sluggish.


The Kagura Group Auxiliary Skill – Yu Shang Jinghong.


【Scape on the Feather】: Auxiliary skill, suitable for large-scale groups, can greatly improve the combat power of one’s own side and reduce the combat power of the enemy


Shi Yanfei’s eyes suddenly widened, and she let out a harsh scream, “Jun Muyan, you are the Kagura musician Yu Nie Jun Muyan-!!”


But, how could this be? !


How could Ye Liangchen, the princess of the demon race, be Jun Muyan! !


As for those spiritual practitioners who got the barrier-breaking pill and felt the increase in strength, they silently took a step back and secretly said: That’s true.


The princess of the Demon Race is really a descendant of the Kagura Master.


The one who once traversed the Three Realms and was invincible.


The Kagura has disappeared for a thousand years.


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