The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 73: Chaos and mourning



Latest website: He believes that the tomb has disappeared for so long and has accumulated quite a formidable wealth. Otherwise, he would not have been able to escape from the special scene on the moon and survive the radiation of the black wooden box.


Yuan Dao feels that the tomb has become more and more mysterious since ancient times, and it doesn’t appear very often. I don’t know if Yuanyuan No. 81 was mobilized by him.


“I’m also someone who wants to hunt whales. I haven’t really shot yet, and the result is a bit of a shock to my heart.” Yuan Dao said to himself, feeling complicated.


Then, he mocked himself again, are they the last whalers? There is no way out for this high-risk industry. If things go on like this, it will decay into dust together with the extraordinary.


“Boss, are you sure that it was Lord Tomb who did it, which angered Wang Xuan this time?” the female assistant asked.


“I feel that there are traces of him. I have been fishing for whales and left some time ago. It is probably him.” Yuan Dao said here, got up and walked to the spaceship, saying: “Let’s change the place, I’m a little uneasy, I don’t know if it’s an occupational disease. , or the rotten fruit of the Dao fruit day after day.”


A ship sailed silently out of the territory into space.




On that day, the castle here was cut open with a knife, and a cold light flashed, and the earth was sinking and collapsing.


There is a base underground, which can be passively triggered to fire. However, it is useless at all. In the smoke and the fire, a metal man flashed by and destroyed everything here.


“Someone attacked me?” Yuan Dao, who had already appeared on another life planet, felt a chill in his body and couldn’t sit still.


He got the feedback immediately and saw the blurred metal body in the energy fire. The cold eyes and the terrifying sword light made his heart palpitate.


“Boss, our careers are too dangerous. Did our own people attack our own people and want to fight internally? Or did the mechanical life form come out and follow you.” The female assistant felt uneasy and wanted to resign.


“It’s fine if it’s a mechanical life form, but if it’s my own, it’s terrible…” Yuan Dao frowned, he is one of the most powerful spirits, someone took him as a prey? He was originally a terrifying spirit, but he has fallen to this stage, and his life will be deprived or harvested by others in the future?


“If you were traveling together, Master Tomb wouldn’t attack you, right?” The female assistant shivered.




In the outside world, all parties are not calm, and they are all staring at Wang Xuan’s bloodbath. Among them, the fallen and the experiencers walking in the gray area are the most disturbed.


“It’s a pity that these four important bases were only found in the depths of their souls.” Wang Xuan regretted and stopped for a while.


In fact, even if there is a target, the news is leaked, and if you really want to kill it, it will be empty.


After picking up four places in a row, a lot of the bad anger in his heart has gone out, but this matter is not over, he will still look for it, and find and kill malicious enemies.


He hasn’t returned to his old land yet, and now he’s giving all parties a chance, whether someone wants to hunt him with prohibited items, or bombard him with technology ships, he’s not afraid.


The creature of the master level of health can already survive in the starry sky, and he is also a “health master” who holds the ultimate treasure of killing.


He crossed the starry sky, appeared in some star lands, and was fishing with those people, but unfortunately, no one has approached him yet.


“Little Bear sits beside me.” Wang Xuan said.


Actually, it’s more convenient to carry the Xiaoyaozhou, even if the spacecraft has an accident, there is that treasure that can travel through the starry sky, and it is still like walking on the ground.


However, he wants to be more secure at home. He has a treasure that can withstand everything.


“Wang Xuan, you killed the gray bases on the four planets such as Euler and Heluo? Too… sturdy, that is the stubborn stubble that is well disguised among the experiencers. After confirmation, they are related to the tomb. !” Ming Lun contacted him.


“Wang Xuan, how strong are you, can I cultivate immortals with you?” Xianyue has long silver hair, shining eyes, and a strange expression, quite excited.


They were surprised when they got the news, especially when they saw a blurry photo, Wang Dixian was like a flying fairy, just one blow destroyed a huge dojo.


The two suspect that he has found a truly stable power that will not cause accidents, and can continue to erupt and use it?


Soon, they got down to business and told Wang Xuan a coordinate, an address on a planet where there was a nest of a tomb.


Wang Xuan nodded and said he would go over to take a look.


In the past two days, the experiencers, the fallen, the immortals, the gods, and all the people and factions related to the transcendent were all shocked and inexplicable, and they saw the pictures of the ruins left by Wang Xuan.


“It’s too rampant, he even destroyed several of our bases, and now he is still wandering in the starry sky, aren’t we afraid that we will kill him directly? Prepare the Star Destroyer and destroy him!”


Someone was angry, his voice was hoarse, and in a dark space, he issued grim orders.


“His body, as well as his spirit, are connected to the Alien Space, which is very precious and a treasure that is hard to find in the world. I have some doubts that the Alien is very stable and sustainable. If you miss it, you may regret it for the rest of your life! Moreover, with a considerable source of power and prohibited items in hand, the Star Destroyer may not be able to destroy him.”


“Think too much. Over the past dynasties, all the depleted universes have not been able to find a stable source of power.” Someone retorted, and then said ruthlessly: “Otherwise, just let him pierce his heart and put the old The soil will be destroyed, so that he will lose his relatives forever, and bury his parents, wife and children!”


Suddenly someone objected and said, “Are you crazy? Although our spaceships are ahead in performance, they are limited in number. Doing so will become the public enemy of the universe. If all planets issue a notice to encircle and suppress them, can they escape?”


Someone sighed: “I just want to destroy the old soil, but it may not be possible. Wang Xuan has more than one prohibited item, and if he leaves enough strange power, that kind of treasure can destroy the starry sky and defend a planet. , or simply take his family, no problem at all.”


They speculated that Wang Xuan must have left behind a treasure, guarding his family.


“Right now, it’s not so intense. If he leaves Xiaoyaozhou, directly carrying his family, and travels through time and space, he won’t be able to hit at all. Moreover, if we take a step back, what if we succeed? It will make him crazy, and without any worries, he will fight with us to the end. Now, the old land, after all, is still his concern, let’s let the “kinship chain” continue to bind him, let’s not try to be happy for a while, give He loosened his bond.”


“I am more and more convinced that he has found a stable and harmless sustainable space pool for the birth of alien power. If this is the case, his value is immeasurable and more important than prohibited items. Don’t believe it, the past No, it does not mean that such people cannot appear now and in the future. Even, some strange people… there is such a possibility.”




In the starry sky, Wang Xuan chatted with the mechanical bear and asked it if one day he wanted to travel far and go to the transcendent universe, would it be willing to follow?


In his eyes, the bear is naturally very close, and he is also his junior child. The “bear child” cannot be lost, but must be kept.


“Wang Xuan!” Soon, Ming Lun contacted him again, his face was covered in blood, his body was tattered, he was seriously injured, and he looked like he was almost killed.


“What’s wrong with you?” Wang Xuan asked.


“I was attacked and the spaceship disintegrated. I rushed out with a special escape pod to avoid death, but my sister had an accident…”


In the picture, only half of the crescent moon is left, and it is severely damaged. Only the head is still intact, extremely miserable, the eyes are dim, and the long silver hair is full of blood.


“Where are you? I’ll go.” Wang Xuan said.


In fact, he is also wary of the experiencer, even if he has frequent contact with the brother and sister and has a good relationship, it is impossible for him to fully trust him in the past.


However, when the strength is in place, he is calm and fearless. After such an incident, he can just take a look.


“I have already told my father, we are in the longevity star.” Ming Lun stated the specific coordinates. There is a secret stronghold of the experiencer, which is controlled by his father’s department, and the two brothers and sisters are in trouble here.


Mechanical Bear searched the star map, and finally determined that it was not very far away, so hurry up.


When landing on this planet with an excellent natural environment, Wang Xuan came to a stronghold full of technology in the mountains.


Ming Lun was seriously injured and his body was tattered, but after the treatment, he had no worries about his life. He was soaked in the nutrient solution, his face was full of sadness, and he sat up at this time.


“My sister, I can’t take it anymore.”


Next, in a life extension pool, the crescent moon was miserable, with only a quarter of her body left. I thought her head was fine, but it turned out that there was a blood hole in the back of her head, and a piece was thrown on the table next to it. Metal shards with runes.


“I can’t do it anymore, I didn’t expect to die like this, the “divine core” constructed with spiritual power was defeated by this special piece of metal…” Crescent Moon sent out faint mental fluctuations.


Wang Xuan stroked her forehead with his hand, trying to help her with spiritual energy, but found that there was only a little mental fragment left in her body, and the “sacred core” that resembled the primordial spirit had already collapsed.


“I’ve been talking about the super universe in the past and constantly referring to my homeland. In fact, those impressions were passed down to me by my parents in the form of spiritual imprints. I have never seen it myself. I was born in this universe. , he is also a person here, and I would like to invite you to visit our universe in the future.”


The Crescent Moon’s mental fluctuations were intermittent. In the end, her mental fragments didn’t wait for her father to arrive, and it didn’t take a long time to completely collapse, and she died completely.


Wang Xuan’s heart is quite restless. He was naturally wary of this pair of brothers and sisters before, but he had just had double contact with physical and mental energy, and found that they were indeed kind.


Including Ming Lun, who also touched his forehead with his hand, helped him heal his wounds, and checked it by the way. Kindness outweighed other thoughts.


As a result, one of the siblings was seriously other died just like that. Life is impermanent, which made him sigh lightly.


Wang Xuan picked up the piece of metal, which was engraved with strange patterns. Ming Lun told him that this was the extraordinary text of their universe, and it was written in the word “kill”.


Wang Xuan carefully sensed that there was the imprint of Crescent Moon’s death on it, and you could see the sad picture of her mental breakdown and the annihilation of her divine core. This killing tactic is very overbearing.


“Probably the tomb, I know we’re investigating him.” Ming Lun wept, very painful and depressed, holding back his grief.


Not long after, this stronghold received news that an audio-visual material came, which made Ming Lun tremble and said, “My father’s… mothership was destroyed on the way!”


Wang Xuan’s pupils shrank. In that video, the huge mothership was torn apart by a mysterious creature covered in black metal armor!


Why is the situation so chaotic? His emotions were fluctuating, and he recognized at first sight that the murderer was the mysterious powerhouse who destroyed the three dead places. He once used ancient lingering as a medicinal herb.


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