The Elysium Across Deep Space Chapter 255: Fame and benefits



“Wonderful, it’s a worthwhile trip. Today’s ticket is worth it. I actually saw a true immortal smashing a super peerless person. It was unexpected and enjoyable.”


All the staff stood up, and there was a lot of heated discussion. This result excited many people. It is the so-called rebellion against authority and blowing up the recognized bigwigs. This kind of thing is particularly eye-catching.


In itself, this competition is based on this as the selling point. The duel between true immortals is beyond peerless. In the end, Kong Xuan really gave them a big surprise. disintegrated.


“Where the **** is this demon king, a black household from the Black Peacock Holy Mountain, who was born in the Meteorite Sea? It’s so fierce, he overthrew a big man, bullshit!”


“The demon star is so powerful that I seem to have seen the rise of an unparalleled monster, rushing all the way to the sky, becoming an aloof alien, overlooking the cosmic starry sky.”


This battle made everyone on the scene very satisfied, mainly because Kong Xuan’s combat power soared, breaking the original record on the 9th floor of the Bronze Giant Palace, giving them a wonderful experience, “Sleepwalking” The real time and space, it usually takes a sky-high price to experience it.


“The birth of the demon star, the **** of the first battle, is indeed a powerful evil, calling me the true immortal of the human race to stand up. Is there a talent and beauty that is comparable to Kong Xuan recently?”


In the bronze arena, there are extraordinary people of all races, and the number of human races is not small. Some people say that it is not a big deal to watch the fun.


In fact, the humanoid creature who spoke was not a human race at all, and was deliberately stirring up the situation.


“Of course, Lu Renjia can play!” “Who is Lu Renjia?”


“You haven’t heard of it? The fierce man who appeared in Yihai half a year ago, conservatively estimated, its combat power index has the power of 15 blue crows, or even more than 20.”2


The entire ninth floor of the Bronze Giant Palace was full of noise, and many people did not leave immediately and were still hotly debated.


Everyone agrees that Kong Xuan was conferred a **** after the first battle. In the realm of real immortals, he really has the temperament of a peerless demon king. His rebelliousness and wildness are all based on his own strong strength.


Someone sighed: “No wonder, he was staring at Zhuhai before the war, and after the end he was like an eagle swooping at a chick, swooping with a high attitude, he really had domineering capital, and he really pushed Zhuhai to the ground. It’s rubbed, and it’s broken.”1


There is no doubt that these remarks, these praises, in the ears of the candle dragon clan, it is like a thousand arrows piercing the heart, and it is like a dull knife cutting flesh, and the pain continues, it is too uncomfortable.


When they entered the city earlier, how confident and proud they were, and how frustrated and lost they are now, it’s just a matter of defeating the heaven-level masters in the clan. When the elder came to the end, Chao Pei Shi personally attacked, and the curtain was still bloody. This blow was a big blow to them.


Unfortunately, the Wolverine leaned over its big head, with the only feather left on its head, looked at them and looked at them. Although he didn’t say anything, he grinned and made a group of people furious. The stimulation is not light, and I can’t wait to kill him immediately. 1


Wolverine said: “What are you staring at? The two real lives and two feathers on my head were destroyed by you, and the evil deeds were done. , and then off, my second king of the Five Elements Mountains is still on the field!”


In an instant, the suffocation of the candle dragon clan subsided. If they really want to keep fighting, it will be even worse. Today, when the demon king Kong Xuan ends up alone, he is simply “destroyed” with their clan, and all the clan members are defeated.


“It’s really amazing, especially the style of slamming the head hard, I think it’s very wild and belongs to his highlight moment.” Zhuo Yanran opened her mouth, wondering if she wanted to hide it, but explained it very seriously, saying: “Quietly Qi, I’m not trying to irritate you, I really appreciate it, this demon king is very strong and truly extraordinary.”


Jing Qi was not angry, nodded and said, “Of course, I understand you very well. People who love to cry are demon kings who like domineering characters, masters of alien races, etc. I’ll introduce you to him later?”


The Candle Sea was defeated in an instant. The news came out of the bronze giant palace, which caused a sensation in the entire sky city. No matter what, he was a peerless family.


Everyone was taken aback.


“The current junior is the real murderer. Zhuhai has a splendid reputation. Not only did he fail this time, he also made people guess bald. The exterior scene of the galaxy, which he has been working hard for for many years, is so amazing that he was directly deprived of it by Kong Xuan. , take it as your own.”


“Hey, the Xinghe exterior scene is very difficult to practice. It actually fell into the hands of the candle dragon clan. This is part of the scriptures left by the true sage. The smoke demon king Kong Xuan got a great fortune today, and even I want to end the game. , find him to **** it. However, think about it and forget it. I reckon that if I fight him fairly in the bronze giant palace, I will also be robbed of wool and made good by nature.”


After this battle, all parties in Sky City agreed that in the realm of real immortals, the demon king Kong Xuan belongs to the invincible real immortal, and there is no chance for him to end up in the world.


In the giant bronze palace, Xuan Tian, ​​Hei He, and Jin Yu were very puzzled by their faces. Many people contacted them and wanted to get to know Lu Renjia.


Kong Xuan was conferred a **** in the first battle, so why did Lu Renjia get so much attention and attention? They were a little speechless, and it was all about them.


However, there are traces to follow. Among these extraordinary people, those with the bronze giant palace obviously tasted the sweetness. After Kong Xuan became very popular, they set their sights on Lu Renjia again.


Before this battle, Lu Renjia was even more famous than Kong Xuan.


In addition to the arena, there are people from the big casino. Are you planning to save a game and let Lu Renjia and Kong Xuan fight? Use the mighty momentum to attract attention and make a big bet.


“There are people from the Torch Dragon Clan, Yuan Sheng and other people who want to get to know Lu Renjia. Wouldn’t this be thinking, borrowing Lu Ya Kong?” Xuan Tian, ​​Hei He and others speculated.


At this time, the Wolverines are also busy, and they can’t take care of the candle dragon clan. The communicator rings from time to time, and most of them don’t know it.


Obviously, these people all wanted to get to know Kong Xuan, and they found the Great King of Wuxingshan first.


“Who is Mingyue?” Wolverine asked Zhongxiao and Six-eyed Jinchan. He was not so familiar with some of the disciples of the great sect and didn’t know it at all.


“Hey, Fairy Mingyue is very famous, so she actually took the initiative to talk to you?” Even the heaven-level core of the Black Peacock Clan, Chongxiao, was taken aback.


Wolverine said: “Look at what this means, I am looking for the second king of the Five Elements Mountains and want to get to know me.”


“Yarin, who is this?” Wolverine looked at the communicator. The message on it had a name on it, but his eyes were darkened, and the people behind him didn’t know him.


Six-eyed Jinchan also showed a shocked expression, and said, “Ya Lin Tianxian, haven’t you heard of it? The core disciple of the top sect. By the way, why are they all women?”


“There are also men’s names. I think women’s names are eye-catching, so I asked the sellers for advice. Another message came. This name is a bit strange, it’s called Hei Ye.”


“Hey!” Xiong Shan of the black and white bear clan leaned over his big head when he heard the sound, and said, “Heiye, some people call her a goddess, and some people regard her as a witch, she is very powerful and very charming, let Brother Kong Xuan be careful. Don’t be swallowed by her. It’s really not good, when there is a fairy of the night, call me to come with you, if he doesn’t have time, I will risk my life to attend the meeting for him!”1


Chen Yu scorned.


Six-eyed Jinchan and Zhongxiao laughed directly.


Wolverine sighed: “Now I can rest assured, the second king of the Five Elements Mountains will not be lonely and old for life. There are quite a few women’s fate recently, should I be able to leave a few descendants?”


He looked worried about his big brother, and felt that the Five Elements Mountain people were too weak and needed to grow.


Wang Xuan has not left the iron cage yet, and was greeted by the most popular commentator in the Bronze Giant Palace, the Beast Girl, and talked to him about some matters.


For example, if he wants to invite him to participate in some celebrity battles, attend some events, etc., of course, these all depend on his own wishes, and it is okay not to participate.


In addition, she also introduced some of the perks that come with that black card.


“Can you read the classics recorded in the Bronze Giant Palace?” Wang Xuan asked. He had heard before that there were a lot of secret books, even the manuscripts about the true saints, and the supreme scriptures.


The beast girl has a graceful figure and a beautiful face. She explained with a sweet smile and said, “It is necessary to accumulate points in the arena. With Brother Kong’s record, it is not a problem to continue the winning streak.


A chance to read those supreme chapters. “


“I guess, when I’m still a few minutes away, the Bronze Giant Palace will choose an invincible opponent for me?” Wang Xuan said.


The Beast Girl shook her head in denial and said, “How could it be, we won’t deliberately target, especially Brother Kong, who rushed forward with real achievements, the Bronze Giant Palace hopes to cooperate for a long time. The above has already spoken, treating you as a partner, VIP VIP.”


“Besides, I don’t think Brother Kong has any rivals at the same level in any field.” The beast girl was very optimistic about him, and then told the black card that he could come to the special secret room of the Bronze Giant Palace to practice, and get twice the result with half the effort.


This moved Wang Xuan. For him, it was quite attractive, but he had to be vigilant.


“What other benefits?” Wang Xuan asked.


“Me.” The furry ears of the beast girl were raised, her face was extremely beautiful, her smile was bright, and the ten snow-white tails behind her were very eye-catching.


“Huh?” Wang Xuan was surprised.


The beast girl swayed and smiled: “Brother Kong, every time you come to the bronze giant palace, I will personally receive you, explain for you, help you find the best practice room, and take you to the ‘Sleepwalking’. ‘Real time and space, accompanied by the whole process.”


He was surprised, this was considered to be given special treatment, and he became a red champion that the Bronze Giant Palace attached great importance to?


Wang Xuan pondered and wanted to go to the secret room to take a look. He newly obtained the exterior view of Xinghe, which was very compatible with Xinghe’s body wash. Break the barrier.


The beast girl secretly transmitted her voice and said, “Brother Kong, I’ll tell you in private that in the giant bronze palace some high-level officials were researching earlier and wanted to find Lu Renjia, please fight him. field.”


Wang Xuan’s thoughts were interrupted, and he came back to his senses. He felt that the earlier ideas had to be put on the agenda, and he thought about how to put them into action and how to evolve a Lu Renjia safely and securely.


Various scriptures appeared in his mind, and then he looked at the wolverine on the bronze platform, staring at his single feather.


“Brother, are you done? There are some new friends here who want to meet you.” The king of the Five Elements Mountain, Wolverine, waved his hand and transmitted his voice to him.


Because of Wang Xuan, his “business” is very busy, and many people find him.


At this moment, at the VIP seat, one of the boxes shone brightly, and then someone walked out, causing some people to exclaim, and their expressions changed.


“That one seems to be… an alien!” A peerless whispered.


“What, who is it?” This shocked the other one, who didn’t expect that there would be a real person in the room, which was really unexpected.


“Suspected to be from Moon Sacred Lake – Li Lin!” Some people secretly transmitted their voices and dared not speak directly.


Wang Xuan turned his head and noticed the movement on the VIP table. His face was as usual, with no joy and worry, but deep in his heart, he was restless and could not be calm.


Those are extraordinary people with peerless elegance. He once saw her figure from a distance. When fishing in the different seas, he once fished all her accessories and clothes, and there are still A red headband remained with him.


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