The Divine Urban Physician Chapter 9200: Fantasy dream world



“No, I can’t hold it anymore, Brother Ye Chen, you must stop immediately!”


Luo Qingli let out a loud cry, unable to maintain the Wanshui Divine Art any longer, she gasped violently, her body became weak, and she almost fell to the ground.


Without the protection of the God of Ten Thousand Waters, Ye Chen suddenly felt that the intense darkness began to frantically impact his whole body.


“Not good!”


Marven Ye hurriedly pulled his spirit out of the scroll.


Although he really wanted to continue to comprehend the talisman brood, his reason told him that if he continued to comprehend, he would definitely be contaminated and fall into darkness, with unimaginable consequences.


So, Ye Chen was very rational and immediately pulled out.


He has a tough mind and naturally won’t be easily tempted.


“How is it, brother Ye Chen, have you succeeded in enlightenment?”


Luo Qingli asked hurriedly.


“Alas, it’s a pity, I only understood part of it, and it’s still a lot worse.”


Marven Ye sighed and said helplessly.


“Really? It’s all my fault.”


Luo Qingli bowed her head guiltily.


“It’s fine, Sister Qingli, you’ve done a great job.”


Marven Ye touched her head and said with a smile.


Actually, the talisman’s nest, the last secret, if you want to comprehend, the dark pressure you have to face is much more terrifying than before.


Even with Luo Qingli’s protection, Ye Chen may not be able to succeed, because his current state is not good.


Marven Ye estimates that if he wants to fully comprehend, he must wait for his state to fully recover and go to the Magic Gate.


Luo Qingli’s eyes were full of apology, and she looked at Ye Chen with guilt, thinking that she had done a bad job.


“Brother Ye Chen, why don’t we double cultivation.”


“If we double cultivation, I will be nourished by your reincarnation blood, and you will get my water **** aura, and we can all progress.”


“In this way, you will be nourished by my water god’s aura, and you won’t have to fear the dark backlash.”


Luo Qingli suddenly grabbed Ye Chen’s hand, blinked her eyes, and said frankly and gently.


She is not as reserved as a secular girl, she directly expresses her heart, and actually wants to cultivate with Ye Chen.


“Ahem…are you sure?”


Marven Ye was a little stunned. He didn’t expect Luo Qingli to be so direct.


Actually, at this time, Ye Chen wouldn’t avoid anything. If it’s really beneficial to him, it’s okay to combine dual cultivation.


After all, Luo Qingli’s identity is that of the water god, and her status is high enough to match his reincarnation blood.


“Yes, I’m sure.”


Luo Qingli looked at Ye Chen with burning eyes, and her soft and fragrant body approached.


Marven Ye could clearly feel the moisture and smoothness of her skin.


After thinking for a while, Ye Chen shook his head and said, “No, your breath is not stable enough. We haven’t reached the time of double cultivation, or we will talk about it when you progress to the realm of Thor.”


Although Ye Chen doesn’t mind cultivating with Luo Qingli, he can also see that Luo Qingli’s strength is now weak and cannot be compared with when he was at his peak.


She and Ye Chen are both cultivated and nourished by the blood of reincarnation. Of course, they can improve their strength in a short period of time.


But the strength advancement brought about by the bloodline of reincarnation is not her strength after all.


If she wants to double cultivation, at least she has to wait for her strength to recover to the level of Thor, otherwise, the breath is too unstable, and the karma of being contaminated with reincarnation is not something she can bear.


“Okay, we’ll talk about that later.”


Luo Qingli helplessly curled her lips and said.


That night, Ye Chen and Luo Qingli shared a room, but kept a distance.


Luo Qingli was resting on the bed, while Ye Chen sat cross-legged on the ground, adjusting his breath silently.


Luo Qingli was lying on the bed, looking at Ye Chen with a sad look in her eyes, and whispered, “Brother Ye Chen, we must be together…”


A trace of fantasy was released from Luo Qingli and quietly surrounded Ye Chen.


Time passed bit by bit, Ye Chen was in a trance, but found himself in the underwater world. There was a crystal palace under the sea, like a palace where a dragon girl lived, surrounded by many mermaids singing.


A young girl walked out of the Crystal Palace, but it was Luo Qingli.


“Sister Qingli.”


Marven Ye was taken aback and looked around blankly, unable to remember when he came to this underwater world.


“What is this place?”


Marven Ye was very curious, he remembered that he was clearly in the Rune Holy Land, the Yongfu Temple.


“Hee hee, Brother Ye Chen, this is the fantasy dream world I weave.”


Luo Qingli came over and took Ye Chen’s hand, smiling.

叶辰一愣,而后恍然大悟,原来这里是梦境。  他既然知道是梦境,立即天机洞明,神识贯穿出去,就看到在梦境之外,现实世界之中,他和洛清璃,都好好的在房间里面,一个睡床上,一个在地上打坐

Marven Ye was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized that this was a dream. Since he knew it was a dream, he immediately revealed the secret, and his consciousness penetrated out, and he saw that outside the dream, in the real world, he and Luo Qingli were both in the room, one sleeping on the bed and the other meditating on the ground.


, maintain restraint and distance.


However, in this dream world, the two are inseparable.


“Brother Ye Chen, I still want to cultivate with you. In the real world, you are afraid that I will be infected with karma, which will be bad for your health, but in a dream, you don’t have to worry about it so much.”


Luo Qingli had a slight smile in her eyes, and she revealed her heart very frankly. She took Ye Chen’s hand and walked into the Crystal Palace.

在水晶宫之中,早有一张珍珠大床摆放着,四周堆满了珠宝,极尽奢华梦幻。  “幻梦中传递血脉的力量吗?”

In the Crystal Palace, there is already a large pearl bed, surrounded by jewels, which is extremely luxurious and dreamy. “Is the power of blood passing in the dream?”


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