Sword Spirit Chapter 327: Dangers and opportunities



“However, danger and opportunity have always coexisted. Although the Black Ice Demon is difficult to deal with, if you can kill it, you can also get a lot of benefits. You must know that the entire body of the Black Ice Demon is made of pure After killing them, the mysterious ice demons will automatically disperse, and you can directly absorb the pure energy released by them, which is of great benefit to improving the realm.” After talking about the danger , Instructor Yang once again threw out a benefit.


As expected, everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard these words. It seems that this mysterious ice demon is still a treasure. It can directly absorb their pure energy. Of course, the premise is that you have the strength to kill it. , otherwise, it would only be a waste of life.


But Lu Xuan was thoughtful. He remembered the inheritance of the ancestors of the Zhang family. In the inheritance, he killed those warriors who were used for assessment, and he could also absorb the Yuan force that made up those warriors.


It has almost the same effect as the mysterious ice demon in this mysterious ice realm. Could it be that this mysterious ice realm is also artificial. That’s how strong you have to be.


Looking at Lu Xuan and others eager to try, Instructor Yang couldn’t help showing a smile: “What I said just now is equivalent to the black ice demon in the body refining stage. If you have the strength to kill Xuanbing in the spiritual refining stage. Demons, in addition to absorbing their Yuan force, can also get a piece of ice soul, which is the real essence of the mysterious ice demon. Whether it is directly used to absorb or used to refine medicine pills, the effect is excellent , even if you don’t use it yourself, it’s worth a lot of money in exchange for something.”


Instructor Yang’s words. Once again, everyone was greedy. The Yuan force obtained by killing the mysterious ice demon can only be absorbed on the spot, but this ice soul is a real item. You can take it out and keep it for future use, which is more valuable.


“The Mysterious Ice Cold Current and Mysterious Ice Demon are just two dangers in the Mysterious Ice Realm, and there is the last danger. This is what you really need to pay attention to.” The smile on Instructor Yang’s face gradually faded. He said solemnly: “This danger is… the danger from the outside world!”


“Danger from the outside world?”


“Yes! This outside world. It does not refer to the mysterious realm itself, but from the other warriors who entered the mysterious realm with you! Although the Xuanbing Pavilion clearly prohibits killing, after entering the secret realm, nothing Outsiders know that if someone wants to kill someone to steal a treasure, they won’t be discovered at all. You must keep this in mind!”


Sad people!


Lu Xuan has been in the secular world for half a year, and he knows this well. Compared with the secular world, the cultivation world is even worse. Don’t hide your desires. Taking the opportunity to seek revenge, killing people and stealing treasures, is absolutely indispensable.


“If you encounter an outsider who finds a treasure with you, and if you are not strong enough, you can give up the treasure to save your life. You must not lose your life for a little benefit. Besides, no matter what you get, don’t lose your life. Don’t show it. Don’t trust anyone easily, except yourself.” Instructor Yang glanced over everyone’s faces and added, “Even if it’s your fellow disciples.”


Everyone present was stunned, and their hearts subconsciously felt a little more defensive, although they were all brothers and sisters from the same school. Compared with outsiders, the friendship is deeper, but if you really get something good, whether the friendship of the same family can still play a role, it is two things to say.


“Of course, I hope you all can help each other and be consistent with the outside world. Don’t break the rules because of petty profits. Once I find out, you will naturally know the outcome.” After Instructor Yang reminded, it was again A warning.


“The mysterious realm of Xuanbing is quite huge, and because of the cold current of Xuanbing, the terrain is constantly changing, so even the Xuanbing Pavilion cannot come up with a specific map. You can only explore and enter the secret realm by yourself. The location at the time is random, but you can roughly determine the distance between the two sides through your respective identity nameplates. If anyone is relatively close, I suggest that you should get together first, so that you can also take care of it. Whether it is against the Xuanbing Demon or the disciples of other sects, the chances of suffering losses are relatively small.”


Instructor Yang kept talking about some precautions in the mysterious realm of Xuanbing. He explained everything in detail. Lu Xuan and others also listened carefully. They knew that this information was from the previous People have exchanged it through countless experiences and countless lives, and every piece of information may be related to their life and death this time, and no one dares to be careless.


When Instructor Yang finished speaking, he asked everyone to ask questions at will, and if he could answer, he would answer all of them. He didn’t want to see any disciples fall into the mysterious realm of Xuanbing. After all, these people will be the wind in the future. The mainstay of Jianzong.


After everyone finished asking questions, Instructor Yang finally said: “You guys should remember one thing, don’t conflict with the disciples of Xuan Bing Pavilion, if you see the treasure at the same time with them, then let them, Xuan Bing Pavilion. The disciples of the Ice Pavilion have always looked down on those of us from the third-rank sect, and if there is a conflict, it is very likely that they will kill.”


Although it sounds a little embarrassing, it is a fact. In Tianjian Continent, the strong are respected, and the mysterious realm of Xuanbing is originally owned by Xuanbing Pavilion. These places are just some benefits for the subordinate sects, so The disciples of Xuanbing Pavilion who entered the mysterious realm of Xuanbing were stronger than Fengjianzong and other third-rank sects, no matter in terms of number or personal strength.


Everyone nodded solemnly. When it came to their own safety, they didn’t dare to take it lightly. Besides, although it was a little uncomfortable for the disciples of Xuanbing Pavilion, it was not a shame.


As for Lu Xuan’s thoughts, it has already drifted into the distance, and is about to go to the mysterious realm of Xuanbing. I don’t know if I will have a chance to see Zhao Bing’er this time, and I don’t know how she is in Xuanbing Pavilion. Are people making trouble for her?


“Okay, let’s go separately, gather here tomorrow at noon, and I will take you to the Xuanbing Pavilion!” Instructor Yang’s words brought Lu Xuan’s thoughts back, and the matter about the mysterious realm of Xuanbing has already been explained. Done.


When everyone was leaving, Chen Mo said, “Lu Xuan, stay here, I have something to tell you.”


“Then I’ll go back first.” Xia Chenxi whispered in Lu Xuan’s ear, apparently Chen Mo had something to explain.


Lu Xuan nodded lightly, Xia Chenxi smiled at Chen Xiaohan and left.


“Lu Xuan, I have a general idea of ​​your strength. You should be able to match the genius disciple of the second level of Refining God. If you are an ordinary disciple, even the third level and fourth level of Refining God will not be a problem. So this time, I will I have to ask you to take care of Xiaohan.” Chen Mo said bluntly.


“Master’s words are respected, I will definitely protect Xiaohan comprehensively. As long as I am fine, I will not let Xiaohan have any trouble.” Lu Xuan said decisively.


Hearing this, Chen Xiaohan’s heart warmed, and he was quite happy. This guy still cares about himself…


Chen Mo had a slight smile on his face: “I am relieved to hear what you said, Xiaohan has now become a four-star talisman master, and I will also give her some life-saving talismans. It will drag you down too much, but the close combat between low-level talisman masters and warriors is still relatively disadvantageous, and I am also just in case.”


“The disciple understands.”


Chen Mo nodded and said no more. Since Lu Xuan made a promise, he naturally believed it, but he was still a little uneasy. The mysterious realm of Xuanbing is so big, who knows if Chen Xiaohan will be able to reconcile with Lu Xuan smoothly. , his Chen Mo’s face is good in Fengjian Sect, but for the rest of the sects, even Xuanbing Pavilion, it is not the case.


You can only blame this girl for being too self-willed. It’s better to stay in Fengjianzong obediently. She has to run to the mysterious mysterious realm of mysterious ice. He Chen Mo has only this daughter. If something happens, he will Don’t know what to do.


“Xiaohan, listen to Lu Xuan’s words carefully, don’t be self-willed, don’t ask you to get any opportunities, as long as you can come back safely, it’s enough for Dad.” Chen Mo touched Chen Xiaohan’s head and said.


“Father…” Chen Xiaohan’s eyes were also a little red, and she seemed to feel that she was indeed willful. She just felt that she had not seen Lu Xuan for too long, and took this opportunity to go with Lu Xuan, but she ignored her father. feel.


“It’s also a good thing to go out and experience it. Mysterious Ice Secret Realm is not as dangerous as you think. Every time there are not many warriors who fall into it, you will leave tomorrow, and you will stay in Lu Xuan’s place today. It’s okay.” Chen Mo is also a decisive person, although Chen Xiaohan is his precious daughter, he will not be too spoiled.


After explaining the matter, Chen Mo left alone, leaving only Lu Xuan and Chen Xiaohan.


“I’ve made a lot of progress recently. They’re all four-star talisman masters, which is equivalent to the strength of the initial stage of God Refinement, and they are much stronger than me in realm.” Seeing that Chen Xiaohan was not very interested, Lu Xuan immediately praised.


Hearing Lu Xuan’s words, Chen Xiaohan’s mood really improved, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he said proudly: “That’s right, I haven’t been lazy at all recently.”


“Right, I haven’t asked you yet, what is your relationship with Sister Xia? You seem to be very close…” Chen Xiaohan suddenly thought of this, and asked suspiciously.


“Cough cough, friendship! I only have Chen Xi’s acquaintance in Yunxiao Mountain, so it’s natural to get closer.”


“Oh…that’s the case, so what’s our relationship?” Chen Xiaohan continued to ask with great interest.


“It’s also… a relationship with friends.” Lu Xuan answered with a little guilty conscience. He couldn’t tell if he and Chen Xiaohan were really just friends.


“I understand, you mean, you and Sister Xia are friends like us, right?” Chen Xiaohan specially emphasized the word “friend” and looked at Lu Xuan with a bad look.




“Good, you Lu Zhutou, I didn’t expect you to be such a person. I went out to practice once, brought back a girl Zhang, came to Yunxiao Mountain for a few months, and added another Xia Chenxi, and I’ll have it in the future.” Chen Xiaohan looked at Lu Xuan angrily and said, thanks to her, she still misses him every day, and this time, she disregarded her father’s obstruction and came to participate in this mysterious realm. .


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