The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father: 4638 Come to the door looking for trouble (1)



Si Tiancheng said with a puzzled face: “This news has already spread to everyone in the entire Xiuxian Continent. You ask me, Young Master Yun, where I got it. I really can’t answer you.”


Yun Ruohan’s eyes narrowed, and he slowly walked back to Muyan and the others.


“Master, sit down!”


“Senior brother, eat fairy fruit.”


“Senior brother, you’ve worked hard, we’ll beat your back.”


Yun Ruohan glared at them fiercely.


Only in the eyes of everyone’s guilty conscience, he whispered what Si Tiancheng said just now.


Mu Yan frowned slightly, “So, someone deliberately gathered these people here, and it happened to be the day when our Xiaoyaomen was established. What’s the purpose?”


Before he finished speaking, there was an exclamation from outside.


“Look, Yue Yage is here too!”


“Master Shi, why are you here in person!”


Yue Accord?


Shi Jinghui, Shi Yanfei?


Mu Yan’s eyes narrowed dangerously.


“Little Junior Sister, what’s wrong?”


“It’s nothing.” Mu Yan hooked her lips and sat lazily on the chair without moving, “Yue Ya Ge, I’m afraid the visitor is not good.”


While speaking, a middle-aged man in Chinese clothes strode in.


And behind him, it was Shi Jinghui and the veiled Shi Yanfei.


The original guests outside Xiaoyao Palace are coming in one by one in order.


But at this time, the people who saw Yue Ya Ge directly broke into Xiaoyao Palace, so they also followed.


“Is that how Xiaoyaomen treats guests?”


Shi Yutang sneered and raised his voice, “The sect where the princess of the demon clan belongs, doesn’t even have a child to greet guests? It turns out that this is the Xiaoyaomen that everyone is raving about these days, hehe, it’s better than hearing it. See you!”


Muyan raised her head, looked at Shi Yutang, and said slowly: “Excuse me, who are you? Are there any children in our Xiaoyaomen? How do you treat guests? It’s your turn to take care of you? Did we invite you to come?”


Yun Ruohan stood up, with a gentle and submissive expression, but his right hand made a gesture of invitation, “If Pavilion Master Shi feels unhappy with our party, please come back.”


Shi Yutang’s face became extremely ugly in an instant.


Several laughter came from the hall.


Yue Ya Ge is indeed a first-class sect in the Nether Realm.


But the last time I attended the Heavenly Charm Banquet, most of them were from top families.


Since the [Soul Reaper Sword] was taken away by the Nether Realm, Yue Ya Ge’s strength has been greatly reduced, and these sect families in the hall really don’t pay much attention to them.


Furthermore, when they came in, they felt a little dissatisfied with Xiaoyaomen’s slow treatment.


Now that I see Shi Yutang being scolded mercilessly, and comparing the two sides, I immediately feel a lot better.


Shi Yutang sneered: “I came today, not to learn how vulgar and unreasonable your Xiaoyaomen is. I hope you can be a little bit more sensible and hand over the remnants of the Kagura teacher!”


As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the entire hall was quiet.


Many people’s eyes seemed to be looking at Mu Yan.


In the Temple of Heavenly Charm, the scene of the Demon Princess playing the piano flashed through many people’s minds.


At that time, some people speculated whether the Demon Princess was a Kagura musician.


Because there is no one in the world except Kagura musicians, who can help thousands of troops at the same time with the power of one person and one qin.


Just, these people in the Temple of Heavenly Charm.


All of them have truly received the life-saving grace of the Mozu Princess and Xiaoyaomen.


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