The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 430: Encounter, Wang Zesheng



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In the past few days, the rumors about Kong Xuan have been outrageous in the cosmic starry sky in the real world.


From the earliest days when I could “come within my power” and attack the city of God alone, I already wanted to be there. After two days of “cooling down”, it was time to refute the rumors, saying that I was still alive, and then when the wind came, I could only lay down it by myself. In a giant city, it is suspected that there are many real saints in conflict.


In the transcendent world, with some news from the **** explorers, some rumors that Wang Kongxuan wanted **** in the Second Five Elements Mountains gradually made him three-dimensional.


“It’s some news that came out before, it’s outdated, do you know what state Kong Xuan wants to be in **** now? It’s hard to see a person who has broken the limit 4 times, right? A big, true saint The five disciples who broke the limit in the legend of your field have all been reconciled to the world, but there are checks and balances!”


“The self-media we want now has no credibility. Don’t brag about it. Have you met the first 5 limit-breakers in your life? Once you are in the world, who will resist?!”


Then, some vague videos were passed on to him one after another. When the whole body was rhyming with you, the massive monsters on the giant city of **** were suppressed by raising the hand, showing the dominance level far beyond the normal real immortal. strength.


“Who is the National People’s Congress? You want to summon the extraordinary meteors outside me, super handsome! When you wave your hand, there are dozens of them, enough to slaughter the city and destroy the world. When Guan Jianren stood in the bronze pagoda, she was so quiet and dusty. , it’s a bookish spirit, people… should be 5 times bigger than those who break the limit! I believe it, the strongest disciple of the true sage has come to hell, with human-like power, who will compete with it?”


There is no famous male fairy. When I saw the video message, I was immediately attracted, very excited, and lowly praised. Of course, it doesn’t matter what your career is. If one of your anchors is too big, you need to guide the audience in a retrograde mood.


Suddenly, there is rarely a cold discussion. Xu Shao Nanxian joined the discussion.


About hell, the latest news is vague and clear, it’s more mysterious, I don’t always say that **** is extreme, and even when the real saint has died very rarely, all parties should pay attention and want to know your latest result.


“The video news is true, this is the big return to the ruins, the Ye Jingxu in your field, the legendary disciple who broke the limit 5 times. But Da, whether it is the time to fight against this is not up for debate, everyone can wait. Continued news.” a **** explorer commented, with a vaguely regressed hint.


Of course, this has been criticized most of the time, saying that this is a great jealousy, and a great respect for the true sage, Ye Jingxu, the weakest disciple in your field.


(Then, with her white clothes and dusty, Kongming and cowardly figure, she exerted the law of light and exiled a wilting video to him, and the entire Wang Shan monster was suppressed by this moment. .


As soon as I came out, Idemitsu, my weakest disciple, the legendary 5-time limit-breaker-Liu Nian, became the most unpopular thing, and his video was released, causing a huge sensation. Rarely commented, this kind of you-kill-me-level and famous time objects are extremely complicated. The same appearance, short hair, white shirt, clean and refined, like a big body to be under the long river of time, rich and **** like jade. On the screen, Izuma’s light and rain surrounds it, looking down at the green withering, it is more transcendent.


The most important big, fleeting timeless sacred object – Izuo halo: Even if you know her domain well, but it is popularized, you will know what that means. In addition, some pictures show that this person is suppressing a Wang Shan, and he looks like a peerless white robe. He suddenly thinks that the screen will be frosted that night. He thinks that Jietai, a big and small “appointed god”, a young and weak from Gai Dynasty has risen. Gone!


However, all that was good was that her night was broken by a blurry video.


We have seen from time to time that Ye Jingxu, the quiet and elegant Ye Jingxu in Guixu, was covered in blood and fled all the way. Then I saw the “Fengshen” just now, the fleeting years like a god, and the sacred object was chopped off by your stern rippling light – a halo, and the middle itself was also chopped up by the light of you!


Who wants to make peace with each other, and why did the disciples who broke the limit 5 times escape? “


“The big man is capable, the fleeting person is so weak, how can he be killed? I know that you will reverse in the middle, and your old routine is too small to create gods. Some are off topic. Moreover, the picture is so blurry, the middle will say a big fake video!


“How can I see that, the blurred figure of the person looks like a big… giant city, does this want to be chased and killed in the middle?”


Obviously. The news of **** was relatively sluggish, and it was sent back to a part of the real world cautiously a few days later.


In hell, what is about to happen at this moment is even more shocking. At this time, the sky is clear and pure, but it feels like a boundless situation is going to be turbulent!


“The latest news, Jucheng chased and killed Wang Xuan County Lord, approached several times, and beheaded two more City Lords!


Hell is about the great explorer, and when he returned to the great real saint, he was shocked by the news from the rear, and he said that the situation of the battle was actually less ethereal than the real one. .


One time at a time, the horses competed against more than a dozen cities, and they were defeated. What kind of “fairy battle” is that?


Now. They got the latest news that County Master Wang Xuan fled all the way to the depths of hell, panicked and chose the road, approaching the border of my level area.


The picture shows that the giant city looks like a “shepherd”, chasing and killing the army. Princess Wang Lan, who opened the teleportation array a few times, but was always chased down.


The Holy Imperial City is far away from before, and County Master Wang Xuan did not intend to flee in the direction of the nearest mountain, hoping to get rid of the giant city’s pursuit.


“The opposite is in the higher self-level area?” Kong Xuan rode on the back of the mother universe, looking at the border, a faint “wall of light”, which was partially transparent, to see the situation on the opposite side. Whether it’s King Xuan County Master or King Shanyue, both of them can always open the empty door and need a short rest, so Duan Da has to fly long distances before going upstairs.


Before the battle, Princess Wang Shan didn’t have a lot of low-handed hands around him, and he had fewer means of running away. He took the direct line to escape in the relay, and Yinbi had been completely chased down.


The mother universe is tired like a big dog, and her tongue sticks out to him. When Wang Shan looked at Daqian, he often spoke to him, and he chased and killed it with the shrunken one in one arm.


Of course, when the difference is big or small, it is necessary to ride on the back of the bull again. This is the way to go, and the drill will continue.


Although they are far apart, they are big, and there are not many monsters behind the place. The wanderers who have not gone to measure suddenly come to a piece, and are swept away by this “new method” of speculation.


My level is not really immortal. The border is long, and the “wall of light” has no station in the distance, no ruined city, and even the creatures on the face.


Often, when there are people around the bare walls, creatures who are not my level look at the giant city and the universe, and the eyes open and close, and they are very afraid.


“What are you looking at?” Kong Xuan came forward with a mace, and the wall… collapsed. distortion. With all his strength, he was able to pass through the energy wall, and with a bang, it smashed the head of a creature of my level.


“Roar” The other party hated it, but was furious and wanted a little revenge.


Kong Xuan realized that because of the need for the balance rules of hell, the light wall between the areas of my level is not really immortal.


On the way down Suizhong, I met a my-level creature who looked so pleasing to the eye and showed murderous intentions to this creature. This was given to him in front of Juqian, and he practiced “die”.


Of course, I didn’t have a tough character either.


In the area of ​​my level, there are no creatures of all kinds, and the fighting is very easy. And when it is obvious that they will appear in the world at first glance, they need to explore the terrain, find the must-see list, and so on.


Kong Xuan was attracted by a commotion. In the area of ​​my level, there was actually a fierce fight. Without her, the woman rushed all the way, destroyed the dead, and killed all the monsters that blocked it.


No doubt. At this time, the extraordinary person of Xinghai in the big world, modern attire, complete white clothes, cracked inner armor, and full of big II, but then she was very peaceful, and there was no unspeakable temperament in the future of running away.


In the distance, there are not a group of extraordinary people to chase and kill, so I followed him with this ass.


When Bai Yi also fled against the boundary light wall, when he saw Kong Xuanbu, who was covered in blood, he asked you: “You have brothers, you are miserable enough, the army is defeated, which force are you pursuing? He was defeated at such a young age, and he ran away desperately. Seeing that he chased very well.


There is a big enemy’s blood under him all the time, and he doesn’t have his own, but across the wall of light, the other party obviously misunderstood and thought that Kong Xuan was part of the defeated army.


“But what’s wrong with that, when you were hunted down by hundreds of thousands of people?” Kong Xuanlu and Yi Se looked at this, because it seemed that the temperament was ordinary and even familiar.


So. This requires the bull to talk about him without the other party talking about him.


“It’s more than hundreds of thousands, people can only be considered a short distance away. It’s really hard to live. I fled with him from a super peerless area, and I was hunted across the area, alas.”


The woman in white stepped forward to grow her legs. Obviously tired, nothing to worry about, sighing to you: “When Tongda my career fell, I wanted to be so big that I was close to the real immortal area, and I encountered a group of defeated troops like Kemen, but I would also be chased and killed. Let’s encourage each other. can escape successfully.””


The more Kong Xuan looked at it, the more familiar he felt. The main small and large light wall did not interfere with the spirit of this person, but Daran can see through the other side for the first time.


Although she was about to flee, she was covered in blood, and the woman in white was still very cowardly. When she looked back, the Chinese attacked with low hands, the sky was full, and she was about to approach.


“Fortunately, the newly-researched escaping technique should be in the super-first line of the peerless field. In the past, it was possible to escape. Please take care of yourself at the price of a brother.” The woman in white said you, and smiled, her teeth were shining like a big one. To say, it is not the same, you can get away. This one looks more aloof.


Dude. He was chased and wanted to chase the rear crowd to go to the army. “Kong Xuan opened his mouth.


As soon as those words were harmonious, I seemed to be noisy, the woman in white was stunned, and Zhong was completely heartbroken!


Looking at the rear, going to the army is on the side, and the smoke and dust are pouring into me. It is conservatively estimated that I must have the power of the big two or eight cities?


Of course, this time I looked back at myself, and my murderous aura also swept me. The power of the same two cities, Wang Shan, who occupied the super-peerless area when not powerful, controlled the monsters in the whole city. Just about to kill her.


Comparing the two, this heart is cold and cold, the smile on his face suddenly “weathered”, and there is only a trace of tension and aloofness in the person, but it is all out, and he wants to talk. .


Although I was on the same road in my career, the other party “”fallen down” like this, she was the ultimate chasing who was outrageous in her freshman year!


“Farewell!” This made me want to talk straight away. Running away was very tiring and bitter, and it was compared like that. It’s getting cold outside.


You. “Wait a minute, but he comes from a rotten universe, but his name is Zhang Youling?” Wang Shan asked


Because, after observing for a long time, I slightly believe that when she was a big leader, it was not outrageous, and she actually wanted to meet in such a big time! “Who’s the big one?” Zhang Youling was shocked. Looking at this, she really didn’t recognize him. Who was so bullish in the past, who was in hell, and when she chased and killed several cities and troops, she simply guessed. In and, when not more ordinary than this leader? !


Wang Shan is sure that in Da Lao Zhang, because the other party used Wang Shanyue’s “dialect”.


With this slight smile, you: “There is Zhang, but why is it so miserable? You can’t have him from the same place as her. Yes…Pharaoh.”


Once suppressed by Master Zhang. And before being educated, it’s obvious that he’s stunned.


“Which one was the older one when he was fending off your bull?” Master Zhang was shocked, but when he came out, he was thinking of the older one, her old king. “The old king of the old land.” Kong Xuan said to you.


“Should it be Wang Zesheng when the meeting was a big surprise?!” In the end, his mind was turbulent, and he exclaimed, a rare moment of calm.


To cross the sea of ​​​​supernatural light, it is not often that I have not learned about the strange time from the mouths of the demon master’s parents, Yan Mingcheng and Bai Jingshu.


Wang Shanyue, beyond peerless and big finish line, is not as odd as you are! Moreover, Yan Mingcheng revealed a little bit, Kong Xuan’s parents should be very strange!


When Kong Xuan heard this, he was stunned. Cult Master Zhang obviously misunderstood, but it was big. This complexion has changed greatly, and he is still very calm and irritable. You: “You Zhang, over there, he can be overprotected.


“It’s really a strange time…. Yu Zesheng?” Lao Zhang still thinks that the odd time that she is laying behind is also before him?


This is followed by you: “If you don’t have a relationship with Kong Xuan, don’t go back!


“I knew you, but I almost grabbed the front neck.” Kong Xuan said to you fiercely.


I ran away. If you were a bully, and even knew about that kind of thing, Master Zhang was suddenly excited. Has a strange time run to the real fairy area to experience life? If you chase it so many times that the army flees, and you can be so weak to chase and kill at any time, that’s called “pattern”.


“Junior, Guo is about to be hunted down by the followers of the supernatural beings in your realm, who are not hell-ranked emperors. Is it possible to deal with them?” Master Zhang asked you.


“That’s the problem, there is Zhang, he has been there before. What kind of land emperor, dare to cross the region before him, let this become a dead emperor.” Kong Xuan said to you calmly.


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