The Daily Life of the Immortal King Chapter 2188: Stay up late (1/86)



, the fastest update on the daily life of the Immortal King! Wang Ling did many things for Lao Huang.


Even operations such as opening a university are already in the planning.


Of course, it would be a bit too labor-intensive to directly build one now, and it would be difficult to complete it in a short period of time, so Wang Ling’s idea is to ask Grenade-Throwing Senior Immortal to come forward to fund a certain university to complete the campus construction, and then cooperate with that The headmaster discussed and changed the name of the school directly.


This operation sounds like a lot of energy saving and emission reduction. With funds, there will be a better campus environment and teaching staff, and the price paid is only a name change, which any university president will gladly accept.


Besides, Zhanzong is currently the No. 1 super sect designated by Huaxiu Nation, accepting Zhanzong’s capital injection, so far no sect or school would want to refuse.


Everyone knows that Zhanzong’s major shareholder behind the scenes is the Huaxiu Federation. With Zhanzong’s backing, it is equivalent to having the Huaxiu Federation’s backing. By then, the school’s status will naturally be different.


Renaming the school may seem difficult, but in the end it was just a matter of Wang Ling’s words.


Whether it’s real-world ID cards, places of residence or schools, these hardware facilities are actually not difficult for Wang Ling to solve.


The most difficult thing to solve is the interpersonal relationship in Lao Huang’s reverie. In order to prevent Lao Huang from becoming suspicious, Wang Ling still has to find a way to clear up all of Lao Huang’s personal connections.


If there is really no way to implement the personal connections in the end, Wang Ling can only start from Lao Huang, and directly modify Lao Huang’s memory.


That is only a partial replacement, so all the above can minimize the damage to Huang.


So much has been done.


On the surface, it seems that it is all for Lao Huang…


Who is it actually for.


Wang Ying could only smile.


That night, Wang Ling resolved most of the matters related to Lao Huang. It can be said that everything was done in a meticulous manner from top to bottom, and everything was done seamlessly.


He is obviously an awakened NPC character, but he has a real new identity overnight in this modern city of science and cultivation.


On Saturday, January 24th, there are still 3 days before the start of the geocentric project.


Rong Sun and Wang Ling met at the gate of No. 60 High School as scheduled. Wang Ling was wearing a DK uniform, and his whole body was filled with a natural sense of youth.


“Wang Ling…your body…”


In contrast, Sun Rong only felt that her white dress looked a little old.


He is really good-looking…


In the past, Sun Rong felt that no matter what she wore, she could cope with any situation, but now she realized that when going out with someone she likes, she still needs to think about her outfit.


Obviously I never felt this way before, why do I have this entangled sense of gap now?


Rong Sun analyzed the reasons. In the final analysis, Wang Ling is more beautiful than she imagined, and…she also likes him more than she imagined.


The beginning of love is a kind of beauty that can be tasted and ended. No one will know what will happen to the future of two people.


When she saw him wearing this outfit, she couldn’t help but start thinking about it, and the thoughts in her mind drifted directly to what happened more than ten years later.


Wang Ling rubbed the back of his head dully: “It doesn’t look good, does it?”


This outfit was naturally matched by Wang Ma, otherwise a straight man like him, even when going out with girls, might just go out in a sweater.


Sun Rong shook her head like a rattle, and couldn’t help giving a thumbs up: “No, no! Very good!”


Many words of praise for Wang Ling came to her mind, but when the words came to her lips, she was ashamed to express them directly. In the end, she could only use body language to express the beauty of seeing this young man~IndoMTL. com~Lao Huang’s home was arranged in Nanxian District. On the way to visit Lao Huang, the two took the subway of Lingneng Line 18 to go there.


Convenient, fast, no traffic jams, direct access… In addition, you can also enjoy the scenery along the way.


This atmosphere is really great.


If there was no one else in the carriage, she even wanted to confess her love to Wang Ling again.


In the end, visiting Lao Huang’s house was just a good excuse for Sun Rong, what she really wanted was to stay with Wang Ling for a while.


Admittedly, she didn’t expect Lao Huang to be able to match Wang Ling and herself. In terms of relationship, she still had to work **** herself.


The two looked at the scenery outside the window all the way, without words, but the scene was very beautiful.


She knew that such a rare time alone was the most suitable time to increase feelings.


You can’t just be so stiff, you have to take the initiative to find something to talk about.


“Well…Wang Ling, is it hard to take care of your younger sister?” Sun Rong thought of Nuan Yatou. She also has younger sisters. .


As for her younger sister, Sun Rong felt that she and Wang Ling could find a lot of common topics.


Rong Sun: “I remember when I took my younger sister, I stayed up honestly, and sometimes I would get up to help in the middle of the night. My cousin was not honest when she was young, and she liked to cling to me, hahaha…”


After Sun Rong finished speaking, Jing Ke couldn’t sit still: “Sword Master, last night, also, stayed up late…”


It just made a head start, but was immediately pushed back by Wang Ling.


“Stay up late?” Sun Rong was puzzled.


“It’s okay…”


Wang Lingfeng shook his head lightly.


It was really late last night to deal with Lao Huang’s matter, not because of her, it was purely an accident…


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