Sword Spirit Chapter 325: Goodbye Chen Xiaohan



For ordinary core disciples, the incomparably powerful warriors in the God-refining realm were slaughtered so easily in Lu Xuan’s hands.


If there is no Riding the Wind Art, Lu Xuan may have to spend a little bit of hands and feet, but with the Riding Wind Art, with the powerful speed, a warrior at the first level of Refinement Realm can’t stop him at all.


Now Lu Xuan is more and more fortunate that he has chosen this set of riding wind art, a set of powerful physical and martial arts, which can bring great advantages in battle.


The fifteenth warrior and the sixteenth warrior came one after another, and their strength was constantly improving, and their sword intent also reached the mid-term, and Lu Xuan’s pressure gradually increased.


However, relying on Riding the Wind Art, he still shuttles around these opponents, looking for opportunities to shoot, and if he doesn’t, he will kill him.


Soon, Lu Xuan killed the eighteenth warrior, and the strength of the eighteenth warrior has indeed improved, the second-level warrior of refining gods!


Having mid-term sword intent, a god-refining second-level martial artist who uses Xuan-level low-grade martial arts!


The existence of such strength, even in a large sect, is a rare genius. To be able to reach the mid-term sword intent in the second level of spiritual refinement, the talent must not be low. You must know that Kong Wenbin is now the second level of physical refinement. Heavy, sword intent is only a small success.


In the last assessment, Lu Xuan also killed the second-level cultivator. However, when he faced a breakthrough at that time, he did not insist on it. This time, he wanted to fight the second-level cultivator. .


In addition to the formation, Kong Wenbin’s eyes were also solemn, and he looked at Lu Xuan without blinking. He is now the second-level strength of refining gods, and he wants to see it. Can Lu Xuan, a guy at the tenth level of body refinement, fight against a martial artist of the second level of **** refinement?


The aura belonging to the second-level powerhouse of Refining God was released without warning. The huge energy of heaven and earth quickly suppressed Lu Xuan, followed by the warrior without hesitation.


The tip of the sword is connected, and several sword qi rushes towards Lu Xuan. It is the Xuan-level low-grade martial arts, the star sword art.


This set of swordsmanship. Lu Xuan is no stranger. There is this sword technique on the third floor of Wuji Pavilion.


Facing the attack from this warrior, Lu Xuan’s face was sinking like water, and he retreated quietly with the help of the wind, while swinging his long sword. Still a shocking blow.


The sword of the wind swept away with a huge momentum. The sword qi shot out by the warrior. The power was slightly blocked, but it did not completely disappear. After all, this was an attack from a martial artist in the God Refinement Realm. Yuan Li is more condensed and cannot be easily broken.




The whole person merged into the shocking sword. Lu Xuan skillfully passed through these swords. None of them hit him, but the shocking sword that pierced the sky was a rapid stab. to this warrior.


Facing Lu Xuan’s incomparably sharp sword, the warrior shouted loudly, and he instantly swung the long sword to the extreme.


Almost in an instant, his long sword turned into countless, and the dense sword energy spurted out!


It is the most powerful move in the Star Point Sword Art, the sky is full of stars!


The distance between the two sides was so close that their attacks collided in an instant. The fierce sword energy destroyed Lu Xuan’s Jingyun sword almost instantly!


Lu Xuan was startled, he still underestimated the power of the second-level god-refining martial artist, the god-refining realm, every time the level is improved, the strength will be greatly improved, and it is not comparable to ordinary god-refining level one.


The power of the bloodline was activated without hesitation. Lu Xuan’s sword was ready, but instead of retreating, he advanced!


The flying dragon is in the sky!


A more powerful move than Jingyun’s sword, it was suddenly released, the Dragon Sword Art, which was issued by using the power of the bloodline. The Qinglong bloodline was so powerful. !


The star-filled sky, which seemed to be powerful, but was not weak in fact, was destroyed in the blink of an eye. Lu Xuan’s long sword was not stopped, and he stabbed into the throat of this second-level cultivator in an instant, killing him with one blow!


“Victory, Junior Brother Lu is still as strong as ever, and even the second-level martial artist can kill him!” A disciple couldn’t help but exclaimed.


“Cough cough, pay attention to what you say!” Another disciple quickly reminded, and at the same time pursed his lips, motioning him to pay attention to Kong Wenbin beside him.


“Uh…Senior Brother Kong, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the transformed warrior.” The disciple repeatedly explained that Kong Wenbin is the second-level refiner, which is really ambiguous.


“Humph…” Kong Wenbin snorted lightly, but he didn’t care, but he was still unhappy. He thought that after he reached the second level of spiritual refinement, Lu Xuan might not be able to beat him, but now that he can kill the first Eighteen warriors, it must not be difficult to defeat oneself.


“After Junior Brother Lu mastered this art of riding the wind, his strength has skyrocketed. However, this is a great good thing. Next, when entering the mysterious realm of Xuanbing, it is impossible for Junior Brother Lu to take care of him.” Xiao Long face Full of smiles.


There are various dangers in the mysterious realm of Xuanbing, and in addition to the dangers of the mysterious realm of Xuanbing itself, it is necessary to beware of other sects secretly murdering them. They are both in the same vein of Fengjianzong and naturally have to support each other. The stronger Xuan’s strength is, the safer they will be.


“I don’t know if Lu Xuan can kill the warriors of the third level of Refining God, and if he can kill the third level of Refining God in this illusion, he will have the strength to fight even in the middle of ordinary God Refining.” Lin Tian Licking his lips, he said that the warriors in the illusion formation possessed far more combat skills than ordinary warriors, and their strength was naturally stronger.


After understanding the power of the second-level martial artist, Lu Xuan didn’t dare to take it lightly, and this gave him a new understanding of the gods. underestimate.


Next, relying on the first three moves of the Dragon Sword Art, Lu Xuan slashed two more people. The number of warriors he killed had reached as many as 20 people. But Lu Xuan did not continue.


After killing the twentieth warrior, Lu Xuan decisively smashed the jade card. This action caused Instructor Yang, who was about to start the cover formation, to be stunned for a moment, and then he shook his head and smiled. Obviously, Lu Xuan did not Plan to explode.


This time Lu Xuan’s main purpose is to test his own way of riding the wind. He doesn’t care how much potential he can achieve. Anyway, he will never be eliminated.


“Lu Xuan, the potential value, five hundred and fifty-four!”


Lu Xuan’s new potential value was reported. Last time, Lu Xuan killed 19 warriors, reaching 523. This time, he killed 20, which is indeed higher than the last time.


Although this result is strong, it is not too surprising for the disciples who had expected it, and even thought it was a little low. Many of them think that Lu Xuan can hit the potential value of 600 this time.


Of course, if Lu Xuan continues, it is very likely to reach six hundred, but that is not necessary.


“This potential test is over!” Instructor Yang took a step forward and swept his eyes from the disciples’ faces.


“The fundamental potential value and the rules of Fengjian Sect, this time, there are five disciples who have been disqualified from the core qualifications. They are He Xiang…” Instructor Yang ruthlessly revealed that the five potential values ​​were lower than three. Ten’s disciple name.


The disciples who were named all lowered their heads. Although they had expected it, they couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable when they heard the report from Instructor Yang. From then on, they were no longer core disciples, or Become a deacon of Fengjianzong, or become a law enforcer or something.


However, as long as they continue to work hard and can reach the realm of refining gods, their status can be further improved, and even take up the position of elders. Compared with the status of core disciples, the status of elders is undoubtedly higher. The elder Zheng, who was a deacon, slowly climbed from the deacon to the position of the elder.


“Next, announce the six people who have won the quota to enter the Mysterious Ice Realm!” Instructor Yang changed his voice and began to announce another good news.


As soon as these words came out, the originally sad atmosphere suddenly became hot, and some disciples with strong strength and low potential value looked at Instructor Yang in anticipation, hoping that the next name would be him.


It was Lin Tian and Mo Dean, and their breathing became fast. Although they knew that their chances of getting a place were very small, they still had a little hope.


The names were read out from Instructor Yang’s mouth. Every time a name was read, the disciples cheered. Obviously, they were the selected disciples.


I kept reciting the six names, but Lin Tian and Mo Deshen didn’t hear their own name, and couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. It seems that the two of them still missed this opportunity.


“Lin Tian, ​​don’t be depressed. The potential value of the two of you is not low, but the strength is still a little bit. It is not good for you to go to the mysterious realm of Xuanbing at this time. If you are a little careless, it will lead to death. .” Instructor Yang explained to the two of them.


Lin Tian and the two nodded. They also knew that potential didn’t mean anything. What was really useful was strength. You don’t see how many talented disciples with outstanding talents died due to various reasons, even Lu Xuan, who dared not Guarantee when you will encounter an unavoidable crisis.


“But you don’t have to regret. The Mysterious Ice Realm is open every four years. If you can keep your core disciple status after four years, you will naturally have the opportunity to visit again.” Instructor Yang said.


Hearing the words, the eyes of the two of them lit up. In four years, if there is no expectation, they are very likely to reach the God Refinement Realm. At that time, entering the Mysterious Ice Realm will be much safer than now.


“Okay, this potential test is over, I hope you will continue to practice hard, I don’t want to see any of you eliminated, but if your potential value is unqualified, it is useless. Even if the talent is not enough, you can make up for it with hard work!”


“The six disciples I named just now, and the five previously appointed disciples, come with me, and I’ll take you to meet the last member who entered the Mysterious Ice Realm.” Instructor Yang’s gaze shifted from Lu Xuan Sweeped over a few people.


Lu Xuan’s heart suddenly burst, do you want to see Chen Xiaohan? Not to mention, I haven’t seen her for so long, I really miss her a little bit, but when he thinks of Chen Xiaohan, Lu Xuan can’t help but think of Chen Xiaohan pretending to be asleep and confessing to himself in the Enchanting Hall. (To be continued, please search Piao astronomy, the novel is better and faster!


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